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CEBU CITY, January 3, 2005 (STAR) By Col(Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pension, Associate, PMA ‘44 - In order to set the records straight, especially for the young generation (son and daughters) and those who have now joined our crusade for full equity settlement of our 60 years of struggle – I am herewith sharing my records (as former Senate Committee Secretary on Veterans and Military Pension Committee) with them (and my fellow cavaliers of the PMA) so they will not fall prey to the present hoard of imposters misrepresenting the crusade for justice and fairness from the U.S. government.

World War II in RP

The defense of the Philippine Commonwealth and American imperial interests in the Philippines – was under the United States’approved provision to defend the Philippines in case of any invasion.

As a matter of fact, as of December 31, 1937 – Joseph Ralston Hayden, who headed the Philippine Study on National Development, there were originally 36 officers, of whom were (Old) Philippine Scouts and 281 enlisted men, out of them were 22 Americans, on duty as military advisers.


Take note that the reference to the Philippine Scouts here were the original scouts which was dubbed as Old Philippine Scouts.

"The Commanding General of the Philippine Department was authorized to make available a certain number of officers and men, but may go beyond this number of he thinks circumstances may justify it." said Hayden.

Commonwealth Act No. 1

The program for carrying out the national defense policy of the Commonwealth of the Philippines was embodied in its National Defense Act otherwise known as Commonwealth Act No. 1 It provided for an army of to elements ,namely :as a regular force of approximately 10,000 men, which included the existing Philippine Constabulary then with a strength of 7,000, and a reserve force that would be augmented each year by approximately 40,000 men who have received 5 and a half months of intensive military training .

Phil. Commonwealth Army

By the end of 1937, two semi-annual classes of trainees approximately 36,601 had been trained and transferred to the national reserve. By 1938, there were 33,247 additional reserves available.

The original military organization included the staff and line units that were essential to the defense-oriented Commonwealth Army of the Philippines. It composed of competently trained officers corps, and provided for a development of the former Philippine Constabulary Academy (PCA) into the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) which turned out approximately 100 officers each year.

Reserve Officers Training Corps

In another approach, there was a compulsory military training of all colleges and university cadets into the Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC) that had advanced courses for selective trainees conducted by the army.

The defense plan called for an Off Shore Patrol unit composed of fast motor torpedo boats for coast defense and Army Air Corps for air defense.

By the Spring of 1941, only two of the Q-boats were reported having been furnished by the United States. And from 40 to 60 bi-planes that had been acquired, most of which were training planes.

Defense Forces

In January 1941, there were already 466 officers and 3,666 enlisted men (EMs) in the regular army and 132,000 men organized into approximately 13 Divisions in the reserves.

The Philippine Constabulary (PC) was consolidated into the Philippine Army (PA) in 1936, had an authorized strength of 350 officers, and 4,500 men.

Invasion of the Philippines

When World War II broke out in December 8, 1941, in the Philippines – following the Japanese Navy sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii – the Philippine’s 10-year defense program was on its 6th year and its military forces then was considered meager and grossly unprepared for a shooting war.

Citizen’s Army

At any rate, the Philippine Commonwealth defense plan was patterned after a "citizen’s soldier system of conscription, under a divided national military districts. Each of which was to train 4,000 men annually, starting with the birth of the Philippine Commonwealth in 1935.

Reserve Officers Service Corps

There was a small professional force charged with development of the national army. In remember vividly the existence of a corps of professors, etc., of which my late father, Capt. Roman N. Quesada (PA), was a member of the Reserve Officers Service Staff (ROSS) along with selected professionals (engineers, teachers doctors, lawyers, etc.) that provided such professional services.

Regional Military Cadres

There were 128 military cadres (camps) constructed and trainees were assigned to those nearest to their homes that built up considerable forces.

When war clouds hovered heavily over the Pacific in early 1941, The United States and the Philippine Commonwealth began its eleventh hour struggle to complete enough military defense force.

McArthur’s Master Plan

It was necessary to cut the existing the 10-year basic plan into half. The US. realizing the danger only then started shipping men and equipment to the Philippines. (See: the book, McArthur, paasim pp.103-120)

Gen. Douglas McArthur, who retired in 1935 from his last position as U.S. Chief-of-Staff with the rank of full General accepted an appointment from Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, as Field Marshal and Military Adviser to the Commonwealth Army with U.S. congressional authority as Chief of Military Mission of the U.S. Army Officers to the Philippine Commonwealth.

Sino-Japanese War

In 1941, the Sino-Japanese war raged openly for a year and the Japanese Imperial Army occupied cities and interior towns of China as well as coastal regions.

In July, Japanese troops moved on French Indo-China, President F. D. Roosevelt froze Japanese assets in the U.S. likewise cut off Tokyo’s oil supplies. Japanese-American relations sagged to a breaking point. Japan parleyed for a free hand in the Far East.

With the tension increasing, Pres. F. D. Roosevelt, on July 26, 1941 conscripted all able bodied Filipinos under an unnumbered Military Order. Followed by their induction into the United Army in the Far East (USAFFE) and all organized Commonwealth Army Forces were incorporated into the USAFFE, as the single U.S. military defense force or the U.S. flag.

# #

World War II in the Philippines

World War II broke out in December 8, 1941, and the rest is history.

(See sequel, World War II – epic of the Philippine Defense Bataan and Corregidor. 1941-42.

(Fall of Bataan ad Corregidor April 9, 1942 and May 6, 1942 respectively)

( The Japanese Occupation. and Resistance Movement 1942 t 1945)

(The Liberation of the Philippines 1945 to 1946)

(The Philippine Independence July 4, 1946)

( Post War Years, the Rehabilitation 1946 to the Present)

(Struggle by Fil-Am U.S. Army war veterans in collecting from the U.S. their denied unpaid wartime compensation that would last for over 60 years from 1946 to the present)

Footnote: Articles culled by this author were printed in various Philippine-American publications both in the Philippines and in the Unites States. And also in the internet under the title "Balitang Beterano" for the past 20 years




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, January 14, 2005
By Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44 - Here are the parameters of the preponderant veterans Fil-Am WW-II veterans majority that comprise its unanimous position on the current legislative lobby for their unpaid compensations and benefits earned in World War II. The Main Thrust

Their main (demand) thrust is for full equity settlement of the U.S. huge unpaid obligation (unpaid compensations and benefits rightfully earned in battles of WW-II in the Philippines.)

Shamans- No Legal Standing

It should be understood and respected by those elements in the Fil-am community, (the ACFV, the Naffaa and other shamans) that they are without legal standing in the veteran’s official lobby who usurp the sole vested right and property interest of bona-fide WW-II veterans.

They are not an integral part of the preponderant veterans majority conducting the official lobby in the U.S. Congress currently pushing legislations that would finally pay the veterans’ unsettled compensations and benefits (i.e, the present legislative bill HR-677 that seeks full equity settlement authored by Reps: B. Filner (D-CA) and R. Cunningham (R-CA), together with the bi-partisan legislators that support passage of HR-677.

Spoilers and Extremists

Shamans are looking from the outside merely pretending as lobbyists. They have no respect for

veterans (their parents and relatives) who fought WW-II so they (the shamans) could enjoy the munificence of peace.

Where Freedom has no Responsibility

We, veterans are still alive while these reckless spoilers are already acting as if we, veterans are already all dead. With no shame nor esteem for their elders, they succumbed to the glitter of silver and self-praise. What have we, veterans done to deserve these impoliteness and rudeness? These generation X, whom we have facilitated their stay here in the U.S. have bitten our hands, and have brought their insalubrity and mediocrity like moral hobos.

Role of The Government

The duly legitimized preponderant veterans majority, on the other-hand, have appointed the Philippine government as its conduit, to conduct the veterans official lobby on a government-to-government level of negotiation with the U.S government that has been deliberately delinquent in settlement of its constitutional obligation with impunity.

The Work of the OVA

The Office of Veterans Affairs Office (OVA) is the independent government agency tasked to implement the official demands of the preponderant veterans majority – transmitted to Pres. G.M.. Arroyo.

In turn, Pres Arroyo,, in a memorandum (dated since Nov.5, 2002 and followed by another dated February 3, 20030) - has directed the Philippine Ambassador, the matter of full equity settlement. The Embassy, albeit, miserably failed to coordinate with the preponderant veterans majority and the Sons and Daughters Inc., (as the duly recognized claimants of unpaid compensations and benefits as a matter of right).

Movement of HR-677 in Congress suffered a setback owing to the fever of the national elections and the Iraq War in 2003, that dominated legislative function, in the House dominated by Republicans.

No Right to Trespass

The preponderant veterans majority has not given any private entity (especially those destitute in advocacy and are ignorant in the legislative process) any precise or written permission to the shamans to represent and/or to speak for the preponderant majority. Therefore, are mere fortuitous hambugs and/or make-believe self-appointed advocates that are using the veterans as their "whipping boys" for their personal repute, and/or financial cupidity.

Hambugs Sans Transparencies

As a matter of fact, these hambugs have been reported delinquent in reporting out their independent audited financial statements required by law. They have no transparency. And will eventually be haunted by the law.

No less than Rep. Filner have denounced one of the (the director of ACFV (Lachica as an alias whose real name was Furbeyre) as "toxic" to the full equity campaign, and therefore should be kept out of the equity campaign." ( See Filners statement in the Phil. News. )

In contrast, former Rep. B. Gilman have also denounced the former head of Naffaa (Esclamado) as ignorant of the legislative process and what Gilman resented as interference in lawmaking. (See: Gilman’s letter to M. A. Soriano published in the internet and local newspapers.)

CBO’s Budgetary Authority Consequently, the Congres- sional Budget Office’s (CBO) has provided the budgetary authority estimate of no les than $115 million dollars for the initial year’s implementation upon approval of the bill HR-677 into law.

The extended budgetary estimate of $1.2 billion dollars has also been estimated by the CBO that would ably maintain implementation of the law for the rest the liberally-estimated 5 to 10 years of duration.

There is no turning back, or switch to any bill that discriminates any veteran The full equity bill HR-677 is with priority and urgency.

CBO’s Budget Authority

Thanks to Reps: Filner and Cunningham in securing said CBO budget authority estimate that would be considered in the cloture of this over 60 years of retarded and cruel mistreatment of Fil-Am veterans by the government.


The reason why HR-677 was filed in Congress and was fully unanimously endorsed and backed up by the preponderant veterans majority simply because out of the 200,000 original number of Filipino U.S servicemen conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight for the U.S flag and American interests in the Philippines, survivors are dying each day. By he hundreds without relief.

Until today – we, surviving veterans are only less than 21,000 in number who have been cruelly excluded from all legitimate compensations and benefits awarded to all and the same members of the U.S. Armed Force, except for Filipinos..

Veterans do not anymore have the luxury of time to be further mistreated and be played as buffoons under a conspired fraud of retarding full equity payment of the remaining unpaid benefits of $3.2 billion since 1942, on a piece-meal payment which is a cruel hoax. If at all benefits are dished out to veterans, it was crumbs from the master’s table thrown to the floor (liken to bones for canines) just to keep them quiet.

Not Much Time Left

In a nutshell, veterans demand full equity settlement before they all die cheated, an made to continue to wallow in extreme poverty, through lack of lawful health services and their rightfully-earned compensations and benefits. While other veterans of other allied nations were fully compensated.

Government Lawlessness

For if all of us veteran die under the fraudulent mistreatment by government, that hoarded money savings from our deaths un-expended that belonged to us veterans would accrue to the pork of politicians. It was termed by U.S. retirees and veterans who were also prevented by government from receiving their pensions, as "the Biggest U.S. Swindle." (Surf: the internet and

Holocaust Redux

And we, thus - were cheated miserably would be left to die with umbrage in our hearts defrauded by a government that sent us to harms way – that have cold-bloodedly abandoned us. Maltreated for over 60 years of inhuman abnegation. aptly parallel to the holocaust in Europe by Hitler in extermination of the Jews. In our case, was a way to kill all of us off through denial sand disguised but callous destruction.

Duplicated Truculence

Such dastardly criminal act of government has no parallel in the history of this world. And which was earlier described through predestination as "benevolent assimilation" during the colonial days of U.S. domination. Albeit, where was the benevolence?

In retrospect, and even at present – we have thorns on our side. There has been obdurate misantrophic kababayans who have created havoc and ( some are ill-natured sons and daughters of veterans) sources of mischief against these heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and Philippine Campaign – these Makapilis (traitors) who have collaborated with then U.S. oppressors that frustrated the veteran’s claims for justice and fairness.

Young Makapilis

These perfidious unwanted malefactors, have intruded and have forced their way thru ruffianism by misrepresenting and betraying their parent’s demand for fairness and justice from the US government.

For want of personal notoriety and for 30 pieces of silver, so to speak, gave birth to such shameless extreme Makapilis (collaborators of the oppressors of veterans in this country)

God save this nation where the blind leads the blind so they fall into the bottomless pit of hell.



FULL EQUITY (HR-677) 2005

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, January 24, 2005 BALITANG BETERANO By Col. (Ret. US) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate PMA ‘44 - After so much wasteful extravagance of `unproductive worthless remnants in the exchanges by the shamans and pretenders (supposed coalitions and federations, etc) without legal standing in the veteran’s official lobby, Reps: B. Filner and R. Cunningham, respectively, irked by the baseless statements of said unqualified parties, as the current arbiters of HR-677, came out and announced that they would activate and re-file HR-677 on January 27, 2005 in this coming 109th Congress.

They also announced that eligible veterans could expect a public hearing of HR-677 on February. (Confirm this with Reps: Filner and Cunningham) Above revelations should end the present speculations by the ineligible self-appointed bum advocates. One of these discredited pretender-advocate even wrote crying to Pres. G. Arroyo about the truth expressed by Mr. Jerry Advoso, in a conference in Cebu City. Malacanang merely laughed at said letter without substance.

Rationale of HR-677

For over 60 odd years of government’s deceit and double-talk, its hoarding of the remaining unpaid compensations and benefits of Fil-Am WW-II, it has come to pass that government must honestly come clean with the veterans who shed blood and died for the US flag and America’s imperial interests during that war.

In the inaugural speech of Pres. G.W. Bush, he did not mince any words in confronting the U.S.’s mistakes and errors of the past, and I quote, to wit: "All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know: The U.S. will not ignore your oppression or excuse our oppressors. When you stand for liberty, we will stand with you. The rulers of outlay regimes can know that we still believe as Abraham Lincoln did. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under the rule of a just God cannot long retain it." Pres. G.W. Bush said. (emphasis supplied)

Its Meaning and Sincerity

We do not doubt and fully comprehended the meaning of the above words. What we, veterans expect, albeit, is how those words would be translated into immediate positive actions, sans reservation. Mr. Bush, as former serviceman will have to prove it with action that his heart is for his comrades-in-arms who rendered sacrifices for God, country, liberty and justice for all ! This is the final hour for him and the Fil-Am WW-II veterans to square with the 60 years of travesty of justice under U.S. avid politics that have discredited the U.S.

This is the final test of the above words spoken in his inaugural speech to more particularly: (a) assure that he would approved the final version of HR-677, upon passage in both Houses - providing for full equity payments of unpaid compensations and (b) settlement of benefits as per the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) estimate. (c) for Mr. Bush to allocate a line item in the 2005 budget for Fil-Am WW-II veterans before all of them die within the next 5 or 7 years of their twilight wallowing under poverty, disease and want. Mr. Bush’s line item funding in the 2005 budget, would pave the way for Congress to pass HR-677, short of any hindrances from disruptive sources. The opposed to HR-677 must justify why they favor discrimination.

Congress and the White House

It is only the symbiotic cooperation of Congress (regardless of partisan politics) which could once and for all – close this black chapter of Fil-Am and U.S. relationship, and for Mr. Bush to govern sans any roadblocks. In his second term, he is more free to make critical decisions without pressure of re-election. His fresh "pledge for his ultimate goal of ending tyranny." would prove sincerity of purpose. Mr. Bush as a God-loving man is conscious of "God’s just rule," that tyranny (within and without) must end. He is indeed conscious of the despotism, misuse of power against the Fil-Am veterans for the last 60 years, which no none in this country can not deny. The whole nation is not blind to racial and economic discrimination gong on for 60 years. His Second Term is crucial. This is his shining hour to obey Gods rule of fairness, justice and liberty for all and end the misery of his Fil-Am comrades-in-arms out there 8,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean. The fame, Mr. Bush seeks is that which is true and permanent that can only be found through honest action that would promote his own success in promoting human rights, fairness and liberty, he spouses as President of this great nation.

Recalcitrant Kababayans

Unfortunately, we have thorns on our sides (obstinate misplaced opportunists and refractories) that stubbornly refuse to comply with what our war heroes demand for justice, freedom and liberty they have invested their lives and property. It is what the war heroes’ demand for justice is what is primordial and not the private motives and interests of our avaricious recalcitrant kababayans found in the ACFV and Naffaa. In a nut-shell – Leave us, veterans alone! We can take care of ourselves together with our bipartisan backers in Congress, and of the sincerity of Mr. Bush. Not to leave out our bi-partisan supporters in Congress. Let it not be that the non-veteran’s discretion further damage and injure the veteran’s honest official lobby for justice. Interpositons and/or undue meddling in our veteran’s affairs deteriorate the gains we have secured. We, (veterans preponderant majority) specifically address this to all those who have no legal standing in the veteran’s official lobby and those who are ignorant of the legislative process, not to leave out a few publications publishing basuras spoonfed by mulish refracturies ( by some in the coalitions and federations of no basis and unsavory reputation).

Words yet to be learned

These words should be honestly, be intelligently known as inconvertible facts, especially by a newsman apologists who tried to distort my application or use of these words in my article. His blind partisanship have beclouded his IQ and have insulted his own nicety. Unless these words are comprehended, the meaning and usage of these words, users will remain strangers to the English language. These words are: Equality – is a word that has yet to be comprehended by those who failed to understand its real meaning. It must be impartial and of equal opportunity. The same in the degree of value, in absolute agreement. Equity – fairness, justice, or correct deal, an equitable claim. In law, a system in code of laws share in or participation in property values. Fraud – deliberate deceit, deception planned and executed with intent, to deprive another of property or right. Fraudulent – characterized by cheating and deceit, obtained through dishonest means. Justice – quality of being just, practice of dealing justly, fair in administration of laws. Swindle - gross fraud, to defraud, obtain money under false pretences. These words have also been used by the Association of US Military Retirees and veteran who were denied pension and/or disability benefits, led by Col. Day, a US congressional Medal of Honor recipient. (Surf the web for facts at www.mrgg-ms-org, and/or http://mrgrg-ms-org)

Legal Correctness

Here are correct legal opinions of Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court – defining equality, equity and fairness: Pres. G.W. Bush will learn more about tyranny, and full equity for veterans. Those opposed to equality of Fil-Am veterans with that of their Caucasian comrades in the U.S. Armed Forces, can learn from the wise opinions in the supreme court decisions. They cannot be ignoring what is right and just.

I hereby quote the following US Supreme Court decisions: to wit:

Mr. Justice Powell: "The guarantee of equal protection cannot mean one thing when applied to one individual and something else when applied to a person of another color."

Mr. Justice Brenan: "We can not let color blindness become myopia which masks the reality that many people "created equal" have been treated within our lifetime as inferior both by the law and by their fellow citizens".

Mr. Justice Marshall: "Today’s judgment ignores the fact that for several hundred years Negroes have been discriminated against…. solely because of the color of their skins."

Mr. Justice Blackmun: "On order to get beyond racism, we must first take account of race."

Mr. Justice Stevens: "Under Title VI (of the Civil Rights of 1964) It is not permissible to say "yes" to one person, but to say "no" to another person only because of the color of their skin."

I quote, Section 601 of the Civil Rights Act, that race can not be the basis of excluding any one from participation in a Federally-funded program.

Present Noise-Makers

Since the present pretenders and shamans without legal standing in the official veteran’s lobby- they are nothing but noisemakers attempting to seek legitimacy through undesirable and useless noise without substance. These intruders still stand to bare and make public their independently audited financial statements to be transparent, as a requirement by law. To hide it means something is putrid. Individuals who are merely expressing undesirable bum opinions disrupt the orderly official veteran’s lobby. We, bonafide veterans have no use for their opinions without substance. They must learn the meaning of discipline.

Proper Venue

Lastly – HR-677 is due to be activated and refilled by Reps" Filner and Cunningham, (Jan 27, 2005). Those who oppose HR-677 should address their tripe to the above congressmen sponsors and not to us.. S-68 is a dead bill ! Sen. Inouye has congealed this bill of which he is the author. He is not pushing it, because he will file another bill lieu of S-68. The ACFV, Naffa as well as Amb Del Rosario and the OVA are out of trouch. (Confirm this with Sen. Inouye and Rep. Filner – so you will not look stranger to the truth. and be living a lie.. # # #




MANILA, February 1, 2005 (BALITANG BETERANO By Col (Ret. US) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pension Associate, PMA ‘44 - Amidst the heat of current cloture on the subject of the final remedy of (once and for all) settling what the US government owed the Fil-Am veterans since 1942, bona-fide Fil-Am WW-II veterans organizations have aggressively come out in full support of HR-677

Resolutions and Letters

Of Support I am receiving many resolutions and letters of support for this House Resolution HR-677, sponsored by Reps: B. Filner (D-CA) and R. Cunningham (R-CA) with the bi-partisan support of over 200 solons – seeking full equity settlement of this over-60 years of flounder on the part of the cheated veterans. It is obvious that these bona-fide veterans organizations which are members of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) and the American Legion both in the Philippines and here in the U.S. have lodged their legitimate demand for full equity settlement because:

(a) out of the 200,000 original Fil-Am soldiers conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941, there are only less that 21,000 left as survivors still unpaid, and

(b) are fast dying of old age, disease and neglect each day under the cruel U.S. policy of piece-meal dispensation of their rightful wartime-earned compensation and benefits still unpaid until to day, 63 years of retardation in settlement, no less a cruel hoax..

Legitimate Demand

These veterans and their legitimate organizations whose members have the vested right and property interest in demanding full equity settlement of the remainder of the huge unpaid constitutional obligation, totaling $3.2 billion dollars by the U.S. government has the serious attention and assistance by Reps: Filner and Cunningham, plus all the bi-partisan solons as supporters of HR-677.

The Refractories

In contrast, are at least two Fil-Am organizations ( the ACFV and the Naffaa) which appears un-supporting HR-677, including the Phil. Embassy, and the Office of Veterans Affairs (VA) that has been out of touch with reality and current developments.

The Nonchalant Sleepers

The Embassy and OVA was directed by Pres. G.M. Arroyo to assist the veterans in the past to push HR-677 ( as priority over other bills), but personally endorse the discriminatory bill which merely provide only $100 for veterans based in the Philippines, and a contrasting $800 for veterans based here in the U.S. This irregularity is what the sympathetic members of Congress is trying to correct. The ugly head of discrimination, albeit, once more shows up in the minds and hands of our kababayans that have gone rabid and disorderly, thus injuring the veteran’s position of full equity settlement. Total Condemnations Such blatant discrimination cashiered particularly by a few lost souls in the ACFV – have met with the full condemnation from the preponderant veterans majority composing of the total members of the VFP, and Am-Legion and the right-thinking general public – that has the backing of Reps: B. Filner and R. Cunningham plus all the over 200 bi-partisan congressmen as supporters of HR-677 The preponderant veteran majority has the weight over the handful of oppositors in the ACFV not actually with 4,000 members. An audit by inventory of such claim can not stand said claim. They stand to bare the roster and dues paid by the claimed 4,000 in question which would .expose a lie.

Hidden Agenda

Their un-substantiated negative position have placed some the ACFV and its affiliate (some in the, Naffaa) against the preponderant veterans majority’s drive for justice, fairness and human rights headed in Congress by Reps: Filner and Cunningham, as principal sponsors of HR-677. Chicago’s Am-Legion Post 509 I received overwhelming support from veterans in the Philippines, and from here in the U.S. Here in the U.S. and in the Philippines I am herewith quoting one of them - from Chicago, Illinois – below, en toto, the full membership’s signed letter of the American Legion Post, headed by Pastor, Cdr. T. Yague. - to wit: "Comrade Col. Quesada, warm greetings from all our comrades here in Chicago, Illinois. On behalf of the American Legion, Fil-Am Post 509, we the undersigned officers and members, categorically state that we fully support the Filipino Veterans Full Equity crusade for justice and fairness. We are strong and steadfast supporters of the VFP’s position such that we, the bona-fide WW-II veterans are strongly determined to handle our own official veteran’s lobby in Washington DC. And ss veterans with vested rights and property interests in our collective demand for full equity settlement. We denounce all those without any legal standing in our veteran’s crusade, We are capable in handling our own honest advocacy along with the Philippine government which we have appointed as our conduit with the US Congress and the White House. We will not stop in demanding full settlement of our legitimate demands until the last surviving WW-II veterans who would die bare and naked of our rightful unpaid compensation and benefits by the U.S. government. We abhor those present ":Makapilis" (enemy collaborators here - who side with the oppressors in government and who want all of us to die so they could keep our money for their pork. We express our hurt in strong language which the oppressor and collaborators will comprehend. They have cheated us for over 60 years, therefore they truly deserve our strong condemnation and denunciation. Also, we keep a record, and also denounce our perfidious kababayans, and those unauthorized parties who are against our honorable crusade. We equally denounce those pretenders hiding behind bogus organizations sheltering un-recognized veterans, and who are not our true allies . We speak for the total majority of Fil-Am veterans here in Chicago and Illinois residing in this State. Comradely yours," Telesforo B. Yague, Commander.

The "Crying Letter"

In a separate development, I am herewith reporting a divisive "crying letter" written by an un-interesting ACFV out-of-action member which has been found as morally offensive by veterans, those in Malacanang. It was a circulated attack against the person of Mr. J. Adevoso, Assistant to Pres. Arroyo on Veterans Affairs, by a certain, P.G. Ganio, an alleged abrasive character being evaded by veterans who wants too be introduced as a "colonel"

Verified Records

After careful examination of his service record, the Adjutant General of the AFP released an authentic copy of said record to us that showed he was never a "colonel" in the AFP.

AFP’s Adjutant General

The Adjutant General of the AFP, by the way, is the head of the central depositor of all military personnel record. of the armed forces. The AG’s certification showed that said "impostor" was buck private in Corregidor in WW-II. And never was a colonel. (1)We have an authentic copy of said AG-AFP certification furnished by the Adjutant General’s office. (See AFP AG’s certification.)

Personal Motive

The much bruited-about said "crying letter" by this counterfeit colonel to Pres. Arroyo, said was asking the President to counsel Mr. Adevoso, albeit, appeared as an attempt to influence the President’s decision. And also alleged asking Pres. Arroyo to support a discriminatory provision in a pending bill that would give $800 monthly to only veterans based in U.S. and only $100 for those Philippine- based veterans. Such sinister and ill-intentioned scheme could have placed Pres. Arroyo in a compromising position against the preponderant veterans majority, based in he Philippines, and in direct collision course against Reps: Filner and Cunningham, as principal authors of HR-677 supported by a bi-partisan solons - seeking full equity payment for Fil-Am WW-II veterans. (2) The letter-writer appeared as the close collaborator of the discredited ACFV director whose real name is: Furbeyre alias Lachica, who have illegally used Pres. Arroyo’s letter ( by unlawfully printing his fund-raising message on the back of a copy of President Arroyo’s letter) addressed to US President G.W. Bush, which was allegedly in the care of the Ambassador. (See: copy of alleged unlawful letter, now in the Malacanang Legal Office as documentary evidence.)

Security Leak

The burning question is – "How could an alien private citizen able to gain access to such official and confidential letter," is a serious breach of national security, a matter under investigation/litigation by the government lawyers. It was as a result of the official report by Mr. Adevoso, and by the veterans, to the authorities with supported evidences. This matter, albeit, did not amuse the President at all. Such breach of Presidential security may even be under Senate investigation demanded by veterans, in a effort to uncover who gave access to Furbeyre alias Lachica, a copy of the President’s letter confidentially intended for Pres. G.W. Bush. Veteran’s Concern Veterans want the government to extradict Furbeyre alias Lachica as soon as possible to the Philippines to face the law, and the case be tried in the Philippines. (3) On the matter of the alleged "attack letter" of Ganio, against Mr. Advoso, appeared as, and viewed by the veterans, principally as an attempt to prevent Mr Adevoso from being the keynote speaker in a public forum in Cebu City. And to prevent Adevoso from mentioning alleged ACFV’s "undesirable advocacy."

In his speech. The same "crying letter" from ACFV was also reported unacceptable to all the preponderant veterans majority, which was in direct collision course against Rep’ Filner’s and Rep; R. Cunningham’s sponsored bill, HR-677, supported by over 200 bi-partisan solons.

Rep. Filner’s Expose

Rep. Filner earlier exposed in the Philippine News - ACFV’s Lachica as "toxic to the veterans cause," and official lobby. ( See Phil. News report by R. Gerona-Adkins, PN correspondent.) (4) As regards the reported negative position of the Phil. Embassy and the OVA, (which appears as anti-HR-677, they were angrily denounced by the preponderant veterans majority both from Philippine-based and US-based veterans who described them as "out of touch, and ignorant of the prevailing updates and developments on veteran’s demands."

Phil.News’s Report

The ( the anti-HR-677 duo, albeit, sought shelter and persisted in using Pres. Arroyo’s past letter asking Pres. Bush to follow-up bills including HR-677. ( See: statement in the Phil News, issue Jan. 12-18, 2005)

Positive RP’s Position as per Preponderant Vet Majority

The positive and legal Philippine government’s official position is clearly mandated by Article 16, Section 7 of the 1978 Philippine Constitution, for officials to seek only the fullest justice and maximum welfare of ALL WW-II Fil-Am veterans at all times, and never to compromise the demands and vested interests of all veterans. ( See: Article 16, Section 7 of the Philippine 1978 constitution.) "The prevailing majority veteran’s demand for action is 'Full Equity Settlement,' before we, (veterans) all die, bare and naked of our rightful compensation and benefits that belonged to us," said by the veterans majority, i.e., the America Legion, Post 509 in Chicago, Illinois.

Veteran’s Demand – is Supreme

"Whims and caprices of the embassy personnel and the OVA that should not prevail on what the veterans should not get as benefits, or what should only get," said Cdr. A. Calabas, former Post 509 commander a survivor of the Bataan Death March.

Mere Go-Betweens

"The embassy and OVA personnel are mere go-betweens of veterans to Congress, mandated and specifically tasked to positively assist the veterans. They do not have the discretion allowed to them to alter, or dictate their whims over the veteran’s vested interests and property rights. They are duty-bound to consult with the preponderant veterans majority at all times. They can not be more popish than the Pope – so to speak.

Government Sanction

Any government official who does not comply with above-said provision, is subject to strict sanction. Not just legally, but morally that is subject to condemnation and strong demand for ouster of officials who are negligent and/or defiant against the Constitution. Their negative acts which are against their oaths of office that mandates to protect veterans and citizens are punishable administratively.

Veteran’s Priority

Pres. Arroyo’s letter to Pres. Bush requests favorable action on HR-677, among other bills in Congress, and was the veterans preference over other bills.

Constitutional Mandate

Such demand should not and cannot be emasculated by any government official. Pres. G.M. Arroyo and her administration is clearly mandated and backed up by Article 16, Section 7 of the Philippine 1978 Constitution – to seek only the fullest justice and maximum welfare for ALL Fil-Am WW-II veterans, as well as the citizens at all times, and never to compromise the demand and interests of the preponderant veterans majority in any way. It is the veterans as a whole who determine what is good for them and not any non-veterans or hired officials of the government.

Negligence and Violations

Any government official who des not comply with the above-said provisions of the Constitution and its mandate - is subject to strict sanction, and even removal from office plus penalties. In addition, they are subject to condemnation and other punishment prescribed by law, and the decision of any Court. It is also a violation of the subject official’s oath of office that could charge them administratively.

Official Advocacy

In conclusion, this matter of lobby in and the White House does not belong to, or include any outsider, pretender and shamans that has not legal standing that have taken the unsolicited liberty to usurp the government’s action. They are immorally irresponsible for such acts.

Civil and Criminal Responsibility

So much damage and injury has been inflicted by such intrusive characters without any legal standing in the veteran’s official lobby. Therefore, could be sued by veterans civilly for damages, if not criminally, as the case maybe. Pretenders and shamans – usurping other’s (veterans,) rights and interests are veritable hypocrites in their pleasures of being undisciplined in their vices. Like the devil could cites the scriptures for their false intents, or for 30 pieces of silver for his sinister purposes. Liken to bruised apple, rotting at the heart. For diseased thinking, nothing can cure them but the truth. And only reality can heal. # # #


Jul 8 2005


By Col. (Ret.US) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44


Latest Count From Hospitals

Reliable report from the "Op"

Iraqi Freedom Deaths," (June 22, 2005, PST) 1st edition, stated as follows:

(A) In-country deaths = 1,731.

(B) Deaths occurring after medic-evacuation from Iraq = 7,292.

©Total deaths (OIF) =9,023

(D) Wounded = 26,419.

Military News Sources

According to Willie Otis, of the Military News and Information Center, American War Library, established in 1988:

"The news we are hearing is not the same news made here."

"However, we all understand that the news media‘s obsession for missing kids and movie stars are more important than we are."

Report of Baltimore Independent Media

The same news was confirmed by the Baltimore Independent Media Center stating that nearly 9,000 U.S troops are dead.

It called for an independent call for information.

These figures add up which appears credible based of factual count.

Pres. Bush’s Speech

Pres. Bush’s speech (July 3/2005[Tuesday]) and the headline would be George W. Bush says that the sacrifice of more than "1,700 American lives to the invasion of Iraq" was "worth it." (Please note the number he quoted as 1,700 American lives.)

He either does not get the correct figure, or has been kept out of the truth by his own men.

Grieving mothers and families of those who came back in body bags know more than 1,700 were KIAs.

John Brummett in his column in Las Vegas Review Journal, has this to say: "The best president could do under the circumstances was down play his style, repeat his falsehoods and belabor his the obvious, as if were wise and tough."

David Broder columnist for the Washington Post, wrote to wit: "Congress, the administration. servicemen and their famiies, and the general public could judge what is happening."

Questions Are Raised

Has the Bush Administration drastically under-estimated the U.S. military death count by redefining "death?"

In Congress, Rep. Buyer was reported to be making a new definition of the word "veteran."

American taxpayers are beginning to see through all these postures.

According to the article, "the Dept.of Defense (DoD) lists currently being very quietly circulated indicate almost 9,000 (U.S. military) deaths exceeded the 'official death' count of 13,831."

How can this be?

It is largely because the U.S Military Personnel in German hospitals have not been previously counted?

Hospital Death Record

"On January 1, 2005 there already 6,200 deaths in German hospitals reported."

According to Brian Harring, "There is excellent reason to believe the DoD is deliberately not reporting the dead in Iraq."

"I have received copies of the evacuation manifest from the Military Air Transports (MATS) that showed far more bodies shipped than are reported officially."

"And the educated rumor is that actual death toll is in excess of 7,000."

Deserters and Escapees

"Given the acknowledged number of those seriously wounded, this elevated death toll, at least, 5,500 American military personnel, most in Ireland but more escaped to Canada and to other Euro-countries, none of whom are inclined to complain about Iraq War with vengeful American authorities." (See: TBR News, 18 Feb.2005, for full coverage on mass desertions.)

Killed and Wounded

Also not publicly reported some 160,000 U.S. military personnel shipped out to Iraq, 26,000 either deserted, were killed or over 16,000 seriously wounded currently very quietly circulated.

And almost 9,000 dead counted.

Suicides, Forced Hospitalization

"There were reported out of the 24,000 a large number of suicides, forced hospitalization for going on drug usage, murder of Iraq civilians and fellow soldiers, rapes, and court martials."

Casualty List

Harring said, "I have a copy of the DoD casualty list, and I am alphabeting it with the reported dates of death – intending for their loves ones, and for them to inform their respective congressmen, their local newspapers, and us, as their concerned ally as soon as possible."

Harring adds, "The government gets away with it, with this huge lies because they falsely claim, that only soldiers actually killed in Iraq are actually reported."

So irresponsible and nauseating.

Strict Concealment

You ought to realize that that Pres. Bush personally ordered that no pictures, coffined and flag-draped dead under any circumstances.

He claims that this is to comfort the bereaved relatives designed.

Albeit, to keep the huge number of arriving bodies secret.

"Any civilian or military personnel, taking pictures will be prosecuted immediately."

If the Bush administration could not be transparent with its citizen-taxpayers – therefore, does not deserve the trust and confidence of the American people.

His party is surely in for a big surprise in the next election."

Least does the GOP realize that its policy of abuse, fuels the people to hate the abuser?

The more it is concealed –like garbage, the more it will stink later.

What is putrid – is as filthy as lies.

The latest information on the wounded: "Landstuhl Regional Hospital Center in Germany, is a 150 bed hospital where there were 24,000 wounded military patients from Iraq since the start of Iraq War."

Pentagon’s Secrecy

It was said, Pentagon refused to publish the accurate list of any wounded,

Why Lie to the American taxpayers?

The question before the American people is – why are there such falsehoods and untruths?

Doubt is the consequence of unfaithlessness.

If these reports are authentic and true what is the reason for concealment?

People do not hide the truth. - only lies.

So - what is the Bush administration afraid of?

"La cosa marso" - if making progress, what is there to conceal?

Why the "oily" alibi?

end quotes

This information is not verified, which is why this post is circulating around the Veteran's Hotline out there in OUR America.

Veterans, or some anyway, do not like being lied to by what we believe is OUR government, and combat veterans just have this ability to see through lies, because our lives depended on exactly that, and once there, you are not susceptible to going backwards, as seems to be a requirement in this present version of America that George W. Bush and his REPUBLICANS are serving us on a spoon, these days, where lies are the only truth there is anymore!

The request made of me was to read it, consider what is contained therein, and to then post it for information, or discussion, as I thought appropriate, and so ....



Frank B. Quesada

Rebuilding the career system

Opium of the people

It has been said that politics is the opium of our people, aside from jueteng. Politics Pinoy-style, has been the transitional transfer of Pesos from the pockets of the politicians back to the hands of the elector every election.

The vicious cycle of money circulation begins from the plunder of the treasury by public servants, pocketed by politicians, and until the loot reaches the hands of the corrupted electors during election. This has been a vicious routine of politico-economic cycle of corrupt political transition long established. The culprits, of course, are the powerful elites who have influence and power through politics of pillage of government as the "baka lechera" (cash cow).

Most sought position

The position of Head of State has been so much sought for many covetous reasons and for power, if not the amount of money held, and the public trusts that has been violated and abused. Power and money corrupts even the dead who are able to vote as flying voters flourishing in the Philippines. A periodic political home industry of putrid political depravation

Filipinos has always been a political animal. And it is said that we can no longer trust those who adopt politics as profession, and still remain honest. In the course of the political exercise, political parties die, or disintegrate in the process of swallowing their own lies, and drowning under their excesses. So with avid individual politicians. They have survived in the onslaught in the Philippines, not to leave out the U.S. in such play of disruptive democracy. Wherever there was confusion, there was money to gain.

Churchill’s observation

Sir Winston Churchill of Great Britain said, "Democracy is the worst form of government." Albeit, we believe his government was not also that perfect. It was once the largest colonial empire in the world where the sun never sets on its dominion from North to South and East to West, only to succumb to one humble man’s contagious civil disobedience, the inevitable Mahatma Gandhi.

Albeit, which form of government is perfect? Philippine democracy has been a copycat of U.S. governance and jingoism, with lots of innovations both good and bad along the road. Politics and economics of democratic governance are symbiotic, albeit, hampered by graft.

Mussolini’s observation

In the eyes of fascist Benito Mussolini, "Democracy is kingless regime infested with many kings more are times exclusive, tyrannical and destructive, under a corrupt tyrant."

"On the whole, with scandalous exception, Democracy, on the other-hand, has given the ordinary and honest worker and citizen-taxpayer more dignity and honor."(S. Lewis, a socialist)

Must be made safe for democracy

What is going on in the Philippines can be said that the nation must be made safe for democracy. At the rate corruption have existed, citizens were deluded with a government the citizens do not deserve. It simply must be a Republic in the art of honesty and transparency. Not snobbish.

It is like what is going on in the U.S. and other Euro-nations where public servants have turned as masters, and the citizens as the servants under arrogance of power. Arrogance of borrowed power from citizens has spawned a disguised autocracy under government lawlessness unchecked. No head of state now could live an honest life and governance of a lie. The old saying goes, "Figures don’t lie, but lies will figure out where deception is hiding."

The cat was said with nine lives, but a lie has only one. No place to hide.

"No man or woman as president is good enough to govern another without the constituent’s consent." said Abraham Lincoln. Advice and consent is the glue to a tolerable government. Today’s crisis in the Philippines is the trial of a President’s soul, and her collaborators. Politicians say and claim that he or she is not so – but in reality, there is any one who is a hypocrite in their pleasures. They are blind to the light of verity under the lure of ill-gotten money

Quest for a suitable president

People must find a strong, honest-to-goodness leader who cannot be bought. Or corrupted. Like looking for a needle in a haystack They have been looking for the rare one who has the qualities of sound judgment, and reason – most of all, honest, with a very determined character who is incorruptible? It may sound as a tall order, but true.

Magsaysay’s legacy

And a family and relatives that would stay in the background likewise will not have anything to do with a president’s governance (like the late Pres. Ramon Magsaysay’s directive). I remember him firing the late Exec. Sec. Fred Ruiz Castro for accommodating Magsaysay’s brother in-in law in a job in government. No one had that attribute which the nation sorely misses today. To the politician, the question of money is of the same religion. Money is said which loudly talks, while the poor man walks.

God has offered man and presidents only a few choices: truth, honesty and repose. No man or president cannot have them all.

Quest for excellence

However, that choice appears never yet been born. Meantime, the nation has to suffer series of crisis – until the nation as a seething volcano that has erupted. The flames of hate generated from exposure from political graft or corruption and deception – backslides a nation into a state of burning the candle on both ends, or burning the house just to get rid of a rat.

Hungry man knows no law

If the elites cannot share what they could spare to the hungry masses, the patriot’s blood, which is the seed of freedom and democracy – would be spilled. Because revolution is the first thought of any man oppressed. History is replete with such upheaval; take the case of France, in " Les Miserables." And the "Cry of Balintawak," and "People Power."

Leadership by examples

Albeit, there are rules, of order ingrained in a Constitution. Therefore, citizens put it to them to be vigilant for preserving the principles of a Constitution, albeit, are irrevocably lost when power is left in the hands of grafters, and mobs that are the self-appointed supreme governors of the streets.

Former President. F.D. Roosevelt once said, "No one can find any justification in the language of the constitution for any delay of reforms which the masses demand."

Lure of money and power

It was said, "Look at what God thinks of money, and to whom He has given it to." Some one also said, "The poor who steals my purse, has stolen trash." Plundering officials had the mistaken belief that they can buy absolution with money, and then praise God. But how many of these grey- angels could dance on a point of a needle without missing a step, and appears lily-white and clean as a whistle?

In a crisis, people say, "the elite could disguise wealth, but the poor, cannot hide poverty." It is a tragedy as part of the birth pains of a fledgling democracy, like the Philippines, so to speak. But how soon when the mischievous mortals in politics bend their will and cause so much ill?

There’s only one Barabas

The bible revealed a unique story. "It was the thief that said a last kind word to Christ while they were painfully held by three nails on the cross. Christ took the thief’s kindness and forgave the him."(Browning) But there was only one Barabas.

The rest must not only apologize for their lapse in judgment, and lies—but must render penance for his or her mistake as in Pres, Arroyo’s case. There is no such thing of half mistake and/or part apology, with an arithmetic of subtraction.

Truth and consequence

A citizenry scorned under a honcho’s tyranny and deceit or even after a confession of guilt and error of judgment – the unforgiving downtrodden would readily take to the streets, be seen in the television screens as the day’s hero who have raised their fists and cried for blood. Revenge has been the kind of wild justice sans "locus standi" (legal standing) ignored by the common man. It was said, "Revenge is sweeter than life itself, " and more valued by those who feels superior. Filipinos learned in the past—that the hard way in their struggle against the Spaniards. Like the seed nurture in their infirmed ego.

He acts as a nihilist sans the benefit of in-depth analysis, in a rush of judgment. Albeit, in a majority voice – he substitutes anarchy in place of lawful actions.

"Vox populi," the majority of citizens has spoken, albeit must bear the color of axiom under the Constitutional legal processes in a fledgling democracy, but not through anarchy. Flames of the mind are easier to quench than the flames of the heart that requires time to heal with reason.

While there is no short cut to, and on the path of justice, any substitute must recognize the pale of the law to secure fair and lawful vindication.

"Fiat justitia et ruand coeli," (Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.) God’s truth and justice always win.

The young generation

Our sons and daughters of war veterans are involved in the process. Thus, they have to be primed on the facts about the presidency, and the Constitution, not to leave out the masses oblivious of the constitutional mandate for the presidency. In a Republic, the center must hold.

The youths are among the neo-leaders who will take over the reigns of a fragile Republic. Democracy is merely a system of a government of the people, by the people, for the people, Otherwise if desecrated is plain and chaotic democracy, so to speak.

They must be trained at home and in schools to comprehend what is the toll of harsh revenge. Likewise what the layman instinctively must peacefully do. Godly parents and teachers need not throw gasoline or burning coals of fire into his tenuous thoughts – which would foment divisiveness and hate – manifested today. It is only the devil that can cite the scripture for his purposes in psychedelic colors.

Protests and demonstrations

Demonstrations had been a crazy fad of the times. It has become a status symbol for the gullible masses in protests fueled by provocateurs. To be seen in the television, with one’s fists raised has been a neo-brand of depthless popular patriotism. It is so contagious that excites acrimonious pique and grudge of the oppressed. That is one Filipino attribute borne from 300 hundred years of Spanish abusive colonial rule, 50 years of American crafty jingoism and cash register diplomacy, four punitive years of Japanese brutal occupation under martial law, and 20 years of conjugal dictatorship of Marcos – all in all - have plundered the nation. It left a nation with just two categories of families which are the greedy and the needy. Poverty is not a vice but a nephew of jueteng. Politicians pay lip service to the poor but never got off his back,

The ensuing years were contributive to the maladjusted politics and economics of a fragile democratic experiment short of stability and debilitating morality and cupidity.

Motives and convictions

How many people go out in the streets on their own honest volition as self-made patriots, compared to the paid hacks by anonymous instigators using money from graft and pillage and from jueteng gambling lords who enjoys the spoils of political protection.

In an imperfect democracy where we exist, we are learning that it is not the best form of government, however, we have to keep on learning how to make it work without the thought of seeing it as a labor lost. Because a little learning is the most dangerous thing. Or over-acquired knowledge misused could be devilish.

"Ils n’ont rien appris, ni rien oublie," Bourbons of the Philippines have learned nothing, and have forgotten everything. A political amnesia out of whack.

Economic and political equality

Until we achieve economic equality for every citizen, we can not give the basis for political equality. And so that the exercise will always be a sham – and a futility. Opportunist elites with influence and power will always reign supreme over the sloven state of poverty and want. Wealth whether honestly earned, or ill gotten is the status symbol, an epidemic unchecked. Wealth could buy convenience, and even officials in government – but could never buy an honest man’s soul.

Arrogance of power in the presidency propped by the brown-nosing elites in a status quo. Albeit, wide-awake citizens must demand for equal rights for everyone, and no special privileges to anyone. Equality in law and order is the key element for a republic seeking stability.

Imperfect Constitution

People have created an imperfect constitution that spelled out presidential powers. But who will put on the brakes against abuse and lapses of judgments? The Constitution can not remain as a piece of paper cheaper than the paper it was printed on. Here are parameters as a guide to ideal governance: to wit -

Facts of the Executive Power

The President

Such power is vested under the Constitution to the elected President of the Philippines

No person may be elected president unless he is a natural born citizen of the Philippines, must be a registered voter, able to read and write, and at least age 40 on the day of his election, and a permanent resident of the Philippines, for at least 10 years immediately preceding the election.

The Vice President

The vice president shall possess he same qualifications and term of office, elected with the President in the same process or manner as the President. And may be removed from office in the same manner as the President.

The Vice President may be appointed as a member of the Cabinet, and such appointment does not require any confirmation.

Terms of Offices

Both President and Vice President shall be elected by a direct vote of the people for a term of six (6) years which begins at noon on the 30th day of June next following the day of election. Their terms shall end on the same date as provided.

The President shall not be eligible to, or for any re-election. And no person shall succeed as President and has served as such for more than four years shall be qualified for re-election to the same office at any time.

And no Vice President shall serve for more than two successive terms. Voluntary renunciation of the office for any such length of time shall not be considered as an interruption in his or her continuity of the service for the full term for which he was elected.

Unless provided by law, the regular election for President and Vice President shall be held on the second Monday of May.

Congressional Duties

Election returns of every election for President and Vice President, duly certified by the board of canvassers of each province or city, shall be transmitted to Congress, directed to the President of the Senate.

During the period, no candidate must call any member of the Commission on Elections which may constitute some form of intrusion, collusion or affliction, heaviness and compression.

This was where the whole adverse distress and unrest emanated. It was a calamitous disorder that led to the present political radical uprising sweeping the nation.

Upon receipt of the certificates of canvass, the President of the Senate shall, not later than 30 days after the day of election, open all the certificates in the presence of he Senate and the House of Representative in a joint session, and the Congress upon determination of the authenticity and due execution thereof in the manner provided by law, canvas the votes.

The person having the highest number of votes shall be proclaimed elected, but in the case two or more shall have an equal and highest number of votes, one of them shall forthwith be chosen by the vote of a majority of all members of both Houses of Congress, voting separately.

Congress shall promulgate its rules for the canvassing of the certificates.

Role of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court, sitting en banc, shall be the sole judge of all contests relating to the election returns, and qualifications of the President, or Vice President, or Acting President, an may promulgate its rules for the purpose.

Execution of Office

Before they can enter on execution of their office, the President and Vice President, or Acting President shall take the following oath of affirmation:

"I do solemnly swear (or to affirm) that I will faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as President (or Vice President) of the Philippines, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man, and consecrate myself to the service of the Nation, so help me God. (Albeit, in the U.S. the last sentence has been controversial.)

The President shall have an official residence. The salaries of the President and Vice President, or Acting President shall be determined by law and shall not be decreased during his tenure. No increase in the said compensation shall take effect until after the expiration of the term of the incumbent during which such increase was approved. They shall not receive during the term any emolument from the Government or any other source.

But it did not explicitly say or limit what the family or relatives could receive or generate from any sources like jueteng, or huge flagship deals and contracts which kickbacks eventually accrues to the President or Vice President, and their families.

The President elect and the Vice President elect shall assume office at the beginning of their terms.

Rule of Succession

If the Preside-elect fails to qualify, the Vice President-elect shall act as President until the President elect shall have qualified.

And if a President shall not have been chosen, the Vice President-elect shall act until a President shall have been chosen and qualified.

If at the beginning of the term of the President, the Vice President-elect shall have died or shall have become permanently disabled, the Vice President-elect shall become President.

Where no President and Vice President-elect shall have qualified, or where both shall have died or become permanently disabled, the President of the Senate or, in the case of inability, the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall act as President until a President or a Vice President shall have been chosen and qualified.

Congressional Jurisdiction

Congress shall, by law, provide for the manner in which one who is to act as President shall be selected until a President or a Vice President shall be qualified, in the case of death, permanent disability, or inability of the officials mentioned in the next preceding paragraph.

In Case of Removal or Death

In the case of death, permanent disability, removal from office, or resignation of the President, the Vice President shall become the President to serve the unexpired term. In case of death the Vice President, the President of the Senate or, in the case of his inability, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, shall the act as President until the President or Vice President shall have been qualified.

Congress shall by law, provide who shall serve as President in case of death, permanent disability, or resignation of the Acting President. He shall serve until the President or the Vice President shall have been elected and qualified, and be subject to the same restrictions of powers and disqualifications as the acting President.

Manner of Selection

Whenever here is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President during the term for which he is elected, the President shall nominate a Vice President from among the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives who shall assume office upon confirmation by a majority vote of all he members of both Houses of Congress voting separately.

The rule of the law of the land (the Constitution) is supreme. Nothing outside the Constitution takes precedent regardless of the people’s dislike of the President and or Vice President, or any elected official. The legal process in place – deserves respect and adherence by the constituents.

The Mob Rule

Mob rule through demonstrations which has become a fad – i.e., in past counterfeit "people power" bereft of legality It is plain anarchy. Thus, fears of the elite that they would be displaced from influence and power – have resulted to contributing to unseating innovative heads of state. The hoi poloi were mere adjuncts of an elite’s scheme in preserving s status quo of debauchery, immorality and profligacy.

The end result was economic chaos. The gullible masses had been misled by provocateurs (either paid or those seeking fame.) Financiers remain anonymous like the proverbial cowards who die a thousand deaths before their actual demise. Partnership between the crooked politician and the gambling lords has become a necessary adjunct of a banana Republic fueled by hot money.

The abject lesson here was national discipline was absent from the top, slippery drifting down to the lowly public servant, corrupted by power, money and influence. The big fishes escaped from punishment with impunity. Only the stupid and the dead did not survive.

What do people really want?

After Marcos, after Cory, Ramos, Estrada, and now after Gloria – what do people really want? People power has spawned a return to previous state of affairs as reactionary. Redress was equated with revenge and requital. Law and order was a misplaced word in the dictionary of the wicked.

After Marcos and other presidents

After departures of past presidents, – the late Sen.. Jose Wright Diokno predicted before he passed away saying, " that without any drastic reform, the country was ripe for a bloody upheaval."

He hoped and prayed it would not happen with no guarantees.

Albeit, after he read my studies in European capitals about "Structures of Governments and Comparative Socio-Eco and Politico Systems," was convinced that the Philippines was heading towards cataclysm in a brewing crack of doom.


He was on his way home from the U.S. after a diagnosis of cancer. It would be as his last trip. In San Francisco, California - Diokno and I compared notes, on what was to happen to the Philippines. His prophetic words were

"I am truly sad, we have never learned from our mistakes of the past."

Afterwards he quoted Dryden, "No heaven itself upon the past has that power."

We embraced and said goodbye to each other—that would be the last. Our deep friendship, like a masterpiece of the universe ended in February 1978, when he gasped his last breath. My boyhood chum whom I fondly call "Pepe," in the quintessential world of passionate nationalism, and an excellent law guru. Ever since, he belonged to the ranks of no ambiguities or pretenders. Brevity was the soul of his wit, and the salt of conversation.

Our equity crusade

He chose me as his Secretary of the Senate Committee on Veterans and Military Pensions, being candid to speak the truth in the face of adversity and opponents. We pursued human rights for Filipino-American World War-II veterans, where his voice was heard in both Congresses of the Philippines, and the United States in his deepest conviction of fighting for what is right over might.

He is fondly remembered as a libertarian, with attributes of being a future candidate as Head of State someday – albeit, that did not materialize after battling the scourge of cancer. His demise denied a nation a chance to prosper under a vision of hope and stability.

Fate has its destiny

"Fallida Mors asquo pulsat pede."

A man’s death is an impartial step that knocks on a poor man’s doorstep and in the palace of kings without exception. For it is also a poor man’s best friend, which is the kindest and the best." (Burns)

He really belonged to, and in our Father’s house in Heaven where there are many mansions.

My duty to remember

His name, albeit, is not etched on marble slabs in monuments, but deep in the hearts of his fellow Filipinos who regarded him as perhaps the last of the honest men in politics who died poor but content. He lived a life of a man of principles and maintained a law practice following his late father’s noted profession.

With a rare attribute, he indeed possessed for a public servant - who could have amassed wealth in all the top positions in government he held with integrity, loyalty and courage, albeit, who unswervingly stood up against anyone to defend his fellowmen’s rights.

How privileged and proud I am to have been his best friend and associate





By Col (Ret.US) Frank B. Quesada

Military service of Filipinos under the U.S.flag  commenced when Pres. F. Roosevelt  exercised his powers as Commander-in-Chief, authorized  under the Philippine Independence Act of 1934, and the Ordinance appended to the constitution of the Commonwealth of the Philippines when he ordered and called all abled-bodied Filipinos to serve the United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) on July 26, 1941.

Filipinos became lawful members of the United States Armed Forces upon induction into the USAFFE under he command of Gen, Douglas McArthur.

All officers and enlisted men were subsequently mustered as members of the U.S., Army. The total period of Filipino military in, and for the  U.S. government covered approximately four years and eleven months......

In this own words, Gen. D. McArthur state, to wit:

  No army has ever done so much with so little.

And it is of record that one  for every six Filipino soldier in the service of the U.S. Army died in line of duty, or a death casualty ratio of  around 17 per cent of the total strength. Further, the World War-II death casualties ratio for the whole  US Army was approximately 2.5  per cent . The maimed and disabled among Filipino soldiers, however, have not been fully accounted for.

Albeit, those who survived the war, very well know that the service-connected disabilities among Filipino soldiers could more than double the reported 10 per cent overall ratio for the whole US Army, according to Brig. Gen.(Ret) Carlos P. Romulo.

Shocked and awed by the report of the then Gen.  (Ret.) Omar Bradley, as the then Administrator of the U.S. Veterans Administration, which showed that the U.S. incurred and owed the Filipino WW-II veterans the total amount of US$3.2 Billion dollars, the U.S 79th Congress  hastily passed the infamous and offensive

Rescission Act of 1946

This ugly and morally offensive and unconstitutional law stood as a cruel act ever found in the US statute books which was an inhuman law and against human rights.  The  patent controversial provisions in this law is a black spot in U.S history which stated, to wit:
  x x for the purposes of any law in the United States conferring rights, privileges, and benefits, the service of the officers and men of the Philippine Army (who were incorporated into the USAFFE)   rendered in compliance with the Military Order of Pres. F. Roosevelt  of July 26, 1941 shall  not be deemed  to be or to have been service in the military or naval forces of the United States.

 With a little thread of soul left, such transgression and attack against moral law this provision of this Public Law 301, 79th Congress approved on February 18, 1946, otherwise known as the US Surplus Appropiations Rescissoin Act of 1946, granted only two exceptions: 

Only two laws wherein Filipino veterans could claim  for benefits such as: (1) The National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940,. under existing contracts entered into, and (2) Laws administered by the U.S. V.A., for disability or death benefits pensions.

Reading further such provisions, these two exceptions cover benefits which generally could be enjoyed  only by those  who are disabled  or  by beneficiaries  of the deceased. Provided: they could be accounted for.

Proving by veterans to the U.S. authorities any service connected or death is next to impossible in the Philippines.due to circumstances  and unavailable facilities. Therefore, the effect of this dastard Rescission Act of 1946 to the Filipino WW-II veteran is fiendish.

This truculent Act is not only a cause of for deprivation of established vested rights and property interests as well as privileges of Filipino war veterans who shed blood and died for the U.S. flag and American imperial interests.

While nature of such claim by Filipino war veterans was monetary alone primarily involved, it is more than meets the eye. The crux of such claim is also the integrity ( honor and dignity)  of the Filipino solders who loyally served in the U.S Armed Forces during the war. Not to leave out the basic principle of law against  deprivation of accrued and battle-earned vested rights.

This 63 years of  US retardation of payment of full equity compensation and benefits still unpaid reflects the true intention of the U.S. in its innovative escape from the huge obligation and responsibility that could not be ignored. It is a crime perpetuated against humanity




August 26, 2005

(BALITANG BETERANO) By Col (Ret.US) Frank B, Quesada Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions Associate, PMA ‘44 - The nagging problem which continue to haunt the relations of the Republic of the Philippines and the United States is the continued mistreatment of the Fil-Am World War II veterans by the U.S. Congress. Thus, Filipino-American relations is nothing but a sham.


For over sixty years, restoration and payment of benefits for the wartime honorable military service of these intrepid veterans has festered in the U.S. Congress while the veterans die each day at the rate of ten to fifteen a day. Such travesty of justice has been scathingly truculent and reflects upon the fiduciary responsibility of the U.S. government that feigns and vends human rights and democracy to the world.


The Pacific War and World War II was not a war of Filipinos but a war of the U.S. against Japan. It must be clear that the Filipinos as American nationals who are actually citizens were demoted. Under the Commonwealth of the Philippines were unilaterally conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt into the U.S. Army the Far East [USAFFE] and placed under the command of Gen. D. McArthur and American officers.


Under the un-numbered Military Order of Pres. Roosevelt dated July 26, l941, the Filipinos were inducted into and incorporated in the U.S. Army. Since then, each and every Filipino, like any American member of the U.S. Army - who wore the same uniform, bore the same arms, fought one enemy [the Japanese Imperial forces] are entitled to the same compensation and benefits. The 66,000 allied war veterans from 16 allied countries who fought for the S flag in WW-II were all fully compensated, but not the Fil-Am WW-II veterans targeted for racial and economic discrimination.


They are equal before God and the enemy bullets and bayonet thrust of the Japanese invaders. They did not have any special privileges under the iron heels of the Japanese that vanquished them In Bataan, Corregidor and other fronts. But in reality they were disparate, lumpy under a riptide of racial differentiation. In 1942, in Bataan - Gen. MacArthur asked the U.S. Congress for equality of pay and privileges for the members of the USAFFE, but fell to deaf ears. The Bataan-Corregidor defenders held two different pay scales. Filipinos and Americans fought the one enemy but the Filipinos were paid at a lower rate. Thus, ever since, the ugly head of discrimination was very much alive and present.


Reality revealed itself when the myth of American guile and delusion divulged the legerdemain of War Plan Orange [the defense of Manila, etc.] It was nothing but a dilatory action that depended from logistics from the U.S. Mainland .Filipinos were ":second class" wretched pawns in a war not their own. McArthur fled to Australia. Bataan and Corregidor fell in a shameful defeat. The Americans surrendered unconditionally to the Japanese forces. The USAFFE was decimated and almost half of them perished in the infamous Bataan Death March. And suffered a slow death inside the gates of hell of Camp O’Donell and Capas. Both Americans and Filipinos were measured up to the atrocities by the enemy - yet Filipinos still remained underpaid and debased .


Filipinos simply refused to take defeat. So with a handful of Americans who joined and/or formed guerrilla action. Most of them chose to remain in concentration camps for fear of execution when captured. They rather waited for the war to end.


Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos found their way to the mountain vastness in the Sierras as guerrillas to perform the un-conventional and irregular warfare against the abusive enemy invaders. Filipinos by nature were freedom founders and never relished being dictated upon, exploited and abused. Guerrillas harassed the enemy from the rear and caused heavy casualties but with less casualties from their ranks.


In Australia - McArthur sorely needed contact from Filipino resistance whom he hoped to again utilize. Guerrillas finally established radio contact with McArthur. In return for valuable intelligence reports from guerrillas, he dispatched U.S. submarines from Southwest Pacific to the Philippines thru planetary missions with arms and supplies.


Without the guerrillas - that provided the valuable and precise intelligence about enemy strength, movements, etc., early liberation of the Philippines could not have been possible. And also the mass support of the Filipino people. And the termination of the Pacific War could have been very costly to the United States in terms of American lives and dollars.


This - should be clear to the members of the U. S. Congress and the legislative staffers - who up to now are remiss in the history and realities of World War II in the Pacific and the Philippines. Their ignorance of the sacrifices and sufferings endured by Filipinos in World War II have added to the present pains of Fil-Am veterans made to bear up to American dereliction and supineness.


MacArthur was exceedingly impressed with the operation of the guerrillas in every island in the Philippines and offered recognition and just compensation to the guerrillas as a fitting and just reward for their loyalty and wartime service for the United States whose war Filipinos fought for undeviatingly, sacrificing their lives and property for America.


It was for this reason that a few days the lading of the allies in Leyte in October 20, 1944 – Gen .McArthur caused the preparation of the drafts of two Executive Orders numbers. 1 and 2. The first was intended to recognize the military [irregular and unconventional warfare] of the guerrillas as a component of the Philippine Army or the purpose of induction into the USAFFE. And the second was intended to increase the pay of the enlisted men to the same level of pay of the U.S. Army servicemen.


On October 28, 1944 - Philippine Pres, Sergio Osmena, who arrived with McArthur in Leyte, approved both Executive Orders. Subsequently MacArthur promulgated Circulars numbers 10 in his headquarters thereby publishing contents of EO 21 and 22 for information of all concerned. Why am I relating these historical events? It is mainly and appropiately for the education of U.S. legislators who are strangers to the truth and history of World War II, and how the Filipinos saved America in her darkest hour from 1941 to 1945 during the war. I am relating this so that the conscience of the American Congress will be on the qui vive and wake up from the apathy and stupor of insensibility.


It must be borne in mind by U.S. legislators that the Fil-Am U.S.Army ex-servicemen does not ask or beg Uncle Sam for charity. All they demand collect is for honorable military wartime service actually rendered I behalf of the American people and the flag. All they ask is fair a equitable compensation - no more no less - for their World War II service.


They did not and do not demand for hand out. But for their gallant and heroic acts performed in the blood-soaked battlefields of the Philippines in WW-II. It is this generation that shed blood for America, where most of them died for freedom, justice and human rights - only to be betrayed by the U.S. They did not come here to be marginalized and degraded as a "second class" veterans.


They demand for equity as Americans. They demand payment of their benefits which have been paid to their Caucasian comrades in WW-II who up to now enjoy the GI Bill of Rights. They do not relish being thrown into the filthy ghettos of this country - homeless and dishonored as a " public charge" with a demeaning measly SSI which is not a veteran’s benefit.


As former Senate Committee Secretary of the Veterans and Military Pensions Committee of the Philippine Senate for a decade and as former vice president of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, and as previously secretary and research staff of Sen. D. Inouye in the "U.S, Senate fact-finding inquiry on the unsettle Fil-Am veterans claims," – I can speak with some authority about the historical events and developments of how the Fil-Am veterans had been cut off and dastardly excluded by the AFWESPAC [U.S. Army in the Pacific] during the liberation.


In November 26, 1946 - the Guerrilla Affairs Division of AFWESPAC received 1,142 application of guerrilla units with a total strength of 1,069,664 individuals. Before the turnover of command from the U.S. Army to the Philippine Army I saw how we, guerrillas were recovered under the Missing Persons Act and were processed by teams al over the archipelago. The Recovered Personnel Division [RPD] had complete record of guerrillas processed and recognized.


However, such records were devastated by a typhoon in Manila and those records were forlorn and wasted under the weather by AFWESPAC that was then already folding tent ready to go home. The Philippine Ryukyus Command [PhilRyCom] and did not care about the recovery of said records. This contributed to the present confusion and hardship of guerrillas and ex-USAFFEs in establishing wartime military status and records for claiming their benefits. Records that were salvaged were also left in filthy storage that was patiently retrieved by the Veterans Federation of the Philippines.


It was also during that period when an unlawful and illicit but thriving illegal racket, the then dubbed " Escolta Guerrilla recruitment racket" flourished in Manila and later in the outlaying provinces. There was collusion between AFWESPAC personnel and fake guerrillas. They padded and/or altered the original roster of guerrillas and units in exchange for money.


Thousands of genuine guerrillas were deleted and/or omitted and the roster was changed eliminating true guerrillas awaiting recognition. It was reported later that some AFWESPA personnel were the object of court martials. CORRUPTED NUMBERS Of the total 1,069,664 - applications for recognition - there were at least 221 units and 137 individuals totaling 246,981 guerrillas who were granted recognition. In contrast, there were 328 guerrilla units with a total strength of 417,887 under investigation and/or further awaiting investigation when the guerrilla recognition program was suddenly terminated by AFWESPAC .


It was In 1948 when the AFWESPAC decided to stop this operation , thereby arbitrarily to cut down expenses being incurred of which guerrilla status would cost to the U.S. government as a result of entitlement of Filipino guerrillas to arrears-in-pay and in payment of legitimate benefits by the U.S.V.A.


The consequence of such policy , the AFWESPAC Guerrilla Affairs Division subsequently revoked recognition of thousands of genuine guerrillas under simple and expedient action by merely dropping of their names from the Revised Reconstructed Roster of Guerrillas of 1948 [RRGR] Veterans unjustly received written revocation of their former recognition without justification. Under such unwarranted unfair action, there were thousands of guerrillas whose arrears-in-pay which have been previously approved, and their corresponding check payments already prepared for delivery and distribution and payment were adversely nullified, un-dully withheld and cancelled


The worse harm and damage inflicted was upon the widows and orphans of deceased veterans. as well as beneficiaries whose names were unfairly deleted and/or eliminated from the casualty roster of already recognized guerrillas and units, as they barred them from receiving payments of insurance benefits or pensions entitled to them. As a result of such rabid turbulence and great number of service-connected pensions and other earned benefits such as hospitalization at the V.A. hospital in cases of sickness, and a free American flag to drape the casket of the dead veteran was harshly cut.


No appropriate words can describe such truculent and foolhardy drudge against the aging and sickly war veteran of America. It was materially significant, since the USVA officials in consideration of the claims for Filipino veterans and/or their compulsory heirs depend exclusively and primarily upon certification of military service from the U.S. Army Personnel Center in St. Louis, Missouri. No other certification of military service and veteran’s status is valid except those that comes from the sole source for the purpose of adjudicating claims for benefits under applicable law of the U.S.


It was only lately, when the U.S. Court of Appeals [9th Circuit] where I later worked - that military record and veteran’s status certified by the Philippine government is now acceptable to U.S. authorities and agencies for veteran’s benefits such as U.S. citizenship, under a court decision. It must be noted that the Immigration Reform Act of 1990 that accommodated Fil-Am veterans have already expired. Veterans still wanting to be U.S. citizens will have to wait for another law or an amendment to the above law so they can file applications. This the harsh realities of being a war veteran of World War II who fought for the American flag and American interests in the Philippines - and who have been betrayed and racially traduced and virulently cursed.

This is the other face of America now carelessly being unfolded by itself in the eyes of the world Uncle Sam now is dubbed as Uncle Cheat. ###




September 24, 2005
(BALITANG BETERANO) By Col (RetUS) Frank B. Quesada (Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions Associate, PMA ’44 ) - It interesting to note that among ourselves in the PMA Alumni Association we have brother Muslims who occasionally teach us what is Islam, and the Hadith, which is the "news of their God’s Messenger."

We begin to identify them when we pray for fellow cavaliers and their families and relatives, greeting them during their birthdays, and their love ones, in their demise. Our cyber prayer group here in the United States is led by Christian Cav. Butch M. Moreto (PMA’ 54). Two other Muslim cavaliers in the Bay Area are Cav. Pol Aliac ’67 and Cav. Robert H. Bruce ’65. The last one whom we recently prayed for was Muslim comrade, AFP’s PN Rear Admiral, Romulo Espaldon, who expired as ambassador in the Middle East. There are many others whom I failed to enumerate. In the course of our prayers, exchanges of historical importance on both, I apologize for the omission.

Politics and religion should not divide us. We, Christians are exposed to the teachings of the Qur’an and Islam history and vice versa with utmost tolerance.

My Personal Exposure

As for myself, I was exposed to Islam way back before World War II, when the Commonwealth of the Philippines was organizing the Armed Forces of the Philippines. My late father, Captain R.N. Quesada, (USAFFE casualty) was tasked to organize the Reserve Officers Service School (ROSS) and the Reseve Officers Training School (ROTS), was temporarily based in Mindanao, more particularly in Jolo, and then in Basilan for many months. I acquired friends there who were Muslims, as well as Christians that thrived peacefully at that time. I was exposed to the Muslim faith, and to local Imams whom I became a close friends, who gave me lesson about the Qur’an and the problems between Muslims and the government as early as before World War II. Albeit, I was not converted to the Islam. Nevertheless, it was interesting to have known Islam faith and the teachings found in Hadith - so rich in history.

References to Christ

In reading the Qur’an, there are many references about our Christian God, and Virgin Mary and even to Moses. As a matter of fact, the Qur’an is in Islam what Christ is in Christianity. Muhammad stands in relation to it as the Twelve Apostles in the Logos, according to Islamist Professor Wilfred C. Smith. The Qur’an, then, is their Word of God (for Muslims). The divine communication is seen as the final stage in its long divine communications that was conducted through the prophets. It began with Adam, the first Man. It was said also was the first prophet, because he was the first to whom God revealed Himself. The Qur’an was, however, revealed in Arabic.

God Speaks to Man

It was said that the first words of the Sura (chapter) of the Clot as the first which were revealed to Muhammad. The opening of portion of the second longest chapter of the Qur’an is the "Sura of the Cow." It was the introduction. The story of the Garden of Eden was said similar to that contained in Genesis.

However, the doctrine of Original Sin is unacceptable to Islam. Adam's fall is not seen as a sin, but an error of judgment, and has not tainted the human race with its consequences. It was also said that from the creation man has made a contract to serve God. Abraham is said as the ancestor of Semities, as seen in the Qur’an as a prototype of a Muslim. And with his first born Ismael he built the Temple of the Ka’ba, or Mecca and instituted the rights of pilgrimage. He was claimed as both by the Jews and Christian who did not belong to either of these religions, but submitted to God, a Muslim.

The Hadith

This is the news of god’s Messenger. Next to the Qur’an itself, the most important Islamic textual material is the Hadith. It contains the saying of the Prophet and his companions. Prof. Wilfred C. Smith, in his study and analogy of Islam – the Qur’an is in Islam what Christ is in Christianity. Hadith was also said that it is the record of how Revelation occurred, and the Acts of the Apostles or Messenger to Islam and roughly what the New Testament to Christianity. No absolute canon of the Hadith was ever established because the Hadith was a separate story handed down with the backing (the isnad) which was a chain of stories written by narrators.

Muhammad, the Messenger

The oldest biography of Muhammad is the greatest collection of hadiths compiled by Muhammad ibn Ishaq of Medina who died d.AH 151/A D 768. His revelation began in the Seventh Century A.D. in the stony valley of Mecca which connected South Arabia. The ancient civilization of South Arabia later broken down to Abyssina, now Christianized from Egypt.

Muhammad’s Beginnings

Muhammad was said born A.D. 571, which was uncertain. He was orphaned early. His own clan was identifies as the Banu Hashim. He was employed by a widow of a rich merchant, Khadija whom he married, and bore him several children, at least one son, al-Qasim who died in infancy. It was a happy marriage. Muhammad in his early days, had hoped that the Jews of Medina would recognized his prophetic claims but had opposed and rebelled against Him with ridicule. However he was joined by the miunafidqins ( the hypocrites). His Islamic Crusade Muhammad led his crusade in raid to caravans of the Quraysh in A.H. 8/A.D. 630. The Ka’ba was cleansed of its idols, and rededicated it as the center of the Islam World, the Temple of Abraham and Ishmael.

The Muslim community spread out towards Europe, followers were ordered to pay zakat (taxes) to Medina. He lived as a simple patriarch at Medina. Everywhere the pagan cults were dying, Islam and His authority were unchallenged. It prevailed as a religion. One of the communities in Europe where Muslims and Christians live together in peace was in Spain.

Our Family Roots

Shortly, after World War II, I found the roots of the Quesada family tree in Jaen, Andalucia, Spain during my visit. Muslims and Christians formerly fought wars to gain and regain Andalucia many times over. Albeit, in the end, they found everlasting peace-- Jaen -- Islam’s historical place for pilgrims and tourists. Muhammad’s one arm well- preserved is displayed in a church in Jaen. It is a sacred relic.

Creator of Quesadilla

Our Quesada ancestor in Andalucia, were the ones who created the world-renown Quesadilla, a little cheese pie, which could now be found and purchased in any popular latino-stores. Our grand parents were modest Spanish families, that emanated as the keeper of the Castle Arenas in Jaen, respected by Muslims.

Soldier’s Coat of Arms

We have a family Coat of Arms (Blazon de Armas) and the crest was "a ducal de coronet". Our ancestors were soldiers, businessmen, explorers, and administrators who existed peacefully with Muslims of Andalucia.

Expedition Commanders

Some of them moved to Canary Islands, as Spanish explorers, who commanded an expedition and penetrated into New Grenada, then founded the City of Bogota in 1538. Much later moved to South America and the U.S. Before WW-II, one of them made a name in the U.S. Air Force, Lt. General Elwood "Pete" Quesada in World War II and thereafter. He brought honor to the family as an aviator exemplary in the military.

Muhammad’s Demise

Coming back to Muhammad, he passed away in 632, and was a great loss and crisis to the Islam community. He never made any provisions for any successor. Muslims say, "Prophets has no heirs". His son Ibrahim by his Egyptian concubine, Mary the Copt, had died in infancy. His closet relative was his cousin and son-in-law, Ali, the husband of Khajdjia’s daughter Fatima was father of Muhammad’s grand children, Hasan and Husayin.

There were many claims, hence were under a cloud. Under such crisis, the Muslim community has to have a ruler, as a successor to the Prophet (Khalifa Caliph).It took a bitter campaign to re-establish order in Medina. Abu Bakr and Umar succeeded Him as Prophet. Persia and fertile Crescent as well as Egypt were conquered for Islam.

The legacy left by Muhammad for traditional Muslims, everything he did, was part of sunna, worthy of more in-depth study of Islam.

In this treatise, it is recommended that readings from the book "Islam" edited by John Alden Williams; studies of Prof. Cantwell Smith; "Allah" by Louis Gardet and `Don Miguel Palacios’s "La Escatologia Musulmania", where I culled much of what was presented here.

Cavaliers of PMA retired and residing in the U.S.A., never stopped learning from each other. Perhaps their thirst for literature is for knowledge and power with facts in hand. It anticipates life, albeit does not copy, but molds to what is true. A discipline established in the Academy. # # #




MANILA, October 20, 2005
(STAR) BALITANG BETERANO By Col.(Ret.US) Frank B.Quesada (Former Senate Committee Secretary Associate. PMA ‘44) - War-veterans and military retirees who shed blood and died for democracy ask how the government has performed to give conscience to freedom, and liberty which veterans have fought for to make democracy safe. Reality of governance by public servants is under the microscope especially these days of crises and turmoil.

Myth of Democracy

Thus, "The mystery of democracy underscores how foolish it is to believe that government is directed by popular opinion." said F..Lundberg. Elected officials, has been said, have been circumventing the will of the (masters) sovereign citizens. It therefore, raises the big question of whether genuine democracy in the Philippines or even in the U.S. provide what government is expected to do as the public servant.

Evil Stalks Government

What has happened was – government have become the cash cow (baka lechera) for politicians who could not make a decent living for themselves. Or have found a haven for greed and evil mischief.

Authentic Democracy

Authentic democracy, however, does not provide that every man shall be at the same level with very other, albeit, everyone shall have equal liberty before man and God, observed by H. Beecher. Events both obtaining in the Philippines and the U.S. today – exposes what is the myth of democracy, against reality in its fantasy.

Power of Run-away Elitism

Powerful elites have taken over government and have found a haven for their common convenience. The word democracy has also become a by-word by iron-clad dictatorships. It is a fact that and no a mystery that if the citizens are really in participation and has been running government, against whom are they complaining that they are without power.

Under Goons, Gold and Guns

In the Philippines, during the wicked Marcos conjugal dictatorship, citizens have awakened how to demand with assurance "people power" and demand vindication of citizen’s rights. It brought about reality over the fantasy of the loosely practiced democracy. Before, people power took over, it was said existed as a fantasy. After elections, the winning party have installed themselves as the masters, and have reduced the sovereign masses into serfs. Such situation exists owing to the lack of literacy and inadequate education of the people. - illiteracy plus indolence on the part of the people is a perfect formula for political exploitation of the masses. Political Patronage System election as a political exercise has been corrupted by political patronage system – that buys votes over party platforms.

For there are only two sets of politicians in a frail democracy namely: (a) the callous politician that buys votes and only thinks of the next lection, while (b) the patriotic statesman who thinks of the next generation. Learning from Hitler One experienced dictator have said, " If you wish to get the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid lies." Adolph Hitler. However, in The Philippines and in the U.S. - political partisans have taken turns in raiding the treasury under the myth of democracy all under government lawlessness and abuse

Both Governments

Governments are now in big economic trouble. Big government spending. graft and corruption, have spawned huge deficits which the State can no longer afford a balanced budget.

Root of All Evil

Political parties either miserably exist or die swallowing their own lies. Public service is public trust, but not to the reckless inconsiderate politician. Money is the brother of any politician that buys votes .It is honey, and rich politician’s jokes is always funny. Albeit, the root of all evil.

Of the Same Religion

But politicians who steal money from. the treasury steals trash. Because when it comes to money, all politicians in each party is of the same religion. It is the economics of politics that is the engine of democracy. The simplistic approach to politico-economic stability is to freeze government spending without touching taxes or venues eventually vanishes deficit quickly as possible.

Wise Expenditures

The freeze means simply the government can not budget to spend anymore money in the next year than it has spent this year. How government legislators and policy-makers divide the spending pie is not as important as making sure that the pie remains the same size., albeit, proportionate to the surging inevitable population growth and their needs. Nobody has paid attention to the doubling population growth that sneaks in the dark, therefore, the economy runs roughshod over all administrations.

Church’s Interference

The Church’s opposition to government population control is number one obstruction. It has been one cause of government’s failure. There would always be priorities for the different beneficiaries of government, however, it is preferable to go on limited spending spree and prevent the drive of the nation into its deepest debts.

Common Sense Spending

Nothing can beat the common economic sense of the housewife that budgets the family needs. Therefore, by limiting the amount of money government drains off from the productive sector of the economy, will eventually eliminate the deficit incurred, and stimulate the economic growth. In a nutshell, it is nothing but debt reduction. In-so-doing, it would ease up on taxation of the citizens already groaning from heavy burden. And citizen’s apathy.

Consequence of Indifference

However, in the case of the Philippines, it has already passed the threshold of a cap of budget limitations. It is almost in extremes. There is no surplus to speak of. At this stage, the government needs to borrow to cover up the past excessive government spending and taxation. And uncover the wastes and abuse. Gone are the days when government could act as a benevolent grand daddy and give extra money to the children. (people).

Political Economic Lunacy

Government now must muster all the forces of citizen’s common sense to solve the problem of fiscal lunacy of the past. Both government and the people must make sure that the center in a democracy must hold. Urgent reforms need more sacrifices for everyone, and politics must now be reduced to its lowest common denomination.. Government must show its utmost accountability thru transparency.

Road to Hades

Political stupidity can no longer exist in a struggling economy almost going to the dogs, so to speak. We have to realize that "myth misconception" that democracy exists in a vacumn, and that " bad laws area derived from evil habits," (Macrobius). "Albeit Democracy in the U.S. has been a fringe affair were it not been for the presence of the U.S. Constitution." said F. Lundberg. #


By Col (Ret. US) Frank B. Quesada
Former Senate Committee Secretary
Veterans and Military Pensions
Associate, PMA ‘44


Latest reports have it over the internet and newspapers saying that Republicans are fast losing nationwide support from war veterans all over the U.S. and even abroad.

Nationwide Campaign
Blogs are filled with rage and anger letters to nationwide editors, and the cyber space as well denouncing Republicans.

Retired military veterans have, in huge numbers ( millions) are calling for all comrades in all ranks to answer the failed promises of Congress by voting against all Republican incumbents in the coming general election.

Speak through the Ballot
They have now resorted to use the ballot to once an for all send the message to Congress and the nation that greedy politicians no longer deserved votes from veterans and military retirees who shed blood to make democracy safe.

Fil-Am Vet’s Ire
The same alarm bells are ringing in the ranks for Fil-Am WW-II veterans sector through this author (who is a retiree himself) affiliated with the US military retirees and veterans who were denied their pensions and disability benefits, while legislators have been increasing their salaries.
Crux of the Wrath
The crux of the current complaints centers on the veterans health care, and inadequate USVA services, and part of their denied retirement pensions and disability benefits. Thousands of World War II, Korean War military retirees and the Fil-Am WW-II veterans since 1942 were denied their wartime compensations and benefits.

Lies and Fraud
Lies (empty promises) were told these veterans that they would receive rightful medical service. For their re-election, Congress kept changing the rules while they increase their salaries and hoard the pork, at the expense of the veterans. The veterans and retirees had enough, so they declared this coming election as payback time. Year after year, veterans pleaded to Congress to keep their promise but fell to deaf ears and barefaced indifference. It had been a dirty game of promises before elections but is forgotten thereafter.

Forefront Leadership
Finally, attorney and Medal of Honor recipient Colonel "Bud" Day filed a class action suit on behalf of the US military retirees. The legal battle went back and forth and to the US Supreme Court.

Struggle for Justice
Once again, veterans and retirees lost. The government conceded that promises had been made but stated that there was no legislation to provide authority to that promise. The government again said it would need to resolve this nagging issue... Nothing came out of it as usual. It had developed into a filthy game of attrition while veterans die naked and bare of their rightful benefits.

Filthy Double-cross
Currently, the "Keep Our Promise" bill (HR-602) in Congress in what P.J. O’Rourke, a past former White House correspondent described the legislature as the "parliament of whores," that double-cross constituents.

The Subterfuge
More than half of the House members indicate that they support restoration of earned medical care. A total of 158 Democrats and 68 Republicans have sponsored the legislation but still did not have a law passed. Retirees accused Congress of fraud, and government lawlessness.

Shifting Support
Today, veterans and retirees feel that Democrats fully support HR-602 and that Republicans don’t really want to pass it into law.

GOP’s Quest for Control
Retirees and veterans even saw how Republicans have unfairly punished its own member, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) as the then incumbent House Veterans Committee for favoring veterans and retirees legislations. They junked Smith for Rep. Buyer whose canine loyalty to the party have ignored veterans’ legislations which would entail dollars taken away from the Republican’s kitty for Iraq War.

Rude Awakening by Veterans
Retirees and veterans are not that stupid to ignore the Republican’s who have outwardly sponsored HR-302 but was just putting up a smokescreen trying to cover up their backsides. Who do they think they are kidding?

Ugly Pattern Perpetuated
The same filthy trick had been played against the Fil-Am WW-II veterans whom they have held hostage for 63 years without paying the remaining portion of the $3.2 billion dollars owed to these indentured Filipino-American WW-II veterans.

21st Newfound Serfs
Originally 200,000 conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt sent to fight America’s war in 1941, and they now are only less than 21,000 dying of old age, disease and lack of medical care 8,000 miles across the Pacific as part of the double-cross. These Fil-Am veterans had been defrauded like the US military retirees and veterans.

Throwing the Rascals Out
If the Republicans think that it is only the retirees and veterans that are angry and in a rage against them, they had better wake up now. It had been said that the GOP as a party has been dying swallowing up their own lies and cruelty to veterans.

Perpetuated Crimes
There has been no les than 300,000 military service personnel subjected to life threatening effects of radiation poisoning during test in the years 1940 and they were within the proximity of the atomic blast in the 1950s. Since, thousands have died and thousands more have fallen seriously ill, and died sans relief. Then, 7,000 American servicemen were treated as "guinea pigs" in chemical and drug substance tests at Edgewood Arsenal. Today, almost 75% of those participants are either seriously ill and or dead. How can a diabolical act be perpetuated by government? The Defense Department refuses to release the names of those victims.

Reckless Burden
Letter of inquiries have been mailed to Sec. Rumsfeld but have not been answered. And letters to Congress have not gained any or little attention. Veterans have reached the limits of their patience thus such government misbehavior have become anti-Republican.

Fil-Am Vet’s Wrath
As for the Fil-Am WW-II veterans, they have joined the retirees in their campaign for justice and fairness. They are for throwing out the rascal in Congress mostly Republicans who do not deserve their votes, and their compulsory heirs as well.

Go out and Campaign for Justice and Fairness
This nation needs a tough reform. Come out and get your relatives and friends to vote against all bad Republicans who betrayed the war veterans. But also watch Democrats who are just fence-sitting. We have had enough deceit and doubletalk.



By Col.-US) Frank B. Quesada
Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions Associate, PMA ‘44


Reports have it from St. Petersburg, Florida and in the Philippines saying " America and Filipinos are fed up with the Iraq phony war.
"The Iraq has taken a dangerous turn- not in Iraq but here at home." And likewise in the Philippines. U.S. military retirees and veterans has been closely monitoring these developments
Latest Poll Survey
Based from the latest
"Washington D.C. Post and ABC News poll survey, since the Iraq War As well as the US military retirees and veterans and Filipinos in the Philippines as well, "does not believe that toppling of Saddam Husseins regime has made the U.S. more secure."
"Said survey also found that nearly three quarters of the respondents say the casualty rate in Iraq is unacceptable . two thirds believe the U.S military is bogged down , and 60 percent say that the war was not worth fighting." Albeit, we, veterans were left with no choice but to support our troops already exposed to harms way. Even Congress did not have the required in-depth debate and scrutiny of the objective of such hurried war.
Slanted Intelligence
On the other hand, Bush said the post 9/11 fear of terrorism and slanted intelligence to convince the American people that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction that threatened the our security.
Citizens Deceived ?
But in both cases,
"The American people were had." According to Phillip Galley, editor of St. Petersburg Times of Florida.
Of late,
" a Downing Street secret memo (in London) written leaked out to the Sunday Times of London just before the recent British elections - created an uproar in Britain but barely registered in the U.S., mainly because the press has been more interceded in whether U.s. interrogators were desecrating the Koran in Guantanamo."
Top British Memo
"The top secret memo was written by Mathew Tycroft, a top aide to Prime Minister, Tony Blair, that summarizes a report Richard Dearlove, chief of British Secret Intelligence Service, gave Balir and inner circle on July 23, 2002, after returning from the U.S. talks with U.S officials"
Dearlove told Prime Minister Blair that Prez Bush seemed determined to topple Saddam by the military forces and the U.S intelligence was
"being fixed around that policy." according to Rycrofts notes of the meeting .This was exposed to the media accordingly.
Military Action Inevitable
Military action was seen inevitable,
" the note said, quoting Dearlove, as saying "Bush wanted to remove Saddam through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD (weapons of mass destruction) . But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."
Jack Straw, the British Foreign Minister was quoted,
"as saying the case for war was "thin" as "Saddam was not threatening his neighbors and his
WMD capability was less than Libya, North Korea or Iran.
Philippine Scene
In the Philippines, however,
the intelligentsia regarded the U.S. war against Iraq as a phony war. Filipino also have castigate Pres. G.M. Arroyo for committing the Philippines on the side of the U.S..
Real Quest - Is Oil
Filipinos saw through the dissimulation of Bush in his deep interest in Iraq
s oil reserves. No less than rather than what the tower African statesman, Nelson Mandella, stated that "Bushs arrogant behavior of the U.S. was mainly motivated by Iraqs oil reserves estimated at 112 billion barrels of crude oil., the second largest in the world after Saudi Arabia, Prez G.M. Arroyos Mistake
Pres. G.M. Arroyo was castigated by the Filipino intelligentsia for involving the nation in a war of the U.S. against Iraq. And for sending Filipino troops to Iraq which not an enemy of the Philippines.
My peers in the Senate had informed me, however, that it was by and through Executive fiat that Pres. Arroyo involved he Philippines, on the side of the U.S.
Arroyo stood guilty in violating the Philippine Constitution. albeit, was said a push-over for and by Bush. Arroyo in fact, had no power to commit the Philippines in an anticipation of a pre-emptive strike by Bush against Iraq, a friendly country of the Philippines. Provisions of the Constitution
Philippine Constitution clearly states and laid down the basic principles found in Article II, Section 2, namely:
"The Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy, adopts the generally adopted principle of international law as part of the law of the land, and adheres to the policy of peace , equality and freedom, cooperation and amity of with all nations."
"Such provision is distinctively Filipino. " said former Senate President Jovito Salonga.
And in the rule of law, in Article VI, Section 23, only Congress has the sole power to declare existence of the State of war by a vote of two-thirds of
Congress in a joint session assembled, voting separately.
Pres. Arroyo can not usurp such power without violating the Constitution she was sworn to uphold.
Bush-Arroyo Affair
As a consequence, Pres. Arroyo placed the Philippines as the only country in Asia which slavishly embraced and hugged G.W. Bush under another empty promise to settle the 63 years retarded withholding of their wartime (World War-2 veterans unpaid benefits), and the alluring cash register diplomacy, ultimately resulted to a fiasco, when Arroyo chose to save a Filipino worker in Iraq from beheading.
Double-crossed Again
Veterans got nothing, and Arroyo was placed under Coventry. The coalition of the U.S eventually fell apart owing to their deadly and impractical demand from coalition members to sacrifice .their nationals through execution by Arab dissidents. Ex_Pres. J. Carter
s Critique
The first stinging criticism expressed by former American president was applauded worldwide. Former Pres. Jimmy Carter, soft-spoken, who was an awardee of the Nobel prize in November 2002, had this to say:
" There is in a sense that the U.S. has become too arrogant, too dominant, too self-centered, proud of our wealth, believing that we deserve to be the richest and most powerful and influential nation in the world.
" The U.S has given other nations a reason for resentment . The U.S would do well to destroy its own weapons of mass destruction (WMD) before we confront Iraq. The major powers need to set an example."
Perversion of the Truth
Truth to tell, there was no WMD in Iraq found by the UN inspectors. There was deliberate perversion of the truth.. and the Iraq war was grossly flawed.
"Of Pres. G.W. Bush claims that the Iraq war is not yet over, Filipinos say that they can not just follow blindly the conduct of war against Iraq, not to leave out the summersaults and false representation without violating the Philippine Constitution" said former Senate President J. Salonga .U.S Economy Backsliding
Eventually the US may win the war, but at what cost?. Such US business of destroying a country, and then rebuilding it to gain US dollars and jobs for its ailing economy, is flawed and evil laden. New World Order
To kill people, destroy a nation, confiscate their wealth, exploit their labor, then loan them worthless dollars thereafter under usurious interests is indeed high crime propelled by ravenous greed.
The devil cites the scripture for his evil purposes. He is an artist that paints crime and sin in psychedelic colors.
"Honi sott qui mal y pense) meaning - shame to him who thinks and do evil. God has no air-conditioned room for him in hell !


From: Francisco Quesada <>

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Subject: Col Frank B Quesada's article


By Col. (Ret. US) Frank B. Quesada Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions Associate, PMA '44


Reports have it that Congress reconvened, and one of the first items on the agenda is for both Houses to resolve differences over spending restraint measures. Partisan's Hype The Dallas Morning News report that "conservative House Republicans and their moderate Senate counterparts" have different views on efforts to reduce the massive increase is slated for federal poverty programs. Another Vaudeville? "Minority Democrats" no doubt, portray any modest cut in the rate of spending stated for stamps, Medicare and other programs as an example of evil Republicans hoping to leave seniors and poor children starving in the streets." GOP Acrobats "We will find out how serious the GOP is about deficit reduction - it's obvious that Democrats have other plan except the economically destructive policy of taxes and more taxes - by how they react to the criticism sure to come from across the aisle and from the East Coast left-wing media outlets. Budget Review "But perhaps the Republicans can mute the mewling by also agreeing to re-examine the pork-laden Homeland Security budget." State Awareness In Nevada, recently - the Review Journal featured a Las Vegas Democrat, Assemblyman Chris Guinchigliani, who raised concerns that grants directed to Nevada to fight terrorism were being used for a number of expenditures that have nothing to do with preventing another 9/11. Evidences of Abuse For instance, the city of Las Vegas spent $300 for Federal Homeland Security grants to purchase snake-handling tongs. Other Federal anti-terrorism funds were used to pay for polo shirts, a wastebasket, a cooking grill and laptop computers. Both Parties Guilty "This is not to single out the City of Las Vegas. The same surely happens all across the country, as law enforcement agencies take advantage of millions in cash available from Washington D.C. but if Republicans are intent on both reducing the deficit and fighting terrorism, they will not only hold firm ensuring taxpayers get results from the billions of dollars they spend each year on the poor, they will also cut the pork from anti-terror spending explosion that has characterized Washington's post 9/11 mindset." Game of Hide and Seek It has always been a question of - if nobody-is-looking, the culprits up in the Hill and even down the road in the outlaying States would put their fingers in the cookie jar and use it for the abused pork. Urgent Priorities Ignored Example are the cases of the denied and unpaid pensions and disability benefits of U.S military retirees and veterans, not to leave out the case of the 63 years of maltreatment of the loyal 200,000 Filipino-American US servicemen who were conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight America's war against Japan, their benefits held in hostage, and not paid their compensation and benefits for the last 60 years. 180,000 already died from the notorious "Yankee shell game," of legislative truculence and arrogance ofmpower. Blood Sucker's Game They were made to shed blood and die for the U.S. flag and then trashed like garbage - up unit now left to die without being paid. Such cruel hoax fly on every face of each Republican and Democrat who found haven in their seats in Congress - raising their salaries while veteran die with serpents in their bosoms. And their widows and orphans live in penury and want. Solons Must Get Real Is the current session in Congress as pretense to show the tax-payers that they have genuine concern for those whom they owed huge obligations? War veterans put their lives on harm's way to make democracy safe - but for only for whom? Enemy is Within Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of abused spending by way of pork hoarding and spending. This country is in big trouble for its debt servicing - and both parties are contributing to the nation's insecurity through abused pork and other spending. We finally found our enemy - and they are here at home, in what P.J. O'Rourke described as " the parliament of whores.." .Bribes from lobbyhits are the new religion of both parties as status symbol up in the Hill. 1-Million "angry" Vet's March so - they should brace for a big storm coming. Retirees and Veterans are having another "1-Million "angry" Veteran's March in WashingtonD.C. to demonstrate their anger and disgust over both Republicans and Democrat's hypocrisy about pork spending. And why their pensions and disability benefits are "defrauded." Retirees and veterans will speak in terms of the ballots in elections calculated to throw the rascals out. Such demonstration should send a strong message to both parties that citizen-taxpayer as war veterans no longer will support respective political parties unless they show genuine restraints through action. And stop the congressional cancer that eats the steel of Democracy which retirees and veterans died for in wars and conflicts manipulated by politicians. We, Americans are concerned about terrorism within, but it is up there in the Hill where there is "capitalized and subsidized" anarchy and bolshevism through pork spending abuse. We Americans can love this country more by exposing such ills. And instituting real changes, to give back the government to the citizen taxpayers who are the masters, and make politicians serve as the public servants.. That is what Demoracy is all about ! # #



(BALITANG BETERANO) Culled by Col. Ret. Frank B. Quesada (Associate, PMA Class’44, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions). NOTE: The copy of the dramatic and historical Class ’44 souvenir book could be found in the PMA Alumni Association’s Office in Camp Gen. E. Aguinaldo, Quezon City – for anybody’s reference and pleasure. (FBQ).


It was said that brotherhood is not just a word in the Bible. Out of comradeship emanate kinship from comradeship, albeit, more stronger in any fraternity - especially from cadetship in the Academy - on to the foxholes and trenches in war. And during the munificence of peace.

Young and Resolved

Young and adventurous plebes that entered the hallowed gate of Teacher’s Camp in 1941, went marching along, as amateur teens growing into gentlemen officers – singing a song, blazing the trail of perfection as they were forged in the furnace of the Academy and wrought into gold like Class ’44.

Each class graduating from the Philippine Military Academy (the West Point of the Philippines) has its own classic style and memoires.

Class ’44 Unique History

The history of this particular Class stands out from the rest of the graduated classes - by virtue of circumstances beyond their control. This was a classic biography - so unique that has no parallel or distinction. Thus, its record brings pride to them, and alumni of the Academy as well.

War as a Spectacle

This is the Class that was overtaken by World War-II while still studying in the Academy and was denied their much-coveted formal trimmings of graduation exercises. Literally, the class that graduated in battlefield in World War II. It was the Class that had no sabers to bruit about and with no printed souvenir memoire-book. Albeit, took them until their 50th anniversary to produce their Class souvenir book. After surviving World War II and before retiring from the service - they finally produced an authentic Class autobiography that documented every facet from cadet life and wartime struggle until retirement. (See" Class ’44 Souvenir book for interesting experiences.)

Celebrated 60th Anniversary

They have celebrated their 60th anniversary not too recently with about half of the Class still lucid and able. Anywhere they are residing all over the globe with their siblings, they never forgot to get in touch with each one. Nothing really could separate them after what they have gone through all those doled years.

Spectacular Phenomenon

Unquestionably, this war they survive (World War II) was the most spectacular of social phenomenon. It was described as the birth of history of battles fought by strong-hearted men that struggled which was marked as the turning point of history of soldiering. Thus, Class ’44 had played a great part in our social transformation. More distinctly, in a war not of our own (the Filipinos) but of the United States against Japan.

The Filipino soldier was legally involved by the U.S. in its adventure in Asia, only to discover for themselves that they were wretched pawns and "second class" U.S. veterans deprived of their dignity and honor. Contritely, was paid only half of their white comrade’s pay and benefits in the U.S. wartime service. And is still unpaid of the remaining compensation for the last 63 years of latches and supineness. Many have died bared and naked of their rightful benefits.

History Must Be Told

But during their golden jubilee year, their classmates nurtured by their desire to chronicle what happened to Class’44 from the time they de-trucked in Polo Field, in Baguio - upon command of upperclassmen on the slopes fronting the sign that read Camp Banholtz.

It was a Class with its own domain and character. They abruptly saw the face of enemy in December of 1941 that abbreviated lessons in the art of warfare at the Academy and cadets were thrown into a drastic form of hostile accelerated change. Albeit, a prodigy that had a tale-tell beginning and a noteworthy end.

Plebe Year of Modification

Seventy three excited and apprehensive teenaged cadets of Class 1944 were brought to summer camp in Baguio in April 1, 1940 for processing and admission. It was the start of their brand new life of a "ducrot" unexpectedly being shouted at and with ferocious and tigerish looks of upperclassmen - that sent a message to them that they are "dumb Johns" in the care of the upperclassmen.

April Fool’s Day Beginning

It was by no coincidence that April Fool’s Day was the first day of a plebe year in the Academy of grinding routine. A day for all of them to remember that they would be molded into perfection as future gentlemen officers of the armed forces. They hailed from different family backgrounds of teachers, lawyers, professionals. engineers, farmers, fishermen and were the cream of society who passed the stiff requirement of the Academy. All of them had their own interesting stories how they hurdled challenges to become a plebe.

Different Breed

Of the 73 teeners who reported to the Academy, there were already three budding Third Lieutenants in the reserve force (graduates of the School of Reserve Commission of the Philippine Army) who wanted to begin as plebes. One of them as a graduate engineer and another who lacked a few units in international law to be a law graduate. All- them however, wanted to start as a plebe and to graduate in the prestigious military academy. One was a barrio teacher and two were ( cadet Vicente Lim Jr, and cadet Fidel Segundo Jr) sons of noted General officers of the Philippine Army. They all shared the common aspiration to graduate from the Academy, nevertheless, had no special treatment or privilege as plebes.

Punitory Plebes

As plebes they had to undergo the punitive treatment from upperclassmen as part of their molding routine to rid them of all bad habits and make them acquire new inurement and seasoning. They were constructively "hazed" by upperclassmen as part of the tough procedure that would last for at least a year before they were finally (recognized by the upperclassmen ) acknowledged and accepted as a regular cadet. "They went over the punishment to be accustomed to always be shouted at, bawled, ordered to do the most impossible things, and hardly given seconds to catch a breath, subjected totally to an entirely different unexpected treatment." A plebe is always hungry and with lack of sleep. However, survived the onslaught.

Be Always Snappy

In a brand new life, always moving on the double, however, they have learned to adjust to the demanding routine which starts in April and May, that introduced them to the legendary "beast barracks" to transform then into a semblance of a cadet.

Entry to Cadet Corps

Eventually, they earned their way into the qualifying Cadet Corps and are sent to field maneuvers in summer to Poro Point in the placid ocean beach of La Union facing China Sea. At the end of summer of 1941, they are returned to Baguio’s Teacher’s Camp (the then Academy’s base camp in the past before Fort Del Pilar was established). The academic year of Class ’44 could be described as the a different experience all together Cadets went through, the added pressure of assisting needy classmates with niggard high school experience for academic preparation. The needies should not fall by the wayside. And have to participate in sports, etc. as extra-curricular activity to keep fit.

Accelerated Plebes

In the process and selection, two classmates (cadet Vicente Lim Jr. and Sergio Molano) were selected to go and attend United States service academies (West Point or United State Military Academy, and Annapolis or the U.S. Naval Academy respectively)

Recognition Day

Eventually, as fourth class cadets (the plebes) were eventually recognized by the upperclassmen in a tearful and emotional ceremony in March 1941. They, therefore, have entered into a new status as a yearling (as a new upperclassmen) eagerly awaiting for then arrival of the incoming plebes of Class ’45.

Ensuing Emergency

Summer of 1941 stole its ways quickly which brought new and fresh challenges of more academics thrown on their way. Least did they knew that surging storm clouds were blowing towards the Philippines. Only rumors of war were on the air, but were beclouded by U.S. propaganda which said, "So long as the U.S. Flag flies over the Philippines, no aggressive power could invade the country." Fatuously, every one believed that yarn until 1942, when the obdurate and triumphant Japanese Imperial Forces hurled down and trampled upon to the ground the Stars and Stripes after capitulation of the Philippines to the triumphant enemy invaders.

Courage, Integrity and Loyalty

Class ’44 members refused to accept defeat from the enemy occupation troops, thus, organized the famed Hunters-PMA-ROTC Guerrilla that inflicted heavy casualties to the enemy, to become the "most wanted" resistance movement - by the enemy Kempei Tai (dreaded military police) that captured, tortured and beheaded guerrillas.

Prisoners of War

This author was one of the POWs that was beaten, brutally tortured, and was about to be beheaded by decapitation, albeit, in a classic escape. He rejoined the Hunters to continue to fight the enemy. (See: story, "Classic Escape to Freedom.)

Independence Day Trip

Customarily, at each celebration of Independence Day, cadets were brought down to Manila for the legendary parade at the Luneta. Cadets were given liberty passes to visit their families and their "kaydets" dates. Then, are returned to Baguio for continued grueling studies. The never ending weekend inspections and bracing up of the plebes kept them occupied and with more classroom academics. Baguio climate turns a bit more chilly which was the sign of approaching winter. More academics had to be tackled before the awaited Christmas break.

Eventful Happening

December rolled around very quickly. Cadet Corps was having breakfast in December 8, 1941 - with the radio station (DZRH) playing the cadet’s favorite tune, "Sunrise Serenade"- when an emergency newscast interrupted the broadcast with a stunning announcement: Pearl Harbor - Raided Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii had been attacked and bombed by the Japanese Imperial Naval Air Force which had decimated the U.S. Pacific Naval Fleet. Everyone could not believe what they heard. They needed confirmation.

Since there was nor formal notification of further changes in the daily routine, the Cadet Corps went on as usual to line up after breakfast for their for classes in front of the Teacher’s Hall for their march their classrooms at the academic hill.

Baguio Was The Target

As the Corps were about to march off, they heard sound of airplanes. Upon looking up, saw for the first time formations of odd-looking bombers like silver streaks up in the skies. No one could identify their insignia. Albeit, appeared belligerent and intimidating.

Consequences of War

War was said to dispense with the need to seek laborious compromises or to accommodate divergent interests. It never gives government a rest and its people, disturbed. It imposes many privations. And so with the soldiers – while politicians becomes sublime and leaders as a hallowed pontiff.

War Finally Arrived

Surprisingly, enemy (zeros) airplanes were soaring towards Baguio City. Soon enough, loud explosions were heard coming from the direction of nearby Camp John Hay and Loakan Airport. As said bombers dropped their deadly loads – classes were immediately suspended. The Corps was assembled at the Lecture Hall. The then, Academy Superintendent, Col. Fidel Segundo Sr. announced as follows: "Gentlemen, this is it ! This is what we have been waiting for. Japan has declared war against the United States."

Mixed Feelings and Frustrations

"Class ’44 and the Cadet Corps received these unbelievable words with mixed emotions and blighted hope. What then comes next?. Only God and the Headquarters know. As professional soldiers, it aptly means Class ‘44 and all others in the Corps would - at last - finally see the face of the enemy in combat. Some were eager, others were pensive. It was time for reality. The tumult starts, Captains and Kings would lead the fight, someone said.

Breach of Security

No one suspected, however, that the short and burly Japanese shop- keeper and photo studio owner in Session Road would, come out in the open after the Japanese invaders reached the city. He was a ranking enemy (Cho Tai Cho) a Captain in the Nipponese Army who knew every one in the Academy by name.

Too Late – Too Anon

It gave every member of Class ’44 the hibby-jibbies recalling that most of them had their pictures taken in that shop and perhaps kept in a private file to identify each one of the cadets when the proper time comes. And that proved to be true. In Bataan during the surrender in 1942 – that short be-spectacled photo shop keeper was in enemy uniform that identified some former cadets (as USAFFE officers) by name before the Bataan Death March.

So when ignorance and carelessness is bliss, a malady becomes degrading. No one thought "enemy’s military intelligence officer " was a crafty spy, a neighbor to the nonchalant cadets and instructors of the nearby Teachers Camp as the military Academy in the small city of Baguio.

Different Outlooks

It was said that it was sweet and fitting to offer one’s life to the country. Albeit, in modern warfare there is really nothing sweet nor fitting in one’s dying. "One will die like a dog for some reason." (E. Hemmingway).

"War alone keys up all human energies to their maximum tension, and sets a seal of nobility on those peoples who have courage to face it," said by one who led his army in defeat in World War II, El Duche, Benito Mussolini, who was hanged dead upside down by his constituent in revenge.

Evacuation of the Corps

When the Japanese Kanno Detachment landed in Dec 10th in Vigan, Ilocos Sur and in La Union - it was too close to Baguio, so the Corps of Cadets was hurriedly evacuated to Manila in order not to be cut off.

Baptism of Fire

Traveling all night, the Corps was temporarily bivouacked in Balara, Rizal, East of Manila, two kilometers from Camp Murphy, Quezon City. At noon n December 14th, while setting up camp, Japanese air raid commenced bombing Camp Murphy and Nichols Field. Japanese "Zeros" fighters flew over Balara after strafing Camp Murphy. This was the crucial hour for the Corps to prove that they could shoot down Zeros. The Class confidently betted their meager allowances with the firm belief they could shoot down the zeros. And they did. With four outmoded Browning water-cooled machine guns – and the trusty 30-calibre model 1903 Springfield rifles - the Corps put up a makeshift defense. They threw a hail of blankets of bullets on the soaring zero over Balara, like firing a buck shot on an on-coming target.

Cadets Downed a Zero

To their enlivened delight and excitement – one Zero raider emitted smoke, then dove and crashed not far from Balara, which is presently known as Loyola Heights. That was the first crowning achievement from a bunch of undergraduate cadets who saw the face of the enemy in combat. Balara encampment lacked necessary facilities, so the Corps moved to the University of Sto, Tomas grounds on Espana Street.

Battlefield Graduation for Classes 42 and 43

On December 17th PMA Classes 42 and 43 were hastily graduated, aptly commissioned as officers, and immediately transported to the desolate Bataan Peninsula as the USAFFE’s last ditch stand against the combined forces of the Japanese 14th Army of Gen. M Homma, that faced up against the USAFFE which delayed the Japanese Forces’ timetable of conquest of South Asia. Eventually saved Australia.

PMAyer’s Distinction

PMAyers in the USAFFE made a mark in combat, and proved equal to any U.S. officers in command. This tradition was carried on even during the Korean War, where a Class ’44 officers, like cavalier Jose Artiaga who bravely stood firm on his ground to battle fiercely against the overwhelming surging forces of the oncoming thousand North Koreans and Chinese volunteers to his last remaining bullet in the winter frozen front of Korea. The enemy paid a high tribute to cavalier Artiaga’s unparalleled Filipino courage and intrepidity in line of battle action.

PMA’s Revered Hero

Artiaga’s name is not etched on marble pantheons but deeply engraved in the hearts of intrepid men who knew how and when to honorably face death. This is especially true to the PMAyers, who also fought that war for the United Nations.

In Bataan and Corregidor

The enemy forces were gaining grounds against the enfeebled USAFFE. holed up in the barren and inhospitable peninsula of Bataan and in the humid tunnels of Corregidor awaiting support from the U.S. that never arrived. They stood uncomplaining and earned a grudging respect from the embattled enemy. Later were surrendered on Holy Week by American officers to the obdurate enemy on April 9, 1942. God was with them in an omen showed them through a strong earthquake followed by a torrential rain which was the last drop of potable water the USAFFEs had to quench their thirst. They would be denied water and food by the enemy in their soul-wrenching struggle for survival during the "march of death" on to the gates of Hades of Camp O’Donnell and Capas, Tarlac. (See: The Bataan Death March documentary.)

USAFFE Orphaned

The USAFFE was abandoned by Washington D.C. and shifted USAFFE’s support to the European cousins of America, leaving the "Battling Bastards of Bataan" (the USAFFE) to fend for themselves under the iron heels of the savage occupation troops that culminated to the infamous barbaric 63 miles walk of beaten, ailing, starved Fil-American defenders under the scorching tropical summer sun - in the punitive "Bataan Death March", where almost half of the USAFFE perished. PMAyers had a record of casualties and disabled survivors among them were from Classes ’40 ’41, ’42, ‘43, etc. (See: book Battle of Bataan, and the video, produced by Vicky Viray Mendoza, Col (Ret.PAF,AFP) Nestor Lim and Col. (Ret.USA) Frank B. Quesada (of the Pacific Island Production, Inc .)

Recorded POW Survivors

Disabled casualties have also recorded a list on the roster of the Hunter Guerrillas who were held as POWs, who outlived the beatings and beheading as follows: (1) Cavalier Gustavo Ingles ’45, who had a distinct record of surviving the savage torture in the bloody dungeon of Fort Santiago. (See: his book, "Memoires of Pain") And would be the Head of the RP Military Service Board, of the Defense Department. (2) Then, this author, Class ’44 associate - who also survived the barbaric torture while a POW that rendered him disabled, and his classic escape from captivity. (See: his book, "Classic Escape to Freedom.") who would later be a top ranking officer in the U.S. State Defense Forces (USARNG) and a member of the ad hoc U.S. Defense Committee during the Reagan Administration in the U.S.. (3) And lastly cavalier, Raul S. Manglapus, Class ‘44 associate, beaten to the pulp, as a POW in Muntinglupa Penitentiary who was rescued by the Hunters, and would later be Secretary of Foreign Affairs, after escaping to the U.S. during the conjugal dictatorship of Pres. Marcos.

Second Fronts

Those from Class ’43, ’44 , and ’45 had established a second fronts, to divert the enemy’s attention on their siege of Bataan and Corregidor - as resistance fighters (guerrillas). Most distinct was the Hunters (PMA-ROTC) Guerrilla originally led by Cadets: Miguel Z. Ver, ’43 by Eleuterio Adevoso,’44 and Gustavo C. Ingles, ‘ 45. and many others. This author has been with them all the way, as a guerrilla officer, since the onset of the war.( See: book, "Terry’s Hunters" and "Who is Who in the Philippine Resistance Movement") From a dozen rag-tag outfit from 1942 who learned the art of unconventional and irregular warfare through beg, borrow and even steal operations, grew to no less than 30,000 strong until 1946 that made a name for the PMA and its founders. (See: the book, "Terry's Hunters," and the movie, "Death Was a Stranger."

Liberator of American POWs

The Hunters (PMA-ROTCs) hold the distinction of rescuing 2,146 Americans and allied POWs in Los Baños, 60 miles south of Manila, inside the enemy lines, in February 1945. (See: the book: The Los Banos Raid by Lt.Gen. Flanagan, the video, "Rescue in Los Banos," and my personal treatise and Internet account of that assault-rescue of Los Banos, "Freedom At Dawn") Casualties could not be evaded in war, and cavalier Fidel Segundo Jr. was killed together with is father, Gen. Fidel Segundo Sr. in Mindoro when captured by the enemy, trying to join the guerrillas in the Southern Philippines.

Other Resistance Movements

Members of Class ’44 have organized resistance movements in their respective provinces and islands where they hailed from. All-in-all, they continued operation up to the liberation of the Philippines in 1945-46. Upon liberation of the Philippines, PMAyers in their respective resistance movements were attached to U.S. Army forces that contributed to the early cessation of war hostilities after they mopped up the enemy together with the U.S. liberation forces.

After Surrender of Japan

After surrender of Japan, all surviving members of Class ’44 were returned to military control, commissioned as officers of the armed forces by Pres. S. Osmena. In order to prepare them for assignments in the armed forces, they were first sent to various U.S. service schools, 10 of them in Fort Bening, Georgia, (infantry school) and 20 in Fort Sill, Oklahona (artillery school). A few in the Intelligense service school, and in the Airforce schools in Denver, Colorado and Texas. They came home to rebuild the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Constabulary. The rest were assigned to strategic command posts which rebuilt new Armed Forces of the Philippines. Only a handful of us were permitted to chose to remain in the U.S. armed services. Some remained with the Philippine Scouts contingent of the U.S. Army assigned overseas.

Anti- Dissident Campaign

Most of them had their second baptism of fire, this time against the Communists elements that have gained large adherence from the masses. For my part, I was with my comrades of Class ’44 in AFWESPAC (the U.S. Military Police that was the predecessor of the new Philippine Constabulary. In particular offensive operations against dissidents. we operated in Luzon, with the 24th Artillery Battalion, fully commanded by Class ‘44 officers. And in the HQS-19th of the AFWESPAC’s Military Police Command, Luzon Zone, after my stint with the U.S.

43rd Infantry Counter-Intelligence Command

Thereafter, most of the members of Class’ 44 were turned over to the new Armed Forces of the Philippines, after July 4, 1946 to pursue their military careers as the elite corps of professional officers.

Overseas Assignment

Overseas military service in contingents included the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts. Many PMAyers were in the United Nations’ expeditionary forces sent to Korea. Others were assigned as Military attachés in various countries where the Philippines has Embassies and Consulates. In sum, the history of Class ‘44 does not end in this narrative. Undoubtedly, new achievements and milestones were attained before the saga ends. (See: the Class ’44 souvenir book for more details, and in pictures).

Extended Generations

Even now, the off-springs of Class ‘44 members are carrying the honored tradition of excellence and successes in the field of military service. It was said that the seeds and foundations of which were nurtured in the hallowed halls of the Philippine Military Academy over 60 years ago – is re-lived by the siblings of PMAyers who entered the PMA. I therefore, herewith present the upright and worthy officers who upheld the PMA maxim in war and in peace:

Courage, Integrity and Loyalty – as worthy members of Class’ 44 that wrote history with blood, sweat and tears in World War-II, and subsequent Conflicts. Members (as of April 1993) Fernando A. Avendano, Galileo C Acosta, Daniel B. Adea, Eleuterio L Adevoso, Florentino B. Aguila, Domingo A. Alcasid, Jose M. Artiaga, Beinvenido V. Baquirin, Eduardo A. Bauman, Leandro C. Bermejo, Felix R. Bernal, Geronimo M. Cabal, Percival R.Caceres, Laureto E. Caluya, Godofredo M. Carreon, Lauro M. Castillo, Jimemo A. Cleofe, Teodoro J. Concepcion, Marcelino R. Corpus, Benito P. Dacanay, Patricinio T. Dacanay, Nicanor C. David, Rufino C. Dizon, Emilio A. Domingo, Rafael F. Dumlao, Marcelino P. Erfe-Mejia, Hilarion L. Estrera, Alfredo Fawcett, Waldemero E. Federis, Pablo O. Felix, Leonilo A. Flor, Juanito N. Ferrer, Mauricio S. Flores, Pablo M. Francisco, Gil.G. Genguyon, Jose B. Gutierrez, Guillermo G. Guzman, Saturnino S. Indiongco, Cristobal V. Irlanda, Cesar C. Jazmin, Pacifico V. Jose, Melanio P.Lara, Bernardo L. La Madrid, Vicente H. Lim Jr, Bartolome S. Macalinao, Pablo A. Magaro, Vicente E. Maristela, Sergio C. Molano, Guillermo S. Moreno, Godiardo G. Nonato, Pedro Anselmo Q. Paje, Juan B.Panopio, Pablo O. Paredes, Gregorio R. Perez, Jose Z. Perlas, Victor M. Punzalan, Julio C. Radam, Ramiro F. Regalado, Jose L.Reyes, Jose Rodriguez, Armando G. Romero, Antenor B. Roque, Benitez C.Roque, Severino R. Ruaro, Samson T. Sabalones, Filipito C. Sandico, Frisco F. San Juan. HermogenesV. Santiago, Fidel V. Segundo Jr, Elias G. Sevilla, Mario O. Signacion, Lorenso A. Tan, Damazo Torralba, Aurelio S. Ugalde, Vivencio A. Valdez, Erusto P.Valencia, Jesus L. Ver, Vicente A. de Vera, William R. Veto, Eufracio C. Villanueva, Mariano M. Villasanta, Class ’44 Associates Raul S. Manlapus, Francisco B. Quesada, Fr..Patrocinio H. Lim, Paciano S. Tangco Jr. # # #




Former Senate Committee Secretary

Veterans and Military Pensions

Associate, PMA ‘44




After the recent forum held by the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, CAPAC, led by Rep. M. Honda of California, with Rep. B. Filner and, with the working Filipino-American Full Equity Crusaders led by Atty. Lourdes Tancinco of the NNVE and Full Equity Movement, Col. Romeo Monteyro, of the Southern California FilAm Veterans Federation, together with Cdr. Manuel Braga – the forum culminated to the following developments:

The Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP), the preponderant W-II veterans majority are residing in the Philippines, duly chartered under Rep. Act 2640, whose representative to the U.S.A. , Col.(Ret.US) Frank B. Quesada, was represented by Col.(Ret..) R, Monteyro,.

New Developments

The forum culminated

toward a more aggressive and positive approach to the pending 60-year issue of unpaid compensation and benefits earned in battle, to a USVA reported total of $3.2 Billion dollars that accrued over the years which have caused an unpleasant irritant between the U.S. Fil-Am veterans from the Philippines and Republic of the against the United States. and

(2) the updating of HR-302 which was formerly filed by former Rep. R. Cunningham of California, who recently resigned as a congressman.

(3) the new sponsor of former HR-302, as Rep. G. Issa, also of California. He refilled HR-302 which now bears the new docketed bill number HR-4574.

Un-amended Bill

The bill HR-4574 remained without any amendment so far. Albeit, may have a few amendments in the near future.

If this bill passes into law, it will once and for all put a cloture to this unwholesome travesty of justice perpetuated by the U.S. against its own military servicemen of color.

This bill may be known and called as "The Filipino Veterans Equity Act of 2006." now active in the rolls of legislation in the 109th Congress, 1st Session.. (HR-4574).

" Its Title

Its title is "To amend Title 38, United States Code, to deem certain service in the organized military forces of the government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and the Philippine Scouts - to have been active service for purposes of benefits under program administrated by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs."

"In the House of Representatives, December 16, 2005. Mr. Issa (for himself), Mr. Filner, Mr. Hunter, Ms. Bordallo, Mr.Abercrombie, Mr. Burton of Indiana, Mr. Honda, Mr. Pombo, Mr. Scott, of Virginia, Mr. Drake and Mr. Berman introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee of Veterans Affairs."


"To Amend title 38 of the United States Code, to deem certain service in the organized military service of

the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and the Philippine Scouts to have been active service for the purpose of benefits under programs administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs."

"Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the U.S A. in Congress assembled,

" Section 1, Short Title

"This Act may be cited as the "Filipino Veterans Equity Act of 2006.

Sec. 2, Certain Service in the Organized Military Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Scouts Demed to be Active Service..

"a. In General Section 107 of title 38 of the US Code, is amended-

"in sub section (a)- A by striking "not after" Army of the United States , shall: and B by striking "except benefits under" and all other that follows in that sub-section and inserting a period .in sub-section (b)

(A ) by striking "not after" Armed Forces Voluntary Recruitment Act of 1945 shall; and

(B) by striking –" and other that follows in that sub-section and inserting a period; and

(3) by striking sub-sections ( c) and (d).

(b) Conforming Amendments (1) The heading of such section is amended to read as follows:

"Section 107. Certain service deemed to be active service: service in organized military forces of the Philippines and in the Philippine Scouts".

(2) The item related to such section in the table of sections at the beginning of Chapter 1 of such title is amended to read as follows:

"107 certain service deemed to be service: service ion organized military forces of the Philippines and in the Philippine Scouts.."

Section 3. Effective Date. (a) In General – The amendments made by this Act shall take effect on the date that is 90 days after the date of enactment of this Act.

(b) Applicability- No benefits shall accrue to any person for any period before effective date of this Act any reason of the amendment s made by this Act. # #

<End of the Bill>

Footnote: For the layman reading these amendment, they have to have a coy of the original provisions of Section 107, Title 38, of the infamous Rescission Act of 1946, enacted in Feb. 18, 1946.

It would be drab and uninteresting for them to comprehend the technical changes in the form of amendments herein.

It should also be comprehended that while the recognized guerrillas were not mentioned in this bill, they were technically members of the organized forces of the Philippine Commonwealth.##




(PHNO) By Col. Ret. US. Frank B. Quesada (Associate, PMA ‘44, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions)

One of the banes of our modern society is the overpowering control by opportunistic elites in a nation. War veterans who shed blood to fight for the flag are caught in the shuffle manipulated by elites. This always happen when society is undisciplined and have not matured. It’s too easy to intrigue citizens into promoting hate and confusion through jingoism to further the elitist’s selfish designs.

Under such situation they have become over-competitive, giving way to confusion innocently paving the way for the elites to take control as a ruling class.

War-Veterans are Losers

War veterans have been relegated to the back burner of society for so long. The point therefore is – elites take hold of the political, social and economic control as a ruling class. War veterans are exploited and trashed after shedding blood for the flag.

War-veterans see such situation in both countries i.e., the Philippines and even here in the U.S. as well as in developing nations debauched under lingering deception by war-mongers that profit from low intensity conflicts – promoting arms sale and destruction. Then followed by offers of rehabilitation and financing of the ruin and demolition. Such offers are with strings attached. Superpowers profit from war under the so-called "Pentagon economy".

And that happens because of an ill-informed public that have become confiding and trustful, or vice versa. The elite’s capability to promote confusion use devices to keep the population unapprised and unguided through the use of the corrupt media, and government propaganda. Not to leave out force.

Divide and Rule

As long as society is divided, elites will prevail as the masters, while nonchalant citizens become peons (slaves). By dividing the society – it encourages hostility among the segments of the community into many groups especially in the Philippines where there are no less than nine dialects in the three island divisions, namely: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. People are at each others throat – albeit politicians – all vying for the huge pork from the government treasury. The government is the "baka lecher"’ (milking cow)

Nation’s Coastline Unprotected

The Philippine’s coastline is greater than the U.S. is quite impossible to patrol and protect. There are no less than 7,112 islands, some of them are nameless. National security becomes an oppressive .nightmare and haunting threat in a nation sans economic stability. A Navy operates under a shoestring budget. Under a corrupt nation of deficit spending, and without the needful and essential infrastructure – neglected in the past and present political administration are lulled by perfunctory politics.

Divided Society – Promotes Disunity

In the U.S. - people are so divided into different racial or national groups, speaking their own languages and dialects, who have been endlessly quarreling. And with their own prejudices brought from their racial origins. The struggle for power, wealth, turf and oil– is so pervasive creating cleavage among different immigrants. And end up persecuting the minorities. Under the situation – such atmosphere breeds political and economic Bossmen, Honcho, Capos of Mafias and what-have-you. Not to leave out the sectoral machineries of elites to stay in power that purloin and pillage government and national wealth. No wonder, no less that Sir Winston Churchill said, " American democracy (presidential system) is the worst system of government."

Close Scrutiny of Systems

In our doctoral studies in Europe, we did closer scrutiny of comparative structures of different governments and their complex economic systems, what was very apparent in a democratic system – there appears a divided citizenry diverted from reality, and what is going on around them. It was also the same with Communist countries.. Keeping Citizens Unaware

It could be traced to manipulations by opportunistic elites in power. They distract people from legi-legitimate concerns on social and eco-economic perplexities. The media have allowed itself as instrument of elites in power. People are fed with so much propaganda. And the media appears - has been bought

Closed Fraternity

There existed a select elitist group that dictate foreign policy and defense policies – whereby political "wanabees" have to be a member of the fraternity ( that controls foreign relations) reportedly financed by wealthy and powerful foundations that hardly pay taxes. They have promoted themselves in a governance of exemption as privileged entities.

The old saying is – "Money talks while the have-not walks." What exists is a crisis of morality – and barefaced shameless governance.

Poll Surveys - Thwarted

In order to make innocent citizens believe manipulations by elites, employ poll surveys and render opinions by hired hacks that confuse tax-payers. Most questions are misleading. Or leading questionnaires towards whatever the goals maybe. Polls and political statistical study have gone corrupt in favor of the elite patron who pays the bill.. Especially during elections..

Such surveys have been over-tiring and enfeeble the minds of the targeted interviewees. In other words, it devastates people leaving them ignorant of existing maladies in the country. Such surveys are as corrupt as the patrons that pays for it. Geobels, the German master-propagandist must be turning in his grave.

Nation of Skeptics

Citizens struggling for existence have become skeptic and belligerent who become unproductive, and in search of someone to blame or hate for their problems. It has a cultivated an eccentric behavior, and a political weapon for disunity - eternalized by powerful and covetous elites. They have sustained de facto well-being through inter-marriages of, and among the wealthy, and hypertrophied brotherhood that has awesome influence over government. They can buy influence.

Money Buys almost Everything

This was reported in many studies that showed a puissant brotherhood operates in the "apple city," so omnipotent that dictates foreign policy and defense of the nation. Both legislative and executive branches of government has been swayed and are in its pocket, tax free foundations or tax exempt corporate conglomerates have the lawmaking process in their pockets.

Gullible Taxpayers

And the opportunistic elites are too clever to let the citizens realize how the latter have been duped and misled. It has been said that it is easier to fool the gullible many, but quite hard to dupe an erudite few. This happens where people are kept dizzily slaving at work, making them suffer in pushing them to exist under both ends meet. So busy – they no longer care what the slave owners does to keep them poor. They have been caught in a dragnet with no means of escape. A rat race, so to speak.

Disguised Slavery - a Fad

In the case of America, as a nation that grew with slavery, minorities Negroes, Chinese, Filipinos and Hebrews, etc., and other minorities have been mistreated as "second class" citizens under what was described under the white-man's burden that have divided the nation.

Despite several amendments to the constitution, persistent prejudices and bias inherited from the past, and their origins ( mostly from Europe) have found deep roots in modern our society. Historical discrimination of minorities persist up to the present as a handy weapon of elites for wealth, power, turf and oil.

A Captive Government

Government has become their guarded captive possession, a profitable preserve. It is only when the citizenry awake and stage a revolutionary change when the corrupt order changes.

Early Americans in those days had no feeling of compassion in enslaving Negroes, and other racial minorities like the "coolies." However, majority of Americans were said to bitterly oppose to slavery, but powerful elitists persistently act as slave-owners. As in the present where elite politicians use it as a handy artifice for eternal corruption.

Third World Victims

In the Philippines, and in Third World countries, copy-cat elites have managed to infiltrate government and the business sector to establish semi-military elites – which have amassed money to achieve their selfish ends. Greed as been the name of the game ever since. The Marcos regime have impoverished the country with the imprimatur of some top avid U.S. politicians.

World War II - provided the as-ascendancy of neo-elitism. It is a Xerox copy of an enlarged means of social-economic violence that have come to root locally.

On the other hand, weak demo-democracies are prone to be subjugated by elites especially when the country’s civil service lags behind, and is manipulated. There becomes a social and economic vacuum – a perfect climate for elites to take control and debase society.

One Class as an Exemption

A class (Jews) was said as an exempted race from lynching in the past because they are less differentiated from other races in the past when they were still few in the early days of immigration. But just the same, in the later days - they were also harshly discriminated. However, currently, it is totally a different ballgame. They have gained dominance and hidden power. It is a closely-knitted race to reckon with. They have been viewed as having tremendous influence on government.

Powerful Race Group

Controlling crop of elites began to recognize the Hebrew who have gained prominence. They later became elitists themselves, with lots of money and influence. Much later they became awesome elite capitalists. They struggled to become intellectuals. Now they are very much in control. They were reported to call the shots over government. It is not an accident. They are more fortunate than other races in America. It was nobody’s fault because they have learned to struggle together compared to other races.

Greener Pastures

Operational weaknesses in young democracies became haven for enterprising elites. The goal is to use power through corruption. It gave birth to war-lords, powerful political partisans and greedy elites that control society in nations.

Pentagon’s Capital Economy

Military power elites abound in the U.S. especially under Pentagon eco-economic capitalism. And so with nations using religion as prop for power, as in the case of some Arab nations using Islam as a national administration of power that we see today. The US despite of its billion dollar support for the CIA, FBI and the military intelligence apparatus – now face the huge problem of homeland security due to its past complacent posture.

And there appears a holy accord with elite civilian entrepreneurs. A brotherhood of specialized graft of the "old boys " club in power, so to speak. Just take a good look at all those in any administration and partisan party, and they are members of the select and exclusive council that has the sway in national policy.

It has existed also in the U.S.S.R. before Communism collapsed. Albeit, now they are learning the ABCs of American elitism. And the Mafia system.

Keeping Citizens Destitute

Of Knowlege

Keeping the citizens ignorant through diversion, has been a successful artifice of elites through control of the financial system, the media, and the educational system. And in order to deceive citizens they make-believe they are the government. Take the sample of the implanted "Federal Reserve" implanted in government - that was reported to have been manipulating inflation protecting the elites at the expense of the struggling poor. This sounds like an annoying broken CD.

Bogus Federal Reserve

History of the "Fed" reflects that of a waif given legal personality, and borrowed authority. Its constitutionality is vulnerable to constitutional challenges. Since 1913, (as in the case of the Federal Reserve) the U.S. has been the notorious violator of the U.S. Constitution.. When it comes down to dollars and cents, who cares about the constitution?

Why the Bogus Substitution?

Just examine closely the dollar bill today. It is quite different than the old reliable green back that said it was the legal tender of the U.S. Today’s green back is a Federal concoction, not printed or minted by the government. And it true valueless than what it should be.

Under the US Constitution, it is only government that is mandated to mint and print the legal tender. But what is this? It is the Federal Reserve (a private monopoly) that un-constitutionally mints and prints the almighty dollar. Congress has been a part of that unconstitutional savagery,

Political Machineries

They are driven to invent political machineries i.e. partisan parties which are financed from graft and even from corrupt foreign lobbies. There really is no distinct difference in those political parties. It has been a "put-up dramatization, a (stage show) or otherwise dubbed as bellicose jingoism providing nothing but entertainment and national hardship, no less a vaudeville of political jugglers.

Taking turns in mesmerizing the citizens under promises and make-believe reforms. It is a two-party system of corruption taking turns at each election. No third party of reform could exist under the monopoly by corrupt elites which has the upper hand.

Legalized Bribery System

From the broadside, elites have invented vested interest groups, zealous enough to buy Congress and the Administrative branch as well. Through the ever-corrupting lobby system, and soft money in politics, in a nutshell – is no less faultlessly tolerated as open bribery and perversion - while the toiling masses frustrate under fatigue and extreme disappointment. It mimics a government of men rather than a government of laws.

Top-Level Hypocrisy

The old invention such as the legislative lobbying is nothing but legalized briber afforded only by those who has the money.. One can not also explain why there was so much fuzz about getting after contributors to partisan candidates and parties, when the candidates themselves were the ones who solicited those contributions.

Examples of Giving and Taking

This top-level hypocrisy has extended to foreign contributors (i.e. Rep. M. Jimenez, and Imelda Marcos who has been openly reported in the media to have contributed huge amounts to US politicians). What pull does Imelda have? Jimenez served time here in jail for being caught contributing to politicians, but Imelda didn’t. Was there any cover-up, as to who, and how much was actually given to whom? Nobody would ever know. Elitists’ top-level chimps business!

Approach Towards Reform

Big government can no longer be reduced. Why? It has been the "Baca Lechera" (milking cow) of elite politicians. The U.S. as well as some developing nations look up to it as model for continued partisan co-existence and enduring spoil. They merely pay lip service to reducing big government, but in reality and action, it is the mortal sin of politics of exemptions.

Deficit Spending Frenzy

The history of deficit spending has been a history of ruin. Most of us never want to worry about deficit spending and debt, because – sooner or later we would face the danger it has created towards chaos beyond our control.

The ordinary housewife was said to have more economic sense than those economists in power who have totally changed the rules of accounting and audit. The semantics of government bookkeeping have confused the tax-payers. Both government and large favored conglomerates have abused book-keeping and accounting processes. Only a few had been .exposed, but many elitists had been spared.

Big Government

Growth of big governments have paved the way for more corruption – simply because politicians have encouraged it for their own selfish ends. And at the expense of the tax-paying citizens. It is time to make the necessary corrections both in Congress and the Administrative departments or face a surging people’s initiative simmering expected to explode sooner than any one think. A revolution is in the offing quietly in many nations.

Seething Volcano

This situation has been a seething volcano awaiting to violently explode. In the Philippines, the starving masses no longer eat three time a day. They have fund "people power" as a means to make government listen to them. Something has to give sooner or later. Time ticks closer to a bloody upheaval sooner than any elite can see.

Democracy is Under Scrutiny

At a time as now – when this country is under siege by terrorists, the Philippines and America is at a critical risk of subversion and foreign attack like what already happened last September 11. Domestic national security should not fail to head off any reported terroristic attempt to subvert a country’s national security. National disunity with stems from government’s insincerity .And uncontrolled poverty.

Reality of Poverty

It means not only domestic safeguards but also domestic disorientation of the people’s sense of false security, nonchalance and adversarial attitude toward the non-white population as in the case of the U.S.. This is a huge national public relations crisis – which would take time and huge outlay from the national treasury. The surging over population has been ignored – and is now taking its toll.

Government’s Double-speak

Despite the tight monopoly of advertising and public relations entities, they all have failed to identify the enemies of today within.

It is a great challenge to the present educational curriculum and unity which sorely need overhaul. Why so much fear in the U.S. of providing as much higher education to the citizens? That control of such field – has its great drawback to the advance of any nation. Keeping the citizens from reality – in the end - would eventually boomerang .

Betrayal of War Veterans

War veterans has been mistreated so badly, that the citizens now see that nobody wants to wear the uniform.

If at all, the needy (with no jobs) are forced to volunteer to sacrifice their lives and properties, Citizens are sent to harm’s way by government, but double-crossed and defrauded after struggling out of the service. Both military retirees and veterans are given a raw deal liken to serving under "involuntary servitude" ( no less as slaves under broken promises and government lawlessness.

Double-cross, a New Artifice

It is always the tax-payer that holds the short-end of the stick. And the moral peril of democracy is - we owe it to ourselves to end these insidious undemocratic practices.. The rust that eats the steel of democracy survives because we, the docile citizens - are part of the problem as consenting citizens.

"Honi soit qui may y pense" (Evil, more accurately; Shame) to him who thinks evil.) Not all the time the underdog will lick his weight in the wildcat of this world. For God made us our brother’s keepers. (Broun)





(BALITANG BETERANO by Frank B.Quesada Col.Ret.US, Former Senate Cmtte. Secretary - Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44)

Not too long ago, a crisis was the focus in Vets Committee hearing in the House, wherein one powerful senator’s ( L. Craig of Idaho ) careless hypocrisy brought hypertension to thousands of Fil-Am WW-II war-veterans whose World War-II rightful benefits were threatened reduced and / or cut by Craig. for no credible reason given,

It was albeit, suspected as a defense for pork - being used by avid lawmakers for their own welfare at the expense of many citizens.

Craig’s statement showed tongue-in-cheek sympathy for the Fil-Am WW-II veterans during the hearing, the veterans who rightfully deserved full equity benefits since 1946, he said, he could not go along giving the heroes of Bataan and Corregidor (including the survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March full equity benefits.),

Craig’s heartless position was for a reduction and / or cut of the wartime-earned benefits by members of the USAFFE, recognized guerrillas and the New Philippine Scouts that defended the U.S flag in the Philippine in 1941, not to leave out those who served overseas for the US flag.

Craig never elucidated why or gave any plausible reason. His braggadocio and sway angered not only the Fil-Am WW-II veterans but almost all 29 million veterans and 1.9 million US military retirees that rendered active honorable military service for Uncle Sam.

There’s no excuse for Craig ( and his legislative staffs) not to have heard or read history of how the U.S. suffered its second Vietnam in the Philippines ( the first was the bloody battles of the Philippine-American War, and the second, was the defeat of the USAFFE in the Philippines. in 1942.)

What makes the collars of preponderant war veterans hot abut Craig’s arrogance, by his act to reduce blood-earned benefits in battles by veterans that Craig established a "second class" set of veterans in the U.S Armed Forces.

John Cloud put it this way, "Several well-known Republicans have taken a tough public stand on issue s of sexuality but then found themselves in the spot light for he kind of behavior they have spoken against."

Similar articles were, albeit, referring to Craig’s behavior in his article "The Psychology of Hypocrisy." And the arrest of Craig in a sex sting by the police at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport, brought down his political status and personal standing plummet.

It was not, however, what pressured him to resign on account of his hypocrisy during the vet’s committee hearing, but on account of his guilty plea to alleged sex solicitation from and with a police officer.

He was then pressured to resign by his peers, but reported arrogantly stayed on, even if he had brought shame to his constituents of, and in Idaho. And Congress.

But he was forced to surrender his leadership positions on senate committees, not to leave out an investigation called by his peers in the senate into his queer behavior.

John Cloud described it as, "moralizers often cross over from hypocrisy into something more pathetic --- and a forgivable self-deception."

Craig had hired an expensive lawyer to fight an uphill battle to be able to expunge his former plea of guilt to the police, that was made public record.

As a consequence, he lost his leadership in the Senate Appropiation Committee, albeit have allegedly retained millions of dollars of spending earmarked for Idaho’s pork.

The "On Line Campaign," of and by combat war veterans led by my associate in the US military association, James T.. North and Jim Whittington, have exposed Craig along with a few notorious Republicans opposed to paying war veterans their pensions and benefits of and in the World War-II Fil-Am veterans their blood-earned wartime-earned benefits, not to leave out the pensions and disability benefits of the US military retirees.

North opined that, "the Bill, (the full equity bill HR-760, which would correct the travesty of justice, that would aid Fil-Am WW-II collect their 62 year’s of sufferance of waiting while many of them died of disease and old age, is cut in order to pay other veterans and for political pork. And only because they, like Sen.Craig, Rep.S. Buyer, Rep Turner, except for VA Deputy Eaument - have been linked to pork spending, except for bonuses spending veteran’s money in the VA. .

Deputy Eaument for his on self-administered periodic bonuses of $33,000 dollars, along with other guilty VA officials that have bankrupted the VA budget millions of dollars appropiated for veterans health care.

North elucidated further that, "This money linked to pork deals with money set aside for political purposes, to benefit only an few people, at everyone’s else expense, i.e., the veterans

"It is linked, which is money down the drain, that deals with cases where tax dollars have been wasted through government inefficiency, veterans of the and reckless at the national level."

"The lobby campaign of the Filipno-Americn World War-II veterans in Congress have been stymied by a few avid, and truculent Republicans determined to either reduce or kill he pending corrective measure (HR-760 and S-57, etc.) to further cruelly deny the hated 200,000 Fil-Am US servicemen conscripted by Pres.F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight America’s war.

Not all Republicans, however, favor denying these heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and the Phlippine Campaign that saved democracy for the US, in the Philippines.

The Senate GOP caucus has been reported not exactly friendly with what Craig had done for himself, and as a matter of fact have distanced themselves from Craig. Isolated from his peers in the Senate, Craig was reported sat alone during the Nov. 13 Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He is fighting a up hill battle - which he has yet to regain is reputation and political clout

Weakened by he scandal, his bid to reduce the benefits that has been retarded in Congress for the past 61 years - his influence in killing HR-760 or even just reducing the benefits of veterans, adds up to his notoriety nd arrogance.

It has been said he the GOP is pertuator of strict values but those three; Sen. Craig, Rep. S. Buyer and Rep.Turnier, all of them have turned their backs to the Heroes of Bataan, Corregior and the veterans of the Philippine Campaign that brought back democracy for the US in the Philippines.

This issue also brought out the dirty trick allegedly authored by Rep. Buyer ( a notorious anti-veteran) who supposedly influenced some members of traditional veterans organization to sign letters of objection to the passage of HR-760 and S-57, and to set aside the honorable and active military service of Fil-Am WI-II veterans.

If this was true, Fil-Am veterans have reason to conclude that Buyer;s action was anti-veteran, because he was also reported as the one who proposed to exclude veterans presence in the Joint Senate-House Vets Committee final hearing of bills when harmonizing them. Veterans have attacked that proposal publicly which was never denied.

Anyway, HR-760 and S-57 and amendments have been approved in the House Vet Committee - now pending a Senate vote.

Pres. G.W. Bush have announced when he was in Australia, that he would sign the full equity bills when it reaches him at the White House. Those reported handful GOP opposition to the full equity bills (namely: Craig who has been replaced as replaced by Sen. Burr in the Committee), and the rest, Rep. S. Buyer and Rep. Turner, have betrayed Pres. Bush, their titular head of the GOP - remains to be seen in cooperating with their peers within the GOP.

John Cloud again said, " Hypocrisy is among the most universal and well studied of psychological phenomena, and the research suggested that Craig as guilty of moral hypocrisy, and moral weakness.




(BALITANG BETERANO by Frank B.Quesada Col.Ret.US, Former Senate Cmtte. Secretary - Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44)

Reports have it from Boise, Idaho (Dec. 3) that "no less than 8 men say sex with Sen. Larry Craig or were targets of sexual advances by the Idaho lawmaker at various times during hi political career, a newspaper reported last Sunday."

It can be recalled that Sen. Craig has been the object of continued research by the media after he was arrested in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport by an undercover police for a reported sex solicitation.

He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after being accused by the police of soliciting sex , albeit Craig later called a news conference to deny that he was gay.

Rabid Oppositor to Vet’s Benefits

He is the same senator who was in the news since the hearings of the Filipino-American war veterans full equity benefits bill in both Congressional Vets Committees. He became quite unpopular in his position of reducing and or opposing the war time-earned veterans benefits earned in battles. He appeared flip-flopping that puzzled veterans. Craig could not justify the61 years of denial of payment of veteran’s benefits earned in World War-II, while ¾ of the 200,000 original conscripts by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 have been dying of old age, disease and neglect by Congress and the VA.

US Vets Were Not Mercenaries

As a backgrounder, the Filipino-American war veterans were recruited by Pres. F. D. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight American’s mis-adventure in a war against Japan at the outset of the World War-II.

The Whiteman’s Burden

This irritant issue between the Philippines and the United States lasted over 61 years of cruel hoax perpetrated by a slew of powerful politicians basking in government to retard and tried an attempt to evade the moral and legal responsibility of compensating and paying the Fil-Am WW-II blood-earned pensions and benefits.

The World Veterans Federation (WVF) have condemned such cruel hoax heaped upon the heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and the Philippine Liberation Campaign after the US. have irresponsibly abandoned the Fil-Am defenders (The United States Army Forces in the Far East. ) otherwise called as the USAFFE..

Barefaced Discrimination

By the way benefits were fully settled to, and with 66,000 veterans of US protectorates and Commonwealth, who also fought under the US flag in WW-II that left behind Fil-Am WW-II veterans. Albeit, have deliberately excluded the Filipino-American US servicemen in the US Army from the same lawful and moral responsibility.

There was a separate and form of discrimination against the Fil-Am W-II veterans as veterans of color and minority in the US Armed Forces. abhorred by the US Constitution.. And it has been reported by veterans that politicians have been responsible for said travesty of justice, that have reportedly been using the veterans money for the politician’s pork and perks while the Fil-am WW-II veterans die mercilessly sans relief.

Revelation of the Truth

In the last hearings of HR-760 and S-57 and HR1315, there were a slew of legislators who came shamelessly out in the open to either reduce and or kill the corrective bills above (HR-760, S-57, etc.,) designed to correct the grave injustice against war veterans, Veterans were mostly in their late age 80s and 90s who die each day of disease old age and neglect by recreant VA and Congress.

Villains Unmasked

The following were identified outstanding veterans groups, to wit: Sen. L. Craig., Rep; S. Buyer, , Rep. Turner. And a VA Deputy L. Auement, all of them described by both US military retirees and veterans as notorious anti-veterans and un-Americans.

Among these legislators whose leadership posts and their ability to shepherd legislations in Congress were gone.

Craig’s True Colors

Sen. Craig, had been what veterans say as: a "hypocrite" when he testified in the hearings said that, "while he sympathies with the plight of war veterans", he emphatically said he is "for reducing proposed amount of benefits and pensions of Fil-Am WW-Ii veterans who reside in the Philippines". While comrades of the same set of veterans are proposed to be given $900 per month pensions and benefits which was being given to white American veterans.

Disparate and Cruel Hoax

The amount, albeit, that is being given to same US white war veterans who fought in WW-II that reside in the US were being given $900 pension per month, therefore Craig has cruelly created a disparity and discrimination among the same troops that were heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and the Philippines Liberation Campaign, like the recognized guerrillas, and the New Philippine Scouts who were sent overseas as occupation troops for the US Army..

He established a setoff 'Second Class' of US veterans in the US Armed Forces. Very queer indeed!

Cruel Hoax

Like the Holocaust this cruel hoax inflicted upon the Fil-Am W-II war veterans has approximated the holocaust against the Jews in Europe. Veterans were allowed to die bare and naked of their rightful compensation and benefits, which was reported by veterans that the veterans money were being used by US politicians for their lavish and wasteful pork. It continued for the last 61 years of greed and truculence.

Fate Unkind to Craig

The issue of discrimination by Sen. Craig, albeit, was sadly followed by an unfortunate turn when Craig was exposed by the media and by the police in a sex scandal that reverberated like thunder and lightning in the national scene. A newspaper in Idaho, however, identified four men and exposed the details of the encounters that said which involved Sen. Craig.

"It also was reported that there were four other men who did not want to be identified, however, described but who identified who made sexual advances involving a conservative Republican ."

The newspaper that made the report, however, has said not based on a definitive evidence but said it also found that no evidence to disprove the personal accounts of the four identified men.

It was also said that, "the travel records of Craig which puts him where the uncovered sex is alleged to have been taken place."

Damaged Influence and Friends

In less than a week after Craig’ arrest, Craig saw and experienced his personal status and influence plummeted, according to the local newspapers.

It was said that Craig has yet to regain his reputation and his political career and standing in Congress. Not to leave out the American public. This has also been reported in the Philippines where veterans have prayed for his misfortune, and his indifference against Filipino-American veterans. However, there are many veterans, widows and orphans who were unforgiving. Craigs position against hapless Fil-Am WW-II veterans is not exactly accepted by fellow Republicans, except for a few mentioned earlier in this article who have openly campaigned against war veterans, not to leave out the US retirees, who also were deprived part of their pensions and benefits. These retirees are running a weekly "Online Campaign" against scoundrels in Congress.

Craig was deeply weakened by the scandal not to leave out his cruel position against Fil-Am veterans. Sen. J. McClain publicly wanted Craig out of the Senate and from the party for being a millstone hanging over the necks of Republican presidential wanabees. And a drag against the Republican re-electionists hurt by Craig’s misfortune.

Isolated from his Peers

Also reported from Idaho, Craig is now isolated from other Senators, ."He was last seen that sat alone during the last November 13 Senate Energy and Natural Resources hearing in Washington D.C."

I sum, he was replaced by another Republican, Sen. Burr, who was reported sympathetic to the Fil-am WW-II veteran’s plight.

Pres. G. W. Bush has announced while in Australia that he would sign the Fil-Am WW-Ii veterans benefits bills (HR760 and S-57 and amendment like HR 1315, etc as soon as they are harmonized and sent to the White House for his signature into law.

The reported "oppositors i.e., Rep. Buyer and Turner stands out as perfidious GOP betrayers of their titular head of the party and their own President whom they once feverishly elected."

They too feel the cold treatment from fellow GOPs who favor finally by paying the Fil-Am WW-II veterans and ultimately end the discrimination and injustice against the suffering veterans.

(Note) This treatise and quotes were culled from reports and was presented as fair use, crediting McClatchy and A.P. Press, LV Rev. Journal. #




(BALITANG BETERANO by Frank B.Quesada (Col.Ret.US, Former Senate Cmte.Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44)

Reports have it that a few avid Republican solons who opposed paying the 61-year obligation to Filipino-American World War-II war veterans’ blood-earned benefits have been identified by US comrade veterans as lawmakers who merely want to allegedly hoard veterans money for their own wasteful pork and perks.

At least two rabid oppositors against correcting a travesty of justice for veterans dying and sickly and WW-II veterans. They were reported continuing to block the Senate bill from cruelly getting to the floor vote the veterans equity benefits bills before Christmas , according to veterans close to Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs.

Sen Akaka therefore, was forced to compromise to hold action to early next year, of the Fil-Am WW-II veterans full equity bill that seeks final settlement of the U.S. retarded obligation to the original 200,000 Fil-Am WW-II veterans, who were personally conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight American’s war against Japan.

Out of the 200,000, there are now only less than 12,000 old and diseased survivors left dying under US solon’s avidity caused by avaricious GOPs who persist to use hoarded veterans money for pork, according to veterans.

With the continued delay of passage of the full equity bill there would be more veterans dying each day who are in their 80s and 90s languishing under truculent denial of payment of such blood debt to veterans of World War-II.

This is indeed a black spot in .U.S. history ever.

The Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) that legally represents World War-II veterans have expected the Phil Embassy as its conduit for veterans to look into the dismaying situation.

Former Republican congressman Ben Gilman was in a meeting of veterans and heard that two Republicans have "put a hold" on the Fil-Am full equity bill.

One of the rabid Republican lawmakers who was identified was Sen. Larry Craig, the notorious senator who was recently arrested by the police in Minneapolis-St.Paul airport allegedly for sex soliciting, and who pleaded guilty to the charges.

He is still hold up in his present lonely seat in the Senate despite of the cold treatment of his peers who have asked him to resign. Nevertheless, still hangs on to his position to collect pork, even if he had lost many positions in Committees. The other Republican oppositor was not yet named by veterans.

It was on November 8 in a Vets Affairs Committee hearing when he made a hypocritical objection to paying the Filipino-American World War-II veterans their rightful share mandated by laws, the veterans benefits to all US veterans.

While he feared touching the issue of payment to US Fil-Am WW-II US citizen veterans who are residing in continental United States, he, therefore chose to discriminate those comrades of the same WW-II veterans residing in the Philippines without plausible reason. Likewise, holding that those US W-II veterans based in the Philippines are non-citizens and non-residents which was grossly unfair and cock-eyed.

His queer position was to reduce the benefits of WW-II veterans residing in the Philippines to only $100 pension per month as compared to what the same US based Fil-Am veterans are to received $911 per month pensions.

Under his queer attitude and thinking, a Constitutional crises is created by not equally paying the US obligation to US veterans on the same rate, therefore, he concluded the U.S. have nonchalantly sent these US nationals to war of the United States under "involuntary servitude," or as slaves.

Mr. Craig has reduced himself to, and as a Caucasus elite, with a slave holder mentality, a disgrace to his constituents of Idaho.

Those Fil-Am veterans are US nationals who actually are citizens born in the Commonwealth dominion. that were harshly demoted in 1941.

Under such cockeyed and queer opposition by Craig, therefore have established a set of "second class" US Veterans in the US Armed Forces, abhorred by the U.S. Constitution.

Craig has also objected to having bill S-1315 approved on the floor on a request for unanimous consent. Said "request, albeit, was rescinded", according reports..

Craig’s statement was very clearly a discriminatory act when he stated, "I believe that the approach taken in this section with respect to special pension benefits for non-citizens and non-US resident Filipino veterans and their surviving heirs goes beyond the intent of veterans benefits."

His statement was shock to his peers and the veterans because the full equity bills were designed to remove racial and economic discrimination.

All bills filed (HR-769, S-57 and S-1315 ) and were heard and amendments were approved in both Houses, which Craig does not accept.

Craig has lost track and/or is fully ignorant as a Senator, sorely destitute of history and legislative facts stating that it was Pres. F. Roosevelt as the U.S. Commander-in-Chief, was the one who conscripted the 200.000 Filipino nationals, (repeat were U.S. NATIONALS ) of the Commonwealth of the Philippines ( a protectorate of the U.S.A.).

As a matter of fact, I hereby quote the US Supreme Court decision, in all Insular cases, to wit: "The Philippines was not a foreign territory within the meaning of the Constitution, and that the Commonwealth of the Philippines was under the sovereignty of the United States legally involved the Philippines in a war of the United States against Japan. Likewise dictated the political and military strategy of the Conflict."

Along with Craig was former House former Republican Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Steve Buyer who was also a notorious anti-veterans oppositor who earlier ruled that "veterans should not be present in all the joint Conference Committee hearings," which all veterans organizations have attacked furiously stating their 1st Amendment rights that silenced Buyer.

It was reported that Rep. S. Buyer was the same one loudly opposed the Fil-Am W-II Equity bill filed by Rep. B. Filner. When the Republicans lost control of the House, Buyer was discharged as Chairman of the said House Committee on Veterans Affairs. And was replaced By Rep. B. Filner (D-CA).

Buyer was also reported by veterans as the one who allegedly influenced some heads of veteran’s organizations to sign letters of opposition against the Fil-Am WW-II veterans benefits bills to derail Filner’s bill.

With these kind of solons who appear as un-American legislators that trash veterans, do not certainly belong to, and in Congress sworn to protect constituents like the war veterans. All they think about is pork and cumshaws.

The huge veterans conglomeration of veterans of all wars, with the majority of the 29 million Wars veterans and Conflicts, (the Veterans For Veterans Connection ) VFVC, have hands with the 1.9 million U.S military retirees whose pensions were also cut from their share of their pensions and disability benefits.

They will again march under a "1-million ‘angry’ Veterans March " in Washington D.C. to denounce and identify the "bribe takers" and pork raiders, in Congress and those who are anti-veterans, and possibly use the ballot all over the country to deny them votes during election. Veterans, however, would vote for the good Republicans who support veterans. #




NEVADA, USA, DECEMBER 23, 2007 (BALITANG BETERANO by Frank B. Quesada, (Col.Ret.US) Former Senate Cmte.Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44)

Senate Democrats led by Sen. D. Akaka. (D-HI) Chairman of Veterans Affairs Committee, together with Commit members : John D. Rockefeller (D-WV), Patty Murray(DWA),Barack Obama (D-IL), Bernard Sanders (D-VT), Sharod Brown (D-OH), JimWebb (D-VA(, and Joh Tester (D-MT) sent a letter to Pres. G.W. Bush urging him to to fund he Dept. o Veterans Affairs in accordance with the terms of the combined Appropiation Act which provides $3.7 million over the President’s initial budget request.

Akaka said his level of funding is essential to providing adequate services to America’s veterans.

Chairman Akaka said, "This funding increase, which represents the largest single-year increase the history of VA, is crucial to meeting the increased demands caused by war in Iraq and Afghanistan and he aging population of veterans from previous wars.

This funding will help the VA detect invisible wounds such as PTSD with improve assess to mental health services and will increase capacity to tackle the massive in claims .

Akaka’s Letter

"Dear Mr. President,

We are writing to you to urge you t forward a formal budget request for the Dept.of Veterans Affairs for $3.7 billion over your initial budget request in accordance with the terms of the Combined Appropiations Act 208 (CAA).This level of funding is essential to providing adequate services to America’s veterans.

As a nation, we are facing a wide range of challenges in meeting the needs fmthose who have served in the arm h forces.The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are creating a significant new population of veterans. Those who are served in earlier wars were are becoming older, and the demand for health care and other services is changing and increasing.

The Dept. of Veterans Affairs must rise to meet the new demands. Providing the full level of appropriated funds to VA will ensure among other things , that the department will be able to provide timely access to, furnish improved mental health services and develop the needed capacity to handle massive claims backlog.

Tis concerns and a many others facing the VA , must be addressed in the coming year and tefull amount of funding in the CAA for VA must be provided as soon as feasible so that VA can take action to better serve our nation’s veterans, young and old.

We appreciate your commitment to America’s veterans , and again urge you to send forward a formal budget request for the full funding prior t January 18th. We lookk forward to working with you in the year to come to advance our mutual goals.

Sincerely, Daniel Akaka, John Rockefeller, Patty Murray, Barack Obama, Bernard Sanders, Sharrod Brown, Jim Webb, Jon Tester.
End of Letter

NOTE: Credit is hereby appreciated by the research furnished by Jere Beery, Director of Public Relations of Veterans for Veterans Connection (VFVC) and of Operation: Firing For Effect (OFFE). The columnist author is a National Committee member of VFVC with 1.9 million members of the U.S. military retirees and veterans. And is the sole Liaison Rep. of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) whose members that fought America’s war against Japan in World War-II under the U.S. flag, recruited by Pres. F.Roosevelt in U.S. Nationals. #


POST-CHRISTMAS ACTION (Culled from the OFFE press release by Jere Beery, OFFE’s National Public Relations Director).

In December 20, 2007, the respected most conglomeration of U.S. war veterans in the country today, Veterans For Veterans Connection ( VFVC ), headed by combat veteran Gene D. Simes, President, and Chairman of OFFE, have launched a statewide ballot initiative petition drive in California.and earlier in othere States.

VFVC’s operating arm, the Operations : Firing for Effect (OFFE ),have started collecting signatures from veterans, the U.S. military retirees and veterans from all veterans traditional organizations that supports the VFVC’s Initiative Petition beginning from California, Illinois spreading national-wide.

OFFE’s Action

Said ballot initiative authored by OFFE was submitted to the Attorney General weeks ahead. by Mr. Rustan at the behest of VFVC; president, Gene D. Simes , a combat veteran organizer of VFVC. And the first "1 Million angry’ Veterans March ‘in Washington D.C. in Dec. 2006, that sent a message Congress that the veterans have had enough mistreatment. It helped trash the avid "bribe-takers and anti-veteran solons as scoundrels out of Congress in the last Mid-term election.

California as the Lead State The ballot initiative expressed the following voter’s opinion-question for inclusion in the California’s general election ballot in the coming November 2008.

This veteran’s action was earlier announced earlier by VFVC’s Information Director , Jere Berry, another combat veteran, who have devoted his time for the OFFE.

Collateral On Line Campaign

Worthy of mention, is the aggressive cybernet on-line drive by Jams T. North, another combat veteran, on his own initiative to support our troops and all our veterans who had been mistreated by legislature.

Watch for his regular "On Line Campaign," over the internet regularly that has been, fearless, hard-hitting and confrontational.

Not to leave out the running "National Commentary" by combat veteran, Jim Whittington of Mississippi

The Opinion-Question

The Opinion-Question for inclusion in the California ballot states as follows:

"Shall the Federal Government be required to adopt mandatory full funding of the department of Veterans Affairs form the purpose of ensuring that all eligible honorably discharged U.S. Veterans, Reservists, and National Guard of the Unite States of America receive equally and accessible healthcare and related services? "

How to Know More

To be able to view the title and summary of the OFFE ballot initiative,, please visit through e-mail the Office of Attorney General for the State of California at this link, an scroll down to initiative number 07-00773, at the A.

The OFFE volunteers are asking for California residents to sign and volunteer to help collect the required 500,000 signatures needed to place the question on the 2008 general election ballot by April 30,2008.

Historical Note

This California project of OFFE was inspired by the resolution written by OFFE two years ago, which called for the U.S. Government to mandate full funding of veterans healthcare system.

Since its inception OFFE’s resolution has received the endorsement of several prominent Americans, labor unions, and as far as the veterans Federation of he Philippines (VFP, represented here in the United States, Frank B. Quesada (Col.Ret.) also a former combat veteran and POW in World war-II, a participant of, and in the little-known joint-US 11th Airborne Division and Filipino Guerillas, the Hunter-ROTC Guerrilla lightning rescue of 2,146 American POWs in Los Banos, Laguna, in Luzon in Feb.23, 1945, in the Philippines.

Growing Endorsements

This OFFE’s drive for obligatory funding for veterans healthcare also had the endorsement by the music legend Willy Nelson, the popular celebrity. Not to be outdone by endorsements by several high propfile presidential wannabees, Hillary Clinton and New Mexico’s Governor, Bill Richardson.

Too be able to view a list of OFFE resolution endorsements please visit the indicated link http://offe2008.og./public_htm/resolution.htm .

National Grass-root Drive

The OFFE California Initiative Petition drive is merely its latest chapter in the national grass-root movement to improve and protect medical services earned by our men and women veterans in uniform .

Illinois Cook Count Endorsement

Several months ago, the Cook County IIIinois Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a referendum placing the same question concerning full funding of VA healthcare on their primary election ballot in February 5th. Veterans were in hand in the launching, more particularly the Fil-Am World War-II veterans headed by former Am_Legion Post 509, Cdr. Arcadio Calabas, a Bataan Death March survivor who worked on the project with Deputy Governor Quinn. And by sons and daughters of veterans led by Jerry Clarito.

Initial Launching

Cook county was the first to put the issue before voters , Since then, a number of neighboring counties in Illinois have joined the nationwide movement and have adopted the Cook County referendum.

Spreading like Wildfire

Since that time neighboring counties in Illinois have joined the national movement and have adopted the Cook county’s referendum, allowing resident voters to voice their opinions on the subject. It should be noted that both Cook, (Illoinis) and Orange ( California ) countries are the two largest counties by population in the U.S. with over 8 million residents exposed to the issue on hand.

Positive Initiative Acceptance

The OFFE Ballot Initiative Petition teams would bring this issue out in both Illinois an California., and would spread in other states in due time, specially among our military families. A great opportunity for millions of Americans to have their voices heard concerning the future treatment of our veterans. And to send a message to Congress that veterans and their compulsory heirs are being short-changed.

Act Now!

If you support full mandatory funding for veterans healthcare get involved today ! Don’t wait for the other guy to stand up first, stand on your own now and support this positive effort.

OFFE needs volunteers in California to collect signatures on this historic petition. If you are a veteran, or a family member of a veteran , or you have family members currently deployed overseas, of if you have families in California living in California, we need you help now. OFFE is quick to point out that issue affects all Americans., not just veterans.

Since enlistment and retention in our volunteer military is directly related to the way we treat our former military personnel and their families., and because we all benefit from security and protection our military provide for us all. Veteran’s healthcare becomes a matter of national security , and responsibility of all Americans,

International Support

Especially NOW to defend our troop’s needs at present. Remember, this effort is fully supported by veterans abroad (i.e, the Philippines. and veterans in countries where US veterans reside who are concerned with the healthcare of their comrades.

In turn the VFVC’s 1.9 million members of the US military retirees and veterans, and majority of the 29 million veterans of all Wars and Conflicts through the OFFE supports this effort.

Pointers How to Help

You can assist by: (a) get a copy of the California ballot Initiative by visiting WWW.OFFE2008.ORG and click the California State flag. Read the instructions very carefully and printout both sides of the Petition. (b) take a copy to work with you an get your co-workers or fellow union members, fellow veterans, and sons and daughters , and friends to disseminate and spread out copies of the Petition. Take copies to churches, synagogues, all gatherings, and collect signatures.

Send the signed Petitions to the address provided in the instruction. You can take pride in in having contributed to the future healthcare and needs of men and women in uniform .

Remember - if you do nothing, you cannot expect nothing.


NOTE: Contact person: Jere Beery, National Pubic Relations Director, OFFE,

Member, VFVC National Committe: Frank B. Quesada (Col.Ret.) #
[This posting is unedited-PHNO]


Written by Col. (Ret.) Frank B. Quesada Saturday, 28 July 2007 15:04

After what I have revealed as the alleged "illicit status" of the National Alliance for Veterans’ Equity (NAFVE), as an entity without (locus standi) legal standing in the Fil-Am WW-II Full Equity official lobby. The NAFVE actually trespasses in the turf of veterans.

The NAFVE actually appears as interlopers for soliciting funds supposedly for the cause of Fil-Am WW-II veterans but uses the funds for its own operations. This has been noticed by us, the veterans.

Of late the NAFVE has finally admitted in print that it has no legal personality to represent the Full Equity campaign for the veterans. (For Evidence: SEE THE LETTERHEAD below stating "NAFVE c/o NAFFAA," per Press Release of July 5, 2007), which indicated it can not stand on it own leg, but persist to continue operating with impunity. The NAFVE, therefore, can not stand alone as an illicit entity. Thus, it used the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) as its leg in the press release, which indicates that the NAFVE is under the care of another entity, the NaFFAA. (See and refer to: NAFVE, dated July 5, 2007).

Mr. Bobby M. Reyes of the and the bona-fide Fil-Am WW-II veterans are correct in asking for the NAFVE to show legal credentials such as proof of Registration with all Secretaries of State(s) where they operate, and legal authority to solicit money, where there are resident veterans reportedly being solicited supposedly for the veteran's cause.

It is, however, the own business of Mr. Reyes, et al, and the in their own examination in support of and the quest for NAFVE's legitimate authority to the extent of their public critical scrutiny of NAFVE to distinguish what is proper and expedient about the alleged impropriety of such as an organization manned by non-veterans (and) which appears as misrepresenting the war veterans in a concocted lobby for veterans.

I have consulted an Attorney General about the propriety for example of an entity (like the NAFVE trespassing and invading the rights of another in such case by NAFVE, which does not have legitimate standing in veteran's affairs).

The Attorney General responded to my query (about a trespassing entity like the NAFVE). He opined that said entity might have already committed unlawful acts punishable by law. And that compliance by the NAFVE is governed by laws and regulations that are mandatory requisites, especially against transgression.

Suffice to state that the Fil-Am WW-II veterans are the sole and legitimate CREDITORS of the obligation unpaid by the government for the veteran's active and honorable military service performed under the U.S. flag.

The NAFVE is not a legitimate veteran's entity, thus is considered by veterans as NOT a legitimate entity to mount a lobby. The NAFVE does possess any moral and legal standing.

The Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) has NOT assigned to the NAFVE any attorney-in-fact what-so-ever and/or has NOT issued any power-of-attorney to the NAFVA to act for and in behalf of the preponderant veterans’ majority at all.

The VFP has been chartered under Republic Act 2640, which mandates that the VFP as the sole voice and representative for itself in its claims for full equity settlement of the unpaid Fil-Am WW-II compensation and wartime benefits earned in World War-II.

It is the veterans at their own behest that had requested the Philippine Government to direct the Philippine Embassy as the veterans’ CONDUIT through diplomatic channels to initially consult and assist the veterans, but not to formulate its own policy outside the veterans’ legitimate claims.

There was a grave mistake in the past by the summarily-recalled former Ambassador (Albert del Rosario) by ignoring the veteran's dissatisfactions and advice, which might have caused him his job.

In the same token, the Fil-Am WW-II veterans have requested the Philippine government to create a subsidiary public-service office, "The Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA)." The OVA is mandated to consult and assist veterans not only those residing in the U.S., but with the preponderant veterans residing in the Philippines. There are more of them residing in the Philippines than those residing here in the U.S. They cannot and must not be ignored as the creditors of the unpaid US benefits for Fl-Am WW-II veterans.

Majority rule cannot be set aside. And that the OVA must all the time be competent to serve the needs of veterans, i.e., during hearings. In the past hearings in both Senate and House of Representatives both offices (the Embassy and the OVA) were wanting on their testimonies about veterans' affairs and legislative processes. Some vital queries by legislators remained unsatisfactorily unanswered during the hearings.

The OVA was placed under the Department of National Defense (specifically under the PVAO's disposition) where OVA's logistics came from. Altogether, at the hearings both the OVA and the Embassy have failing score cards, thus have been an embarrassment to, and for the Office of the President of the Philippines. Veterans have the document to back this up.

Some vital queries by legislators during the hearings have remained answered by the Philippine panel. The Assistant Secretary to the President (PGMA) was scheduled to come but has been systematically precluded from the list of affiants suggested by veterans to competently argue their case. But there existed some mystery to it, which I have been told.

No other entities were duly authorized to act for, or represent the Fil-Am WW-II veterans in the U.S. regardless of their own nationality and pecuniary interests. Let there be no mistakes about this!

And lastly, whatever the NAFVE now says and claims as its supposed accomplishments are NOT BINDING to the US Legislators and the veterans what-so-ever. In a nutshell, NAFVE is a non-entity. The veterans perceived it to have allegedly assumed conceit, arrogance and disdain that caused injury to the official lobby under (a state of) confusion and illegitimacy. The veterans’ adviser's name (Col. Romy Monteyro) and (his) photos have been cut in press-and-photo releases so that NAFVE's aspiring advocates could shine over the veteran's adviser named by Representative Filner as his "dancing partner." These NAFVE shenanigans will be exposed by Mr. B. Reyes and the media soon.

Thus, in sum, this controversy is an end result of the jumbled-up Filipino culture of disorder and insolence. # # #

Editor’s Note: The author, Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, is a World War-II POW. He is also the VFP Liaison Representative to the U.S.A., and consultant to the (ad hoc) National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans Leaders, by virtue of his extensive proven experience in veterans’ affairs, and in legislative process as former Secretary of Veterans and Military Pensions for decades. He was a former senior staff of U.S Sen. Daniel K. Inouye in the "US Senate Inquiry into the Filipino-American Veteran's Unsettled Claims for Unpaid Compensation and Benefits earned during WW-II."


Written by Col. Frank B. Quesada (Ret.) Sunday, 11 November 2007 04:37

The American banner is not only to be displayed on June 14, which is Flag Day in the United States of America, but also on 18 other dates (the so-called "Flag Holidays"). The display with full honor of the American colors during the Flag Holidays this year is doubly significant because the United States is at war. It is a very precious possession of every American, especially the war veterans who have shed blood or died fighting for our national flag.

During these 19 holidays, the flag is displayed the whole day:

New Years Day – January 1

Inauguration Day – January 20

Lincoln’s Birthday – February 12

Washington’s Birthday – Third Monday of February

Easter Sunday – Variable Date

Mother’s Day – Second Sunday In May

Armed Forces Day – Third Saturday of May

Memorial Day – Last Monday of May

Flag Day – June 14

Father’s Day – Third Sunday of June

Independence Day – July 4

Labor Day – First Monday of September

Patriot’s Day – September 11

Constitution Day – September 17

Columbus Day – Second Monday of October

Navy Day - October 27

Veterans’ Day – November 11

Thanksgiving Day – Fourth Thursday of November, and

Christmas Day – December 25.

Along with the display of the "Star and Stripes" is a solemn oath of allegiance to the Republic for which it stands.

Reverence to the Flag

To honor the flag, with the pledge, everyone must face the flag in attention, remain silent, with the military salute by veterans and servicemen, and the right hand over their hearts by civilians and/or veterans.

The Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

The "Star and Stripes" represents all of us in this alive country, which is emblematic for our respect and national pride for this nation.

The Filipino-American War Veterans

We, the Filipino-American citizens and immigrants, who reached this country not in slave ships, or not in chains, but lawfully accorded the right to be citizens by virtue of their active military wartime services in American’s war in World War II in the Philippines and the Pacific War of the United States. They lawfully earned it to be Americans.

As Americans, we are entitled to all Rights and Privileges as anyone. As a matter of fact, Filipino Americans are legitimate members of the US Armed Forces as US servicemen, as ruled by the US Supreme Court. Therefore, the US flag is the symbol for which Fil-Am veterans offered their lives in the altar of freedom like their comrades in the U.S Armed Forces that defend the US flag and American interests abroad.

The Flag is Our National Identity

The "Star and Stripes" is our national emblem as a symbol of this country, as God’s crucible (of his own faith), regardless of anyone’s origin, race, persuasion or religious beliefs.

Our birthright is reflected in the Flag. Our heritage is inconspicuously etched in this banner, which reflects our standing as one of the founding countries of the United Nations that stands for equality, peace and understanding.

Constitution Follows the Flag

We all owe reverence and respect , for this symbol which represents our highest ideals of citizens’s individual liberty, and justice for each citizen that seeks equally opportunity for every American without exception.

Never shall anyone trample this flag, or desecrate the principles of Democracy which all free men died for peace and contentment of free men that believe in his on God, regardless of his religion and persuasion.

Display of the Flag

It has been a universal custom to display the fag from sunrise to sunset on buildings and flagstaffs in the open.

It is hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously. It must not touch the ground. And should not be displayed during inclement weather, except when an all-weather flag is used.

It is also displayed in all designated polling places during election day. It is to be displayed in all government and school buildings.

It should be displayed above all other pennants or flags, or the right-side of other flags to show superior prominence in honoring it. When displayed with other flags, it should be prominently placed in the center of all other flags.

When the US flag is displayed with other national flags, they should all be in separate flagstaffs of the same height.

Inside all churches, it should be on the right side on a flagstaff facing the audience. Likewise nothing should be placed above it, or be displayed with the union facing the ground of upside down.

Parades and Ceremonies

When carried during processions, with other flags, it should be on the marching right side. It should never be put on floats in any way except if displayed on a flagstaff.

No disrespect for the flag and never dipped as a mark of honor for anything.

Salute to the Flag.

When the flag is being lowered, or in a passing parade, or in review, persons present except those dressed in military uniform, should face the flag and stand in attention with the right hand placed over the heart . Those in military uniform should render a military salute.

Civilians should remove their hats, while aliens should merely stand on attention.

War Veteran’s Instinct

Look around you and see how veterans war – no matter if they are disabled or handicapped – strive to stand erect and honor the flag they fought with during Wars and Conflicts.

National Anthem

During rendition of the national anthem – with the presence of the flag on displayed – those who are not in uniform should remove their headdress and place their right hand over their hearts, Those in uniform render the military singing of the anthem when it is played.

Flag on Half-Staff

When the flag is to be on half-staff, it should be first be hoisted until it reaches the top pf the flagstaff and then lowered to half-staff position.

When lowering the flag at the end of the day, it is first hoisted again and then lowered. The flag is on half-staff also on the following days:

Peace Officer’s Memorial Day on May 15 ,

Korean War Memorial Armistice Day on July 27,

Patriots Day on September 11,

Pearl Harbor Day on December 7.

By order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-mast upon the death of any principal figure of the United States government and the Governor of a State territory or possession as a mark of respect to their memory .

Other Occasions

In the event of death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag is to be displayed at half-mast in accordance to Presidential instructions or orders in accordance to accepted and recognized practices or are consistent with laws. # # #


What This Column Is All About

Written by Frank B. Quesada Tuesday, 18 December 2007 17:44

I would like to see a compendium of as much as I have written on the Filipino veterans’ plight since I started fighting for our benefits. The full account of the struggle can be published into a book, as Bobby Reyes has suggested.

This proposed book will tell part of the history of the Filipino veterans’ issues and their fight for justice and fairness in the Philippines and the United States. It can be a supplementary-textbook reading material for all schools in the homeland. It can be a handbook for all ROTC cadets in colleges and universities and a reference book for libraries here and back home.

Thus, this column and the book project will document my in-depth research for more-than 30 years as a soldier, as an aging veteran and now as a lobby leader. If edited well, it could spell out the harsh truth about Filipino Americans and their shifting relationship and the home-grown neglect by both governments. And it will tell also about the veterans’ compulsory heirs and their own struggles.

The Philippine Resistance Movement (circa 1942 to 1946), if told in this column, alone should attract readership. I have in my possession the list of all guerrillas in the Philippines compiled by authorities. And it can tell about their activities in WW-II, including the heroism of many veterans. If there are untold stories about Filipino soldiers, scouts and guerillas, than their sons and/or daughters should give me the details, so that I can document them in this column and in the book.

I plan to write as well the history of how the Veterans’ Federation of the Philippines was born and how it became the sole voice and representative of all Fil-Am WW-II veterans, as mandated by Republic Act 2640. It will expose the impostors and their rackets (which this web site and its writers have uncovered) that used the veterans as their "baka kechera" for pecuniary gains. They have used us, veterans, as their "whipping boys" for their scams. And these impostors and scalawags have claimed credit for the work of others, so as to be able to receive awards on TV even if what they do is full of deceit and doubletalk. They have injured the Filipino-American WW-II true-and-honest lobby with their criminal conduct, which this web site has earlier exposed.

This literary project may be able once and for all to clean up the veteran's playing field and protect it from bad elements. Many Filipino writers have so courageously brought down these elements simply by writing about the truth. I can do no less. I can perhaps even do more, God willing. # #

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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