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PMA CLASS '44 - 60TH YEAR 4/14/2004




























(BALITANG BETERANO) By Col ( Ret.US) Frank B. Quesada (Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions Associate, PMA ‘44) The Filipino-American war veterans have been wallowing in poverty, old age and disease since they were mustered out of the United States Armed Forces. For the last 63yeas, they were cruelly denied their rightful wartime benefits for shedding blood and dying for the United States' imperial interests in the Philippines.

Deliberate Victims

They have been deliberate victims of racial and economic discrimination for over 63 years – under the avaricious policy of the infamous Rescission Act of 1946, since then, they were truculently denied their rightful compensation and benefits they earned in the battles defending United States flag and imperial interests in the Philippines. (1941-46) Yankee Shell Game From 1942, they have been fighting for justice to no avail But U.S. sense and administration of justice – which should be the pillar of government have lost its meaning (except in the Courts). In the case of these heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and the Philippine Campaign, where no less than over one million Filipinos perished unnecessarily in the misadventure of America in the Philippines.

Racial and Economic Discrimination

The ugly face of racial and economic discrimination have obscured the sum of moral and legal; obligation as nation’s duty to its military servicemen who sacrificed their lives an property.

Different Concepts

There are different concepts of justice in every country, albeit the universal thought and understanding has been apart from politics, that must discard partisanship, friendship which must represent it as a blind. It must be independent of laws, political parties and religion.

In this discussion, I have culled the Filipino concept of justice from the studies of the late, Chairman of the Justice Senate Committee, Senator Jose Wright Diokno, who was my boss in the Senate. He was former Secretary of Justice, then elected senator.

Exemplary Record

He is on record as the only Filipino who topped the bar without going to law school, likewise also topped the certified public accountants’ examination. He was son of the renowned lawyer, Ramon Diokno, whose library was where Jose self-studied law.

Victim of Conjugal Dictatorship

A survivor of the Marcos conjugal dictatorship, Sen. Diono wrote the book, entitled," The Invalidity of the Marcos Martial Law." quoting from memory citations, etc., while imprisoned by Marcos without a charge sheet. He shared the same prison compound with the late, Benigno Aquino, and the late war hero, BGen. Eleuterio Adevoso, the famous wartime Commander of the Hunters-PMA-ROTC Guerrilla.

Photo-graphic Memory

I have witnessed how he quoted authorities from memory when writing that book owing to his photo-graphic mind. I was his Senate Committee Secretary – and former law research understud. His other book was " A Nation for our Children," where I have culled passages from the chapter:

Filipino Concept of Justice: In Filipino Concept of Justice, he said, "Our language establishes that there is a Filipino concept of justice, for it embraces the concept of justice." Having been the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans and Military Pensions, the Committee on Justice, the Revision of Laws and the Economic Affairs Committee, he had a very deep influence to and on the war veterans being a grandson of a Revolutionary General Ananias Diokno. He has chosen me as the Secretary of the Veterans and Military Pensions Committee, knowing my military background and track record. Most of all, my faithful adherence to the Phil. Military Academy’s maxim: "Courage, Integrity and Loyalty. Very fluent in Spanish, English and learned Tagalog and about 5 other dialects very quickly from us (his staff) in the Senate. He began collecting chapters on Human Rights in Tagalog, and I quote: to wit:

Tagalog Wisdoms "Maitim man o maputi ang balat, lahat ng tao’y magkapantay-pantay, manyaring ang isa’y higkansa dunong, sa yaman, sa ganda, .. nguni’t di mahihigtan sa pgaka-tao." Ang kamahalan tao’y wala sapagha-hari. Wala sa tangos ng ilong, at puti ng mukha, wala sa pagkaparing kahalili ng Diyos, wla sa mataas na kalagayan sa balat ng lupa, wagas at tunay na mahal ang tao, kahit laking gubat at walang mababtid kundi ang sariling wika, yaong may magandang asal, may isang pangu-ngusap, my dangal at puri, yaong di makikiapi, yaong marunong, sa bayan tinubuan. Pagtangap ng mga aralna ito at maning-ning na sumikat ang araw ng mahal na kalayaan dito sa kaaba-abang sangkapuluan at sabugan ng matanis niyang liwanag ang ngakakaisang magkakalahi’t magkakapatid ng ligayang walang katapusan ang mga ginugol na buhay, pagod, at mga tiniis na kahipa’y labis nang matumbasan. (Emilio Jacinto, 1935)

Heroes’ Wisdom

The concern of those early leaders like Andres Bonifacio, said, to wit: "Ipagtangol mo ang inapi at kabakahin and umaapi. Bahaginan mo any iyong makakyanan ang sinumang mahirap at kapus-palad.."

History, Bases of the Future

To discern the Filipino people vision of the universe that put the flesh and bones of the concept of justice our language expresses, we need to turn to history of our people. That history may be described as a continuing struggle to create a just society. A society which is not only independent, but in which the people is sovereign. "Procure the independence of the fatherland - because independence constitutes, your very freedom, its advancement, your perfection , its greatness your own glory and immortality. "Do not recognize any authority in your fatherland of any person who has not been elected by you and your fellow citizens because all authority emanates from God, and as God speaks through the consciences of the people as a whole designate and proclaim can weld true authority.

"Procure for your country a graft-free republic, never a monarchy, the latter exalts one or several families and founds a dynasty : the former creates a people noble and dignified through reason , great through freedom, and prosperous and glowing through labor.

A society which respects the freedom and equal dignity of all. Yesteryears of Wisdom "Ano ang matapat nating gawain? Ang araw ng katuiran na sumisikat sa silnaga, ay malinaw sa itinuturo sa ating mga mata malaong nabulagan ating tunguhin. landas na . Itinuro ng katuiran na huwag nating sayangin ang panahon ng pagasasa ipinagakong kaguinhawahan na hindi darating ang at hindi mangyayari, "Itinuto ng katuiran na tayo’y umasa sa sarilini at huwag antayin sa iba ang kabuhayan Itinuro ng ng katuiran ang tayo’y magkaisang loob, magkaisang isip at akala, at tayo’y magkalakas sa maihanap ang mahaharing kasamaan sa atig bayan." ( said A. Bonifacio ).

"True holiness lies in charity, love of one’s fellowmen , and in seeing to it that every act, move or word is done in accord with what is right".( said E. Jacinto).

A Moral Society

To erect the true edifice of our social regeneration we must radically change not only our institution but also our ways of being and thinking, we need and external and internal revolution at the same time; we must establish our moral education of more solid and abjure the vices that for most part we have inherited from the Spaniards.( said A. Bonifaco ).

A Moral Government

Independence is not enough, we must have also a moral government One that governs the truth and without deception, sincerely obeying the laws ad fulfilling its promises to the people. A government not too backwards or too advance but adjusted to a degree of culture and growing needs of the people, because extremes are vicious. In short, a very patriotic government, one that seeks the common good an or of any individual or privileged class. (Said A..Mabini).

Today’s Leaders

Sadly, we can count wit our fingers just how many can lead the nation without any blemish in early life or the present. The youth ( not all) as a product of loose morals and greed for money and comfort at the expense of his country-men – have produce a nation of : the greedy, and the needy. It has been a copycat (facsimile) of the dissolute and corrupt standard of governance (the United State like other super-powers) whose God is nothing but the almighty dollar. Colonial exploitation (imperialism) of its citizens with less in life, badly need more law.

Charles Beard has condemned the lesson of history into simple sentences as follows: "Whom the God would destroy, they first make them mad with power. "The wheels of God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly small. And the bee fertilizes the flower that it robs."

Survivors of the End Times

The Filipino will survive the End Times under a new legal and humane order. God has spread them all over the globe as ministers of the good. They became the wandering "Jews" of the times to finally return to their noble country as sons and daughters of the Most High who created the universe as denizens. They will finally establish a peaceful and proud nation where citizens are no longer in chains. With no children scourging food from the garage, A free nation that will live among other nations on equal level and basis, who will discover the truth and perpetuate morality. ##




Nevada, USA, February 2, 2004 By Col(Ret) Frank B Quesada - I begin this treatise by quoting a famous lawyer and writer, Gerry Spence, who wrote the book, " From Freedom to Slavery." What I shall convey here were culled from sources that has bearing on the title of this article. There are some passages that were borrowed and transposed but has not drastically changed the text. They were properly picked over and quoted and or emphasized.

"In this country, we embrace the myth that we are still a democracy when and we know that we are not a democracy, that we are not free, that the government does not - serve us, but subjugate us. "said Spence. "Although we give lip service to the notion of freedom, we know the government is no longer the servant of the people but, at last, has become the people’s master." That is not what democracy is all about.. In the same token, another popular writer, William J. Lederer, who wrote the book, "The Ugly American," and "A Nation of Sheep" said – "Are we a nation tranquilized by our own ignorance into a complacency that will soon be fatal?" "Are we a nation of people afraid to speak up on popular issues? And a nation of sheep"? Yes, indeed for the power of the people has been subtly taken away. Politicians have emasculated our democracy.

And another courageous writer , John A. Stormer, who wrote a book, entitled "None Dared Call it Treason," who said, "For too long have been paralyzed by politics – nothing has been done about the real which threaten American menace." As Winston Churchill once said, "Democracy is the worst form of government."

I can go on and on citing these brave American authors – while the band still played on – and while this once great nation sinks in the quagmire of immorality and revilement. The particular case of the blatant maltreatment of the Filipino-American U.S Armed Forces servicemen – is only one of the outstanding victims of the rebirth of tyranny in America. It has been a tyranny of justice, of freedom, of fear, of poverty, of the media, and of our time. This tragedy haunts us because we allowed politicians regardless of party to betray all of us.

Finally, I add the treatise of another writer, Michael Parenti, who wrote the book, "Democracy for a Few." that explored and considered conspiracies (by which he meant secret, unlawful, consciously planned crimes by persons in high places) to be part of the arsenal of structural rule.’ I add that that the two party system has long died to serve the taxpayers, and the war veterans who shed blood so that all of us may live in peace, including politicians who now tear down the government - what we veterans fought for in wars and conflicts.

Culled from the book, "People of the Lie," by Dr. M. Scott Peck M.D. – we encounter evil everyday. And that evil people are easy to hate. However, he cautions us by remembering St. Augustine’s advice – "to hate the sin, but to love the sinner," (in the City of God.). We can not begin to hope to heal human evil until we are able to look at it directly. It is not a pleasant sight – and we see the dark side, in the large part about the darkest member of our human community – judged to be evil, it was said. I present and discuss this subject in this treatise clinically based on the medical and practical aspect. What happened to the members of the U.S. Army servicemen, conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt, a constitutional act of the elected head of state -involving the Filipino-American nationals in a war of the United States against Japan in 1941-45, to go to Harm’s Way for the U.S. flag and U.S. imperial interests in the Philippines and Asia. What President Roosevelt did in 1941 was a official act with the tacit approbation and sanction of the sovereign citizens, but double-crossed and ignored by Congress at war with itself. It has been described by the late Brigadier General (Ret.) Carlos P. Romulo (a member of the general staff of Gen. Douglas McArthur) who took the floor of the US House of Representatives to denounce the passage of the Rescission Act of 1946 as anti-veteran, un-American and the crime against humanity by the cruel hoax of then 79th Congress. This was echoed by international veterans organizations (not to leave out the World Veterans Federation (WVF) as an example of a crime against humanity, anti-veteran by the U.S. against its own military servicemen who put their lives at risk in the frontlines.

If there was ever a holocaust in Europe in the extermination of the Jews, the 60 years of brutal oppression against the Fil-Am servicemen of the U.S. Armed Forces as hapless victims of the worst degree of oppression from a country that used its servicemen for perpetuating eternal war of destruction, and then gain money in loaning the destitute torn-down country later. This has been seen and described as an avid and serious violation of human laws. "This very act speaks the language of nihilism in propound diabolic fulfillment of a country’s political evil design against its constituents and allies. The concept of evil has been central to military thought of a permanent war economy as a desperate state of affairs of a nation backsliding towards its own extinction. .It has the shades of what was the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. To use its own people under this Rasputinan lunacy as in the case of Jamestown, likewise for low-intensity conflicts by government and present misplaced religious sects advocating mass suicide – under strange-Lovian madness reflects problem of evil within".

"Evil is in opposition to life itself. Did you ever see that evil when spells backward is "live." Specifically it has to do with murder – an un-necessary killing unnecessary to biological` survival," according to Dr. Pack.. "Therefore, evil is what kills the spirit. This is possible to kill or attempt to kill one of these attributes without actually destroying the body,"

The 60 years of repression of the Fil-Am WW-II veterans under the passage of the Rescission Act of 1946 carried over for 60 years – has broken down these men without harming a hair on his head. They were reduced under a definition of necrophilia under the desire of people to control them, and their money or livelihood, paraphrasing Dr. Peck. Thus, " Evil – is that force residing either inside or outside human being that seeks to kill life." For in the beginning, God created us in own image, therefore life is of sacred importance, ignored by politicians in power inebriated with borrowed power. Jesus was "ore interested in the spirit of life, in liveliness. While Satan has been the very spirit of evil. "Jesus said. Those in government who have made a deal with Satan – in persecuting the veterans by murdering their spirit – and ultimately worst than a Nazi, borrowing Dr. Peck’s ideologue. "Evil is the yeast in the dough, a ferment placed in the soul that does not rise ." said Martin Buber.

An integrated diabolic dualism of evil man. Dr Peck’s definition varies as evil regarded as not being of God’s creation but a ghastly cancer beyond His control under misused God’s grant of individual will. Politicians as well as the present bogus self-anointed advocates in the veteran’s struggle for justice and full equity - are literally gouging holes in themselves destroying themselves in the process piece by piece by what veterans see in the politician’s act of retarding the payment of veteran’s compensation and benefits under piece-meal basis that have attempted to destroy the spirit of veterans, but not their will which was God-given. Veterans have learned to know that such manipulations by bogus advocates that did not have the tacit authority from them – are nothing but instruments of confusion to win some veterans ( but not the peo derant veterans majority) to the side of desperate advocates. Bum advocates who refuse to acknowledges heir own failures, actually are projecting evil onto others and it is no wonder that the community misinterpret the legislative and lobby process by hating themselves for believing the gullible media that were falsely used. to mislead them. Bogus advocates exposed to their mistakes are no less people with serious identifiable psychiatric problems in desperately need treatment who failed to accept such need and thus gouge themselves. The sicker these people – the more dishonest they become in their behavior, and their distorted and dishonest thinking.-overwhelmed by the sickness, observed by Dr. Peck.

Right-thinking veterans could hardly be in the same room with them, feeling unclean in their presence. Veteran’s feeling of revulsion appear instant if such evil encountered is blatant,. as in the case of government officials who betray constituents.. It is compared to a doctor’s ineptitude in the operating table whose scalpel is used carelessly. It has been said the revulsion has been a powerful emotion that causes them to immediately escape such revoking presence based from Dr. Peck’s authoritative findings. `Evil has been revoking because it is dangerous, for it contaminates others and destroy a person who remains too long in the evil’s presence. So - as revulsion as a counter-transference, according to Dr. Peck – is an instinctive and is God-given early warning radar system in man to reject evil. "Evil are in the case of "people of the lie" deceiving others as they also build upon layers of self-deception. They have consigned themselves to hell – they are already in it. God does not punish us, we punish ourselves. For those who are in hell are there by their own choice." Self-anointed advocates who have false to the trust betrayed veterans could indeed walk the right path and release themselves from the clutches of the devil, albeit, have but been stuck in a difficult and painful frightening pact with evil, which they could not extricate themselves anymore. So they remain in hell – because for them, it seems safe and easy for them there.

And in the case of those in government – such evil people in politics and those with temerity can be rapidly influenced by the smell of money and by raw power borrowed from the electors. They commit crimes behind the curtain of power and immunity that rebound on their faces and reputation. What goes around, come around (karma). "They are no less criminals who commit crimes against life and people’s liveliness. In the case of Hitler, who achieved extra-ordinary degree of political power which removed them from ordinary restraints, their crimes are so subtle and covert that hey cannot clearly be designated as crimes. The theme of hiding and covertness will occur again and again." said Dr. Peck. Famous psychiatrist, Jung ascribe "to such failure of man to "meet" the shadow. Because the central defect of the evil is not sin but the refusal to acknowledge it." In conclusion, the devil said to those guilty of treason – "I like your style, so wicked and so free." But the wages of sin is no other than death. (New Testament, Romans VI,3) Those who sell the instrument of lies and death – and those who buy them or use them – are the greater criminal on this planet earth.". said Bob Sherwood. Our time is the true test of our souls – even before the nearing "End Time." Conscience is God’s presence in all of us. It makes cowards of many of us, thus gives aid and comfort to the criminals of our time.

"Homo sum.humani nil a me alienum puto" I am man, created by God, thus anything inhuman can not be voided. A price have to be paid.




NEVADA, USA, February 22, 2004   Culled by Col.(Ret) Frank B.Quesada (Former Senate Committee Secretary, Vets Military Pension Associate, PMA ‘44) Naturalization of veterans and their families who filed for recognition of citizenship are still going on in Federal Courts. With permission of the petitioners and their lawyers, I am herewith reproducing excerpts of the proceedings for the information and guidance of others who may be affected this such case.

In December of 2003, seven petitioners namely: Felicidad F.Rebaja, Nicomedes L. Olayan, Alicia Seril Diso, Rev. Fr.Prisco Intines, Zenaida Manongdo, Jose A. Espiloy and Baltazar T.Dispo filed a complaint for declaratory relief in the U.S. Federal Court of Los Angeles to seek relief on behalf of their families. Relief sought was the granting of U.S. citizenship by virtue of their and their parent’s active military service in the U.S. Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) during World War II. Plaintiff’s attorney, Mr. Abraham L. Lim of his law office drafted the complaint on the basis that at the very least U.S. citizenship was conferred upon Filipino members of the USAFFE when they were conscripted into military service by the U.S. President and during a time period when the Philippines was a territory of the U.S.

According to Atty. Lim, the Constitutional doctrine of territorial incorporation raises the issue that the Philippines and its inhabitants enjoyed certain basic rights under the U.S. Constitution when it was a territory of the U.S. Among the rights enjoyed by the inhabitants of the Philippines was citizenship in accordance with the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The complaint essentially asks the Federal Court to recognize US citizenship of those who served in the USAFFE because they took the oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and swore allegiance to the U.S.

Moreover, it also asks the Court to declare that U.S. citizenship is a fundamental right that was conferred to inhabitants of the Philippines from 1902 the time of enactment of the Philippine Government Act to July4, 1946, when the Philippines became an independent nation. It is expected from the Department of Homeland Security which in charge of implementing immigration laws will respond aggressively to the complaint filed by the plaintiffs.

Furthermore, eventual fallout from the plaintiff’s victory ensures that the road to a victorious judgment is fraught with challenges, Nevertheless, the plaintiffs and their lawyers remain confident that justice will somehow prevail.

The lead attorney, Mr. Abraham Lim, is willing to accept a telephone and/or TV personal interviews upon request for details of the issues presented in the case.

Mrs. Felicidad F. Rebaja, is the lead plaintiff-widow of Bataan Death Marcher and Prisoner-of-war for more than six (6) months, who, (the latter) was Naturalized as a U.S. citizen, sometime in 1993 only by reason of conscripted military service as a U.S. national and died two (2) years ago but, very sadly, without any service-connected compensation from the U.S. Veterans Administration. Very invidiously, if not ironically, his elder brother, Col. Mariano Rebaja, also, a Bataan Death Marcher and a prisoner-of-war but released earlier due to serious illness, now enjoys the VA 10% full dollar to dollar ($2,800 + per month) service-connected disability. A serious question of inequity and inequality.

In an interview with Fr. Prisco Entines, said, “It is hoped that this case would deepen our understanding of our commitments to fight the injustice to the end if only justice be served our U.S. nationals unfairly reduced from inherent citizenship. status. “Our Filipino-American U.S. ex-servicemen had truculently been aggravatedly enslaved, denigrated and defrauded for a half-a-century by the very government that sent them to harm’s way and later dishonored.”

Fr. Prisco Intines has been a staunched ally of Fil-Am WW-II veterans since he time I can remember when I was leading my comrades in their bid for citizenship even before the Immigrations Reform Act in 1990. We can both face anyone and say that we never took advantage of any veteran or their compulsory heirs during their bid for naturalization. As a matter of fact, on record, we spent our own personal funds during many years of this crucible. In the same token, Col Mar Rebaja of Los Angeles, whom I have coordinated during those days in facilitating our WW-II comrades deserved gratitude of our comrades who were seeking their rightful citizenship honorable and active military service to Uncle Sam. He also sacrificed for our comrades so they could harvest the fruits of labor and property for freedom and democracy.- in WW-II. This struggle for justice and fairness from the U.S. by Fil-Am veterans of WW-II marks a dark era of the U.S. history of discrimination against us under racial and economic differentiation against Filipino-American war veterans.




WASHINGTON D.C., February 23, 2004
Culled by Col (Ret.) Frank B. Quesada (Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pension Associate, PMA ‘ 44) Originally reported by J. Abrams of AP - Reports have it that there were no less than " 401 military retired Generals and (flag officers) Admirals – who recently urged Pres. G. W. Bush to change the century-old rule that deprived disabled war veterans of part or all of their retirement benefits."

Of late, it was reported that some key Republicans met with various veterans groups to discuss plans to address changes proposed by Generals and Admirals as regards a bad system that have threatened to sour relations between the President and the war veterans, normally some of his most loyal constituents. In the meeting, participants said "both full and partial restitution plans are being considered as the Administration walks a fine line between alienating veterans and further driving up the budget deficit." It was "estimated that in full adjustment, in which disabled veterans would receive all their retirement pay, could cost the government $58-billion dollars over the 10 year period."

It was also bared that, " cheaper partial plans would link retirement benefits to the seriousness of the disability or phase in changes over 5 to 10 years. The letter of the 401 Generals and Admirals to Pres. G. W. Bush said, they were "profoundly concerned with that the United States is penalizing hundreds of thousand of disabled military retirees, including many who are unemployable because of disability incurred in military service to their country, and many who exist at or below the poverty level." Retired Army General Billy Thomas, who was reported who organized the letter, said, "The rules, under which retirement benefits of disabled veterans are reduced by the amount they receive in disability pay, was put in place in 1891 by Southern legislators unfriendly to former Union soldiers. "Eliminating it has long been popular in Congress, but resisted by presidents because of the cost." It’s an ethical and moral issue," said Thomas "It should not be judged as a money issue." He added that Republicans are concerned that they could be vulnerable on the issue and " want to see this takes off the election year’s plate."

He estimated that 535,000 veterans are losing some of their retirement under such policy. In addition to the generals, reports have it that the Administration is being pressed by House Democrats who have organized a congressional "discharge petition" (a way of forcing a legislative measure (a bill) to a House vote by gathering half (or 218 signatures of House members. So far, there are 202 members have been reported signed so far. Patent Discrimination In a related news, reports also have it that Filipino-American WW-2 veterans have slammed the continued intentional and patent discrimination of their comrades 8,000 miles away in the Philippines, who had been discriminated in all present bills, except one by Democrat, Sen. D.K. Inouye’s bill, (S-68) that grants some form of relief for them.

All the rest of the congressional measures under the Republicans had an explicit limitation. Explicitly stated which applies to individual veterans, in sub-section (a) to wit: applies to individual who is a Commonwealth Army veteran, or New Philippine Scout and who:

(1) is residing in the United States, and
(2) a citizen of the U.S. or an alien lawfully admitted to the U.S. for permanent residence.

Sen. D. Inouye said, "I believe that is it unfair to make distinction in between those who are here as residents and who are in the Philippines."

Candid Support from Jewish Vets In a strongly worded complementary statement, emanated from the Jewish National Veterans Association signifying their full support on the plight of the Filipino-America World War–II veterans who were denied by the 79th Congress all their rightful wartime compensation and battled-earned benefits. The Jewish National Veterans Association represented by National Commander Bob Sweiman, said: "We in the U.S. have allies. The Filipinos, were not only allies but comrades-in-arms, they fought with us, sustaining the same injuries and wounds, the same blood and hoping for positive recompense from the government. "They deserve our utmost attention and our honor. I take exception to a gentleman who said, " payment of compensation to Fil-Am veterans of WW-II was promise not in writing, therefore the problem ain’t to be taken cared of – is an insult to the integrity and the honor of the United States in its fulfillment of its commitments.

In fact, conscription of Filipinos to fight America’s war is a contract with Filipino war veterans who were inducted into the United States Army in the Far East (USAFFE) in 194,. but at the same time, now to allow the government to steal $15 to $17-million dollars out of the American health care, so that it can built roads to pork farms." "We see and allow them to put moratorium without indexing and promise us veterans Medicare and then totally ignore it. We see them firing 28,000 U.S. personnel from health services and closing down over 22,000 beds because they don’t have qualified people to take care of us. "Our honor and integrity is being employed 50 years too late which should have been done before. It is our obligation to do that before. We are down to 75,000. How many others have gone away being treated as bums because they have no longer use to the U.S.? They did not have the honor to treat them as human beings! "We, of the veterans community, more particularly the Jewish veterans look at this possibly in a convoluted fashion. We look at the mistreatment afforded our Philippine brothers and sisters as auguring type of treatment which we, as American veterans, may see our government bestowing upon us, not by way of rescission of the fact that we are actively engaged, but due to some sort of budgetary difference to the obligation of this nation to those who have provided defense, who have gone to hospitals, and into work fields and said to our fellow veterans: " You have served this nation, you have served it well." "To the Filipino-America heroes, we fully support you .You will not be forgotten . you will not b ignored. You will not be demeaned but you are going to be held high. And that what should have been done to compensate you should have been done over 60 years ago.

We veterans truly deserved to be treated as human beings." Sick, Hungry and Dying Veterans Out of the original 300,000 Filipinos conscripted by Pres. F.D. Roosevelt in 1941 to be inducted into the United Armed Forces, and who bled and died for the U.S. flag there are only surviving 24,900 Filipinos who have not been fully compensated. Only 8,000 of them reside here in the U.S. And under current misguided laws and legislative measures, majority of these Fil-Am WW-2 veterans residing in the Philippines will not be benefited by present proposed legislation. They are dying by the hundreds of disease and want, ignored majority of legislators, except for handful like Sen. Inouye, Sen Reid, Sen. Ensign, Rep. Filner, Rep. R. Cunningham, etc., who understand the sad plight of the Fil-Am Ww-2 veterans out there 8,00 miles away. Honest Lobby by Adevoso of OVA Of late, the Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) headed by Mr. Jerry Adevoso, Presidential Representative of Philippine Pres. G. M. Arroyo to the U.S. under Arroyo’s direct mandate have been earnestly pushing for passage of Sen. Inuoye’s Senate bill S-68 and other favorable bills, providing relief for the indentured Fil-Am veterans out there in the Philippines. Jealousies and intrigues from other Philippine offices could not deter Adevoso’s trustworthy and frank approach to his honorable and straight-forward job of protecting Fil-Am WW-2 veterans from discrimination and ill-treatment. Let there be no mistakes about that ! Adevoso’s Presidential Mandate Adevoso’s mandate is not under any other Philippine office that should frustrate his work. He routinely informs the Philippine embassy of the progress of his honest lobby for the Fil-Am veterans which is only a minute part of job. His office mission and work is independent of the embassy, being a direct appointee of Pres. Arroyo. He can not be mistreated or let go by anyone except by Pre. G. M. Arroyo, who has full in trusts him. Veterans and the sons and daughters of WW-2 veterans has full trust and confidence in Adevoso who was literally was born from the struggle of the Hunters PMA-ROTC Guerrilla. whose father.

Brig. General Eleuterio Adevoso (PMA ’44), who led the liberation and rescue from near massacre of no less than 2,146 American and allied prisoners of war in Los Banos (Laguna) in Luzon in February 23, 1945. I only know this too well for I was a Hunter Guerrilla that participated in that daring raid that saved 2,146 Americans and allied POWs. Inouye’s Compassionate Bill The bill of Inouye should pass into law. it will provide $100 for each Fil-Am veteran residing in the Philippines, who are not U.S. citizens, and who have been cruelly discriminated by the U.S. Congress by excluding them from benefits. His bill should not be a victim of congressional partisan harshness and power play. One of these bills pending (S-1213) nevertheless, give the most pressure for its passage because it reflects the terms of Pres. G. W. Bush’s commitment that he made to Philippine Pres. G. M. Arroyo during her last State visit to the U.S. last May according to PN correspondent. Rita G. Adkins. The effort of Adevoso push Inouye’s bill, however, takes second priority after HR-677, a bill of Rep. Randy Cunningham seeking full equity payment of all veteran’s benefits - was a specific mandate by Pres. G. M. Arroyo. Inouye’s bill S-68 at least would match what the Philippine government was assisting the Fil-Am WW-2 veterans with $100 per month, in the absence of U.S. benefits.

The current Inouye-McDonald legislative measure are the beginnings of securing equity for the Fil-Am WW-2 veterans denied since 1946 under the cruel Rescission Act of 1946 by the 79th Congress that took away all veterans benefits from Fil-Am WW-2 veterans, except for two benefits: such as disability and curial benefits. Veterans’ Full Support In support of the thrust of Adevoso (who has the backing of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP), the 39 chapters of National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-2 Veteran leaders here in the U.S. and the American Legion), these huge organizations have quoted the following U.S. Supreme Court decisions to gruffly remind Congress as follows: U.S. Supreme Court Decisions (1) " The Philippines was not a foreign territory within the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, and that the Commonwealth of the Philippines was under the sovereignty of the United States. The U.S. legally involved he Philippines in a war of the U.S. against Japan, likewise dictated the political and military strategy of the conflict."

( See: U.S. Supreme Court decisions on Insular cases) (2) (2) " Equity is rooted in conscience equal protection of laws not achieve through indiscriminate imposition of inequalities. Historical text of the 14th Amendment became part of the U.S. Constitution should not be forgotten. (3) "It is clear that the matter of primary concern was establishment of equality in the enjoyment of basic civil and political rights, and the preservation of these rights from discriminatory action on the part of the state (or by any individual based on consideration of race and color." (4) Further oppression of Fil-Am WW-2 veterans under invidious racial and economic discrimination in Congress through preclusion of their rightful wartime-earned compensation and benefits exposes U.S. government’s truculence for the past 58 years of cruelty. (5) If such anomaly is further allowed to exist and continue, therefore the U.S. government has made the Filipino-American WW-2 U.S. servicemen to fight under the American flag as peons (slaves) that rendered "involuntary servitude"(no less slavery) strictly prohibited and abhorred by the U.S. Constitution. Segregationists in Congress should comprehend and obey the meaning of these two U.S. Supreme Court decisions and desist from acting as a separate republic of the United States which ignores justice and fairness. (6) It is even more dangerous that these innocent and hapless Fil-Am, veterans are punished through prejudice and discrimination without the force of law than the guilty ones. The U.S. government unlike a person has neither shame nor gratitude. (7) The future of this country and the world may well depend upon citizens who must uphold and protect the Constitution rather than foolhardy politicians acting sans caution. (8) God save this country !




MANILA, February 29, 2004
By Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada (Former Senate Committee Veterans-Military Pensions Associate, PMA’44)

The Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP), chartered under Republic Act 2640, as the umbrella organization of ALL war veterans, have amended its charter to establish a political party-list to have its own congressmen in Congress, as Gen (Ret) E. Gidaya. In this coming election (May 2004) will have a slot in the ballot for at least a party-list solon.

The VFP and the Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) urged all war veterans of all wars and conflicts to consider and campaign for the party candidate. People behind this political move are the VFP and OVA stalwarts who have long been fighting for the right-full compensation and benefits of war veterans in Congress (both in the Philippines and in the U.S.)

Veterans can not, and will not rely, nor depend on any other entity when comes to fighting for their own rights and privileges. Likewise for their dignity and honor That is the reason why the Veterans Freedom Party was established, especially in the wake of many bogus and un-authorized self-appoint destructive advocates, connected with scams.

Even Congressmen and Senators, especially in the U.S. have complained about irregularities and scams obtaining as fixers. It should be distinguished that the Veterans Federation (VFP) including the Sons and Daughters of the VFP, as well as the Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) are the only ones with vested interests and property rights to their (and their parent’s wartime-earned compensation and benefits) represent and speak for veterans. No one else!

None but the veterans themselves can eloquently speak of the horrors, the sacrifices and uselessness of wars! As well as they are entitlements by way of benefits. The public is hereby cautioned not to believe or deal with any other than the above official entities that fight and protect veteran’s welfare. Most of those advertising as advocates for veterans are incompetent in the legislative process and its political dynamics. And they have inflicted damage to the official lobby due to misrepresentation and rackets.

On record, the VFP, for over many decades, since after WW-II, have been officially protecting the rights and privileges of veterans. I say this with authority as the VFP Representative of ALL WW-II veterans to the USA. And as former Senate Committee Secretary, also as past vice president of the VFP since its establishment. Concurrently as Director for Public Relations and Assistant Board Secretary of the Philippine Veterans Bank (PBV).

It is on record that the VFP, under the leadership of Col. (Ret.) Emmanuel de Ocampo - and the S&D that were behind the struggle of veterans for their rights, and restoration of their dignity and honor. Not to leave out the valuable work of the OVA under its indefatigable Head, J. .Jerry Adevoso, Special Presidential Representative based in Washington D.C.

It was the VFP that obtained the veterans old age pension (currently at P5,000 per month) dispensed by the Philippine Government since 1990. It was also responsible for the re-opening of the Philippine Veterans Bank in 1992 (after it was plundered by the conjugal dictatorship of Marcos in 1985.). The bank is the only bank in the world owned and operated by veterans and their sons and daughters that pours back 20% of it annual net earnings to the coffers of veterans whose collateral organizations were able to continue operating to serve veteran and their compulsory heirs.

The opening of the Veterans Industrial Estate in Taguig, Rizal, Metro-Manila – contributes to a monthly gross income of approximately P2-million Pesos to the coffers of the veterans and collateral organizations through out the country. Best of all, the VFP has succeeded in unifying all World War II veterans, and their organizations, now under one roof and leadership of the VFP.

Today, veterans act as one when moving for concrete solutions after removing the fractious internecine state during he years 1940s and 50s.And fight bogus impostors. Even if there were veterans residing in the U.S. and out there in the Philippines – the VFP and the OVA are one, and united in their crusade of full equity payment (and cloture of the U.S. huge monetary obligation to them) of their active military services as members of the U.S. Armed Forces in World War II.

In view of the foregoing facts, the VFP and the OVA hereby ask all veterans to campaign and consider voting for the party-list candidate of the Veterans Freedom Party – in order to have their own congressmen to look after their own interests.



NEVADA, USA, April 14, 2004  By Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Associate PMA ‘44 - Old soldiers never die – they honorably fade away with attributes such as courage, loyalty and integrity.

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) ( the West Point of the Philippines ) has been the training ground for professional soldiers, more particularly Class ’44 that was said as molded by fire like gold – before World War II.

When some 73 young men entered the hallowed grounds of the Academy ( then was in the Teacher’s Camp, in Baguio City) in 1940, little did they know that their commissioning in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) would come before their graduation. It sounds odd – but true.

Class ’44 had no sword to show, nor a graduation yearbook until their 50th anniversary. Graduation for this class was in the battlefields of Bataan, Corregidor, the Philippine Defense Campaign in 1941 until the Liberation of the Philippines in 1945.. This was a class with hard and bitter sweet memories of the cadet corps, as yearlings who had their baptism of fire in World War II in 1941, in the Philippine Commonwealth Army, as a U.S. military force that were inducted and incorporated into the United States Army in the Far East (USAFFE).

They fought a war inherently not of Filipinos, but of the United States against Japan. They fought gallantly for both the Commonwealth and the U.S. flag as members of the U.S. Army under Gen. D. McArthur.

They were vanquished by an obdurate enemy in 1942, however, never took defeat from the invaders, organized a ragtag irregular and unconventional resistance movement, named as the Hunters PMA-ROTC Guerrilla (Hunters for short).

They learned the art of beg, borrow and steal logistic operation, and harassed the occupation troops, inflicted heavy damage against the enemy from the rear, with the least casualties on their part, celebrated the glory of victory after 4 years in the mountain vastness of the Sierras up to the liberation of the Philippines in 1945.

They fiercely fought singing the guerrilla cavalier’s song “ Marching along, fifty-score, great-hearted men,” (BR. Browning, in Cavalier’s tune)

It was a close-knit Class with a distinct and renown history of its own who wrote it with blood an sweat, earned a reputation of excellence in the field of battle, respected by its counterpart academy graduate officers in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Some of them, like this author were taken prisoners-of-war in the enemy’s hamletting (zona) operation,by the dreaded Japanese Kempei Tai (military police), were tortured and beaten to the pulp, rendered disabled, however, were rescued by their cavaliers to freedom during the enemy occupation, recuperated and again joined their fightingest cavaliers in the Philippine Liberation Campaign in 1945.

“Ils ne passeront pas !” (The enemy shall not pass) said General Petain, 1916. These men remembered our own history when the young Gen. Del Pilar said the same in Tirad Pass, before he was felled by an American bullet.

The brotherhood of strong hearts, this class was unique because from the Academy in 1940, to the soggy foxholes of Bataan and the humid tunnels of Corregidor in 1942, the guerrilla resistance movement from 1942 to 1945, and in the Liberation of the Philippines, they were intact as one family that looked after each other. A few were WW-II casualties, but obstinately opposed the enemy until 1945.

It can be said that camaraderie of this class was exceptional. They stuck together through thick and thin – likewise, their families that went through years of privation.

It was part and parcel of their career to go to war when necessary. They learn and knew that war was a science of destruction And that there was never a good war, or a bad peace. (B. Franklin).

. Those who were brutally tortured by the enemy during the enemy occupation - had only to thank their former upperclassmen who unfeelingly hazed them in a year of “beast barracks” which eventually served as their preparatory entrance to the brutal world of prisoners-of-war’s torment by a savage enemy who ignored the Geneva Convention.

They gruffly survived the ordeal in war’s hell to tell the unbelievable horrors of war. With bloodied heads but unbowed, still tart and pungent, with a strong heart, had an infallible faith that death was a stranger to them. No one was ever a coward among them. “For only cowards die many times before their own demise. The valiant never taste of death but once.” (Shakespeare, in Julius Caesar, II,2)

After liberation in 1945-46, it was also a class selected by the AFP to all go to top Command and Staff Schools in the United States, and majority of this particular class were trained in (Artillery Course) in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, with some exceptions who went to Fort Benning Georgia, (in Infantry course) a handful in San Antonio, Texas ( in the Air Corps). A small minority in U.S. and foreign Naval Schools,( in the Navy). They strive for perfection because they know that perfection has no trifles.

Only to find out later that avid politics was just as wicked as bad peace which was worst than war. Disillusioned by “ inequality which materializes the elite-class, vulgarizes the middle-class, and brutalizes the lower-class of a fragile society.”

This class was a suspect of, and by avid politicians for being idealistic, and seen as a threat to expedient political demagoguery. They were watched by politico-jaundiced eyes as the heat was heaped upon them

Albeit, this class strived to make progress from scaffold to scaffold. And learned how to deal with politics which they saw that it can not safely leave politics to ,politicians, in the same token can not also leave economics to college professors. And that politicians can not be politicians and remain honest under logistical deficit.

They returned to the country from foreign studies with their hearts and minds unconcealed. If there was one who could tell their story, is this author, from the time they boarded the special couch of the Philippine National Railways in Tutuban Station in Manila that brought them to Damortis, La Union to Polo field (tent city) in Baguio City in April 1940 – where they first tasted cadet discipline from welcoming squads of upperclassmen.

We rode in the train from Manila, and were transferred to buses from Damortis to Baguio, where my late father, Capt, R. N. Quesada, (PA), who was among the organizers and instructor of the Reserve Service School (ROSS), was waiting for me.

Members of this Class came from various levels of Philippine society like any other bunch of eager-beaver plebes - of modest means (sons of farmers, fishermen, government employees, and civilian workers. And top military generals)

As plebes they shared just one common aspiration – to study, graduate from the Academy and serve the country as gentlemen officers of the armed services. The Academy offered them that unique golden opportunity to achieve their goals and ambitions. And inculcated in them tenets of unvarnished nationalism.

Such opportunity was said as a tide in the affairs of ambitious men which lead them to the flood of fame. It is only once in a man’s lifetime, at least such opportunity knocks unbidden at one’s door. These cavaliers grabbed that witting guest to be masters of their destinies and captains of their ships

As they innocently entered the gate of the Academy, they readily got the taste of the stern “reception, and eagle-eyed attention and commands from the uppies who did not lose time to mold new men out of them. Through “constructive” hazing that would last for a year’s “beast barracks” designed to transform them into a brand new cadets that would shape them up to snappy officers, which they would carry the newly acquired personal demeanor the rest of their lives - in war and in peace.

On to war, they went. “And he shall smell the stench of battle, thunders of Captains and the shouting.” ( Old Testaments, Job, XXXI,X,25)

The challenging plebe year, at the Academy, they are always moving in a great haste (doubletime) pace, as they are integrated into the cadet corps – unceasingly, adjusting to the rigors and trauma of being “ducrots” and “dumb-johns” as novices. In summer, they go into maneuvers at Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union.

As summer ends, they return to the Teacher’s Camp ( their home base) for academics, and unending pressure from the uppies who make plebes conform strictly with Corps’ standards.

In this class were noted cadets, one by virtue of his father’s reputation who earlier graduated at West Point, USA. They were: Vicente Lim Jr., who went to the USMA at West Point, and Fidel Segundo Jr. However, they had no extra privileges as plebes. They were hazed not with scorpions, but also with the same verbal whips, with justifiable punishment from the upperclassmen.

Sergio Molano, went to USNA in Annapolis. Members of this famed Class – that produced several Generals, Flag Officers in Command were: the class roster is listed hereunder (in alphabetical order)

Fernando A. Avendano, Galileo C. Acosta, Daniel B. Adea, Eleuterio L. Adevoso, Florentino B. Aguila, Domingo A. Alcasid, Jose M. Artiaga, Beinvenido V. Baquiren, Eduardo A. Baumann, Leandro C. Bermejo, Felix F. Bernal, Geronimo M Cabal, Percival P. Caceres, Laureto E. Caluya, Godoredo E. Carreon, Lauro M. Castillo, Jimeno A Cleofe, Teodoro J. Concepcion, Marcelino R. Corpus, Benito P. Dacanay, Patrocinio T. Dacanay, Nicanor C. David, Rufino C. Dizon, Emilio A. Domingo, Rafael F. Dumlao, Marcelino F. Erfe-Mejia, Hilarion L. Estrera, Alfredo Fawcett. Waldomero E. Federis, Pablo O. Fenix, Leonilo O Flor, Juanito N. Ferrer, Mauricio S. Flores, Pablo M. Francisco, Gil G. Genguyon, Jose B. Gutierrez, Guillermo G. Guzman, Saturnino S .Indiongco. Cristobal C. Irlanda, Cesar C. Jazmin, Pacifico V Jose, Melanio P .Lara, Bernardo L. La Madrid, Vicente H. Lim Jr, Patrocinio Lim (A), Bartolome S. Macalinao, Pablo A. Magaro, Vicente E, Raul S. Manglapus (A), Vicente E. Maristela, Sergio C. Molano, Guillermo S. Moreno, Godiardo G. Nonato, Pedro O. Paat, Anselmo Q. Paje, Juan B. Panopio, Pablo G. Paredes, Gregorio R. Perez, Jose Z. Perlas, Victor M. Punzalan, Francisco B. Quesada (A), Julio C. Radam, Ramiro F. Regalado, Jose L Reyes, Jose Rodriguez, Armando G. Romero, .Antenor B. Roque, Benitez C. Roque, Severino R. Ruaro, Samson T. Sabalones, Felipito C. Sandico, Frisco F. San Juan, Hermogenes V. Santiago, Fidel V. Segundo Jr., Elias G Sevilla, Mario O Signacion, Vivencio a. Valdez, Erusto P. Valencia, Jesus L. Ver, Vicente A. De Vera, William Veto, Aurelio S. Ugalde, Damaso Torralba. Lorenzo A. Tan, Paciano Tangco (A), Eufracio C. Villanueva, and Mariano Villasanta.

Of the original 73, plus 4 associates - only less than half are still around, retired from the military – most of them are engaged in business, and/or residing abroad.

They were aboard in their 50th anniversary in the hallowed grounds of the Academy in Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City like always one big happy family where finally their much vaunted annual souvenir year-book was finally published. Those marked (A) above were associates, as accomplished professionals and outstanding military officers who were their wartime foxhole buddies, and/or fellow cadets.

Special Note: Members of the group who reported to PMA on April 1940 as Class 1944 were:: Felix R.Bernal, (FNU) Briosos, Marcelino Escalona, Pablo Ignacio, Vicente H. Lim Jr., (FNU)Loren, Sergio C. Molano,Vicente O.Orat, (FNU) Rapista, Edmundo DeLos Reyes, Jose Rodriguez, Samson T. Sabalones, Santos G. Dizon, (FNU) Santos, Rafael Tadeo, William Veto.

Reasons for their departure and return were: they either had formerly resigned, or were turned back, or was in USMA, or USNA, or suffered injury as a cadet, or left for personal reasons or was disabled, and was a POW in WW-II.

This class, however, did not just fade away quietly. It left an indelible mark in history, not only etched in the marble monuments of pantheons of heroes, but in the stout hearts of free men who believe that patriotism is never enough unless everyone no longer have ridden hate or bitterness in their hearts.

They learned that in World War II, where their fellow cavaliers offered themselves in the altar of freedom, and in the Korean War where one of them, Cavalier Jose M. Artiaga, during lonely winter battle bravely stood against overwhelming numbers in the face of the surging ( fanatical Chinese affiliates) of the North Korea with unparalleled valor and gallantry.

This class – composed of seasoned war veterans have learned to strive for peace with honor. They relentlessly demanded from the U.S. government what was due them for their active and honorable military service to Uncle Sam.

To them, it was not the value of dollars and cents, but a question of dignity and honor denied.. Many of them perished bare and naked of their rightful compensation and benefits from the U.S. that misled and deceived them. Albeit, they persevered. They know that justice and fairness would prevail in the end.

They prayed and hoped to see relief from distress in God’s peaceful ways. “In la sua voluntade e’ nostra pace” (In His will is peace comformable with divine law.)




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, May 7, 2004
(STAR) By Col.( Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Vets–Military Pension, Associate, PMA ‘44 - "These intrepid Filipino-American soldiers are United States Army veterans,: said Rep. Gordon McDonough of the House of Representatives.

"There is a school of thought in our government holding the view that those Filipinos who fought with our forces in the Philippines under a military order of our President were "in the active service of the United States Army but not in the United States Army" and are therefore not entitled to veterans benefits provided for by law.."

They uphold the contrary view, namely, that those brave and loyal Filipinos are veterans – veterans de facto, hence – should be granted full veterans benefits.

I wish to call attention of Congress to this matter.

Mr. Speaker, our inaction in our treatment of the Filipinos who fought under our command with such valor and gallantry is bound to have international repercussions. We must let the Filipino down for the sake of simple justice and ouR international reputation.

First, the Philippine government did not receive lend-lease aid from us, and, second – that Filipino participation to the war had shortened it and thus have saved not only many American lives but also billions of dollars.

Mr. Vicente Villamin, a well-known Filipino economist, in an article had this to say:

"The Filipino who fought under Gen. Douglas McArthur has a story to tell the American people.

"In that war there were 16,000 foreigners who joined the U.S. Army They were considered veterans and were enjoying veterans benefits under the law. There were 400,000 Filipinos in that Army of the Philippines, but they were not considered veterans, and therefore, not entitled to veterans benefits, except for insurance and pension for death or disability, which are enjoyed by a small percentage in number.

"Thus, a Filipino soldier who was lucky enough to come out of the war unscathed gets nothing except the glory of having fought under the American flag made poignant by the chagrin of being read out as a veteran by postwar legalistic interpretations of his status.

"He is denied the benefit of the GI bill of rights, the mustering out pay, the Terminal leave Act, the six month’s death gratuity Act. And other Acts.

"The claim of the Filipino to recognition as a veteran rests on the fact that on July 26, 1941, the President of the U.S and Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy and acting under act of Congress of March 24, 1934 – ordered the Philippine Army inducted into the American Army, and it was not until June 9, 1946, that it was released from under American military authority by anther order of the President.

"On April, 1942 – the Attorney General held that the Philippine Army was by the President’s inducting order thereby placed in the "active military service in the land and naval forces of the U.S.

"This was the law until the Congress in February 18, 1946 passed the First Rescission Act, declaring that that army was not in such active service and therefore not entitled to veterans benefits, with two exceptions noted above.

"Since then, the War Department ordered has recommended to Congress a bill extending to Filipinos the benefits tee befits of the Missing Person’s Act, which provide them with back-pay.

"On the induction of the Philippine Army 4 months before Pear Harbor, the American government assumed its expenses. Development and direction. There was no statement and at that time by the President of the U.S. or law of Congress that suggested even faintly that they were made to understand that they were other than soldiers of the U.S. Army.

"On the contrary, they were made to understand that they were such soldiers. They were proud of it, and they fought with more cest.. When they were ordered by the President of the U.S., the Filipino soldiers, who by law owed allegiance to the U.S. could not have refused to comply.

"The order was obligatory upon them as the Conscription Act, was on American citizens. They were roughly in the same position the members of the National Guard., who were ordered into. The Army and became veterans on honorable release.

"Stated in a different way, he President’s order had the force and effect of a Federal statute declaring the Filipino soldiers members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and that was the equivalent to enlistment en masse.

"The Filipino soldiers were not mercenaries or mere hired workers in uniform to be discharged summarily without benefit of veteran’s rights after their combat usefulness had ceased with the end of the war, which they helped hasten. They had acquired rights both inherent an derivative, while serving veterans benefits in full.

"The British soldiers, for example, who fought with the American forces under a unified command, are under a different category. They served under Anglo-American agreement to coordinate military operations.

"They were not under order of the President of the U.S. or a law of the U.S. Congress. Clearly, therefore, they are not veterans of the U.S. Army.

"The Philippine Army had lost its organic identity when it was integrated the American forces and, the Philippine government, which under the law then in force was merely a creature of the American Congress, were in temporary legal vacuum itself.

"These two facts were made patent at the Japanese surrender ceremonies in Tokyo Bay, where no Filipino representatives were invited to sign the surrender instrument, although representative of New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Holland, France, china, Russia, and Great Britain did sign to punctuate their victory over the enemy".

But the Filipinos was partly reconciled to that symbolic exclusion because their friend , Gen. McArthur, signed the for Americans and for them. They were attached to America by ribbons of service and affection - an attachment so pathetic in its sincerity. And so it is hard for them to understand the legalists in Washington D.C. should now hold that they were not in the active service of the American forces when they ask as they now do, for veterans recognition.

"Filipinos as veterans in the postwar times would cost the American government money. But the Filipinos have saved much more money than the cost. Let this two following considerations be taken into account in this connection:

"First, Gen. McArthur has stated the participation of Filipinos in the war had shortened it considerably and saved many American lives. If it shortened the war, by 50 days, it had saved the U.S. some $15,000,000,000 at the rate of $500,000,000 of expenditures a day.

"Second, if the Philippine Army had not been inducted in the American army 4 months before Pearl Harbor, the Philippine government, ever loyal to the U.S. would have prepared for and waged a war as a separate entity and as such it would have received billions of dollars worth of lend-lease assistance from the U.S.

As it was, it received no such assistance. Filipinos deserve to be considered veterans of Americas armed forces. Strict technicality may militate against it. But equity is in its favor and fundamental policy fortifies it. # #




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA,  May 10, 2004 (STAR) By Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary , Veterans and Military Pension, Associate, PMA ‘44  - Here are hard facts about the rationale without any doubt, pertinent to the demand and claim of Filipino-American World War-II ex-US Army servicemen from the U.S. for their rightful compensation and wartime-earned benefits who were conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight for the U.S. flag and U.S. imperial interests in the war of American against Japan. (1941-45)

These inconvertible facts which can not be changed into something else simply must be comprehended by all Filipinos and Americans alike so they will not look like strangers to the truth, and/or destitute of knowledge and weak in understanding.

Veritable Facts

(1) Filipinos were reduced to U.S. nationals even though they were born in the dominion. They were denied citizenship and were made mere member of the Commonwealth of the Philippines (a protectorate of the U.S.) after it was submissively ceded by Spain to the U.S. and in a notorious cut-rate (baratillo) concessionary purchase by the U.S. at a paltry sum of $20-million dollars.

This was described by the late, RP Senator, Jose Wright Diokno, my Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans and Military Pensions - as a concessionary purchase, and dirt cheap. Why? I hereby quote Sen Diokno, to wit:

“The purchase of the Philippine Islands by the United States – an archipelago of 300,000 square kilometers, at the time only had 10-million Filipino inhabitants, or $20-million dollars therefore - cost $0.67 U.S. cents per hectare of Philippine land and $2.00 dollars per head of a Filipino at that time.”

` Since then, from 1898, he said, the Filipino had been duped many times over and over again .by American segregationists that have been pretending what they are not, as an incorrigible hypocrite.

Slavery has ceased since it was declared inhuman and a bane to any nation. But its ugly head still shows in U.S society, not to leave out the government controlled by camouflaged elitists as disguised slave-holders.

Filipinos had been a hapless docile, led around the nose by American imperial manipulators that held the tiger by the tail.

(2) The Filipino U.S servicemen were an integral part of the U.S. Army in the Far East (USAFFE) like any white member of the U.S. Armed Forces. Therefore, were not a separate unit of the U.S. Army. As a matter of fact, their military records are kept in the Department of Army Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. And not for decorative reason or purpose.

They are equal to any white American and same in amount, worth, degree, value to denote fairness, like any member of the U..S. Army. And were utilized by the U.S. in World War II by the U.S. into Harm’s Way under a contract by Pres. Roosevelt. Thus they are entitled to the same compensations and benefits of any member of the U.S. Armed services.

They sincerely do NOT deserve the present existing inhuman maltreatment by the U.S. government by denying and retarding settlement for over 60 years - their battle-earned compensation and benefits under a step-by-step (piece-meal) basis through the years, while they wallow under poverty, sickness, want and die without enjoying the rewards of their sacrifices in World War-II. Hundreds of thousands of WW-II veterans 16 allied nations had bee fully compensated by then U.S. – but the Filipino soldiers were denied under the infamous Rescission Act of 1946 under a cruel hoax perpetuated by the U.S. 79th Congress.

Why the racial and economic discrimination? Why the hypocritical and inhuman treatment? Why has the U.S. government betrayed them and the will of the American taxpayer (people) of justice and fairness against Filipinos?

I therefore, hereby quote the decision of the U.S Supreme Court in Insular cases, to wit:

“The Philippines was not a foreign territory within the meaning of the U.S Constitution, and that the Commonwealth of the Philippines was under the sovereignty of the United State. The United State legally involved the Philippines in a war of the United States against Japan, likewise dictated the political and military strategy of the conflict.” (See: U S Supreme Court decision on Insular cases.)

This should enlighten those who have been posing as self-appointed Filipino and American advocates posing as Saturday principal figures of so-called “coalitions and federations” without shame and regard for verity. Thus, are mere opportunists entrepreneurs. Facts speak and stand for itself which command respect.

They have used the gullible media to feature photos and stories promoting themselves at the expense of the bon-fide veterans suffering under U.S. repression. Veterans have compared these pitiless and unwanted, untrodden Americanophiles sponsoring legislations discriminating their kababayans (veterans in the Philippines. ( like the perfidious Japanophiles (the Makapilis) during World War II in the Philippines. Example of this today are those in the perfidious coalitions and federations that are pushing passage of legislations: S-1213 and HR-2357, both bills have patent discriminatory provisions limiting benefits to only Fil-Am veterans who are US citizens and who reside here in the US.

These bills are patently and critically discriminatory against bona-fide Fil-Am WW-II veterans in the Philippines Congress. Bogus Filipino- and America self-adorned advocates destitute of savvy as perpetuators of faithless and pre-empted perfidy against the preponderant majority of veterans out there 8.000 miles away suffering from advance age, sickness are the shameless “Makapilis of today.

I hereby quote the US Supreme Court decision against racial, and economic discrimination:

“Equity is rooted in conscience and equal protection of laws not achieved through indiscriminate imposition of inequalities. Historical text of the 14th Amendment became part of the U.S Constitution should not be forgotten. It is clear that the matter of primacy concern was establishment of equality in the enjoyment of basic civil and political rights and the preservation of those rights from discriminatory action on the part of the State based on the consideration of race and color.” (See: US: S.Ct. 442 and Fr. P. Intines versus U,S,)

Lastly, if the US continues to retard payment, and under piece-meal basis it therefore have considered Filipinos as slaves, having made to fight the war of the US under “involuntary servitude” abhorred and prohibited by the US Constitution.

Fil-Am U.S. veterans demand full equity payment now because they have suffered for the last 60 years of ill-treatment while they die by the hundreds each day bare and naked of their rightful wartime compensation and benefits earned in battles of World War II.

Of the 200,000 Filipinos conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight and under U.S flag -, there are only 20,000 aging, sickly former U.S servicemen surviving under poverty level .

America must be made safe for Democracy – but by whom?




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, May 24, 2004
By Col.(Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions , Associate PMA ‘44 - On May 30th, is Memorial Day for honoring our fallen comrades, their compulsory heirs, not to leave out our duty to care for the disabled living comrades. This a day for us war-veterans to remember and honor our nation’s dead. We, who survived has that duty to remember, because none but us war veterans can eloquently speak of the horrors and consequences of war. No one else could do that better by virtue of our honorable and active military service for the flag.

It is our day, and NOT for the pretenders, the impostors and the noise-maker’s mealy-mouthed dishing out platitudes. We sincerely express our genuine sorrow for the sacrifices and sufferings of others whom we did not leave behind when we escaped from the enemy onslaught.

Since this nation had engaged in war over 200 hundred years ago, over 1.2 million war veterans died in battle, and more were casualties, albeit have survived like us. Albeit, are victims of political savagery.

Of the 200,000 original Filipino-American war veterans whom Pres. F .Roosevelt conscripted in 1941, and legally involved in American’s war against Japan in World War II - there are now less and less each day than the 29.400 aging, sickly and forlorn among us survivors diminishing each day from advanced age, disease and want, who are victims of racial and economic discrimination under a political cruel hoax – that stares in the faces of every U.S. Administrators, and members of the U.S. Congress, as well. who betrayed us.

Unless we, and the whole citizenry brings into full force veterans and their families, likewise bring to bear on the political segment of government to recognize the valuable role and actual sacrifices of war veterans, Memorial Day, it will remain as a sham, a least for us.

This nation can not even for a minute afford to pretend that it has fully provided adequate compensation and benefits veteran’s have earned in battle with blood and lives spent.

The government can not abdicate its solemn responsibility for remembering and recognizing the nation’s war dead and disabled under any excuse. The nation carries such tradition, but with less devotion in full equity recompense for the sacrifices and properties offered by veterans to the nation.

We turn our attention on this day to the plight of our comrades who up until now are victims of invidious discrimination. This issue has been a sad story in the history of this nation filled with chilling implications of political insincerity towards war veteran’s benefits denied for half-a-century.

This grinding issue has been so-laded with unwritten ending. America owes its existence to the sacrifices of war veterans – and NOT to avid politicians, but those who have honor-bound pledges of adequate rehabilitation to war veterans who made their ultimate sacrifice for God and country.

Politicians given borrowed power by citizens to be servants of the people and NOT as masters must draw closer to dedicate time and sincere effort to preserve the worthy tradition of not only honoring the dead but their sacred duty of caring for the living.

We can only observe Memorial Day properly with compassion and heartfelt gratitude for generation after generation who were driven into the edge, and harm’s way, so the majority may live in freedom but with responsibility.

We, the Filipino-American war veterans have suffered more than enough for this country in time of war, and even during the generosity of peace. Over 50 years of truculent mistreatment can not be hidden from the discriminating eyes of the world that have witnessed racial and economic persecution.

It is not the will of the American people to make "second class citizens and veterans" of these loyal soldiers that blindly fought the war who saved billions of dollars and save thousands upon thousands of American GI’s lives in World War II in the Philippines.

Pages of history is filled with evidence of irresponsibility and guile inflicted against these indentured war-veterans which can not be swept under the rug. The media has been easily deceived to cover up the crime against humanity, very anti-veteran and un-American.

We seek out all the freedom-loving, justice-seeking citizens to join us in our crusade for fairness and justice today as we celebrate Memorial Day . There is ever-growing potential threat of terrorism against his nation. It begins from the nation’s own wittingly or unwittingly intention to injure or inflict shabby reprisal against war veterans under avid politics. Citizens are turned off.

The resounding words of a war lord who said, "What is more difficult to bear than the reverse of fortune is the baseness and hideous ingratitude of man and government." said Napoleon-I.

This should be the maxim on this Memorial Day for some of our politicians who hold borrowed power from the citizens who, elected them – but who never gave a damn to veterans.




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, May 26, 2004
By Col .(Ret) Frank B. Quesada (Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44) - In reply to so many queries from veterans and their families, here are some salient points in the Cedillo law - AB 1978 or otherwise known as Cal State Supplementary Program [SSP], here is legislative measure pertinent to this State law.

Obtaining debate and demonstrations by affected veterans and their families as regards the cancellation of this State assistance to Fil-Am WW-II veterans – by the Governor, necessitated this detailed information on why and how such State assistance came about.

I am hereunder quoting certain pertinent portions of said law for the guidance of veterans and their next-of-kins. Not leave out the general public who support such law that entitled Fil-Am vets mistreated by the U.S. Congress.

The State of California has been the only State that recognized the misery of Fil-Am WW-II veterans that were denied their rightful but unpaid wartime-earned compensation and benefits. Therefore, have chosen to help the intrepid WW-II veterans residing in California.

By providing these information, it will assist the affected veterans and families being cut-off from said State Supplementary Program.

This State law is actually entitled as: "An Act to add Chapter 3.5 commencing with Section 12400 to Part 3 of Division 9 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, relating to human services, and declaring the urgency thereof, to take effect immediately."

This law provides for a State Supplementary Program [SSP] for the aged, blind, and disabled, which requires the State Department of Social Services to contract with the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services to make payments to SSP recipients to supplement supplemental security income (SSI) payments made available pursuant to the Federal Social Security Act.

This also provides benefits at the same level as SSP benefits to certain veterans of World War II who return to the Republic of the Philippines, and no longer have a place of residence in the State, if they are receiving SSP benefits on December 14, 1999.

This also would require the Secretary of California Health and Human Services Agency to seek an agreement with the Federal government to provide for the administration of this law in conjunction with the administration of certain Federal benefits. The law declares that it is to take effect immediately as an emergency statute.

Section I. x x x Intent of this legislature that the same level of benefits are made available under the SSP x x x and be provided as a California veterans benefit to those courageous soldiers who were members of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines military forces who were in the service of the U.S. on July 31, 1941 or thereafter.

Section 2. The legislature finds and declares the following:

[a] Included among those military forces described in Section 1 of this Act were the organized guerrilla forces under commanders appointed, designated, or subsequently recognized by the Commander in Chief of the Southwest Pacific Area [ AFWESPAC] or other competent authority in the Army of the U.S.

[b] It is in the public interest for the State of California to recognize these courageous soldiers who fought and defended American interests during WW-II and who were currently receiving SSP benefits as of December 14, 1999, by permitting then to return to their homeland to spend their last days without complete forfeiture of benefits.

Section 3. Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 12400) is added to Part 3 of Division 9 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, to read: CHAPTER 3.5 BENEFITS FOR CALIFORNIA VETERANS.

12400. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any person receiving benefits under Section 12200 on December 14, 1999, and who meets the requirements of subdivision (b) shall be eligible to receive benefits under this chapter although he or she does not retain a residence in the State and returns to the Republic of the Philippines, if he or she maintains permanent residence in the Republic of the Philippines without any lapse of his or her presence in the Republic of the Philippines. for a period of not more than 12 months and without lapse of his or her presence in the Republic of the Philippines for two periods of 30 consecutive days during the period three (3) years.

(b) The person subject to subdivision (a) shall be eligible to receive benefits pursuant to this chapter if he or she was receiving benefits pursuant to subdivision (a) (b) ( c ) or (d) of Section 12200 as appropiate

(1) He or she is a veteran of World War II.

(2) He or she was a member of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines military forces who was in the service of the U.S. on July 31, 1941, or thereafter.

( c ) Benefits under this chapter shall be calculated the same as those benefits paid under subdivision (a) (b) ( c ) or (d) of Section 12200, as appropiate.

(d) Benefits paid under this chapter shall be in lieu of benefits paid under Section 12000 of Chapter 3 for the period for which the benefits are paid.

(e) Benefits hall be paid under this chapter for any period during which the recipient is eligible to receive benefits under Title 8 of the Federal Social Security Act as a result of the application of Federal Pubic Law 106-169, subject to any limitations imposed by this Section.

(f) This Section shall apply only to any individual who returns to the Republic f the Philippines for the period during which the individual establishes and maintain residence in the Republic of the Philippines and shall cease to apply to any individual who, after receiving benefits pursuant to this Section, leaves the Republic of the Philippines and establishes a residence outside of the Republic of the Philippines.

(g) To assist the /state in administering this Chapter, the Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency shall seek and agreement with the Federal government to administer this Chapter in conjunction with benefits under Title 8 of the Federal Social Security Act.

Section 4. This Act is an emergency statute necessary for the immediate preservation of public peace, health, or safety within the meaning of Article IV of the Constitution and shall go to immediate effect. The facts constituting the necessity are:

In order to timely implement this Act in a manner tha would result in reduced implementation costs, it is necessary that this Act take effect immediately.


A. How much is the California SSP portion paid with the Federal SSI ?

The general average amount of an SSI check is $692 for residents of California. At present, the SSP is approximately $180 to $215 over and above the social security income of approximately $447 to $512.

B. How much can an eligible Filipino-American veterans take home to the Philippines upon returning there to reside, from the SSP?

The amount of check received as a Social Security Supplemental Program from the State varies for each individual applicant, taking into account various factors such as other income received from other sources. Generally, the SSP check is $180 to approximately $215. So this is subject to verification by the applicant upon applying.

C. What are the restrictions in order to receive the SSP?

The new California SSP for Fil-Am veterans is the State version of the Federal Legislation (the SSI Extension Law - Public Law 106-109) signed by Pres. Clinton on December 1999.

The State law (SSP) imposes the same limitations as those imposed by the Federal law as stated in Section 3(e) which provides, to wit:

"Benefits shall be paid under this chapter fir any period during which the recipient is eligible to receive benefits under Title 8 of the Federal Social Security Act as a result of the application of Federal PL-106-169 subject to nay limitation imposed by this Section."

The general public is hereby warned not to deal with any individual or parties, that appears misrepresenting themselves as advocate for veterans.

There were reported so-called "coalitions" posing as do-gooders but are not registered with the Secretary of State of California, reported collecting money from veterans and their families during veterans meetings and gatherings.

Watch out also for a team of a fake colonel and a forger who works with a notorious moocher using an alias (not his true surname) using fantabulous titles in order to impress innocent veterans.

These duo are cuddled by a local newspaper whose press releases mislead the public. Boycott this newspaper that betrays veterans!

These duo usurp the responsibility of the Office of Veterans Affair (OVA) under the reported dispensation of an embassy official.

Legislators, OVA and the Veteran’s Council do not ask veterans lobby money at all - knowing veterans are only subsisting under SSI, therefore those who say that the money they ask from veterans are for legislative lobby, etc., are pocketing said money




MANILA, May 28, 2004
(STAR) By Col.(Ret.) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pension, Associate, PMA ‘44 - This column provides the precise and correct reply to the doubting Thomases
(those who have spoke out of turn without concrete evidence, accusing some officials of the Philippine Veterans Bank) regarding :disposition of the U.S. partial settlement of claims of recognized Fil-Am veterans whose names appear in the Revised Final Roster of guerrillas by the U.S. Army in 1948, in the Dept. of the U.S. Army

This information will also provide facts and proofs that we, in the continuing struggle for justice and fairness for veterans – had the guts to face up with those in the US government and against troublemakers giving aid and comfort to those in government who retard settlement through piecemeal payment of the veteran’s benefits, so the government can save and keep the money already earned and owned by veterans.

The objectionable piecemeal artifice espoused by the executive director of the ACFV, betrays the honest crusade for full equity payment of the preponderant veterans majority (29,400 survivors and the Fil-Am community today) are fighting for equity payment. Rep. B.. Filner and former Rep. B. Gilman exposed this to the media and the public to help stop such irregularity.

In the first place the said character of the ACFV and its affiliates in the Naffaa - do not have the legal standing to represent and or speak for all the preponderant veterans majority, and do not have any written sanction of the preponderant majority under the banner of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, chartered under Rep. Act 2640 as the sole umbrella organization of all Fil-Am WW-II veterans.

Those local self-appointed pretenders usurping the vested right and interest of bona-fide veterans are using the veterans as their "whipping boys" for their selfish ends and cheap publicity but have injured the honest official lobby of WW-II veterans.

We, veterans diligently work hard with dedicated and knowlegeable career diplomats like Am:. Elizalde, C.P. Romulo, S.P. Lopez, etc., and veterans-cause oriented officials have secured as much benefits from the US government through skilled ability to inter-face with American legislators without fear of the white-man’s burden and arrogance. Unfortunately, we do not see and find that courage today from our diplomats.

Ambassador, BGen (Ret.) Carlos P. Romulo earlier set aside diplomacy, and took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives in May 1946 - to denounce the cruel hoax perpetuated by segregationists in Congress who denied Fil-Am WW-II veterans their rightful compensation and benefits, as blood money earned in war under the perfidious Rescission Act of 1946.

This is an example of the correct manner in securing results expected by the Fil-Am WW-II veterans in their demand for justice and fairness, backed up by the will of decent American people.

Albeit, this brave act cannot be expected from the present monk ambassador, inutile in protecting the interests of war veterans, in which he was sworn to undertake under the Constitution and oath of office.

Romulo’s calibre served as an example to the present subsequent set of diplomats to emulate, and follow the example set by ambassador (BGen,) Carlos P. Romulo and the other proficient career diplomats. Romulo – albeit, was a WW-II veterans himself who saw the face of the enemy in WW-II along ourselves.

Philippine officials tasked to follow-up the Fil-Am WW-II veterans claims here in the US, simply must consult the legitimate veterans leadership ( the preponderant veterans majority) for guidance to make right and remove errors of judgments in dealing with the lobby problems.

Bogus self-anointed advocates in the private sector along with the local gullible press have beguiled the embassy through make-belief press releases. We, veterans reprove any bad handling of their case, especially those who are not W-II veterans, and are misguided by unauthorized and incompetent advocates posing as impostors seeking fame for themselves...

Veterans condemn them as traitors against our comrades who are residing in the Philippines and who were unable to secure U.S. citizenship because bum advocates are false to a trust. They have used dull-witted obtuseness of perception of government officials for their scam, and schemes which have injured the honest lobby of bona-fide veterans

Sadly, what have now are a few novices and non-career diplomats who are a far cry from former career ones adept in inter-governmental negotiations. Case in point, the last two controversial bills in congress (S-1213 and HR-2357 which contained patent discriminatory provisions excluding bona-fide veterans residing in the Philippines and who were unable to secure U.S. citizens were incompetently left behind by the embassy that failed to vigorously reject those bills that excluded our comrades in the Philippines. Along with unauthorized bogus (kababayans) perfidious advocates who collaborated with the villains in congress that treated Fil-Am veterans as "second class" U.S. ex-servicemen

Our public officials were sworn to office protect the Constitution and the veterans. (See the Cory constitution.) Therefore, the approach of OVA Head, Jerry Adevoso, Presidential Special Representative appointed by Pres. G.M. Arroyo, now promoted to Presidential Assistant on Veterans Affairs – is correct and accurate in his careful analysis, in his critique in pointing out the patent discriminating provisions in both bad bills (S1213 and HR-2357), dangling under the noses of officials, apparently being misled through the nose by a bum advocates with a shady track record, of supposed a son of a veteran, who uses an alias (not his father’s surname) dishonoring his father reportedly to hide his unsavory credit record. He was the same fellow who was threatened by a Los Angeles lawyer to face libel charges in the Superior Court. Therefore, moved to Washington.

Had it not been for the strong collective objection and protest by the chapter commanders of then different veterans organizations under the wing of the ad hoc National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans U.S.A., the Veterans Federation of the Philippines and the Sons and Daughters, Inc., who lodged their loud complaint to the sponsors of the bad bills – could have passed into law,, and once more could have marginalized veterans in RP. If those bills passed into and were carried by Pres. Bushinnhi State visit to Pres. G.M. Arroyo as a gift to FilAm veterans could have made Pres. Bush as a miserable wimp those controversial b bills excluded veteran residing in the Philippines.

Sen. Specter recognized and saw the flaw, and controversial portions in S-1213 and HR-2357 as pointed out by the veterans, therefore, set aside the two bad bills, espoused by an ACFV self-elected official. Specter instead pushed passage of S-1132. This boo-boo happens due to lack of conformity with facts and lack of savvy in veteranism by negligent officials exacerbated by interference of interlopers with un- savory track record,. under the devilish scheme of bum advocates seeking publicity at the expense of veterans.

Such similar U.S. cruel hoax – was loudly denounced by veterans like Gen. Romulo earlier. Thus, partial settlement by an embarrased Congress was effected then to appease the veterans who demanded rightful equity payment.

Here-under are the facts behind the disposition of the $21-million dollars paid by the US to Fil-Am veterans deposited in the Philippine Veterans Bank under a trust account for distribution to eligible veteran in the Philippines..

Disposition of paying eligible veterans was handled efficiently by Philippine Veterans Bank, under the supervision of the Central Bank of the Philippines. (See: PVB report to the Central Bank and the President of then Philippines.

Here, in this treatise, I speak as: (a) a former senate committee secretary, (b) as former vice president of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP), (c) as former Acting Asst. Board Secretary and Director of Public Relations of the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) (d) as the VFP representative to the U.S. The record is intact and open for public scrutiny.

Those who are with loose tongues and irresponsibly insulting their ignorance – had better shape up, or be hailed in court for libel by our legal panel.. Those who subsequently follow–up the demand of veterans in the US must have enough guts and who could tactfully interface correctly with, and/or against forces of segregation in congress who maltreat Fil-Am WW-II veterans. There is money in government that belongs to Fil-Am WW-II war veterans instead being with-held by powerful avid politicians for their pork barrels.

We, veterans will not settle for any less, or second-rate and/or deficient in fitness to squander what we veterans have already gained by way of our honest lobby. We will not allow ourselves to let us die - bare and naked of our rightful benefits earned in battle – simply because of extreme dullness and complacency and carelessness. of unproductive officials mandated to protect us, who are negligent. They better shape up, or return home. Veterans don’t need protégés who are dull and without courage. No guts – no glory , so to speak !

.The $31,120,000.00 (or the peso equivalent of PhP121,368,000.00) was deposited in the Philippine Veterans Bank, and lawfully disposed to bona-fide W-II veterans under close scrutiny of both U.S and Philippine governments.

U.S. payment was a result of careful negotiation by competent diplomats working closely with veterans. These U.S. payment of benefits to the Veterans Claims Settlement Fund (VCSF) was transferred from the U.S. government to the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) as the government depository thereof.

Such payment represents payment made by the U.S. government in settlement of certain claims of recognized Fil-Am World War II veterans whose names appear in the Revised Reconized Guerilla Roster (RRGR) of 1948, but were not paid, or were only partially paid their wages and allowances, and for reimbursement of several erroneous deductions (of three months) advance pay from the arrears –in-pay of former USAFFE soldiers, as well as recognized guerillas.

Such was a trust fund, which was kept, treated distinct and separate from the Bank’s own funds.

While such payment to lawful recipients were held pending identification, and location of said recipients – substantial portion of such trust fund was invested in government securities, and in high-grade, short-term commercial papers, subjected to strict audit .It is published for the general public’s information.

And the bulk of what was not immediately convertible that was in deposit in the Philippine National Bank (PNB), and the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). Claimants of such fund, incidentally, were, by the way, lawful stockholders of the Veteran’s Bank, as WW-II veterans mandated by law.

Individual claims under the Fund were processed and adjudicated by the Veterans Claim Settlement Staff (VCSS), an agency directly under the Department of National Defense (DND). Correspondent bank checks were drawn and mailed by the Veterans Bank’s Trust Department, usually within 72 hours from receipt of the corresponding payment orders from the VCSS.

Trust account, on the whole, amounted to a total of P121,146,190.06 as at the close of 1969, after a decrease of P12, 389,343,87 from the 1968 total of P133,535,533.93

Composed of 10 trust accounts, on the whole, the bulk consisted of the fund of the Philippine Veterans Administration (PVA) for claims under Republic Act 304 (P2,300,156.82) and the veterans Claims Settlement Fund (VCSF).

Of the original principal account pf the VCSF of P120,154,320.00 ($31 million, or P121,368,000.00) less one per cent for administrative expenses of the Veterans Claim Staff, or P1,213,680.00, as of the end of 1968, 12,126 checks aggregating to P3,043,478.84 had been remitted to respective beneficiaries, of which checks involving the amount of P290,464.86 had been returned unclaimed.

As of the year 1969, a total of 23,816 claims had been paid, involving a total amount of P14,720,052.56 leaving a balance of P105,434,267.44 from the original amount.

However, 3,511 bank checks were returned to the Bank because payees were not at their indicated addresses, or that the veteran-payees were already deceased. These returned checks, amounting to P845,462.99 as of the year 1969 were maintained separate trust savings amount by the Trust Department in the name of respective beneficiaries until these were claimed by the veteran-payees or their beneficiaries.

In 1970, a total of 14,818 claims were paid bringing a total number of claims to 38,634. This involved the amount of P26,631,129.84, leaving a balance on the original principal of P120,154,320.00 trust corpus of P93,523,190.16.

Retuned checks – undelivered to the payees for a number of reasons such as "party un-located," "party already deceased," etc., - amounted to P1,915,951.19 as of the end of 1970

The trust corpus of the Fund since its creation in July 7, 1967, or the period of two and a half years, had earned a total of P11,253,028.17 which was 50 per cent of the gross earnings of the invested funds of the Trust.

Of this earned income, P1,327,300.00 had been drawn and distributed to various hospitals throughout the country for medical and hospitalization requirements of needy veterans. A balance of P9,925,728.17 remained as of December 31, 1969.

Discussion: I invite anyone to examine the records of he Philippine Veterans Bank for their satisfaction before slandering any Bank official. The Veterans Bank is one of the most stable banks in the Philippines, and is a government depository duly audited by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. (Central Bank of the Philippines). And by foreign bank correspondents.

.. The Philippine Veterans Bank is a unique bank because it is fully owned and operated by war-veterans and their compulsory heirs.( sons and daughters). It withstood the infamous plunder by the uninteresting Marcos conjugal dictatorship. And it survived and re-opened under Pres. Corry Aquino’s admininstration.

It is now one of the top banks in the country – serving the nation in war and in peace. So – the herein above are inconvertible facts which can stand close scrutiny and audit by inventory.

The legal panel of the preponderant veterans majority hereby serves notice to irresponsible "individuals, associations, coalitions and federations" ( and what have-you) unauthorized speaking for W-II veterans, and or misrepresenting veterans under bogus authority and without proper standing and/or tacit authority may find themselves facing court charges. So beware !

One association has already been declared by a U.S. Court as without proper standing, therefore was ordered to refrain from misrepresenting and speaking for veterans. Another bum advocate misrepresenting veterans was convicted of racketeering and was sentenced to five years in prison.

So there – we veterans serve notice to present impostors and intruders as well as some gullible and irresponsible press, especially those already exposed and denounced by legislators who are destructive against the veterans lobby. We urge the public to report to us those misrepresenting and/or without tacit authority caught speaking for all Fil-Am WW-II veterans. Our legal panel will deal with them accordingly. #




MANILA, May 28, 2004
(STAR) By Col.(Ret.) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pension, Associate, PMA ‘44 - (Modified) In response to many queries from Fil-Am WW-II veterans and the public, on war veteran’s matters, here are some vital information to their questions as regards to Fil-Am veteran’s struggle for justice and fairness.

This will also familiarize my cavaliers, some of them were World War II veterans, and those whose parents saw how the Stars and Stripes was hurled down by the triumphant Japanese Forces that invaded the Philippines in 1941.

This, however, included some rough edges of lopsided Fil-Am relationship – if the truth must be told.

Re: Matter of how Filipinos were involved in America’s war against Japan.? And why American politicians wanted the Philippines as its colony?

Historical Background

The Philippine Islands became a Commonwealth of he U.S. ( a colony or a protectorate of the U.S.) by virtue, and under the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Paris.

Spain ceded the Philippines to the U.S. after it he defeat of Spain by Filipino freedom founders ( the revolucionarios) that vanquished the Spaniards after 300 hundred years of abuse and cupidity.

Consequently, in 1998 - U.S. Admiral G. Dewey, an enterprising hustler intervened as an alien broker, who convinced the Spaniards to surrender to the itinerant U.S. forces instead. But not to Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, after a mock battle staged by Dewey to justify a U.S. scheme - even though President E. Aguinaldo had already established a Philippine Republic earlier that had sovereignty over the islands, and over the vanquished Spaniards. Cowering Spaniards dreaded to surrender to Filipinos to suffer reprisal under the blow of Filipino unforgiving retaliation.. A shaman, Dewey therefore had suckered trusting Gen.E. Aguinaldo into a sham surrender of the Spaniards to Dewey rather than the triumphant Filipino revolutionaries to implement Pres. McKinley’s enchanting scheme of a "benevolent assimilation" of Filipinos under fascinating annexation.

Pres. W. McKinley’s Gambit

History had it - that Dewey was acting under the secret orders of Pres. W. McKinley, who had avid designs of owning the Philippines as a U.S. priced colony - if artfully weaned from Spain.

Filipinos and the Philippines–was ceded from Spain, and paid for by the U.S. for the paltry sum of $20 million dollars in a disrepute baratillo (garage-sale) purchase.

To describe it more succinctly, the Philippine Islands, one of the richest in natural resources and under-priced man- power in the Asian region, was taken over by the U.S. as its colony under what Filipinos perceived under concessionary terms. And under a guise of making the archipelago as a coal-refueling station of American naval battleships and later by commercial merchant vessels.

Priced Possession

Behind such overt reason, the Philippine archipelago was actually a vital strategic cluster of islands – nested at the mouth of South China Sea. Its geographic location, virtually control the gateway to the international and regional shipping trade routes, more particularly the vital flow of fuel oil from the Middle East to the Pacific Rim ( Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and China being carved by Caucasian colonial powers ( Great Britain, U.S., France, Netherlands, etc., in Asia. for themselves as their pet colonial turf.

Whoever command and control access to this narrow sea access – dominate the politics and economics of oil – as a nutrient to the health of any aspiring world power.

The U.S. therefore have placed a high price and vital importance of America’s presence in the Philippines – to the doorway to the oil dependent South Asia region. Thus - have (von mot) strived to conceitedly remain in the Philippines as long as possible to maintain U.S. dominance as a world power in Asia, and at the same time exploit the abundant natural and mineral resources.

An Adroit Purchase

Such adroit bargain basement purchase – was seen as an adept act of conceding the archipelago to the U.S. under at dirt cheap deal - considering that :

(1) The Philippines consisting of 7,112 islands, with a combined area of no less than 200,000 square kilometers, with then a population of 10,000,000 Filipinos – could be a garage-sale baratillo concessionary purchase of approximately. $2.00 per head of a Filipino, and approximately $0.67 cents per hectare of abundant natural and mineral resources sorely needed by the U.S. according to my former boss, Sen. Jose Wright Diokno, chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans and Military Pensions.

(2) The abundant natural resources of the Philippines that could be exploited under a so-called "special relations" has been despised and criticized by Filipinos as a cruel hoax, and a grave insult to the Filipino race and sovereign ownership.

(3) And especially the exploitation of Filipinos manpower under a so-called "special relations" that was said as an artifice of deceit and double-talk to further U.S. exploitation.

Likewise - grave insult to the Filipino race. Filipino irritation over Yankee persistent presence in the country, and their lack of concern towards problems of relationship, has been more often felt more by Filipinos than by the in-planted Yankees. ( F. Golay)

Raw deal perpetrated by the U.S. politicians, but not the will of the benevolent American people continued for half a century, not to leave out the subsequent shabby treatment by he U.S. government of the Filipino-American World War II ex-servicemen of the U.S. Army has been one of the noted irritations that drive Filipinos to conclude that something putrid is behind U.S.’s avid policy.

Start of active military service of

Filipinos in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Filipinos were conscripted by Pres. F.D...Roosevelt in 1941, by invoking powers vested upon him by the Tyding-McDuffe Act of 1934, as Commander-in- Chief, by virtue and under Public Law 73-127, Section (2)(a) 48 Stat. 457, 458 (1934).

It provided that the President of the U.S. could conscript Filipinos as U.S. "nationals (born within the dominion), were U.S., citizens," according to the opinion of U.S. Circuit Court Judge Harry Pregerson, stating that ", and were legitimate members of the organized military forces of the Commonwealth of the Philippines."

Conscripted By Roosevelt

Filipinos upon conscription by Roosevelt into the U.S. Armed Forces – legally commenced their active and honorable military service as bona-fide member of the armed services of the U.S.A. like any member of the U.S. Armed services. Let there be no mistake about that !

The text of Pres. Roosevelt’s Military Order of July 26, 1941 stated as follows:

"I hereby call and order into the service of he armed Forces of the United States for the period of the existing emergency, and ace them under the command of a General Officer , U.S. Army, all organized military forces of the government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines."

Upon formal induction and incorporation of Filipino servicemen into the United States Army Forces in the Far East (SAFFE), and after taking the oath of allegiance to the United States of America, Filipinos legitimately became bona-fide members of the U.S. Armed Forces, were subjected to and under the articles of War, more particularly Sections 58 and 61, made applicable to them. Foremost of which – was desertion and absence without leave punishable by death.

By November 1941, there were reported around 200,000 Filipinos who answered the call to colors by Pres. Roosevelt, majority ( some 154,000) of them were trained by, and under the tutelage of the Command of Gen. Douglas McArthur, as Philippine Military Adviser to Commonwealth Pres. Manuel L. Quezon, and under the infirm U.S. defense plan War Plan Orange.

Filipinos were U.S. Servicemen

Their status as members of the U.S. Armed Forces, more specifically in the United States Army Forces in the Far east (USAFFE), actually made them U.S. servicemen like any other member of the U.S. Armed Forces, in the Philippines under Gen. McArthur, assisted by the then, Col. Dwight Eisenhower.

Eisenhower was an associate of my late father, Capt. Roman N. Quesada, member of the Corps of Professors, who help train military officers in the Reserve Service School (ROSS), consisting of Filipino professionals, holding ranks as Commissioned Officers..

Failure of Conveyance

However, in the case of the Filipino enlisted men (EM) in the U.S. Army - they were not clearly informed or formally advised by American officers who inducted and incorporated them into the U.S. Army – of their rights and privileges as well as benefits entitled to them as members of the U.S.. Army.

They were issued U.S. uniforms, U.S. rations, outmoded arms and ammo of (1903 World War I vintage) nevertheless, were left vague about their wages, allowances and benefits as they were assembled and driven into combat against the Imperial Japanese Forces that invaded the Philippines in 1941.

They loyally fought blindly under War Plan Orange like an infirm plant gingerly nurtured on the drawing board of the USAFFE, sorely lacking from adequate logistics to repel any invading enemy.

They were deployed in different land and sea defenses of the USAFFE in the archipelago, in 10 different military districts, commanded by trained American and Filipino U.S. commissioned officers.

Second Class U.S. Servicemen

Came – December 8, 1941 – the invasion of he Philippines by he Japanese Imperial Forces, Filipinos in the USAFFE remained bald and naked about their rightful wages, allowances and benefits, only to discover in the frontlines that the Filipino EMs were paid only half of the pay received by American comrades. They wore the same uniform, partook the same rations, commanded by U.S. General Officers, fought shoulder-to-shoulder with American comrades against just one enemy – the obdurate Japanese Military Forces, but remained as a persecuted and harassed "second class "Enlisted Men. (EMs)).

Racial and Economic Discrimination

With low morale, they rudely woke up to such invidious discrimination. Grievance was lodged to their commanders, who in turn brought it to the attention of their top commanders, not to leave -out Gen. Macarthur,

In the heat of battles in Bataan and Corregidor, efforts were made by the top echelon to request by radiogram the U.S. War Department to equalize the pay of the EMs, to make it at par with the pay of their fellow members of e USAFFE to no avail.

Filipino Soldiers were Misled

Filipino EMs contended that they were misled by their officers of the precise terms and conditions of their conscripted military service, under an implied contract that was punctiliously created by the Commander-in-Chief with the Filipino EMs of the U.S. Army, albeit, was un-enforced by the USAFFE which perpetrated a "second class" status of servicemen within the U.S. Army, and which created a big perplexity within the U.S. government.

Well-Guarded Top Secret

It was tightly kept out of the attention of the enemy, and the media, when the USAFFE was still fighting in Bataan for its existence in 1942,. Washington authorities feared the winning Japanese troops could use it as a counter-propaganda against the crumbling USAFFE having been abandoned by Washington D.C. It was a decision reached by Pres. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to provide priority and support to their distant kin in the European Theatre. Thus – have sacrificed the USAFFE defenders in the Philippines as wretched pawns in World War II.

The USAFFE had been orphaned, critically left to its own existence for almost 4 years were treated differently and abandoned under the iron heels of the barbaric Japanese Samurais who hated America and Filipinos as their adversary.

In the soggy foxholes of Bataan and the humid laterals of Corregidor’s tunnels, a haunting doggerel was borne out of whack, which was in every lips of the distressed Filipino-American USAFFEs, ran this way:

"We’re the battling Bastards of Bataan, no papa, no mama, no Uncle Sam> No aunts, no uncles, no cousins, no nieces,. No pills, no planes, no artillery pieces; and nobody gives a damn."

Commonwealth Pres. Manuel L. Quezon, deeply concerned about their status and welfare of his constituents, writhing in anguish, had candidly told Pres. Roosevelt and Gen. McArthur, and I quote:

"The fate of a distant cousin (referring to Europe) to be saved by America, came first, while a daughter (referring to the Philippines) is being raped in the back room." This stunned Roosevelt and McArthur with an offense against humanity, however, was kept from the media for fear of being used by the triumphant Japanese invaders against the withering USAFFE in Bataan and Corregidor.

The War Department, however, urged Congress to correct this glaring mistake, however, while bills in Congress were being acted upon, the USAFFE was surrendered by American officers unconditionally to the obdurate Japanese in April 9, 1942 in Bataan.

Both Roosevelt and Churchill’s initial betrayal of the USAFFE since 1941, took its heavy toll against the wretched pawns in the Philippines even before the Japanese had breached he Bataan and Corregidor main defenses.

Cruel Betrayal

Subsequently, Congress ( in a subsequent betrayal) had let the bill lapse stating that, "the USAFFE has already surrendered, and the increase in pay of Filipino servicemen in the USAFFE was therefore useless," which created a alibi for an unfair racial and economic discrimination, while other members of the U.S. Army enjoyed the full rate of pay, allowances and benefits..

And to add insult to the injury, the outstanding obligation of the U.S. to these aging and sickly U.S. veterans have been allowed to fend for over 50 years (since 1946) of indifference, ruthlessness and attempted escape through evasion of responsibility of compensating the deserving Filipino U.S.. Army (USAFFE) servicemen, the Recognized Guerrillas and the New Philippine Scouts. It is a constitutional obligation of the United States to these U.S. nationals legally involved by the U.S. in its war against Japan. (See: U.S.. Supreme Court Decisions on Insular cases.)

Albeit, the American people have pressed for justice and fairness – thus bills in Congress have been filed in the 80s and 90s to recognize and settle the U.S. debt and obligation to the surviving the then approx. 50,000 ( now have diminished to 29,400) Fil-Am veterans out of the reported 200,000 Filipinos who dutifully reported to military active duty n 1941, upon the Military Order of Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941.

Meanwhile, Fil-Am U.S. Army servicemen had been winning court cases in Federal courts, and n the U.S. Supreme Court – however, barefacedly ignored by Congress that have posed as an independent and separate republic.

Pres. Abraham Lincoln once said in an enduring speech during the critical time of the Civil War, and I quote:

Excerpts in the Declaration of Independence (dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal). Lincoln set the moral tone ( that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.)

"Before the Gettysburg address, the United States was always a plural noun, afterward, we became singular. The United States, one nation, under God, indivisible," said J. Kakim. Therefore, Congress must act accordingly, in consonance with what the Judiciary have decided, and/or have interpreted laws in a final decision. Under God, this nation cannot rise or fall divided.

By union, this nation thrives but by discord this nation crumbles. The obligation of the United States to its fighting men sent to Harms Way – can not just be swept under the rug in the scheme of political misconduct and injury. It is not the will of the American people (taxpayers) to maltreat any loyal servicemen of color, creed and origin that shed blood for freedom. and justice for all Americans.

Accumulated Huge Obligation

The omnibus unsettled obligation of the U.S. was $3.2 billion dollars that included slave soldier’s ages, arrears-in-pay, unpaid allowances, wartime-earned benefits, and other earned compensation. Only a minute part thereof has been met, while the U.S. Filipino ex-servicemen are dying quickly each day of disease and want under poverty – sans appreciable relief.

Pressure by the American public and allies that have seen such truculent treatment of Filipino-American veterans of World War II - have finally punctured and pierced the majority American’s conscience, more particularly wandering politicians who have filed some bills in Congress to end the injustice and discrimination, likewise sought to pay the constitutional debt to these hapless WW-II veterans that is now very much less in number.

In a nut-shell, out of the original 200,000 Filipinos conscripted by Pres. Roosevelt in 1941, there are only less than 30,000 survivors left ( now in the year 2003) taste the fruits of their sacrifices by way of retarded benefits that was left to dangle and droop – so there would be very much less to pay. Or to none - if they all die unpaid. These heroes of World War II had been played fools under the notorious Yankee shell game and cruel hoax, under a truculent apartheid that parallels the extermination of the Jews in the holocaust.

To let them die wanting under poverty, advanced age and disease is no less a crime against humanity, anti-veteran, un-American, according to the late Brig. General Carlos P. Romulo, who denounced the U.S. Rescission Act of 1946, in his speech at the House of Representatives in May 1946. (See: Congressional Record May 1946)

The notorious Yankee shell game of attrition ( are not in casinos but in the legislature) – ultimately found its blood stain along the aisle of both Houses of Congress and a nation that hypocritically enforces human rights all over world, but does the opposite at home. Albeit have also made a negative mark upon its fragile reputation as a dead-beat nation to its war veterans that shed blood for the flag.

It had intentionally delimited and injured rightful claimants from enjoying their wartime-earned compensation and benefits in the battlefields denied and/or reduced at a titanic price, while other members of the U.S. Armed Forces enjoyed all benefits – also entitled to Fil-Am WW-II veterans - but was with-held. (See: US Army, OMH J.A. study on the matter)

"It is more dangerous that even the innocent person should be un-warrantedly punished (through prejudice, racial and economic discrimination) without force of law - than the guilty" said someone.

The government, unlike a person has neither shame nor gratitude. And this should be part of the lesson learned from the existing shifty relationship between the Philippines and the United States, and with other nations as well.

There are certainly no permanent friends nor allies. No guarantee comes from the bottomless pit of Acheron on a Hill called Washington D.C. where there is a "parliament of whores," according to decent Americans who detest corruption perpetuated by powerful elitist few.

Napoleon I – said, "What is more hard to bear than the reverse of fortune is the baseness, the hideous ingratitude of man."

And man’s inhumanity to man – makes a countless thousands mourn." (R.Burns)

The future of the world may well depend upon its citizens, who must protect the Constitution from within. "There appears a great need to restore the U.S. Constitution from the peril of what appears as a conspiracy of mad extinction of the State by entrenched corruptors." described by Col.(Ret.) Archibald Roberts, of the Committee to Restore the Constitution, who said " is a "mattoid syndrome" under runaway politics."




MANILA, May 29, 2004
(STAR) By Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions; Associate, PMA ‘44 - General Statement: On the basic premise of how the present official lobby of the Fil-Am Veterans Equity Act will succeed or fail – depends on many factors. Most of the factors partake the nature of cause and effect, etc.

The most serious facing this lobby involved either in earnest and/or those who are mere "opportunistic entrepreneurs" who are "impostors" for "fame and/or fortune" at the expense of the veterans. Veterans identify them as the peacetime "Makapilis" that have turn traitors to the veteran’s cause.

The next factor is logistics.

The rest is unity, speaking with one voice and singing only one song. And the other factor is vulnerability of most veterans to deceit and double-talk by interlopers without legal standing in the lobby.

Why are vets victimized?

It is simply due to lack of honest and precise communication and sincere dialogue among them, likewise, the sluggishness of veterans who are descendants of indolent "Juan Tamad" who are merely laying down and waiting for the fruit to ripen and to fall from the tree.

In large measure, inadequacy of the lobby to maintain two-way dialogue to and from the lobbyists to tell the veterans what is actually going on in Washington D.C. breeds debauchery. And breeds corruption by destructive meddlers who are ignorant of the legislative process.

Veterans are mostly subsisting under poverty [ those who can hardly afford to call or write Washington D.C. for developments ] are the hapless victims. And even are the laughing stock for being dull and bemused under manipulation by intruders in the official lobby.

These problems and the resultant tension have grown even more seriously because of a divided population of veterans. Manipulators have pitted them against each other (those who are residing here in the U.S. and those in the Philippines precluded from laws passed by the U.S. Congress.)

Quo Vadis - Equity ?

The specter of failure haunts the lobby as the enumerated factors increase. The propensity of veterans in merely sitting on their hands and waiting for someone to sell them baloney - have driven them to be easy victims of glib-tongue fast buck operators posing as a self-appointed advocate at large seeking publicity.

The official lobby with so many fingers on the pie, have become a muddled community pizza, where the corrupt and thrives quite well, with help of irresponsible media who merely want to sell space with negative contents.

The veteran’s cause - truly belongs to the veterans, and not to manipulators. Let there be no mistakes about that !

But if the veterans merely sit on their hands - those opportunist entrepreneurs will always take advantage of them. If the veterans do not stop the manipulators and do not oppose them - they are only the ones to blame for their own timidity.

Graft and corruption of the veterans cause [ the lobby of the equity bill ] is a major cause of dissipation of the lobby’s integrity and funds from tight pockets of veterans.

The phenomenon itself is traceable to: the veteran’s community whose nonchalant attitude prevails, and to the immorality of the manipulators who tax veterans.

It is therefore not uncommon to see that there are individuals with bad and dreadful intentions to amass money by dubious means. and/or fill their bloated ego. Such vandalism and profanation will always remain as long as there are gullible fools and cooperative media selling space at the expense of the veteran’s cause.

What is worse is that it has created a bad image for the veterans in particular and the whole Filipino community in general, not to leave out the negative impression of the officialdom and Congress. And the disturbing cupidity of some powerful members of Congress who want to hoard, and keep the veteran’s money earned for vet’s active military service - for their own pork and perks.

The lobby will always be under prevalence of waste of time, money and effort largely as the shelter of graft corruption in the lobby itself. It boils down to just one thing – MONEY. The money that belongs to veterans is there, but is hoarded by avid legislators for their own political advantage.

Without the much-needed discipline in the lobby - it will continue to send the message to Congress that as long as the veterans are not united, and are misrepresented by ludicrous entrepreneurs - confusion reigns that leads to non-fulfillment under a great deal of community skepticism will linger on, unless the shameless corruptors are made to account for their misdeeds.

Real Solution

The actual remedy here is a development of a new and fresh lobby, with an effective system of lobbying, with value on its integrity, and the close relationship with the legislators, the veterans and their leaders. Not to leave out the professionalism of the lobbyist duly mandated to secure the success of passage of HR-677 and S-68.

It would require rationality, efficiency, and diminution of bureaucracy and time wasted. The Embassy simply have to dialogue with the preponderant vet majority and NOT with the glib-tongued impostors that has influence over the Embassy people.

Trash the Opposition

The traditional thinking and persistence of outmoded values draws back the lobby. Those who merely borrow the veterans cause for their personal aggrandizement [personal fame] and/or fortune - are reflective of sacrosanct. Are vestiges of infernal reasoning. Or displaced leadership with unrealistic ambitions. Are ill-wishers in the Fil-Am community. The veterans has been a "whipping boy" by impostors seeking cheap fame.

These opportunists elements exist under the crop of "know-it-all" and "do-it-all" parasite gravitating toward the poor veterans who are without much resources. They are those who cherish the memory of their access to fast buck regardless of what the source is, nor the means of securing the loot.

Therefore - a stronger approach by the lobby against hardcore exploiters is imperative. And the adventurists who are inveterate despoilers - must be taken to task.

On the Part of the Veterans

It is high time and opportune instance for veterans and their leaders to communicate with each other and finally oppose corruptors, for there is no room for laggards in the lobby. There are also no space for the "ningas cogons" laden with bureaucratic red tape that stunts the lobby.

The lobby cannot afford to have archaic debilitating shenanigans in veteran organizations. Complacency should be eliminated. Unwholesome relationships in the associations adversely affect the lobby that results to disunity.

Loyalty to the cause and the lobby is foremost. There is no substitute for it.

Hardcore Subversives

There exist those who have the wrong approach to the freedom they enjoy here in the U.S. Freedom without responsibility misleads and resorts to violence.

Peaceful demonstrations and protests are handy tools of intelligent members of society - not negative activism. Yes, it appears we have them in our midst as thorns on our side. If they do not like the face of the one on top - they will resort to chaos and violence or form their own group. They continue to "bore from within" as dregs in modern society where they don’t fit in.

Lastly, the Embassy people must perform its task and responsibility mandated by their oaths of office, and under the Constitution, to protect the veterans as their constituents regardless of residence and nationality.

Remember – it is the veterans that has the vested right, interests and sole claim for their wartime-eared benefits. No one else. Not even the RP government that is merely a conduit for veterans.

Certainly - there is no one to blame the failure in the end but the recreants. Wake up - veterans ! The sunsets that lengthens our shadows in the last journey haunts all of us is inevitable.

In our failure, there’s nothing to look backward with pride, in the same token as there’s nothing to look forward with hope. (R. Frost).

# # #





MANILA, May 29, 2004 (STAR)

By Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions; Associate, PMA ‘44

(Foreword This is an ungenial treatise based on reality. It will not please the thin skinned and the Pharisees, so to speak) But the truth must be told.

The history of Philippine-American relations has been described as a sham, so to speak. While such relationship “withstood our sacrifices in World War II and the generosities of peace” thereafter, in truth is but synthetic. Such “truth has an underside and roughness.”

In reality dependence on the U.S. self-seeking interests is quite abundant. No one could better describe such cognation than Gen. (Ret.) Carlos P. Romulo, who was a respected diplomat, a fellow WW-II veteran, and was in the general staff of Gen D.. McArthur in the USAFFE, and later became the first Secretary General of the United Nations.

Distinct Discrimination

Up until the time he passed away, Gen. Romulo, was among the distinct victims of discrimination in the military. Why? His name does not appear in the roster of Fil-Am World War II veterans. (See: Roster of Veterans) He was a top honcho in the USAFFE. Facts show that Filipinos were mistreated by the U.S. Army as “second class soldier” in the USAFFE and as subordinate war veterans after they have fought for the U.S. flag, and American interests, although Filipinos fought with valor just as any of his white comrade foxhole buddies who equally suffered in the face of the enemy in World War II.

America, have spoken before the society of nations in language of equal liberty and justice – and equal rights. But here is a glaring example of duplicity and double talk. However, members of the USAFFE believed that no one has ever deceive the whole world, nor the whole world have deceived anyone. They suffered from it, and learned the meaning of an empty pleasure by the authorities to deceive the hapless.

In their shameful and un-conditional surrender to the Japanese Forces, have made themselves indomitable. They celebrate the Fall of Bataan and Corregidor each year in the Philippines - not in defeat but triumph over morality and truculence. Against a foreign enemy, and within. Lessons they learned in that war – has been wealth to the have-nots, wisdom to the youths, and great solace and comfort to themselves who saw the face of God in sacrifice.

Scourge of Racism

Racism was, and still is indeed the rust that corrodes the steel of Democracy, that smash a forsaken nation which veterans bled for and died for in a covetous war. What a paradox?

Taksil na ingrato pa !

When I was Senate Committee Secretary of the Senate Committee on Veterans and Military Pensions, I discovered and noted that Gen. Romulo was not listed in the roster of veterans of the USAFFE, and was a “deleted” war veteran - along with genuine Filipino WW-II veterans like Gen. Ernesto Mata, who held the island of Negros for almost four years as guerrilla leader against the Japanese invaders.

Unbelievably, there are thousands of Filipino heroes of WW-II who were also victims of the army’s carelessness and differentiation like former ambassadors, namely: Amelito Mutuc, Oscar Ledesma, Salvador P. Lopez who wrote world-renown master-piece, “Bataan Has Fallen” in the humid tunnel of Corregidor shortly before the American surrender of Bataan. Other ambassadors deleted from the roster were:Ambassadors: Agustin Mangila, Emilio Bejasa, Pacifico Evangelista, and Roberto Benedicto. They all fought with honor but disgraced by the omission. ( See: RRGR).

There were also two associate justices of the Supreme Court whose names were also barefacedly deleted: Querube Macalintal, and Fred Ruiz Castro. And one senator, Gerardo Roxas. All of them were bonafide U.S. servicemen but whose honorable military service in WW-II in the Philippines were recklessly unrecognized. They are only a minute fraction of the total number of 404,796 veterans unrecognized after they honorably rendered military service in the U.S. Army. And there were 121,000 names of these heroes unjustly deleted in the roster of the Army by the AFWESPAC for either racial and economic discrimination.

Distinct Asperity

This is a distinct example of the roughness off Fil-Am relations (for half a century uncorrected by the authorities) which have resulted to uneasiness and disappointment among Filipinos [as American nationals] who were conscripted - by Pres. F. Roosevelt under an un-numbered Military Order, dated July 26, l941.They were made to fight a war not of their own but of a war of United States against Japan. (See: U.S. Supreme Court decisions on Insular cases). And afterwards rashly betrayed by Congress in 1946, when they passed the notorious Rescission Act that took away their wartime-earned compensation and benefits without justification.

Alay sa mistulang Alipin

In the frontlines and bloody battles in Bataan and Corregidor, their pay were lower than their American fox-hole buddies which was no less a slave pay. And after the guns of war became silent - these intrepid heroes were further mistreated by Congress by talking away their GI Bill of Rights benefits under the dastardly passed “rider” in the First Surplus Appropriation Rescission Act of 1946, under a “racist policy” of the 79th Congress.

This critical perception - was no less a vile act that defected the will of the decent American people. Decent Americans taxpayers have disfavored such injustice. And which has been repeated and paralleled the sloven virulence perpetrated against the Negro and other minorities since the last 200 hundred years under the white-man’s burden.

Human Rights for Whom?

The scourge of barefaced discrimination in a country that beats the drum, and shamelessly imposed human rights and justice as a world constable – have spawned more opponents and enemies that hated high-handed arrogance. What terrorism against the U.S. we see today is a product of yesterday’s arrogance of power.

“The conviction of the justification of using even most brutal weapons is always dependent on the presence of a fanatical belief in the necessity of the victory of a revolutionary new order on this globe.” Said A. Hitler. In public discussions and in schools, “they confront whether such American ideals are best for the whole world and if they are such an arrogant for other nations to trust our sincerity and goodwill.”

Concerned citizens doubt whether those political or moral values are best for other countries. Jalmar Pfeifer, of late, stated that “America tries to impress the rest of the world. But when it makes other people that their country is not as good, it upsets other people and they hate America for it.”

He upset some Americans by the use of the word “arrogant” to describe Americans. However. Pfeifer stressed that “ Americans should be cognizant that other people – even those nations that support the U.S. – do not believe that the U.S. should impose its values on other countries or cultures.” One other American said, “There are untold axes to grind and we have to stop it. We have to look at it with human eyes toward human rights, not imposing American ideals.” said Nicolas Grainger.

Harvest of What was Sown

A great number of citizens, however agreed that one major hurdle toward acceptance of U.S. goodwill is that parents of some Middle East nations teach their children early on to hate the U.S. and Israel , and that by being a suicide bomber is heroic. This, however, is an offset of a myopic foreign policy. of the past now a harvest what has been recklessly sown in the past

This would take years to fix because it involved winning the hearts and minds of those whom were hurt. The real goal of war in Iraq in the eyes of war veterans – winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqis, Not through bullets but with adroit and assiduous governance. The lone voice of realistic and practical diplomacy by Sec. C. Powell was rescinded by a so-called foreign relations gang of yes-men of the powers that be. He truly knows the ravages and consequences of war as a soldier. But he was overwhelmed by a myopic unsparing gang of cowboys.

It was the hypocrisy which was the artifice of foreign policy of his peers in government what vices fed misconceived morality. There’s no shelter to self-confession but felo de se and self-ruin is admission of guilt. False pride noblesse oblige, precedes destruction. Today’s battle against terrorism world over was the fruit of yesteryears of blind self-importance and presumptuous imperialism.

“Pride that dines on vanity sups up on contempt.” said B. Franklin. We are now paying the high price for yesterday’s intolerance and formalism that have murdered religion. Likewise frightens the clodhopper with his spectre.

Misplaced Chastice

Not contented with inequality, instead of correcting inequity in pay and allowance of the UAFFE, Congress unjustly authorized payment of benefits at a “baratillo” rate of fifty cents [1/2] to the dollar, which again placed the Fil-Am veterans in the category of a “second class,” trashy and valueless war-veteran of the U.S. Army, while their comrades continued to enjoy full benefits. Thus, such situation provided proof of a subtle “caste” system” here in America, worse than that in India. Instead of correcting this travesty of justice , more insult followed by offering to pay only one half (1/2) of the entitled pay and allowances to the Filipino soldiers.

What kind of minacity was it? Avidity and fear of nescience. Wealth alone has never been possible without the cooperation of everyone on this world. It has no price for it but life. No nation, hence has no premium for haughtiness and corrupt of power. After all, money can not buy divine faith in God of any decent citizen. And peace.

Unending Oppression

And in the following 40 years after WW-II, these hapless, aging and sickly veterans were acutely made to wait years while most of them died - for their trifling naturalization - but only as a consequence of guilt and rue to placate veteran’s ruffled feelings that had spread with the conspicuous effect it had in the national security of both countries. Up until now, over half a century of truculent mistreatment, the nagging issue of payment of the unsettled claims for unpaid benefits now totaling no less than $3.2 billion - has been the object of suitable amnesia under a white man’s burden.

Retarding Payment - Troublesome

Delaying payment of these veteran’s rightful wartime earned compensation and benefits have saved billions of dollars – which could have settled to pay the country’s constitutional debt. But to no avail, and shamelessness out of the 200,000 conscripts by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941, only less than 30,000 survivors are dying of disease, age and want. They continue as victims of exclusionary legislations by segregationists in Congress. Veterans die with umbrage in their hearts for having been deceived and defrauded by a supposed ally that made then fight a war not of their own. The pain of their wounds from combat and the demise – was less grievous than the perfidy of a comrade.


Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American sage - said to wit: “A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may thin aloud.” Gen. Carlos Romulo viewed it this way: to wit: “To his kind of friendship, particularly in Filipino folklore , there is a significance larger than that involved in the sincerity that illuminates and inspires it. Because we have a saying in Tagalog: ‘Ang pagsasabi ng tapat Ay pagsasamang maluat; or translated into contemporary idiom: 'A sincere dialogue Guarantees a long association'.

“As you will see, The Filipino mind not only associates sincerity with friendship but also with continuity of friendship. The value of friendship, is not the immediacy or its presentness; on the contrary, that value is in the longevity in its ability to challenge time.” To the American mind, appears the opposite. It has been an acrimonious practice and policy for them to pay off any mistake with the almighty U.S. dollar, Such “cash register diplomacy,” disregarding the hurt and injury caused by such mistake and barefaced intentional discrimination. ( See: Fil-Am Relations; Golay)

The Almighty Dollar

The dollar is grudgingly used to butter up and remove the pain and suffering. But has been absent in the case of the Fil-Am veteran’s exclusion from their rightfully earned benefits and property right to compensation for actual services rendered. In contrast, Filipinos have regarded Fil-Am relationship valuable not in terms of dollars and cents. They recognize the past American tutelage in self-government and democratic ideals, more specifically about equality, which was concretely learned from Americans during the Commonwealth era. And as a loyal ally in the Second World War. All these were understood and held exegetic, secure in the context of history as a true friend.

Sapul pa, mababa na ang tingin at turing ng Amerikano sa Pilipino

As a colonizer, have exploited the Philippines and its people. American politicians has been singing a discordant tune. Such irritants have caused the post-war Filipinos critical of the Fil-Am relations, after seeing especially how the Filipino veterans had been truculently betrayed and mistreated. In my generation, along with Gen. Romulo “were inclined to look with impatience on America’s pointless misconduct which we can not overlook.”

“My generation has had the closest contact with America was not without memories, and discern the contrast between our present and in the 1900s, and the past 1800s was so remarkable that the tyranny it knew in the earlier Spanish regime increased in cruelty, in retrospect and, in that, in direct proportion to the opportunities in freedom that the country then began to enjoy.

“And our sons and daughters [the new breed], learned to discover for themselves the new face of insolent America after World War II. They learned that the freedom Filipinos won in 1946 had not been as ungrudgingly awarded by America as they were made to believe .

“They were to know the in plenteous detail that independence for Filipinos was an idea that had strong and influential opponents in America. That President Manuel L. Quezon, rose to power precisely because he could unify the country against that opposition. And that Gen. L. Wood was an excellent champion of American interest likewise was a staunch enemy of Philippine autonomy. “And that history gave a lie to all the America propaganda as we all know .How long could Bataan have held against the Japanese without the Filipino soldier - in strength, nearly a hundred thousand of them as against America’s alongside six thousand men.”

Abject Lesson Learned

What did our sons and daughters learn from that? The abhor insolence since the time of Spanish colonization. And also under the American regime that have also been a precursor of haughtiness. The gospel truth unfolded in 1941, when the Japanese invaded the Philippines. American propaganda was unmasked. They saw the myth of American invincibility utterly destroyed; saw the American flag hurled down by the enemy. They saw the American shameful and ignominious surrender to the under-rated but obdurate Japanese invader that proved shadowy.

“And the historical logic of which was already evident when the first shot was fired in 1941 -- American ships in Philippine waters were ordered by Washington to proceed to Java, thus abandoning the Philippines to its fate.”

The much-bruited about 8-mile convoy of supplies from the U.S. mainland for the USAFFE defenders in Bataan and Corregidor was diverted to American white cousins in Europe. And it was reported at the suggestion of the then, Col. D. Eisenhower to sacrifice the Philippines in World War II to the Japanese. Consequently, leaving the USAFEE defenders to fend for themselves after surrender under the iron heels of the obdurate enemy.

One million Filipinos needlessly died from this American misadventure in the Philippines. This abandonment of the Philippines brought out that famous doggerel, :the “Battling Bastards of Bataan” which was in every lips of the forlorn Filipino-American USAFFE defenders orphaned by the U.S. authorities in favor of their American cousins in Europe. which ran this way, to wit: “We’re the batting bastards of Bataan. No papa, no mama, no Uncle Sam. No aunts, no nieces, no cousins. No pills, no planes, no artillery pieces. And no body gives a damn!”

President Manuel Quezon, in his frustrating moments candidly told Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Gen. Douglas McArthur, upon seeing the Filipino-American soldiers and civilians without proper protection because of American inability to support the USAFFE – with much anguish emotionally said, and I quote: “The fate of a distant cousin (meaning Europe) to be saved by America, came first, while a daughter (meaning the Philippines) is being raped in the backroom.!" emphatically said Quezon.

Verity of Quezon’s statement caught Roosevelt and McArthur off-guard. It unfolded Europe as the white-aired boy over the Far East. Justice, it was said – has been no virtue that is quite great, and God’s gift to man. But in this case, it was not the sum of moral duty of Roosevelt. It was cloudy. Quezon was then quite right - but was invincible in defeat.

The Philippines was sacrificed, and the USAFFE withered in the vine in Bataan and Corregidor His defeat, in such case, under Roosevelt, in our eyes was more triumphant than victory. He died as a great patriot – it was a pity that he could die only once to serve his countrymen even in exile in Saranak Lake in the U.S. before the liberation of the Philippines in 1945. Quezon died fighting the war and tuberculosis.

Orphaned and Abandoned

“Thus, anything - during the Japanese occupation was, in the context, the Filipino’s ordeal during the liberation [1945] did not conceal the fact that the Filipinos, in a crisis, could take care of itself and its leaders could stand against insurmountable obstacles to defend the interest of its people.” During the siege of Bataan by the overwhelming Japanese troops of Gen. Masaru Homma – the USAFFE’s gallant defense was doomed for a shameful defeat. However, they vowed to fight to the last man, without America’s succour.

Phantasmagoria of Dreams

It could be said at this juncture that only rumors sustained the morale of the helpless USAFFEs for weeks in the soggy foxholes of Bataan as well as the humid tunnels of Corregidor, until the gradually realized that their existence was more of a mirage that made their lives bearable. “That much-bandied 8-mile convoy of equipment and war supplies expected had been made of dreams ships. What we did talk about by day – we dreamed about by night. “And in moments of respite from the fighting there were said to have bared their souls. Romance is stronger disease and hunger.” said Gen. Carlos P. Romulo, the last man off Corregidor before the shameless unconditional surrender of the USAFFE by the U.S. Army. The USAFFE therefore was a wretched pawn of America in the Far East. And the Filipino people were expendable in favor of Europeans.

Foreign Meddling in State Affairs

“The initial severity with which the entire issue of enemy collaboration with the enemy was handled by the Americans after the war, viewed now after many years, was utterly out of proportion to the manner which Washington treated those soldier who defended American honor in Bataan. They appeared nothing but like any expendable PX item worthy for the trash bin.

Prisoners-of-War Accused of Collaboration

In my stint, as Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pension, I have seen and had enough of the insolent, lordly outgrowth of outré. Fellow veterans came to me with tears welled in the eyes, bellowing their hurt of being accused of treason as prisoners-of-war, albeit coerced by the enemy as forced laborers. Some sorrowfully offered to commit suicide rather than live with a label and stain of collaboration which was untrue.

Man’s inhumanity against fellow man makes thousands mourn. But in reality, injury inflicted has been much sooner forgotten than the sharp insult . Their pay and benefits were effaced and withdrawn without due process. Such endless pursue was the non-captivating molestation of a vulnerable and prostrate soldier suffering from their wounds of war they were made to fight under “involuntary servitude” (sans paying them due compensation) no less demoted as a slave.

Equity has no Meaning.

Ask any “Battling Bastard of Bataan” and the Filipino guerrillas who fought shoulder-to-shoulder with these intrepid Filipino soldiers. And they will tell you that there was no atheist in any fox-hole. Both Filipino and American soldiers were just but the same target of the Japanese son of the Bushido that showed no mercy or compassion to all of them. There in Bataan they (both Filipino and Americans) were all equals in the face of the enemy. But after the guns of war was silent, and peace was won – the Filipino soldier was reduced to a lowly peon, undeserving of full compensation and rightful benefits. Why?

Ugly Head of Discrimination

As long as they are indentured and without equity, the were treated as cannon fodders. (peons), explicitly forbidden under the Amendments to the Constitution. These are the fathers, uncles, cousins and brothers of the new generation who discovered how their parents were mistreated after the war - therefore have nursed grievances against recreant and inexonerable nation who feigned to be a friend and ally.

New Breed Devoid of Gratitude

In every age and regime, there are vile specimens of human character , such a demagogues found in society. Over a half a century of barefaced parody - the travesty of justice marches on under a misogynistic dereliction in the halls of Congress, whose members were elected and sworn by the taxpayers, to provide justice and liberty for all its citizens, and nationals. Gratitude is a duty which ought to be paid, which the recipient have the right to expect.

“What is more hard to bear than the reverse of fortune It is the baseness ingratitude of man and government.” said Napoleon I. Most of them, after many years of peace, most politicians have found the license and personal franchise and to excesses in hugging the slippery pork which they could keep for their own disposal, disregarding the nation’s constitutional debt to the Fil-Am U.S. Army veterans.

Peacetime Hunger of Power

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts without bounds. And greater the power, the more dangerous is its abuse. The ugly head as a favorite pastime of snobbery once more showed potency above morality. For fraud has always been the ready minister of injustice. In a type of democracy we have, society prepares the sin, and the politicians simply commits it with impunity. These breed have discovered the House a haven for excess power. and of rascals. In reality - have shamelessly been raiding the national treasury of pork they keep for themselves. American taxpayers are helplessly wide awake to this fleecing of the nation.

Will of the Decent People.

Frustrated Americans only rely on divine intervention can seemingly end this madness. “Inequality dwells in the upper class in society, and vulgarizes the lower class, lastly brutalizes the lower class.” according to M. Arnold. The End Time is just around the corner, and careless politicians have not yet learned the meaning of thanklessness and gratitude to fellowmen who sacrificed their lives and property for the flag – so others may live in freedom and fairness.

God save America !




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, May 30, 2004
(STAR) By Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions; Associate, PMA’44 - Part I: This is one of the series of the infamous scheme under the reduced Social Security legislation designed to lure Fil-Am WW-II veterans to accept a reduced SSI income, and give up many other benefits as well as privileges enjoyed while residing here U.S.

It is a corrupt and inauspicious schemes by segregationists in Congress, and espoused by a local unauthorized self-appointed impostor in the ranks of the ACFV who beguiled Congress that such scheme was with the approval of veterans, and that no less than 7,000 veterans will return to the Philippines. When in fact was not true. There was clear deception on the part of the promoter who merely wanted to be billed as the hero.

Truth to tell, majority of veterans were skeptical and were not disposed to jump into such doubtful scheme. It looked like a death warrant for veterans and their families who would be "deported" to the Philippines minus their hard-earned benefits and privileges.

This uninteresting intruder in the official lobby of Fil-Am veterans is the same person denounced and exposed by Rep. B. Filner, as "toxic" to the veteran’s lobby, and has an agenda of his own. He has been the same one who released a "hoax" in the media that HR-491 was passed by congress, when in fact, was not.

He was publicly denounced by both Rep. B. Gilman and Rep. B. Filner for perpetuating a lie – which deceived the veterans.

The following facts below will show actual exchanges between veterans and the Social Security Administration executives, etc., in a meeting held in San Francisco u der the auspices of the SFVEC (National Network of Veterans Equity Crusade) led by Atty. Lou S. Tancinco.

.I hereby feature the queries and the replies based on actual dialogue- in order to satisfy the sorted and selected queries. Due to the numerous number, some queries had to be consolidated which has the same or similar answer.

Mrs. Veteran F.F: Can I take back to the Philippines my present allotment of SSI upon applying under the SSI law 106-169?

Reply: Under this law, which specifies under heading "Special Benefits Amount." It says, "Qualified veterans will receive a monthly benefit a monthly benefit of equal to 75% of the current SSI federal benefit rate LESS the amount of their benefit income for the month. There is no provision for the payment of benefits to dependents or survivors." [ Source: SSA publication no .05-10157, dated Feb. 2000]. And Sec. 805 of the law.

"Wala po kayong madadalang SSI para sa inyo sa Pilipinas bilang asawa ng beterano."

Therefore, wives and dependents will not have any if they opt to return to the Philippines.

Veteran F.S: What does the benefit income" mean?

Reply: "Benefits Income" means - any recurring payments such as annuities, pensions, retirement or disability benefits that the veteran received during the 12-month period immediately before applying for special benefits, or payments, received later that are similar to benefits received during the 12-month period." [Source: SSA publication No. 05-101, Feb. 2000]

Benefits income above will be deducted by the SSA from the SSI allowed to take to the Philippines as specified.

Marami na ang mga beterano na nagsadya sa SSA, at nakita nila na lubos na mahigpit ang SSA sa mga babawasin sa SSI ng beterano. At walang sapat na salapi ang madadala nila sa Pilipinas.

Discussion: The forum (meeting) in San Francisco between the veterans and the SSA executives in San Francisco [with Ron Srinik, Asst., Regional Commissioner; Glady Vebros, program manager; Lowell Kepke, Dep. Director; Sandra Morre, regional pub. Affairs and John Hanley regional representative.], after the deduction were made, according to Atty L.Tancinco, resident of the Veterans Equity Center of San Francisco, who organized the forum, "Qualified veterans complained that they would only receive $62 dollars a month if the veterans decide to go back to the Philippines, and get their benefits there."

"If deductions are made by SSA, like the "old age pension" being received in the Philippines, and other assets, etc., Filipino veterans would get practically nothing if they opt to receive their SSI payments back in the Philippines.: Tancinco added.

Malungkot ang nangyari sa miting na ito sapagka’t natuklasan ng mga beteran na sila’y nalinglang ng mga kapuwa Pilipino na hndi tapat sa kanila.

Veterans came out of that meeting angry and disgusted. [Source: Filipino Guardian, April 24, 2000]

Kung mababawas ang lahat ng sinabing "benefits income" ng beterano, ay lubos na walang matitira para sa beterano. Kaya abangan ninyo ang mga mangyayari sa beteranong uuwi sa Pilipinas.

Veteran J.L: What is the present SSI federal benefit rate effective January 2000?

Reply: The total rate is $ 512, and the monthly rate for Filipino veterans and would be less [ less the State counterpart and less the 25%] is therefore $384. This amount is the equivalent of the 75%, in order to receive the special veterans benefits].

Hindi parepareho ang kalagayan ng bawa’t beyerano hingil sa mga binabawas ng SSA. Nguni’t masaklap sa beterano ang mga mababawasan na salapi sa kanilang maliit na SSI.

This amount would be on a case to case basis. It would depend on what the SSA would allow and what would be deducted. The $100.00 is deducted right away by SSA which is the equivalent of the P4,000.00 [Pesos], the old age pension being received from the Phil. Veterans Affairs Office [PVAO].in the Philippines And there are other deductions which the SSA would implement, that would render the veterans and family with almost ZERO income.

It is wise to first study the questions on the application form before making a final decision.

Kaya hindi lalampas sa $384, o maaring kulang sa halagang iyan ang makukuha [$284] ng beterano kapag binawas ng SSA ang mga nasabing" benefits income." What is being received now is actually $284 after deducting the equivalent of the old age pension from the Philippines.

What was not explained to the veterans when the bill was being offered by the careless advocates, was the many deductions to be made by SSA under the law. Therefore, there are a lot of disappointments by veterans and families because they feel cheated when they see that there are lot of other deductions to be made by SAA.

The losers here are the veterans, and the winners are the legislators who saved millions of dollars for their perks and political fund.

Ang nagwagi dito sa batas na ito ay ang mga pulitikong nakinabang sa mga naimpok na salapit ng pamahalaan para sa kanilang kapakaanan. Ang mga nawalaan or nalugi ay ang beterano na naniwala sa mga Pilipinong nanglinglang ng mga beterano.

"The ACFV advocates of the SSI bill were merely after the photo-opportunities with Pres. Clinton, and there free tickets to the Philippines for themselves," according to veterans and wives. Which are also the belief of veterans in the Philippines who were excluded from the SSI law, according to members of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines.

Veteran C.O: What are the documents that I would submit to the SSA?

Reply: The SSA requires the veteran to submit the following: [a] proof of birth, [b] proof of US citizenship, [c] proof of other income, [d] proof of military service in WW-II, such as military discharge paper [DD- Form 214] showing honorable discharge, [e] proof of foreign residence once veteran leaves the U.S.

[Source: SSA publication no. 05-10157, Feb. 2000].

Discussion: Veterans complain because they claim they have proven themselves as US. citizens done during the INS oath-taking of allegiance to the U.S.

But the SSA is a different agency than the INS, so they want required proof on paper, on record. So you have to re-submit proofs veteran status to the SSA asked for.

Kung ano ang kailangan ng SSA, ay dapat ninyong isumiti.

Veteran A.S: How will the SSA know if my declaration is truthful or correct? Like my assets, other income?

Reply: Under Sec. 805 (b) the law - "Verification Requirement - The requirements prescribed by the Commissioner of Social Security under sec. (a) shall preclude any determination of entitlement to benefits under this title solely on the basis of declarations by the individual concerning qualifications or other material facts, and shall provide for verification of materials information from independent or collateral sources, and the procurement of additional information necessary in order to insure that the benefits are provided only to qualified individuals (or they representative payees) incorrect amounts"

Source: SSA Law 106-169, Sec.85 and 806]

Tiyak na mahuhuli ng SSA ang sinumang hindi nagtapat ng katutuhahan. May ugnayan sila sa Pilipinas tungkol sa mga inpormasyon at iba pa. May SSI na kinatawan doon sa U.S. Embassy sa Maynila na may ugnayan sa paamhalaan ng Pilipinas.

Veteran E.L: What will happen if I am found having assets, and other incomes which was not declared beforehand when I first received SSI?

Reply: Under "Overpayments, in general - proper adjustment shall be made or recovery shall be made. [Source SSA Law, Sec. 808(a).

The individual concerned shall require the overpaid person or his or her estate to refund the amount in excess of the correct amount, or …shall seek or pursue recovery means, etc. [under Sec.3720A of title 31, USC.] Source SSA law, Sec. 907]

Sinumang beterano ang madidiscubre na di nag-delcara ng kanyang pagaari at kimikita ay maaring maparusahan sa ilalim ng batas. At pagsasuliin ng kanyang mga nakuhang SSI sapul pa noong unang araw ng pagdtangap ng SSI.

Whoever veteran or dependents with properties or assets beyond the required threshold, will suffer instant deductions or cancellation or SSI privileges. Or even court action. There are three known Filipinos now summoned to the City Court why they failed to answer summons. They are already in big trouble.

As a matter of fact, there are already veterans now who have been discovered by SSA and have suffered cancellation of their SSI privileges, and are now demanded to return all the amount of SSSI received since the beginning., or suffer legal consequences, etc.

Veteran D.V: Would the said SSI $248 be sufficient for me to reside comfortably in the Philippines?

Reply: This would depend on your lifestyle in the Philippines. The former propaganda of the ACFV proponents or advocates of the SSI bill said that the SSI grant of $384 is equivalent to a college professor’s monthly pay, which is false and inaccurate.

There would be many great sacrifices the veteran and family would have to make under the measely $284, if not further deducted by SSA. And would be exposed to grave risk when ill.

A fairly size apartment in the Philippines costs P15,000 [ or $348 dollars], which is just enough for shelter. What about your food and other requirements? You will ose your food stamps you enjoyed here, thus will have to buy from whatever is left from the SSA deductions from the SSI grant.

Ang propaganda ng ACFVna mga nagtulak ng SSI bill na di-umano’y sapat na ang $384 [na hindi pa binawasan] ay makakabuhay na ng beterano sa Pilipinas ay iisang kababalaghan Huwad ito !

Remember, when you arrive in the Philippines, you will not have any Medicare insurance coverage, therefore exposes you under great risk upon contracting illness or even ordinary sickness. You are now a walking dead without Medicare insurance there.

I suggest that you first sit down with your wife, and discuss this matter deeply with her and your dependents because it would entail so much sufferings upon reaching the Philippines. Do not believe the misleading propaganda by greedy glibbed-tongue promoters such as those in the ACFV who never studied the bill. And are merely after publicity.

Veteran S.G: What other privileges and conveniences do I lose if and when I apply for SSI return status to the Philippines?

Reply. 1. First, your wife will lose her own allotment of the SSI given to her while here in the U.S. and so with the dependents. There are already hundreds of wives who do not want to return to the Philippines because they would lose their SSI allotments. They are mad and have condemned the advocates of this SSI bill that was passed into law. The wives are now quarrelling with their veterans husbands because of this SSI boogaboo.

Galit na galit ang mga asawa ng beteranosa ACFV gawa ng mawawala ang kanilang SSI kapag sila’y umuwi sa Pilipinas sa ilalim ng batas.

1. Aside from losing the Medicare for both you enjoy here, you would also lose the valuable discount on medicine prescriptions by doctors. This is a very important component of your life’s safety here or abroad.

Itong diskuento sa gamot ay malaking bagay para sa mga beterano at kanilang pamilya. Kapag wala na ito, ay nasa panganib ang buhay nila kunng sino man ang magkasakit sa kanila.

2. You will both lose the food stamp assistance from the SSA and other agencies, like the senior food and meal centers here. This is also an important component of your life’s existence. When already in the Philippines, you would be spending dearly for food from the meager SSI grant [what is left of it] after deductions by the SSA.

Tiyak na hindi husto ang binawasang SSI para sa kanila, at magtatamo sila ng kahirapan doon sa Pilipinas.

In other words, it is more of a great sacrifice for you to make when returning to the Philippines without sufficient money. It is like jumping from the frying pan to the fire, so to speak.

3. You would lose the periodic brown bags of groceries offered by the senior centers to veterans and families being senior citizens.

Ito’y malaking tulong para sa mga beterano na kapos sa salapi at nagtitiis dito sa Amerika sa kakulangan ng walang biyayang pang beterano.

4. You would lose the free breakfasts and lunches at senior food and meal centers. This is an auxiliary assistance to seniors like the veterans and families. Whatever savings you have been enjoying from these, would no longer be available in the Philippines.

Nakakatipid ang beterano sa tulong na ito. At nakakapag-padala pa sila ng labis na pagkain sa Pilipias.

5. You would lose the discounted bus fast passes in transportation systems here in the U.S. This a vital component of your mobility in going around the city and other counties. There is nothing like it the Philippines.

6. You would lose the free legal assistance by the legal agencies, i.e. Asian Law Caucus, The Filipino Immigration and Legal Counsels, etc. offered to senior citizens and veterans.

Hindi ito matatmo sa Pilipinas. At babayad sila sa mahal na serbisyo ng abogado, kung kailangan nila ang tulong ng abogado doon sa Pilipinas.

7. You would lose the free health care check-ups, i.e. free high blood check-up at the senior center, the free nutrition guidance for seniors by volunteers from the private agencies assisting the senior citizens. Also the free tax counselling from volunteer agencies.

8. You would lose an array of many more free assistances to seniors like - eye check-ups and examinations, discount on eye glasses, etc.

Veteran S.A: What shall I declare in the Consulate when securing a visa for the Philippines, being an American citizen?

Reply: If you are opting to return to the Philippines under the SSI law, you have to apply for a visa for the Philippines. You are already an alien n the Philippines, therefore subject to laws and rules and regulations there.

May tanong doon sa Kunsulado na dapat pagisipang mabuti ng beterano.

There is a question in the application for a visa, that asks you if you have any properties, assets, annuities, etc., or means of support when in the Philippines.

If you have properties [house and lot] under your name, then it is incumbent for you to declare it, because the Philippine government would want to know how you would be able to sustain you permanent stay there.

This is a very tricky and serious matter. Because, if this information reaches the SSA, they could then go after you about that property or assets, etc., in the Philippines, which would be the subject of deduction by the SSA from the amount of SSI you are receiving. Pray that that it is not discovered.

Maaring mapahahamak ang beterano kung ito’y mabubulgar sa SSA.

If this is discovered by SSA, when you are in the Philippines already, the long arm of the U.S law reaches you as an American citizen abroad, and therefore could still subject you to deductions from your SSI in whatever amount you have been receiving.

So - upon applying for the visa in the Consulate, you are already in great jeopardy if you have or possess assets, properties or other incomes therein the Philippines - if later known to the SSA afterwards.

In view of the seriousness of the consequences of this issue – veterans and their compulsory heirs affected, there are already a move by veterans to boycott this scheme.

There are only two entities to go after in this case, and they are (1) those in Congress who further want to marginalize these group of veterans, and who want to keep as much dollars for their pork (2) and those villains like in the ACFV who recklessly beguiled many veterans into returning to the Philippines and be exposed to hardship or death.

Veterans ask, "when will these cruelty end?" The answer is "VIGILANCE." "Quislings among us, Filipinos deserve to be hanged" according to the veterans majority. So – watch out for some traitors in the community who sell out our kababayans for 30 pieces of silver.

[ This forum will be continued.] see next file ahead



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, May 30, 2004
(STAR) By Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pensions; Associate, PMA’44 - Part II: This is a continuation of the forum series, in reply to numerous request by veterans and their compulsory heirs about their expected benefits, etc.

Veteran LV: Will the equity bill be filed essentially the same, or will it treat everyone concerned equitably, without any discriminatory aspects?

Reply: According to both Reps: Filner [D-CA] and will file the new equity bill that would seek full benefits to all Fil-A.m veterans. I have asked for draft of the bill, however, it is not available.

However, a bill filed by Rep. (R-CA) R,. Cunningham, that seeks full equity payment of all Fil-Am WW-II veteran’s unpaid compensation and benefits is gathering support in the House of Representatives.

.Veteran E.F: I can not see how the step-by-step process under the piece-meal payment basis espoused by the ACFV can obviously satisfy the preponderant veteran’s majority, who demand full equity payment now.

Reply: If you are making reference to the infamous SSI bill that was un-popularly passed into law and was briskly passed into law that garnished huge savings for the U.S. government, but at the expense of the Filipino applicants [most of which are WW-II veterans], it was cashiered by a "loose cannons"in the ACFV, [a handful of wayward Filipinos that had no sanction and approval of the surviving Fil-Am preponderant veterans majority who merely went ahead on their own regardless of what were the negative consequences upon the applicants.

Therefore, the result, at present was disastrous to veterans and their families. The damage is done. And now there are very few who wanted to opt to return to the Philippines because of the cancellation of so many privileges veterans are enjoying while residing here.

Such consequences happen when those unauthorized group, who claim as instant experts in legislation have usurp the responsibilities of the proper and duly designated authority of the Office of Veterans Affairs [OVA]., as the only mandated to pursue all claims and benefits of Fil-Am WW-II veterans. Thus – the unpopular SSI bill passed because it did not require any new appropiation.

And the sole winner in that law was the U.S. government that secured huge savings, but at the expense of the Fil-Am applicants whose SSI grants and other privileges were cruelly cut.

Those who pushed this bill did not care whether the Fil-Am applicants [mostly veterans] were waylaid and disadvantaged. A little learning is a dangerous thing, so to speak.

There was very poor judgement on their part to misrepresent the preponderant majority, claiming that there would be 7,000 who would return to the Philipines, when it fact is not accurate and not true. There was so much grandstanding and fanfare while the Gospel truth was ignored and evaded.

The step-by-step process - was initiated by Rep. Gilman, with the concurrence of other legislators owing to the then supposed inadequate funds available under the criteria of the Congressional Budget Office. [CBO].

The effect of this slow and crawling process have placed the veterans who are sick, aging and dying - in a very unfair and discriminatory position, and while veterans see that there is a huge budgetary surplus reported by the then current trillion dollarssrplus being boasted by Congress. This does not square with the truth why veterans had been truculently discriminated.

Veteran G.I: How did the idea of government-to-government negotiation of legislative measures come into play?

As far as it can be traced, there were so many misrepresentations conducted by unqualified and unathorized parties like the ACFV and the Naffaa, who did not have the sanction or approval of the preponderant veterans majority of surviving WW-II veterans, and who have usurped the responsibilities of the Offierof Veterans Affairs (OVA) and competed against the duly established official lobby, which is the Office of Veterans Affairs [OVA], that has been recognized by the U.S. government.

Ever since 1947, the Philippine government has been the perennial official lobby for all Fil-Am WW-II veterans claims and benefits unpaid by the U.S. No one else.

Rep. B. Filner had received many complaints from his constituents in California, asking him why some perfidious groups were victimizing veterans, and were meddling in the veterans lobby. Filner, therefore recently announced in a veterans meeting n San Diego that his condition for filing the new equity bill would be to negotiate veterans legislative measures on the government-to-government negotiation basis in order to establish order and ward off any further confusion.

Rep. B. Gilman also have expressed the same concept of government-to-government lobby negotiation of lobbying legislative measures [ Ref. to his letter to J. Meligrito, etc.].

In-so-doing, it would therefore also clarify that US. Solons do not ask veterans any lobby money or anything of the sort. This concept was also relayed to the new head of the Office of Veterans Affairs, Lt. Gen. R. Urgello (Ret.) for his information.

It was also agreed upon by Gilman , and other legislators and Phil. Presidential Adviser, former Justice Manuel Pamaran, during his last visit with U.S. legislators - in an effort to establish a more orderly lobbying in Congress.

This concept there was hailed by the preponderant veterans majority of both in the Philippine and here [the surviving veterans and compulsory heirs of veterans because it would eliminate disruption and perplexity in the veterans lobby.

Veterans are tired and irritated about the destructive interference of the "loose cannons," as individuals and parties going around undermining the official lobby, not to leave out exacting money from poor and indigent veterans.

Veteran R.Z: Is there any objection on the part of the Dept of Veterans Affairs [USVA] to a veteran’s bill?

Reply:. The U. Dept. of Veterans - as a matter of fact had replied to the letter of Cdr. Eddie Fisher, Commander of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor [ West Coast chapter] stating that, and I qoute:

"We will not oppose any veterans bill for Fil-Am WWII veterans, as long as Congress funds it, "

The Dept. of Veterans [USVA] as a matter of fact have been waiting for any law that would grant benefits to Fil-Am WW-II veterans, and would implement them accordingly.

In the case of the proposed S-1391 [ the bill filed by Sen. D. Inouye, and in accordance with Pres. Clinton’s last year’s requested allocation of $25-million for Fil-Am veterans for the next 5 years - the amount of $500,000 was expended for "outpatient care and services for Fil-Am veterans residing in the Philippines."

Veteran C.O: What is the position of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor n the matter of the SSI bill passed into law?

Reply: I have passed on your query to Commander Eddie Fisher of the ADBC. And here is his reply, to wit:

"I am deeply troubled that the SSI law was viewed as a law that saved money for the U.S. government at the detriment and expense of the aging and sickly Fil-Am veterans - which is true.

"The SSI section on the law pertinent to the Fil-Am veterans was "rider" attached to HR-1802, the Foster Care bill. I am sure that we can agree that the 79th Congress must be held responsible for the sufferings they have inflicted on the USAFFE soldiers for the past 54 years.

"The SSI bill portion pertinent to the Fil-Am veterans was a brainchild of the ACFV, and they alone are the culprits and must be held responsible. A precedent has now been set. If the USAFFE veterans seeks laws to correct the misdeeds of the 79th Congress, for whatever they receive in the future, they must give back something they already have, "food stamps. Medicaid, etc.:

" The only way the veterans living in the Philippines interest can be protected is through the Head of the OVA. No one else."

In Fisher’s letter to Rep. B. Filner - he is disturbed by parties outside the loop of the OVA who have been creating so much trouble and who are victimizing veterans for money, to wit:

"What prompts me to write this letter to you is the stupidity of some veterans. I am referring to those veterans who want compensation only for those who became U.S. citizens. If they think that is the overall solution to the whole problem and their wishes are attached to the equity bill, make it worthless, and we are back where we started in 1946, the year when it all the problems began.

"Speaking for all members of the ADBC {Western Chapter], that I was able to poll, they agree with me that such selfish plot have no place in the equity bill."

Veterans O.F: Why have the bills: HR-1594 and S-1391 with both same provisions (below) appear restrictive to those veterans here in the Philippines?

Firstly, let me quote the portions of both bills you are referring to:

"(2) Such benefits shall be paid only to individuals residing in the U.S. who is a citizen of, or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S".

Yes, you are correct. Such provisions in the bills you stated have these restrictions. I can only say that, despite of the objections of the OVA and the veterans organizations, the prevailing mood in Congress is apparently with critical perception to Fil-Am veterans residing outside of the U.S.

The letter-writing campaign by the veterans under the wing of the National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans [NACFAWW-II] in the U.S. which is the preponderant majority of WW-II veterans, along with that of the members of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines [VFP] have protested against such provisions because it would leave out our comrades in the Philippines who are in the same situation. Corrections were strongly submitted.

Anyway, as it appears - the passage of both bills [HR-1594 and 1391] may remotely be taken up in this 106th Congress owing to the coming election year. This situation was expressed by both Filner and Gilman.

Thus - they both have promised to us that the new equity bill would be filed in the 107th Congress instead, which has a better chance, according to them.

Veteran L.M: Is it true that returning veterans to the Philippines under the SSI law could secure unlimited and unsecured bank loan from the Philippine Veterans Bank, according to those who have been pushing the SII law?

Reply: No this is not true. As a matter of fact, I have the explicit note of Col. Francisco San Miguel, the secretary general of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines [VFP] and concurrently a director of the Philippine Veterans Bank [PVB] clearly denying such misinformation coming from those who have lied to the veterans.

Veteran M.P: Why have I been denied application in Manila for naturalization as U.S. citizen by the INS being a WW-Ii veteran?

Reply: As of February 03, 1995 - applicants are no longer eligible to file application under Section 405 of the Immigration Act of 1990. Your application was dated after that cut-off date.

However, according to the INS, "it does not preclude you from filing a new application, with the appropiate fee, under some other section of the law that you feel you are eligible," according to Harold E. Woodward, INS Officer in Charge in Manila.

I suggest that before you file a new application, that you first inquire from any INS office under what provision of what law you may be eligible. Otherwise, your effort maybe an exercise in futility. Do not pay any fees whatsoever beforehand




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA,  June 1, 2004
  by Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary-Veterans and Military Pension, Associate, PMA Class ‘ 44  -  By popular request from our readership (veterans and their compulsory heirs) I am herewith publishing my previous arguments against the printed misinformation and conjectures from sources which are either insulting their nescience, or those posing as instant experts creating absurd and boring nuisance.

There are several enumerated issues which needed rebuttal shown below which should educate said perpetrators of offensive attacks which are silly and nonsensical. Nonetheless, promote useless skull-drudgery and divisiveness.

Therefore, hereunder are indisputable facts;

1. The Philippine Islands was held by the United States as a protectorate (colony), by virtue of and under provisions of the Treaty of Paris. (See: Treaty of Paris, 30 Stat. 1754, 1759 dated December 10, 1898)

This development was an off-shoot of American imperialists desire to expand overseas, after driving the American Indians from their native land, after grabbing Texas and California, etc., from Mexico, and in competition with other Caucasian colonizers (Britain, France, Dutch, German and other imperial colonials) to carve out Oriental countries as their new-found possessions to exploit the natural resources and manpower.

2. When World War II loomed in 1941 in the Far East, U.S. President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as Commander-in-Chief invoked powers vested upon him under Public Law 73-127, authorizing him to conscript all able-bodied Filipino nationals (in effect drafting them into honorable and active military service of the United State Armed Forces, who are members of the existing organized military units of the Philippine Commonwealth Army.

The text of Pres. Roosevelt’s un-numbered Military Order stated, and I quote: “I hereby call and order into the service of the Armed Forces f the United States for the period of the existing emergency, and place under the command of a General Officer, U.S. Army, all organized military forces of the Commonwealth of the Philippines.”

All members of said military organizations (i.e., The Philippine Army, Philippine Constabulary, the Old Philippine Scouts etc.) were formally inducted and incorporated into the United States Army in the Far East (USAFFE), under and by virtue of the Tydings-McDuffe Act, PL- 73-127, Section 2(a)(2) 48 Stat. 458 (1939) (See: Federal Register 3825)

Except for the New Philippine Scouts, who were drafted by the United States under the Armed Forces. Voluntary Recruitment Act of 1945, enacted in October 1945, Public Law 79-190 – were also classified as World War II veterans, and participated in the occupation of Japan, Okinawa. Guam and other acquired territories by the U.S. after the cessation of hostilities in World War II.

All such military forces (except for the New Scouts) therefore became just one distinct armed force – namely, the USAFFE, commanded by General Douglas MacArthur, U.S.A. from 1941 to 1946.(emphasis supplied) These veterans all rendered valiant, honorable and active military service in the United States Armed Forces..

Therefore, parties both inside and outside the U.S. government who are voicing and/or claiming and stating that the Commonwealth Army of the Philippines was separate unit in the United States Army (USAFFE) are totally ignorant of hard facts, and are promoters of a false issue, and an artifice under a dastardly act of evasion of recognition and payment of due compensation, allowance and benefits to U.S. Army Filipino servicemen. They should not be taken seriously.

3. There are at least four different categories of Filipino U.S. Servicemen, namely: (a) the members of the Commonwealth Army of the Philippines, (b) the Recognized Guerrillas, (c) the Old Philippine Scouts, and (d) the New Scouts.

All of them (above) have were U.S. Armed Forces servicemen who fought for the U.S. flag and imperial interest to save freedom and democracy for America and the Commonwealth. Let there be no mistakes about this. As legitimate members of the U.S. Armed Forces, the U.S. Army kept their wartime records in St. Louis, Missouri.

Those holding and arguing that these U.S. servicemen were not part of the U.S. Armed Forces, then - why are their 201-file and service records, as well as their discharge papers (DD-214) are part of the U.S. Armed Forces service records ? Why? What and where is the rationale?

And why is the U.S. government grudgingly paying piece-meal as part of their rightfully wartime earned compensation, all benefits of these Filipino U.S. Army servicemen?

Current retarded step-by-step payment of their service-connected disability health care and burial benefits, were previously paid at an affront and impudence baratillo (cut-rate) of only 50 cents for every dollar paid to their comrades in the U.S.. Armed Forces.

It was only recently when the U.S. Courts awarded justice to the Filipino U.S. servicemen their right to due compensation, allowances and benefits – that Congress defenselessly amended statutes to correct the injustices and discrimination.

However, the government still impedes and slow down settlement of the overall debt ($2.3) owed to these intrepid Filipino veterans for the last 63 years.

It is obvious that the government’s artifice of paying up such compensation, allowances and benefits – apparently appears as part of the perfidious scheme of delaying payments as long as possible. Why?

Surviving Filipino ex- U.S. servicemen, at present - only approximately 50,000 (out of the original 300,000) are already in their twilight years (at their 80s and 90s) and die by the hundreds each day due to sickness and age. Therefore, the trick of the government – in delaying and stretching the payments of benefits, there would be less in numbers of veterans to claim for payment. Therefore, the government could be able to save millions of dollars under such artful trickery and artifice.

Payment of veteran’s benefits are classified as “pork” in the lingo of Congress, entitled to each solon. Legislators of both political parties are reluctant to share part of this pork – to pay the veterans because solons save the pork for their own disposition. Veterans can wait until kingdom come – as far as solons are concerned. Especially, veterans who are in the Philippines, and who are not voters. Their lives and welfare are expendable, so to speak.

4. The issue perpetrated by segregationists – stating that Filipino veterans of the Commonwealth of the Philippines did not fight for the U.S. and only fought for the Commonwealth of the Philippines – is totally groundless and have smacks of deceit and doubletalk. I am hereby quoting the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on Insular cases, to wit: “

The Philippines was not a foreign territory within the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, and that the Commonwealth of the Philippines was under the sovereignty of the United States. The United States legally involved the Philippines in a war of the United States against Japan – likewise dictated the political and military strategy of the conflict.”

This final and legal certainty needs no further elucidation. It speaks for itself, and sends the message to segregationists (both inside and outside of government) that it is the sole responsibility of government to protect and compensate the Filipino former U.S. servicemen who shed blood and died for the Uncle Sam – which have turned as a delinquent and dead-beat Uncle Scrooge.

5. Filipino-American U.S. servicemen if not recognized and/or equally paid their wartime honorable and active military service in the U.S. Army by the government – therefore will remain as floating peons (slaves) that fought in World War II, no less made to served in the U.s. Armed Forces under “involuntary servitude” strongly prohibited by Amendments to the U.S. Constitution (See: Const. Amends) to wit:

“Neither slavery nor voluntary servitude except as punishment for crimes thereof the party shall exist within the U.S. or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” (See: Citation exparte McClusky CC. C.Ark. 1898).

In fact, there should never be any form of discrimination in the U.S. Armed Forces at all for good morale. The U.S. Supreme Court held to wit:

“Equity is rooted in conscience equal protection of laws not achieved through indiscriminate imposition of inequalities. Historical text of the 14th Amendment became part of the U.S. Constitution should not be forgotten . It is clear that the matter of primacy concern was establishment of equality in the enjoyment of basic civil and political rights, and the preservation of those rights from discriminatory action on the part of the State based on the consideration of race and color.” (See: citation in Juda versus U.S.. S.Ct. 442 and Fr. P. Intines versus U.S.)

I trust that these above-enumerated facts would clear up the inutile and inefficacious and unproductive debate aired in the media. (the PhilNews) by uninformed and those who did not do any homework on the subject, who therefore have insulted their ignorance. It divides veterans.

Truth always prevail over lies and conjectures. What sways men is fear of the truth. Those men in government or elsewhere who limit search of truth, or those who forbid men to seek it, paralyzes the essential strength of facts necessary in a democracy. Force of truth penetrates the wall of lies of political scoundrels




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, June 1, 2004
Culled by Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary-Veterans and Military Pension, Associate, PMA Class ‘ 44 - The struggle for justice and human rights in the United States, more particularly by the indentured Filipino-American World War II veterans – have lasted for over half-a-century of continuous legal and political flounder, writhe and squirm to no avail.

Determination and perseverance under peaceful means have sapped too much of their strength in tactfully seeking fairness from the very government that sent them to Harm’s Way in a war inherently not their own.

It was an imperial war of the United States against Japan - another imperial colonizer that fought for the natural resources and man power of the Philippine Islands since the turn of the century.

The subject matter of the thirst of the Caucasian colonizers in carving Asia for their imperialistic design dates back when they themselves were competing in subjugating minorities to exploit peoples. of color – and own them as peons.

As the popular former senator from New York, Jacob K. Javits put it, and I quote:

"Over the whole of the minority, America hung the aura of ‘caste’. One vaudevillian would ask, ‘Why is the wheel barrow the greatest of all inventions? The other vaudevillian replied, ‘Because it taught the Irishman to walk on their hind legs.’ And the audience roared.

"Polite Americans thought nothing of using phrases with derision, as "bohunk" for Hungarians, "greaseball" for Greeks, "Kike" for the Jews, a "Dago" or "Wap" for an Italian,"

And later – "Flip" for Filipino, "Chink" for the Chinese, "Jap" for the Japanese, "Gook " for Vietnamese, "Kraut" for the German, and "Limey " for Australians. Every immigrant had a caste trademark. That has been the American way of identifying those whom they disrespect and consider as "second class" Americans.

Snobbery has been the rude manner of unduly maintaining one’s social position as hypocrisy, which Francois dela Rochefoucauld said, "is the homage which vice render to virtue."

It was said that wars was the best equalizer. And I saw this quite true, and personally experienced a bit of it when I first resided here shortly after World War II in 1947.

After World War I, after the dough boys returned home - the crust of caste attitude chipped away a bit. And after World War II, there was a landslide of permutation.

Racial discrimination and critical differentiation eased up a bit after the war. I still remember, and caught up with certain discriminatory practices (in the South) where the Negro had to sit in the hind seats of the bus, while the whites occupied the front seats. There were obnoxious signs such as "Dogs and blacks not allowed," in Shanghai, in my trip in 1949.

I still recall that abominable "Exclusion Act" that was directed against the Chinese "Coolies" which prohibited them to marry a white woman. It somewhat sideswiped me as "Brown American." Because, at times, I was mistaken for a "Chink" which not funny at all..

However, as a member of the United States Armed Forces then, in military uniform - at that juncture, I did not suffer the white man’s burden, so to speak. But I was a sore thumb between the white man and the Negro. I was the unclassified "brown American" which segregationists did not spare from their racial critical perception.

And I could feel the reluctance of white EMs to salute me. However, no matter how depraving it was on their part, they had to salute, the uniform, if not me in person as a non-white officer.

It was indeed funny, at that time when segregation was still on its height. I ventured to enter a Negro club to order a glass of beer. This may sound funny but true. Guess what happened? I was thrown out by the bouncer because I was not black.

There were times when and where I was hanging lackadaisically worrying in what category or race I belong. I was neither white or black – therefore a sentimental sandwich carefully roasted as a brown toast for breakfast. I simply have to belong – and not forlorn like a stateless refugee, or liken to what was being a stateless "wandering Jew."

However, as a Christian, I believed that "God hath made of one blood all nation of men." (Acts, 17:26) And that "I know of no rights of any race superior to the rights of man, according to D. Douglas.

And as explicitly put by my boyhood chum, the late Senator Jose Wright Diokno, whose mother was white and father was Filipino.

"All men are born equal, and there are only three categories: the geniueses, the straights and idiots." And he was correct. Likewise men of culture are the ambassadors of equality. There rest were the lost generation – who insult their ignorance. Tolerance, however, it the supreme test of social progress and our culture.

The barrier then was a high wall, but soon was pregnable until Pres. D. Eisenhower had appointed a Negro, Clifton H. Wharton as U.S. Minister to Romania. He was the first Negro, initially as chief-of-mission in a predominantly white population.

And soon when my former Commanding Officer in the 11th Airborne Division, Lt. Gen. Joseph M. Swing, was appointed Commissioner of Immigration. He removed the color barrier in the Commission and approved minority workers in the Federal service. He saw for himself how minorities honorably and gallantly served the United States Armed Forces - shoulder-to-shoulder with white comrades.

The Federal Civil Rights Act was passed and the color barrier slowly faded away., especially after the Korean War and the Vietnam War, I was again activated to the military service as the first Filipino-American in the General Staff as Division Deputy Chief of Staff of the Callifornia State Defense Force, at the Army National Guard Headquarters in Sacramento, California, after serving as G-3, as Plans, Operation and Training of the growing force of 4 Brigades. And later as Logistics Advisor.

In the service, at this time - I found no trace of critical perception. Merit finds its abode in its proper place, until I also found myself a member of the reputable ad hoc U.S. Defense Committee, headed by Lt. General Daniel O. Graham, based at the White House during Pres. Ronald . Reagan Administration.

Desegregation moved on and the 1954 Supreme Court decision along with the landmark Emancipation Proclamation plus the 14th Amendment to the Constitution provided wider equality for Americans.

Albeit – the walls of discrimination tumbled down slowly, disguised critical perception still showed its ugly head once in a while from the renegade sector that could not simply accept integration.

Along with other prejudices – was religious prejudice. However, the most spectacular evidence that religious prejudice does not prevail in the 20th century was the election of Pres. John F. Kennedy (a Catholic). National votes were dominated by non-Catholics and expected Kennedy to lose. Surprisingly, it did not happen. He was elected the first Catholic president of the United states.

Then, what I observed was that law and order has been the vanguard of the much-needed social and economic reform. Law became the standard that served notice to the bigots, to the belligerent and the racists as well.

However, there were always an underside of the situation. America has been a melting pot of races. A boiling caldron of both little men, and also of great men. A nation so free – that freedom without responsibility exists like it was absolute right. Abuse of that sense of right have been quite strong to be broken. Bigotry therefore has been the effort of the feeble mind - which expresses itself with force in the white man’s burden.

Therefore – in order to solve differences and disputes, the power and prestige of law has been the essential referee which can remove the dangling threat to our democratic way of life.

An example of this is the long-overdue retarded settlement of the unpaid compensation and benefits of Filipino-American honorable and active military service in the United States Armed Forces that has been cruelly taken away by the 79th Congress under a dastardly inserted "rider" in the Rescission Act of 1946.

Such cruel hoax perpetrated by a few little men of power – have screwed up veterans so badly, these hapless aging and sickly intrepid heroes of Bataan and Corregidor were maltreated as if they were the present terrorists that have invaded the nation. They were mistreated as "second class citizens" like other minorities.

Laxity in government service which has contributed to the I security of our shores still haunts this fragile government. The legislature have failed to pass the remedial measure to honor, recognize and pay the debt of Uncle Sam to those who were sent to Harm’s Way to fight for the U.S. flag. And which would help America lead further, likewise head off racial disorder even before it starts. But the segregationists have disguised themselves in society, even in the three branches of government. not to leave out government lawlessness obtaiing.

Congress had been recreant. And therefore, these indentured war veterans went to the U.S. Court for legal remedies.

There were at least many outstanding court decisions which Congress can not ignore, or nor set aside anymore. And I hereby cite them, to wit:

(1) " The Philippines was not a foreign territory within the meaning of the U.S.. Constitution, and that the Commonwealth of the Philippines was under the sovereignty of the United States. The United States legally involved the Philippines in a war of the United States against Japan, likewise dictated the political and military strategy of the conflict." ( U.S. Supreme Court decisions on Insular cases).

(2) Justice Frank Murphy, had been very candid and explicit in his decision as regards economic discrimination in Steele versus N.R. Company 323 U.S. 192 (1944), to wit:

" Economic discrimination practiced … under the color of Congressional authority raises a grave constitutional issue that should be squarely faced. Utter disregard for the dignity and well-being of colored citizens shown by the record is so pronounced as to demand the invocation of Constitutional condemnation.

" The cloak of racism surrounding the action… refusing membership to Negroes and entering into an enforcing agreement discriminating against them, all under the guise of Congressional authority still remains. No statutory interpretation can erase the ugly sample of economic cruelty the accident of birth, has been used as to the basis to abuse individual rights by an organization purporting to act in conformity with its Congressional mandate. Any attempt to interpret the Act must take the fact into account and must realize that the constitutionality of the statute in this respect depends upon the answer given.

" The Constitution voices its disapproval whether economic discrimination is applied under authority of the law against any race, creed or color. A sound democracy cannot allow such discrimination to go unchallenged. Racism is far too virulent today to permit the slightest refusal and in the light of the Constitution that abhors it, to expose and condemn it whether it appears in the course of a statutory interpretation."

(3) Justice Frank Murphy – in his decision in Takahashi versus Fish and Game Commission 334 U.s. 410 (1948), opined to wit:

" Even the most cursory examination of the background of the statute, demonstrates against such person in a manner inconsistent with the concept of equal protection of the laws , legislation of that type is not entitled to wear the cloak of constitutionality.

" The statute in question is but once more manifestation of anti-Japanese fever which has been evident in California in varying degrees since the turn of the century. Fever, of course is traceable to the refusal or inability of certain groups to adjust themselves economically and socially. Winds of racial animosity blew un-abated.

" Equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, however, does not permit the State to discriminate against residential aliens in such fashion, whether the purpose is to give effect to racial animosity or to protect the competitive interest.

(4) Justice Reed in the case of Railway Mail Association versus Corsi 326 U.S. 88 1945, - opined, to wit:

" The new Civil Rights Law provides penalty against organizations that shall deny a person by reason of race, color or creed equal treatment.

"They violated the due Process and Equal Protection Causes of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and were in conflict with Federal power. We see no constitutional basis for the contention that a State can not protect workers from exclusion solely on the basis of race, color or creed by an organization functioning under the protection of the State, which holds itself out to represent the needs of employees."

(5) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. stated in the case of Hurd versus Hodge 334 U.S. 24 1948, to wit"

" All citizens shall have the same right in every State and Territory, as is enjoyed by white citizens thereof to inherit, purchase, ease, sell, hold and convey real and personal property."

They have property rights.

"It is rooted in the conscience equal protection of the laws is not achieved through indiscriminate imposition of inequalities. Historical context which the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution should not be forgotten.

"It is clear that the matter of primary concern was establishment of equality in the enjoyment of basic civil and political rights and the preservation of those rights from discriminatory action on the part of the State based on consideration of race or color.

(6) Justice Brown in Plessy versus Ferguson 163 U.S. 537 1896, to wit:

" The amendment to the U.S. Constitution primarily have been intended to abolish slavery (also in the case of Butcher’s Association versus Crescent City L.S.L. & S or Slaughter House cases)

were to have been intended primarily to abolish slavery, .. that to forbade Mexican peonage, or the Chinese "coolie" trade when they amounted to slavery, "involuntary servitude" was intended to abolish the use of all forms of involuntary slavery, of whatever class or name. It was estimated to protect people of color or race onerous disabilities or burden curtailing their rights in the pursuance of life, liberty and property."

If the Filipino-American WW-II veterans are not fully compensated and their benefits are denied, then the government that have sent them to Harm’s way in 1941-to-1945 had been made to shed blood and die under "involuntary servitude" as slaves in no other condition. The U.S.. Constitution abhor and prohibited slavery.

(7) In he case of Quiban versus the USVA 928 F 2d 1154 D. D.C. 1991 – Judge Aubrey Robinson – opined, to wit:

" There is no rational basis for treating World war II Philippine Army veterans differently from members of the U.S. Armed Forces."

Filipino-American veterans have submitted evidences that they were conscripted by no less than the President of the U.S. Pres. F.D. Roosevelt in 1941, inducted into the United States Armey in the Philippines (USAFFE), the single defense force that save democracy, and American interests in the Philippines. That is hard evidence recoginzed by U.S Federal Courts.

Judge Robinson further rejected the government’s argument that the political and economic plan which Congress had for the Philippines, provided a rational basis for the statute. He interpreted the government’s political and economic argument as merely involving a plan for saving money and fund no logic between such plan and the legitimate purpose of the veteran’s benefit.

Moreover, the Filipino-American WW-II veterans produced evidence that 66,000 nationals of 16 allied nations that also fought for the U.S flag in World war Ii, were all fully compensated, except Filipino-American U.S servicemen that were singled out and dispossessed.

Judge Robinson’s opinion provided for benefits that were arbitrarily removed by the 79th Congress under a "rider" in the notorious rescission Act of 1946 that took all benefits entitled to Filipino World War II veterans.

Those benefits earned in battle in Wold War II in the Philippines under the United States Army in the Far East (USAFFE) were as follows:

(1) non-service-connected pensions.

(2) medical care

(3) special-adopted housing

(4) Automobile grants

(5) home loans

(6) educational assistance

(7) burial at U.S. cemeteries

(8) vocational rehabilitation

(9) job training and placement

Such above benefits are being enjoyed by their comrades in the U.S. Army – like any member of the U.. S. Armed Forces. Congress took it away. Why he invidious discrimination?

Lastly, the U.S. government dastardly offered the Philippine Government in a colatilla (proviso) stating that " $200 million dollars be appropriated for building up of the Philippine Army – with a concessionary provision denying all benefits to Filipino WW-II veterans, to wit: "that service in the Commonwealth Army of the Philippines should NOT be deemed to be r to have been service in the military or naval or air forces of the United States."

This unjust offer made to the Philippine government was not accepted and was denounced by Gen. Carlos P. Romulo – in his speech in the House of Representatives in May 1946. (See Congressional Record, May 1942).

Such cheap stunt by the U.S. was seen by veterans as an affront to the dignity of the U.S. servicemen of color under the whiteman’s burden.

Filipino veterans have therefore invoked the Due Process Law, which secures all persons equal and impartial justice under the law. (See: D.C. Pa. 1920 267 F 861, Cooley on Constitutional imitation p-434 6th Ed 1820 and Columbia (1819) 3 W What 244 AL Ed 559)

The economic necessity as furnished reason for he passage of the Rescission Act of 1946 – will not place the law beyond the reach of Constitutional guarantees concerning obligations and contracts. (See: Brown versus Ferdon Cal (1935) 45 P 2d 218)

In her disgust, Senator Barbara Boxer.said, "Pay these veterans and end the injustice and discrimination."

As this treatise is written ,Congress have remained adamant to share their hoarded pork to pay Uncle Sam’s debt to veterans. There simply is no will to appropiate dollars that will diminish their hold on the taxpayer’s wealth which they squirrel away in junkets and political extravaganza.

Of late, a senator from Nevada, Sen. Harry Reid have accused Pres. George W. Bush of spending the taxpayer’s money to attend to political fund-raisers around the country.

Reid requested an accounting of all travel costs associated with political travel of Bush and members of his administration.

"Spending taxpayer’s money and on political campaigning and fund-raising is the type of frivolous spending I thought Pres. Bush vowed to curb." said Reid.

"During a time of war and deepening recession, are these appropiate expenditures to the American taxpayers."

On the other side of the coin, what abut the reckless spending of congressmen and senators that use taxpayer’s dollars? From the Speaker of the House down the line and the President of the Senate – are also guilty of the same sin, if not a crime. They deny GAO to audit their books.

Both political parties have been doing the same to the disgust of the voters they have deceived. Upheaval is near. And citizens are already quietly up and arms. The situation has been a seething volcano ready to explode

If only they pause for a second and ask themselves – should I pay these aging and sickly veterans who fought the war which we approved – or let them all die so there would be no more claimants for their denied benefits? And we could have all the fat from the pork – some solons said.

The answer to this question would be quite revealing. Every sin committed up in the Hill is the end result of legislative partisan collaboration. Of all the evil spirits – the most dangerous is the insincerity of purpose, and racism.

Now, we have witnessed the fall of a senate leader whose indiscretion created his own downfall. His disguised race card played in an unwitting or witting comment resulted to his Waterloo All sins – are the true brothers of deception.

Powerful men up in the Hill, which we, (the taxpayers) have endowed them borrowed power as public servants, have become self-adorned master that are vile specimens of human nature.

They have sadly chosen to love darkness – rather than the light because their deeds were corrupt. The nation backslides toward bottomless pit of Hades because of their double pleasure to oppress fellowmen.

It was aid that democracy has given conscience absolute liberty. However, that liberty has been abused. Freedom and liberty indeed has also absolute responsibility. And the health of our democracy is measured by the quality of the functions of those whom we endow trust in public service. Albeit, liken to the devil, they are capable of citing the Bible in psychedelic colors for their personal purposes.

God had made us of just one blood and nations of righteous men. And there are no rights of any race superior to the God-given right of the human common stock There is no superior race before Him. We are all destined equally to secure and enjoy freedom without distinction, color, creed or origin.

John Quincy Adams said, "America in the assembly of nations, has uniformly spoken the language of equal liberty, equal justice and equal rights."

Edward Bellamy asserts, "Until economic equality shall give a basis to political equality – the latter is but a sham."

To reform America – it is the inherent right of its citizens to first reform the government, (especially Congress which has been denegated as "a parliament of whores"- which is their right to criticize. But citizens must exercise to resist the un-constitutional law without overturning the government – peacefully. ( D. Webster)

It must start from freedom of conscience. God save America from retribution




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, June 3, 2004
Culled by Col.(Ret)Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pension, Associate, PMA ‘44 - As part of the series of Fil-Am orientation of our kababayans here in the U.S., more especially for the younger generation, here is an English translation of the world re-known last farewell of the Filipino national hero and martyr, who abstemiously and solemnly had written a valediction during the night before his execution by the Spanish colonials who convicted him to death without a fair trial.

Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal, was born in June 19, 1861, in Calamba, Laguna, tutored by is mother. Teodora Alonzo. He studied in Binan, Laguna before leaving for Europe to secure higher studies. A gifted and well-educated middle-class Filipino, he fluently spoke Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Arabian, Chinese,, Russian, Swiss, Japanese and other languages – to communicate wherever he traveled.

He excelled in all courses completed and was the envy of all his foreign classmates. A revolutionary at heart never endorsed violence. He has always cautioned his kabayans to listen to the force of reason to achieve peace.

Upon his return to the Philippines, was falsely suspected by the Spaniards as a revolutionario, being an adored Filipino. He was arrested, co evicted by a kangaroo (unofficial) court, sentenced to die by musketry at dawn, in December 30, 1896 in Bagongbayan (now a national park, called the Luneta) in Manila – where such national monument majestically stand – as a standard of federal authority co-equal to, and at par with all nations.

Rizal knew, he was to be executed the next day,. On the eve of his execution - he resigned himself to his fate, suffered under the iron heels of the relentless Spanish colonials.. Calm and composed, serenely spent his waking hours that night - writing his last farewell to his beloved native land, The Philippines, which he loved so well.

He cleverly hid his valedictory inside an oil lamp, only to be discovered later from his prison cell, in historic Fort Santiago, and made public thereafter.

I am quoting herein - en toto, the English translation of Rizal’s last farewell – translated by my good friend, the nation’s respected linguist-literary artist, Nick Joaquin, completed in 1976, after World War II. If our readers truly appreciate this in the English language, they would marvel more and realize its worth in the aesthetic and enchanting romantic Spanish language - delicately composed from Rizal’s throbbing heart.

It is the Philippines, where the kayumangi was colonized and oppressed under the white-man’s burden. Therefore, hero-worship for Rizal who cared for all of his fellowmen, with deep respect bestowed for Rizal – in a corrupted colony, where there was the least honor and reverence by colonials for human rights, freedom and justice for the Indios, an attribute coined in contempt for Filipinos by the Spaniards

Let this valedictory - be in the lips of every burdened Filipino-American or the mestizo, with minute drop of blood of the kayumangi that flows fervently in his veins and heart. No matter what nationality he or she presently carry, they were born free with a tinge of the blood of the kayumangi. He and his spirit must never be in chains in a nation under God, who created the universe and man in his image - as equals. No one to be misjudged or tyrannized by another race.

. History was cruelly replicated here once more after World War II.. Especially for our honored war-veterans who shed blood, and died for the U.S. flag, but later wantonly betrayed by those who sent them to Harm’s Way.

History has been cruel and unjust to them, but their personal defeats are more triumphant than cheap victories won by their tormentors. Honor and dignity are the best reward of self-denial which they suffered under repression, no matter how harsh under the white-man’s burden.

They also had their own intimate farewells laden with heavy-hearted regrets, willfully deceived under critical perception - with obstinate impunity. But they were never mortified to die under persistent abuse .They walked with God and believed their oppressors were more wretched than them.

Thus - they have virtually won over the degree of godless tyranny in, and by their emeritus death - as a rare privilege of bona-fide heroes. They carry in their hearts Rizal’s last farewell – as they cross the Great Beyond with simple pride as an obsequious kayumangi.


By Dr. Jose P. Rizal

"Should you find someday somewhere on my grave-mound, fluttering among tall grasses, a flower of simple frame: caress it with your lips and you kiss my soul: I shall feel on my face across the cold tombstone: your tenderness .the breath; of your breath, the flame:

"Suffer the moon to keep the watch, tranquil and suave, over me: suffer the dawn its flying lights to release: suffer the wind to lament its mummeries and grave manner: and should a bird drift down and alight my cross, suffer the bird to intone its canticle of peace.

"Suffer the rains that dissolve in the fiery sunlight and purified re-ascending heavenward bear my cause: suffer a friend to grieve I persist so soon and on fine evenings, when someone pray in my memory, pray also – O my land – that in God I repose.

"Pray for all that have fallen befriend by no fate: for all who braved the hearing of torments all bearing past: for our poor mothers piteously breathing bitterness for widows and orphans: for those who in torture captivity and yourself: pray to behold your redemption at last.

"And when in dark night shrouded obscurely the graveyard lies and only, only he dead keep vigil the night through: keep holy mystery. Strains perhaps you will hear – of zither, of psalter: It is I – O land I love! It is singing to you!

"And when my grave is wholly unremembered and un-located (no cross upon it, no stone there plain): let there be wracked by the plow and cracked by the spade and let my ashes, before they vanish to nothing, as dust be formed a part of your carpet again.

"Nothing the will matter to place me in oblivion! Across your air, your space, your valleys shall pass my wraith! A pure chord strong and resonant, shall I be in your ears: fragrance, light and color: whisper, lyric and sigh: constantly repeating the essence of my faith! sorrow among my sorrows: beloved

"Pilipinas, hear me the farewell word: I bequeath you everything – my family, my affections: I go where no slaves are – not butchers, nor oppressors: where faith can not kill: where God’s the sovereign lord.!

"Farewell, my parents, my brothers – fragments of my soul: friends of old and playmates in childhood’s vanished house: Farewell, sweet foreigner – my darling, my delight! Creatures I love, farewell. To die is to repose." # #

Nota-bene: This last farewell, although protected by copy-write, may be reproduced as is, with the permission of Nick Joaquin and/or his family – for the purpose of honoring Dr. Jose P. Rizal, a national martyr. Every Filipino-American are encouraged to keep copies and distribute or publish it. For it is a treasured manuscript for every freedom-loving citizen.

Nowhere in the world, was a convicted free man, so composed, had put together such immortal words – dedicated to his beloved country and people – that he was about to leave behind.

Rizal, a constitutional statesman, was a man of common opinion and uncommon abilities, described by W. Bagehot.

Rizal’s blood that fertilized our land is the seed of Free Philippines. And in his farewell – is our peace. (En la sua voluntade e’ nostra pace. (Dante in Paradiso).




June 3, 2004
  Culled by Col.(Ret)Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pension, Associate, PMA ‘44 -  What the Republic of the Philippines is today – was the product of the persistent effort of the Philippine Commonwealth leaders before World War II.

The struggle was followed by acuteness of their nagging vision for independence while the Commonwealth government was in exile in the United States, during the dark days of the Japanese occupation. (1941 – 1945) Their firmness and tenacity to achieve freedom, self-reliance, autonomy from the United States never ended until it was secured, but not without recrimination.

“It requires more courage to suffer than to die.” Napoleon I. This was what Filipinos emulated in their burning desire to be free. They had suffered from 300 hundred years of desecrating Spanish colonization, and the obtaining contemptuous American settlement.

The old saying of Quezon was, `”I would rather see the Philippine run like hell by Filipinos than by Americans in heaven.”

In the second half of President Taft’s administration – there was agitation in the U.S. for granting independence for the Philippines by the Democratic party, adopted upon acquisition of the Philippine Islands. However, there was stiff resistance from the avid colonizers that wanted to exploit the country’s natural resources, its manpower, moreover its strategic geographical location in Southeast Asia.

It was Manuel Luis Quezon, as first president of the first Philippine Senate – who delivered his maiden speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives pushing for Philippine independence which boosted the Filipinos desire for self-autonomy.

In that speech, he spoke of the grateful recognition of the benefits which Filipinos received from the United States. However, Filipinos believed that nationalism is the passion of the free, and the curse of every peon who has a chain around his neck with the other end of the chain fastened around the master’s waist.

To the Filipino, the cause of being free, is the cause of God. Man is born free, but everywhere he is chains. (J.J.Rousseau).

Quezon stated a simile, and said: “Ask the bird, who is enclosed in a golden cage if he would prefer his cage or the care of his owner than the freedom of the skies and the allure of the forest.”

Quezon portrayed that patriotism like in political life, is like faith in religion, that stood for domestic aspirations for men to be free in his own native-land, which every American understand.

It was a trying time for Quezon then to sell independence for Filipinos at a time American business sector was eyeing for the permanent acquisition of the archipelago for their imperial pecuniary interests.

Nevertheless, Filipinos while have been accepted as a “brown brother”, Americans never had an imaginary idea how the Filipino looked like. They only had the mistaken reflection, and a vague image of the Filipino as backward, like the uneducated native Indian tribesmen whom they drove to the wilderness to grab their land, etc. American viewed Filipinos as untamed native savages.

Case in point, Americans had the mistaken image of a Filipino liken to that of the Igorot in their mind’s eye, garbed in G-strings – seen in postcards.

Lest did Americans knew that Filipinos were already educated in Spain, and in the University of Sto.Tomas, older than many U.S. universities. And that Filipinos had the row brand of democratic government called barangay led by chieftains. And had their own moral Code – the Code of Kalantiao. Filipinos under Spain spoke Spanish and “Pilipino dialect which became its national language called “Tagalog.”

Quezon, in his effort to acquaint the American people, made speech-making trips to New England states, was advertised ahead in the newspapers in those states. Americans curiously trooped to the train station to see how a brown Filipino looked like. He spoke and wrote fluent English.

“When I stepped off the train in a city stop, where I was supposed to give an address, I was thrilled with emotion as I saw the railroad station full with people to give me, as I thought, a rousing welcome. Beforehand, on the train I had changed my ordinary suit for a cut-a-way suit and had put on my top hat, like any visiting dignitary.

“To my surprise, the people in the station remained in their in their places, with their eyes fixed on the train even after I had left the platform. Then I realized that the crowd had not come to meet me, but perhaps, some other notable personage who had traveled from Washington in the same train .with me.

“ As the train pulled off the station, the look of disappointment was evident in every face. True enough, these people were to see the visiting Filipino, but they had expected an entirely different figure – that of a chief of one of the local tribes likened to what was exhibited at the St. Louis fair, adorned with plumes on his head, trinkets on his neck, arms and legs, and perhaps a silk G-string. Americans learned right there and then that a Filipino could high-hat them.” Quezon said in good humor.

Quezon, of course, was a Spanish-Filipino mestizo, just as white as any typical American pale face. It therefore can be gainsaid, through not their own fault, that Americans who has never left his country is full of prejudices - for it is the child of ignorance. And ignorance is the minister of critical perception the leads to discrimination.

As Quezon’s campaign for independence went through – resistance became difficult, because the past three presidents ( McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft ) had created the belief that Filipinos would not be ready to be entrusted with a government of their own..

President. Wilson summoned Quezon to the White House to ask for his opinion as to whether a new Governor General should be appointed. “To a Filipino, with an Oriental ancestry, little Spanish blood, and mostly Spanish education – which practically all that I then had, the question was very trying indeed,” said Quezon.

“Friendship to me, has a real meaning and personal favors were never forgotten.. On the other-hand, I had come to Washington to perform a sacred duty. I measured my words and gave President Wilson – the following answer:

“I shall always remember with gratitude that you have always given an opinion with utmost consideration. Let me say that I am your great admirer, and I sincerely believe that you would know best. And that - in one instance, you have prevented the conclusion of an unjust treaty of peace at Versailles..” said Quezon.

Governor General Francis Burton Harrison - thus was appointed – and he proceeded to providing a majority in the upper chamber, thus turning over to Filipinos practical control of the legislative department. Antagonism of Harrison’s county-men in the home country who were against his policy – found support of the newspapers in the U.S. However, Filipinos stood by Gov. Harrison. and his policy prevailed.

It was contemplated at first that the Philippines should be recognized as a neutral territory – but as condition sine qua non for the establishment of a Philippine Republic. Then – a law was passed for the granting of Philippine Independence with the signature of Pres. Wilson then known as the Jones Law.

Quezon returned to the Philippines triumphantly.

The Philippine legislature created the Philippine National Guard, a body trained by American officers and then was mustered into the U.S. Federal Army. However, these whole outfit missed the privilege of taking part in the First World War in Europe, under Gen. Pershing.

Only a few Filipino recruits shed blood and died for the U.S. flag. Record had it that there was one, Tomas Claudio and a few others who served in World War I. By that gesture, America saw, despite of the deep desire of Filipinos for self-determination, their deep loyalty to the U.S. and willingness to fight with America on the battlefields of Europe created quite a lasting impression.

Filipinos have shown exemplary act of devotion for attainment of their dream of self-determination. Albeit, have considered it their own cause for common unity and comradeship to help American in her unsheathing of the sword for the first time in history, and for Filipinos to take part in America’s conflict against an old quarrel of old imperialists Europe.

The First World War was concluded and peace once more was attained. Trade between the Philippines and the U.S. flourished on an uneven level. Development of the country, nevertheless, continued under what Filipinos perceived as unbalanced and unfair.

The Philippine Commonwealth was nearing its dream of one day, on July 4th 1946, would be the Second Philippine Republic to be proclaimed by the United States of America as a separate and independent state.

The First Philippine Republic, by the way, was proclaimed and inaugurated by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in 1898, when the triumphant Filipino rebolusionarios defeated the Spaniards,. but were guided and persuaded by wily American interloper, Admiral George Dewey for the Spaniards to surrender to the American contingent instead after a mocked battle in Manila.

Since then, Filipinos saw the insincerity and inequality – which brutalized the trust accorded the Americans. Fellowship in treason was a bad ground for trust. It was no less a betrayal itself. No sooner, the Philippine – American War broke out – that culminated in the death of millions of Filipinos, and thousands of American troopers during the firefight for occupation of the Philippines as a colony of the U.S.

The U.S.. established it own military garrisons under martial law and then granted the Commonwealth government.

Albeit, as early in those days, Americans led the Filipinos to believed their own propaganda that Japan can not take the Philippines once it was free. These words became a harsh reality on December 8, 1941 when Japanese Imperial Forces attacked Pearl Harbor and the Philippines under its expansionist plan to establish Asia for the Asians.

In the Commonwealth President Quezon’s assessment - that if ever Japan invades the Philippines, Filipinos would fight by the side on the U.S. to the bitter end. These also became prophetic words. The fledgling Philippine Army being trained by Gen. Douglas McArthur, just five years before the dreamt independence had its baptism of fire in Monday, December 8, 1941 in its defense of the U.S. flag and imperial interests.

Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was simultaneously attacked by the Japanese Naval Air Forces decimating the U.S. 7th Fleet that was supposed to protect the Pacific territories, but was annihilated.. The Commonwealth Army of the Philippines, nevertheless, was called to the U.S. colors, By Pres. F. Roosevelt and placed all organized military forces of the Commonwealth incorporated into the United States Army in the Far East (USAFFE) as the single American defense unit in the Philippines as early in July 26, 1941. In the defense of the U.S. flag in the Philippines, there was only one single distinct American force ( the USAFFE ) under the command of Gen. Douglas McArthur .Let there be no mistake about that ! If at all those who are mouthing that Filipinos fought the war (in Bataan, Corregidor and Philippine Campaign separately as Commonwealth Army veterans is pure hogwash, and an attempt to evade he huge U.S. obligation of $3.2 billion dollars worth of unpaid compensation and benefits Filipino WW-II veterans.

World War II took hold its toll in the Philippines – that would cause 1-million Filipinos that would perish in World War II, not to leave out the American USAFFE defenders abandoned by the U.S. together with the Filipinos that were later surrendered by the Americans to the obdurate and triumphant Japanese Imperial Forces in April 9, 1942.

This shameful defeat of the USAFFE – culminated the world-widely known Bataan Death March which decimated almost half of the USAFFE during the 60-mile hike under the tropical sun to the gates of Hades of Camp O’Donnell and Capas, Tarlac Such downfall belied the U.S. propaganda peddled to the Filipinos that “so long as the Stars and Stripes flew over the Philippines, no other nation can invade the Philippines.” But Filipinos saw for themselves, the ugly truth - how the enemy hurled down the Star and Stripes and was desecrated by the Japanese soldiers, as they raised the flag of the Rising Sun that would fly over the archipelago for almost four punitive years under martial law.

However, despite the USAFFE’s decrepitude, it held out in Bataan and Corregidor to fend for themselves, while U.S. support was ruthlessly shifted to American’s cousins in the European Theatre. The USAFFE was therefore a wretched pawn in this U.S. misadventure in the Far East, then billed as “the Battling Bastards of Bataan.”

Despite impetuous deprivation, with a handful of rice and outmoded 1903 rifles, the USAFFE successfully delayed the Japanese war timetable for its conquest of South Asia, which shamed the Japanese High Command, that was confident that the Philippine defense would fall in two weeks, which did not happen.

Filipino resistance movements kept the fires of freedom and democracy alive by Filipino guerrillas without McArthur’s direction in all the islands. It was only until later when McArthur saw the golden opportunity to harness the nationwide uprising that could help him fulfill his personal promised to return to the Philippines under his “I Shall Return” proselytization program to convert guerrillas as his own badly needed added manpower to assist the allied liberation forces for the liberation of the Philippines.

The liberation campaign of the Philippines by the U.S. began 1944 onward to 1946 from South West Pacific northward to the Philippines. Filipino guerrillas became an asset to McArthur that saved billions of U.S. dollars and saved millions of American GIs during the liberation campaign.

When the guns of war turned silent, the Philippines was ready for its promised independence. Filipino leaders took to the challenge of nation-building amidst the ruins, more caused by the U.S. forces than the Japanese suicidal defense forces that fought to last son of the Bushido under the dwindling defense of Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, abandoned by the Imperial High Command.

A day before July 4, 1946, I vividly remember receiving orders intended for most members of the U.S. liberation Forces that could be spared for the grand ceremony of inaugurating the Second Philippine Republic at the Luneta, Manila. I was a budding (readjusted from Captain as a guerrilla officer) as 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence Corps, that took part in the military parade and inauguration ceremony.

It was a glorious day for every Filipino and American that witnessed the new fangled political power, the lowering of the Stars and Stripes, and the raising of the (national tri-color) Filipino National Flag at the Luneta, followed by the playing of the national anthems of both countries.

President Manuel Acuna. Roxas took the oath of allegiance to the new Republic. It was a day that Filipinos witnessed inauguration of the subsequent Second Philippine Republic, the least known past historical event to most Americans.

The U.S. troops pulled out of the Philippines, except for some token units to turn over left-over surplus military equipment to the new Republic. Ravages of war had to be compensated and the Rehabilitation (war reparations) Commission was established. Pres. Roosevelt’s promised made during the dark days before Bataan fell, that Filipinos would be assisted in the full repair of the ravages caused by war. Filipinos expected full restitution, the then estimated 1 billion dollars was never paid due to a seemingly innocuous but pressing provision in the Rehabilitation Act, which prohibited of large war damage claim until after the Philippine government had accepted the terms of the Bell Trade Act. This was one of the deceitful “double-crosses” by the U.S.

This was doubly galling to Filipinos because it necessitated a “compelled” amendment of the Philippine Constitution just to permit Americans to enjoy the same rights as Filipinos to exploit their natural resources, and in the allocation of public utility franchises.

Under conditions of stress, Filipinos, however, were sufficiently pragmatic to see the advantages to be gained by transitorily swallowing their pride. The humiliation continuous to fester. It was a pain in the heart that would build up into disaffection and bad blood. (C.P. Romulo)

Resumption of trade between the two countries, was still uneven in favor of the U.S. despite of what was described by the Americans as “special relationship” born from World War II and U.S. colonial imperialism. But this situation, which was indicated by Frank.H. Golay – stated that “Americans had been receiving a rude, perhaps inevitable awakening" from Filipinos.

“Filipino irritation over the American presence was rising, especially at U.S. paternalistic attitude, due simple lack of concern, towards problems of relationship – problems often felt more deeply by Filipinos than by Americans.” Golay observed.

Culture touches our deepest feelings because it touches our lives. Independence initiated a perceptible nationalist movement toward cultural freedom among the intelligentsia, and the whole citizenry. Thus, there was much soul-searching among those who believe that our cultural integrity must form part of a sovereign nation (N.Ramos).

` In the further cultural and commercial exchanges between America and the Philippines – the American image as an imperialist nation projected in the Philippines by some U.S. critics has not improved by special benefits enjoyed by Filipinos. Case in point, the Parity Rights provision in the Laurel-Langley Agreement which endowed American exploitation of Philippine natural resources. Thus – the agreement proved unpalatable to Filipino industrialists and the labor sector.

Next to that, the presence of U.S. military bases and personnel in the country has been a source of stress for the Filipinos. And then there was that legitimate long pending World War II veterans claim for wartime services (full compensation and benefits) which was withheld by the U.S. since 1946 – viewed by Filipinos as a critical perception and economic discrimination against veterans who shed blood and died for the U.S. flag, and U.S. imperial interest in the Philippines. Veterans knew that other 66.000 nationals of 16 allied countries who also fought for the U.S. flag were fully compensated.

The new breed of Filipinos – had to discover many things for themselves as the truth. They were to discover from new Philippine history books and publications that was no longer written by Americans with American angles and persuasions – but written by Filipino professional historians and journalists backed up by veritable facts. For example, the American forces under the command of Admiral G.. Dewey thwarted victory of and by the Filipinos revolutionaries under the command of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo into a humiliating capitulation before the Spanish government, and as if to add to insult, to the injury of betrayal, ended in the Treaty of Paris cheaply ceding the Philippines to the United States.

As early as 1955, the Philippine government had pressed the U.S. for the promised payment of the unpaid war damage, and veteran’s compensation for honorable and active military service in the U.S. Army in World War II. In a statement designed to mollify Filipinos, Pres. J. F. Kennedy commented that the U.S. Congress action ( in the defeat of the war damage bill) stated:

“ Showed lack of appreciation of the moral obligation the U.S. owed the Filipino people."  said Kennedy.

U.S. House members, on the other-hand, opined that they were just tired of “hand outs” to the Philippines, and made a grave mistake of saying so. It appeared as if Filipinos were begging for alms, which to them was shameful and outrageous.

And that a debt owed is a serious responsibility which could never be wasted and spoiled. After all, It was American that legally involved the Filipinos in its war against Japan. (See: U.S. Supreme Court Decision),

The series aggravations was too much to bear. Tempers flared in Manila.

The Philippine Congress thus strongly demanded that President. Diosdado Macapagal cancel his scheduled state visit to the U.S. When he publicly announced an “indefinite postponement” the next day, he accused the U.S. of negating its “legal and moral commitments” to the Philippines. (S.P. Lopez)

‘The Kennedy oil had not quieted the troubled waters. Anti-American waves splashed into print for a time. And the net result of this fiasco – was the change of date of the celebration of the Philippine Independence day from July 4th to June 12, as the original date of the establishment of the First Philippine Republic.” This has been explained that it has been under consideration for sometime, but was implemented to satisfy the Filipino nationalistic yearning to afford the valid historical fact. (D. Warfel).

From then on, the authentic day of the Philippine Independence for June 12 celebration became official .based on authentic historical records. It was said that truth which is so durable that was on the lips of a dying free man. And which never hurts the narrator, because it shall make him free. Albeit, it stung the American segregationists in theU.S..

In almost over forty years of co- colonial tutelage, and over twenty years of independence – Filipinos have succeeded in attaining what is right as a vital part of their heritage. They leaped from colonialism to unadulterated freedom. The Filipino’s cause for freedom, they believed, is the cause of God!

Suggested reading: The Good Fight, Manuel L. Quezon; Philippine-American Relations, Frank H. Golay; Colonial Relationship, S.P. Lopez; Relations with the U.S, N. Ramos; Friend to Friend, C.P. Romulo; Special Relationship, D. Wurfel and Filipino’s Struggle for Self-Rule, Capt.R.N. Quesada ( PA Inf. ).




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, June 7, 2004
 Culled by Col.(Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44  -  (Racial Discrimination – Root-Reason for “De Jure” and the Filipino-Americans’ WW-II Veterans’ Benefits Deprivation.)

Foreword: (Editor's Introduction)

“Sen. Beveridge’s speech before the U.S. Congress comes close to being a definite statement of U.S. war aims in the Philippines, embracing all the main theme: drive for markets, raw materials, and military strongpoint, the rival with other commercial powers, the racist morality of white Anglo-Saxon supremacy.

“It was Beveridge’s first Senate speech and has been carefully prepared. Coming forward as a champion of U.S. imperialism then emerging in the Philippines, and strong support from the Indianapolis business community, Beveridge, from Indiana had won election to the U.S. Senate I899.

“Before assuming his seat, his zeal for imperial policy had led him to visit the Philippines, and the U.S. battle-fronts there, so that his testimony was first-hand and of unique authority, had received special attention.

“Delivered in January 1900, the speech came at a difficult time for the imperialists; with the U.S. at war in the Philippines still inconclusive, and with the anti- imperialist drum beat of the opposition strong and steady, a certain alienation was to be seen even on the ranks of Pres. McKinley’s supporters.

“Beveridge’s powerful speech was a rallying cry to close ranks and get on with the war. It is reproduced today for the new generation to peruse, audit, and objectify what’s perverse ?

(Source, Congressional Record, January 9, 1900, pp 704-711)

Text of Speech:

Mr. President, the times call for candor. The Philippines is ours forever, territory belonging to the United States, as the Constitution calls them. And just beyond the Philippines is China’s limitless markets. We will not retreat from either. We will not repudiate our part in the mission of our race, trustee under God, of civilization of the world.

“And we will move forward to our work, not howling our regrets like slaves whipped to their burden., but with gratitude for a task worthy of out strength, and thanksgiving to Almighty God that He has marked us as His chosen people, henceforth to lead in the regeneration of the world.

“This island empire is the last land left in all the oceans. If it should prove as a mistake to abandon it, the blunder made would be irretrievable. If it prove as a mistake to hold it, the error can be corrected when we will. Every other progressive nation stands ready to relieve us.

“ I have ridden hundreds of miles on the islands, every foot of the way a revelation of vegetable and mineral riches.

“No land in America surpasses in fertility the plains and valleys of Luzon. rice, and coffee, sugar and coconuts, hemp and tobacco, and many products of the temperate as well as the tropic zone grow in various sections of the archipelago.

“The wood of the Philippines can supply the furniture of the world for a century to come. At Cebu, the best informed man in the island told me that 40 miles of Cebu’s mountain chain are practically mountains of coal. I have a nugget of pure gold dust washed out by crude process of careless natives from the sands of a Philippine stream. Both indicate great deposits at the source from which they came.

“It will be hard for Americans to have not studied them to understand the people They are a barbarous race, modified by three centuries of contact with a decadent race. (emphasis supplied)

“The Filipino is the South Sea Malay, put through a process of three hundred years of superstition in religion, dishonesty in dealing, disorder in habits, and cruelty, caprice and corruption in government. It is barely possible than 1.000 men in the archipelago are capable of self-government in the Anglo-Saxon sense. (emphasis supplied)

“My own belief is that there are not 100 men among them who comprehend that Anglo-Saxon self-government even means, and there are over 500,000 people to be governed.

“Mr. President, reluctantly and only from the sense of duty am I forced to say that American opposition to the war has been the chief factor prolonging it.

“Had Aguinaldo not understood that in America, even the American Congress, even here in the Senate, he and his cause were supported; he had not known that it was proclaimed on the stump and the press if faction in the U.S. that every shot fired by Washington’s men against the soldiers of King George, his insurrection would have dissolved before it entirely crystallized.

“ But Senators, it would be better to abandon this combined garden and Gibraltar of the Pacific, the count on our blood and treasure already spent a profitable loss, than to apply any academic arrangement of self-government to these children. They are not of a self-governing race, They are Orientals, Malays, instructed by Spaniards in the letter’s worst estate.

“What alchemy will change the oriental quality of their blood and set self-governing currents of American pouring through their Malay veins ? (emphasis supplied)

“How shall they, in the twinkling of an eye, be exalted to the heights of self-governing peoples which requires a thousand years for us to reach, Anglo-Saxon though we are?

“The Declaration of Independence applies only to people capable of self-government, How dare any man prostitute this expression if very elect of self-government to a race of Malay children of barbarism, schooled in Spanish methods and ideas? And how dare you, who say the Declaration applies to all men, how dare you deny this application to the American Indian? And if you deny it to the Indian at home, how dare you want it to the Malay abroad? (emphasis mine)

“The archipelago is a base for commerce if the East. It is a base for military and naval operations against the only powers with whom conflict was possible; a fortress thrown up in the Pacific, defending our Western coast, commanding the waters of the Orient, and giving us a point of which we can instantly strike and seize the possessions of any possible foe.

“Mr. President, this question is deeper tan any question of party politics; deeper even than any question of the isolated policy of our country even; deeper than any question of constitutional power. It is essential. It is racial. (emphasis supplied )

“ God has not been preparing the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing but vain and self-contemplation and admiration. No ! He has made us master organizers of the world to establish a system where chaos reigns He h as given us the spirit of progress to overwhelm the forces of reaction throughout the earth.

“He has made us adept in government that we may administer government among savages and senile peoples.

“Were it for such a force as this world would relapse into barbarism and night. And if all our race He has marked that American people as his chosen nation to finally lead in the regeneration of the world. (Emphasis supplied)

Rejoinders to highlighted statements of Senator Beveridge above. Here are historical facts that will correct Sen. Beveridge’s irruptions:

The preparation for the conquest of the Philippines by the U.S. Pres. McKinley, included the actual “mocked” battle of Manila Bay. McKinley ordered Adm. Dewey to seize the Philippines from Spain. Dewey deceived Gen. Aguinaldo, then in turn, convinced the Spaniards to surrender to the Americans, when Aguinaldo had already defeated the Spaniards. (See: Philippine History by Prof. G. Zaide.)

Gen. Aguinaldo already had set up a Philippine Republic earlier, contrary to Beveridge’s inaccuracies which insulted his ignorance. ( See: Philippine History, by G. Zaide)

The Philippines earlier than 1900 had already universities and local schools (i.e. Univ. of Sto.Tomas, the eldest in the Orient.) therefore, is not a barbarous race, as Mr. Beverddge puts it “in contact with a decadent race,” Spain was an advanced nation where Filipino Illustrados (elites) were a educated in Spain and Europe, like the Philippine national hero, Jose Protacio Rizal, who fluently spoke more than 8 languages, and who calmly wrote his “Last Farewell” on the eve of his execution by the Spaniards.

The Philippines was converted to Christianity since the 15th Century by the Spaniards, and not through superstitious religion as Beveridge ignorantly claimed. History clearly recorded this. Filipinos were already governed by their homegrown “barangays” the known (domestic government) under a moral “Code of Kalantiao,” when the Ferdinand Magellan landed in the Philippines. Therefore, they had self-government of their own homegrown moral discipline and regency.

The Malay race is a honorable race of heroes, and not children of barbarism, as Beveridge erroneously described them His words appeared with abysmal race prejudice over Orientals.

He said the question (of acquisition of the Philippines) is deeper than a question of constitutional politics, and it is racial.. Therefore - the plan of acquisition of the Philippines was, in fact, inherently racist in nature.

“That we, (Americans) may administer a government among savage and senile peoples.” Again, he was so carried away, in treating Filipinos so low as savages and senile ,which was fascistic purely based from his white-man’s burden.

Such critical racial differentiation has been deeply passed on to the present national bias and prejudice, .even the government’s policy showed invidious discrimination against the Filipino World War II, as former members of the U.S. Army who shed blood for the U.S. flag. Up until now (over 50 years), have been screwed so badly by Congress by denying them their rightful benefits under the Bill of Rights. Arrogance under the white man’s burden has no place in democracy – incidentally, now under relentless attack.




June 7, 2004
 By Vicky Viray Mendoza ( Daughter of the late, Commodore Wilfredo Viray USNA) Interviews of World War II Veterans with Col (Ret.) Nestor Lim. PMA ‘60 and Col.(Ret,) Frank B. Quesada ‘44 assisting interviewers.

Nine hours after Pearl Harbor was attacked the Japanese Imperial

Army bombed the peaceful Philip-pine Islands beginning December 8, 1941 in a relentless display of sea and air power, from Davao in Mindanao to Aparri in Luzon. Within the month of bloody and savage fighting between the combined Unites State Army Forces in the Far East USAFFE)and the Japanese invaders, Manila was declared an “Open City”, Bataan fell and later, so did the island of Corregidor. Bur before the defeat, during the months of January to February of 1942, the USAFFE undisputedly and victoriously blocked the hostile invaders.

Of the estimated 140,000 USAFFE troops .located in Bataan and Corregidor alone, about 15 percent were Americans and 85 percent were Filipinos , most of whom died from malnutrition, disease and atrocities committed by the Japanese in the Death Bataan Death March up to incarceration at Camp O’Donnell. Some soldiers, and later guerrillas somehow managed to escape certain death.

Perhaps history might one day have a separate place of honor for the POWs who refused to remain in captivity and found a way to escape without putting their comrades in harm’s way.

Dead Man Walking: When he was captured, Rio took the identity of a dead comrade, masquerading as a sergeant to avoid his captor’s wrath.

Switching Identities

Colonel (Ret.) Eliseo D.Rio. Author of “ Ray of a Setting Sun,” still a cadet at the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1942 at the outbreak of the war. When he was captured the very first item he ditched were his officers’ uniform and his First Lieutenant’s bar insignia. He then took on he identity of a fallen comrade, Sgt. Lagasca a former supply sergeant at the academy who had just been killed in action.

Next, he hid his beloved class ring which he pinned at the bottom of his underwear. Some money was stashed too in the folds and hems of his clothing.

Lt. Rio and other prisoners were selected to tote heavy boxes for the Japanese. Whenever Rio came upon other Filipinos who knew him, he would look down or away so that they would n recognize and greet him by his real name.

One day, his group was ordered to load their horses on a train. When the train stopped, he noticed that the Japanese soldiers were distracted by women in kimonos serving them snacks. The chance of escape had finally come.

The group escape through the barbed wire fence along the railroad tracks, and took of their military shirts and rolled them under their arms so that the patrolling Japanese would not spot them.

The next day, April 25, they went their separate ways, exactly two weeks from he day their units, the 1st Regular Division formally surrendered to the Japanese.

Avoiding Capture

Colonel (Ret.) Silverio Almanzor was also a PMA cadet at the time and set to graduate with Class 1943 when the war broke out, as a 3rd Lieutenant in 1942, he was assigned in Lamao , Bataan to the 2nd Regular Division under Maj. General Guillermo B. Francisco, the Filipino Commanding General defending the east coast of Bataan.

Upon hearing the news of the start of the Bataan Death March , Almanzor bought himself and his companion some fisherman's clothing and joined the civilian ranks in a walk from Mariveles to Balanga.

Upon reaching Balanga A Japanese told his group to divide themselves into two groups, civilian and army. Almansor quickly discarded their army boots canteen cans, and posed as civilians.

They then walked barefoot From Balanga to Pampanga where their group was able to hitch a ride on a track That transported them to Manila. From the corner of their eyes, he could only watch the Bataan Death Marchers trek the 60 miles under the hot sun as their truck drove by.

Always on the run, Almanzor and his companions hid on various places in Tayabas) then joined the guerrilla unit of the Blue Eagle Command until liberation that finally came in 1945.

Humoring the Enemy

Commodore (Ret.) Ramon A. Alcaraz was a 2nd Lieutenant and Lt. Captain of one of the three motor torpedo boats , called Q-boats of the Off-Shore Patrol that guarded the coast line.

Alcaraz destroyed two Japanese “zero” planes attacking the Q-boat. During the wee hours of April 10, Captain Alcaraz scuttled Q-112 along the Paombong coast, 4 miles off Bataan’s east coast. He and his crew were wading to shore on bamboo poles when suddenly a bright searchlight from 2 Japanese patrol boats spotted them.

“I felt the entire world had collapsed on me. I thought abut my alma mater, the PMA, and felt that I failed her – so my instant reaction was to remove my class ring and throw it out at sea.” said Alcaraz.

On his day of captivity Alcaraz immediately used the sense of humor. Despite of his disheartened state, Alcaraz befriended the and joked often flattered his enemy’s ego by asking to recount their battle victories.

Not before long, Alcaraz was made Head of the POW Camp at Malolos, Bulacan where they were concentrated., but was likewise held accountable for any escape. When new prisoners came wit their hands tightly tied behind their back, Alcaraz would have Japanese soldiers untie them.

Alcaraz felt responsible for keeping his fellow POWs alive and make their lives better the best he could. It was during he many story-telling hours that he men enjoyed a respite from hard labor by just sitting and the ground pretending to listen to the soldier’s stories.

At fall-in formations and other ceremonies, where POWs were required to hail “Banzai.” Alcaraz would join in with his boisterous native version of “Bankay” (corpse)., and the Japanese would roar with approval.

By then, Alcaraz humor had become part and parcel of his escape plan and resulted in a less tortuous POW experience for his comrades compared with the unspeakable experiences the POWs endured at Camp O’Donnell . Notably, not a single death was registered at the Malolos POW camp.

Later, Alcaraz feigned malaria and was required to be confined at San Lazaro Hospital. The ship to Lamao therefore left without him, a week later, Alcaraz joined the guerrilla outfit of Maj. Maneul Enrique, his former PMA mentor who had become executive officer of the 14th Infantry unit.

Close Call

Colonel (Ret.) Basilio Moreto, Jr., was around 12 years old when the war began. His participation as a guerrilla courier under Col. Charles Fulsom (US Army) made him decide early on that he would be a soldier. His main task was to covey the most confidential and delicate guerrilla message emanating from higher headquarters that in turn were transmitted from the different unit commanders in Manila and the scattered points in Luzon.

Hidden under fruits and vegetables of his bayong ( woven buri basket) .Moreto would also carried counter-propaganda to the guerrillas and the residents near Japanese installations.

One day on his way to the hills a Japanese soldier pilled him to the side of the road to inspect the load of newspapers. Buried somewhere between the newspapers was a document which the Japanese officer failed to see. Yet even without proof, the young Moreto was poked with a bayonet on his side, made to confess where the guerrillas were hiding and was accused of working for them.

Although he was just a young lad, he knew for certain that a confession would not only get him and his family killed, but his whole town as well In the most innocent tone, he repeatedly said that he was just a poor newspaper boy.

After constant interrogation, the Japanese officer finally set the boy free. `Many years would pass, but true to form – Moreto graduated from the Philippine Military Academy In 1954 andwoouldmlater lead jungle patrols in the north and south to flush out communists insurgents.

Truth Sets Him Free

Colonel (Ret.) Frank B. Quesada, associate PMA class ’44, an avid proponent of Filipino-American WW-II veteran’s equity benefits settlement of what the U.S. failed to pay World War II veterans for their active and honorable military service for Uncle Sam.

He was then a Captain of the of the noted guerrilla outfit that was the most wanted by the dreaded Japanese Kempei Tai (military police) during the enemy occupation in 1942-45)., the famed Hunters-PMA-ROTC Guerrilla, responsible for many Japanese casualties. And the little-known joint rescue-liberation along with the US 11th Airborne Division contingent of 2,146 American POWs in Los Banos in 1945.

The “Hunters” was composed of Philippine Military Academy and ROTC cadets, mostly from PMA class’43, ’44 and ’45 - who refused to take defeat from the Japanese invaders. They took to the Sierras and harassed the enemy from the rear, inflicted heavy casualties upon the Japanese occupation troops. Likewise, annihilated the “Makapilis” (Filipino quislings).Quesada was an ubiquitous raider, among those who had an enemy’s price for his head for being quite elusive.

In 1943, he was captured in a massive enemy dragnet (hamletting) in an unidentified apposition, was imprisoned in the Paete, Laguna Catholic church, where the baptismal served as the Japanese torture chamber along with his captured fellow cavaliers of PMA class ’44.: Daniel Adea and Benitez Roque. Quesada suffered repeated torture, while hanging from an awning, including the barbaric “water cure” (drowning by suffocation) for many days and nights by low-ranking Japanese guards to force him to divulge whereabouts of his fellow guerrillas, and Americans who joined the guerrillas. He chose to die rather than betray his comrades.

After repeated drowning torture and several blows to break his back, at his weakest point, sensing that he would also be beheaded by decapitation - next in line. Quesada requested the guards permission to make his last Christian confession with a fellow POW, a Caucasian (Kiwi) priest, Fr. Francis Vernon Douglas of New Zealand. He was never seen again until this date.

The request was grudgingly granted. Thereafter, the guard had his razor-sharp Samurai sword over the nape of his neck while kneeling before his torturers. . On shaking knees, Quesada recited the Act of Contrition.

Suddenly, a Japanese officer intervened and interrogated Quesada as to why he continued to side with the Americans who are avid Westerners, rather than the Japanese who were his Asian brothers.

Quesada perilously uttered the gospel truth: “Sir, if you are being tortured like this by an Asian, but Westerners treat you kindly, with whom would you side?”

The Japanese officer gravely pondered, and saw the self-evident truth behind Quesada’s statement. The officer shook his head, tacitly concurred with visible willingness, then ordered the guards to untie him and set him free.

As the Japanese officer dutifully bowed to return Quesada’s bow of courtesy, respect for recognizing Quesada’s truthful reply, accidentally, a pendant (a gold crucifix) appeared hanging from his collar It fortuitously foretold his godly faith.

Quesada endeavored to walk out of that torture chamber, shaking with disbelief whether he was still alive, wondering if the Japanese officer was God-sent. He claims his “faith in God was a substance he hoped for, a mystic evidence of the unseen” he quoted from ( Paul, 11-1).

“Ultimately, God’s truth have divinely set me free Praise be to Him!!” he concluded.

# # #

After World War II, in 1947, Quesada was busy with the Fil-Am war benefits lobby in the U.S. with BGen. Carlos P. Romulo. His job was interrupted by hisdeath-defying services in China in an emergency evacuation of Gen. Chiang Kai Shek’s army escape to Taiwan to safety.

Then was a participant in the mercy expatriation of stateless Estonians, White Russians. Chinese, etc., to the Free West. Later in the mass “reverse exodus” repatriation of Jews and Palestinians from Asia to Jerusalem via Lydda, Israel.

Lastly, as psy-war and counter-intel observer in Laos in the Vietnam War. Finally, retired as Deputy Chief-of-Staff, as Colonel - from the National Guard Reserve of the U.S Army.




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, June 29, 2004, By Col.(Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA Class ‘44  -  Very little have been said about the Filipino-Chinese freedom fighters in the Philippines during World War II. Without them, history would not be complete how the war was also fought by a Filipino minority – who have acquitted themselves in the resistance movement during the war of the United States against Japan that involved both Filipinos and Chinese-Filipinos. (Chilipinos).

When the Japanese Imperial Forces landed in the Philippines in 1941 – Chilipinos, were also suspects. They were not respected by the enemy. As a matter of fact, they were maltreated by the Japanese, like their kin in mainland China.

A Distinguished Unit.

This particular story accounts for one guerrilla organization that have distinguished itself in the struggle for freedom and democracy in Luzon, which this author can account for from first-hand knowledge.

I am referring to heroic group that started as an effective and simple intelligence and combat unit called the “Ampaw Unit” of the famed Marking’s Fil-American Guerrilla.

The Marking’s originally operated in Eastern Manila. more particularly in Rizal and Laguna provinces. Since the Japanese landed and pursued its quest for the USAFFE ni Bataan and Corregidor – a

patriotic resistance group earned its name as “Ampaw Unit” – posing as “puff rice” vendors, highly disciplined and trained intelligence operatives, with its own combat unit.

Leak in Enemy Secrets

The Japanese military forces in Manila, Rizal and Laguna were at a loss how so much of their vital military secrets could leak into the hands of Marking’s guerrillas.

From Manila and adjacent provinces the Japanese Kempai Tai (military police) was in a great quandary and could not figure out how the resistance movement could secure well-kept secrets from the Japanese occupation forces.

And as far as the Japanese forces are concerned, they have been quite careful in enforcement of security procedures. The enemy were quite strict in containing movements of civilian population everywhere.

Enemy Security Measures

Identification passes were issued to civilians and checkpoints were established n strategic areas n Manila city and the suburbs as well. They though they have the Capital City well-sealed and under control.

Nevertheless, guerrillas have been aggressively harassing the Japanese from the rear inflicting heavy losses. Little did the Japanese know that there was an effective network of underground chain of guerrilla intelligence operating under their nose.

Japanese movements and strength were easily and always known to the guerrillas, which posed as threat to the Japanese military troops. They never suspected civilian vendors were in reality an intelligence unit of the Marking;s guerrilla that relayed enemy vital information to guerrillas.

Impeccable Spies

They have roamed around Greater Manila area selling puff rice, however, in reality were covert collectors of information pertinent to any Japanese movement and destination.

The “Ampaw Unit” have disguised themselves as “puff rice” vendors all over the city and greater Manila area – with a relay system that fed the guerrillas when and where the Japanese troops would be going. Puff rice was a popular snack among Filipinos being sold on a house-to- house basis by these well-disguised vendors.

During my guerrilla days in the area as coordinating intelligence officer for the resistance movement – I came to comer across a very succinct unit of Filipino-Chinese dedicated to furnish Marking’s and other guerrilla units that have been ambushing Japanese patrols operating in the city and the adjacent provinces.

The Real Chua Sy Tiao

I later came to know and identify their skilful leader in the name if, Col. Chua Sy Tiao, with a nom-de-guere (an alias) “Tomas.” Tomas, as he was known was a wily operator posing as a businessman who have trained a chain of intelligence operatives using the Chinese language as their means of communication. Tomas, in person appears as harmless but disguised lowly vendor.

In my long association with this unit, I quietly discovered that Tomes was a reserve Captain in the Chinese Koumintang (Nationalist) Army, with a specialist training in mainland China before the war since 1934-36, He was purposely sent to the Philippines in anticipation of Sino-Japanese War in Manchuria.

He knew too well the brutalities perpetrated by the Japanese invaders in China (the Rape of Nanking) and exploitation of China by the Japanese military forces.

In the Philippines Col. Chua Sy Tiao (Tomas) vowed to avenge the inhumanities by the Japanese against his countrymen. Thus – when the Japanese invaded the Philippines, he seized the moment to fight them together with the Filipino freedom fighters. His men were Filipino-Chinese extraction (meztisos) – hybrids called - Chilipinos.

Birth of Ampaw Unit

Tomas was very cautious in forming this compact but efficacious conglomeration of Chinese Filipinos who were sworn to fight to the last man, where they started in Antipolo, Rizal – a town overlooking the city of Manila from the Sierra Madre mountain.

Antipolo, was then the cross-routes of USAFFE (United States Armed Forces in the Fart East) of Bataan escapes and un-surrendered soldiers who refuse of take defeat from the triumphant Japanese invaders. The sought refuge from the vast mountain forests of the Sierra.

Initial Area of Operations

From Antipolo, this unit operated in the adjacent towns of Pillilia, Tanay, Morong, San Guillermo, Teresa, Marikina, Taytay, Pasig, Montalban, Pasay and Manila city.

In the process, they collected food and supplies for the combat unit of Marking’s Fil-American Guerrilla.

Without this seemingly small but efficient unit, thr Markng’s combat force could not have survived the privations in the rugged Sierra Madre mountain isolated by the enemy from civilian population.

Japanese Retaliation

I know this by heart because the Japanese have already mounted an effective manhunt and hamletting (Zona) operations against the guerrillas operating in the area like: Marking’s the Hunters guerrillas led by Cols: Mike Ver (PMA ’43) and Terry Advoso PMA Class ’44); the Fil-American Irregular Troops of Col. Hugh Straughn (USA Ret.). they all were roaming around the Sierra hunting for Japanese patrols.

As I have also been ducking Japanese rangers, I have witnessed their runner system, food procurers, arms and ammunition collectors, saboteurs and foot soldiers – who supported the resistance movement.

Enemy Roundups

No sooner, the Japanese closed in on this suspected unit as guerrillas were herded to the Japanese garrison in Antipolo. They were tortured and beaten by the Japanese, however, these intrepid men endured the punishment. Tomas intervened and convinced the Japanese that those men were only looking for food. The food procured was later turned over by and his second-in-command, Major Clinton C. Tan. to Marking.

My Capture as POW

As a matter of fact, in July 1943, I was caught by the Japanese in a hamletting operation in Paete, Laguna where all men were rounded up and were incarcerated in the Catholic church. There about 2,500 men – concentrated for 8 punishing days and nights san food and we were beaten continuously while being interrogated.

We are subjected to the infamous “water cure” by the enemy guards. It was a brutal devise to drawn the victims by covering the faced with wet burlap and a pail of water is pour over the face while laying down. The victim is rendered drowning until a forced confession is secured by the enemy.

Many succumbed to the punishment, while a few of us swore to go for broke, knowing that the Japanese never respected anyone who squeal sand turn stool pigeon against their comrades.

Enemy Brutality and Sadism

A few were beheaded (by decapitation) being found guilty of admitting as guerrillas. Most of those Chilipinos with us also suffered and tolerated the beatings and were later released.

For my part, I wound up with broken ribs and injured which up to now bothers me. Many Filipinos and Chinese as well also survived this punitive experience. However, returned to guerrilla activities upon recuperation.

Country’s Liberation Period

The American and allied liberation forces arrived b January of 1945 – and the Ampaw Unit was attached to the U.S. 43rd Infantry Division under the command of Maj.. Gen. Leonard Wing, assisted by Brig. Gen. Alex Stark.

I personally saw this unit in their best – during the battle of Ipo Dam led by Col. Agustin Marking, head of the Marking’s Guerrillas, assisted by Col. Yay Curtis Marking. As a matter of fact, the Marking’s Guerrilla was awarded by the U.S. Army the credit of capturing Ipo Dam after so many month of bloody fighting.

Roster of Ampaw Unit

Col. Chua Sy Tiao – Commanding Officer; Major Clinton C. Tan – Exec. Officer.

Ltc Chua Sy, Maj. Nga Sieng, Lt. Wong Si Yew, Sgt. So Peng, Sgt. Chua Tian, Lt. Cheng Te, Lt. Tan Pok, Dgt. Ag Se, Sgt. Tan Lit, Pfc. Yu Go Kee, Sgt. Ang Ka, Major. Robert Tiongson, Col. Tan Tiam, Sgt. See Kio, Capt. Chua Hu, Lt. Co Heng, Sgt. Se Ban, Capt. Ernesto Ang,Sgt. Tuan Chua, Sgt. Lim Tan Pee, Lt. Co Tan Yian, Capt. Lim Song, Sgt.Chang Too, Capt. Sy Ban, Sgt. Ricardo Cheng, Sgt.Tan Kim Sing, Maj. Ong Hai, Sgt. Tiu Chieng Chao, May. Ong Kiao, Lt. Go Sy Chiong, Lt. Ang Liong, Sgt. Go Ban, Sgt. Li Siong, Sgt. Sy Chuy, Sgt.Ngo Guan, Lt. Kaw Lin Sgt.,Hua Bang, Sgt. Tan Li Kim, Sgt. Ching Kiat, Sgt. Chua Dy, Capt. Ng Tee, Lt. YuOng Chaw, Sgt. Chan Lai, Sgt. Lao Bio, Sgt. Tek Him, Ltc. Ong Ko Lim, Sgt. Ong Chua, Pfc.Tan Khi, Sgt. Cua Lit, Lt. One Lian Tee, Sgt. Chua Pue Hong, Cpl. Uy Lim, Lt. Au Yong Lit, Sgt. Chua Hian, Sgt. Li San, Sgt Ching Pong, Lt. Chan Heng, Sgt. Tan Bon, Sgt. Chan Heng, Sgt. See Lak.

BGen.Marking’s Testimonial

I personally commend the Ampaw Unit for their heroic and gallant contribution for the sake of our beloved country and the United States. I have seen them in the their most heroic hour as their Commanding Officer in World War II.

As for the Chinese nationals who chose to fight on the side of freedom and democracy of the Philippines and the U.S. they have carved in the niche of fame in the saga of the struggle during World War II. They deserved our respect and gratitude in the name of justice and liberty.

As for our fellow Chinese-Filipinos who also shed blood for God and Country along side us – they deserve our utmost camaraderie.

All the members of the Ampaw Unit – whose contribution to the cause of freedom and democracy – should not be suckers of class legislation. I stand against any discrimination that downgrades these men of honor.

What is good for any Filipino or American (as servicemen) must be good for any of them – saw the face of the enemy in battle. They will always be my men in war and in peace. U.S. Gen. Wing and Gen. Stark stand beside me in awarding them the same honor and reward entitled to any World War II servicemen like them who shed blood and died for those who would live.

In peace time – these men have returned to their respective stations in life and now have contributed to the socio-economic well-being of the countries they served so well.

Before I quietly fade away from this world - these men must be afforded the same privileges and benefits any member of the armed forces deserve. They are no more, no less than any war veteran that honorably served the flag. .




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, July 1, 2004
By Col.(Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Associate PMA ‘44, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pension - In February 23, l945, during the Liberation Campaign of the Philippines from the iron heels of the Japanese occupation forces, 2,146 emaciated and tortured Americans and allied prisoners-of-war were rescued by in a joint operation by the daring members of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) also known as the West Point in the Philippines, as wartime-members of the Hunters ROTC Guerrilla. Principal Role in the Assault

The Hunters participated as the lead ground assault force in the liberation of Americans and allied prisoners-or-war detained by the Japanese in Los Banos (Laguna) Internee Camp, at the foot if mystic Mt. Makiling, some 60 miles from Manila, behind enemy lines.

The assault rescue operations was a joint Filipino-American force composed of the U.S. composite force of the U.S. 11th Airborne Division, and the combined units of Filipino guerrillas led by the Hunters-ROTC (PMA) Guerrilla.

The rest of the guerrilla forces were: the Marking’s Fil-American Troops, the Andersom’s USAFFE Bonn Military Area unit, the Pres. M. Quezon’s Own Guerrilla, the Fil-Chinese 48th Squadron unit, and the Filipino Communist "Hukbalahap" unit.

They all set-aside their internecine conflicts and jealousies to fight just one common enemy – the abusive Japanese invaders.

This liberation operation was described by military experts as one of the almost perfect assault-rescue ever attempted during wartime (in world War II) in the Philippines. It has become a model in the War College nd Staff Schools.

Ovation Paid by Gen. C. Powell

To quote Gen. Colin Powell, as former U.S. Joint Chief of Staff Commander, after learning about the notable rescue operation said:

"I doubt that any airborne and guerrilla unit in the world will ever be able to rival the Los Banos raid. It is a textbook operation for all ages and all armies."

PMAyer’s Graduation in Battle

Philippine Military Academy cadet Class ’44 literally graduated in the battlefield, so to speak. They fought in World War II in an unconventional and irregular warfare against an obdurate enemy who were veterans of the infamous China Campaign noted for their barbarity.

The PMAyers, along with ROTC cadets stuck together and did not want to take defeat from an invading enemy, they – organized one of the most formidable guerrilla resistance movement in Luzon that defied the enemy manhunt from 1942 to 1945. It was originally led by cadet Miguel Ver (PMA’43), by Eleuterio Adevoso (PMA ’44), and Gustavo Ingle (PMA ’45). The rest were crack rifle platoons of the Reserve Officer Training School (ROTC) coming from different universities in Manila.

These PMAyers were all sent to the United States Staff Schools, after the war before formally serving the Armed Forces of the Philippines post-World War II. Class ’44 was a noted Academy class that produced many Generals and Flag Officers. It was the most cohesive since their cadetship before the war (World War II) up to peacetime 1945 and thereafter.

PMA Hunters ROTC Guerrilla

In summer of 1942, they readily organized the Hunter-ROTC Guerrilla and took off for the hills of the vastness of Sierra Madre Mountain [ in Rizal Province], where they trained and learned the art of "beg-borrow and steal" irregular and un-coventional warfare - and "hit-and-run" raids against the enemy. They inflicted heavy damage and casualties upon the enemy occupation troops, but with minimum losses on their part. The Hunters were the most wanted by the Japanese Imperial occupation troops.

Armed with outmoded 1903 bolt-action rifles, foraged ammunition and a handful of rice, and a prayer - they expertly routed the enemy in various ambuscades and at death-defying raids. They earned their place in the heroes’ hall of fame through honorable and active military service – as freedom founders.

Established Second Front

The most cohesive, PMA Class ’44, after the enemy vanquished the USAFFE in Bataan in April 9 and Corregidor in May 9, 1942 - situated themselves in strategic towns and provinces in the Philippines. And established small pockets of intelligence nets that supported the mobile combat units. They were the object of hot pursuit by the Japanese Military Police (Kempeu Tai), but resisted the enemy hamletting (dragnet zonings) by the enemy forces. Some of then were caught inside the enemy dragnets and suffered brutal torture and beatings. A few were executed.

The first casualty was Cavalier Mike Ver, killed-in-action - in a skirmish against an overwhelming enemy force in July 4,1942 in the training camp at the Sierra Madre mountain. They were raided by the enemy, however, but were able to put up a respectable defense which nevertheless was overran n\by overwhelming number. Mike died in action, but after inflicting several casualties upon the surging enemy. He died a traditional PMA hero’s death with mortal wounds on his chest facing the enemy squarely.

Cavalier Eleuterio "Terry" Adevoso, took ove command, and moved the guerrilleros to the inner jungles of the Sierras. He fielded several "mobile strike units" to hound the enemy to avenge Nike’s death. From 12 original Hunters in 1942, grew to 30,000 strong in 1945, and won recognition by the U.S. Army. Its record has been deposited in the U.S.Army Personnel Center In St. Louis Missouri, U.S.A. And they enjoyed same compensation and benefits like any member of the United States armed Force, with the exception of those whose names were deleted from the original roster, as a consequence of travesty of justice and unfairness by the AFWESPAC, that was in a great haste to leave the Philippines.

Post War Careers

Many Hunters eventually secured U.S citizenship by virtue of their honorable and active military service to Uncle Sam. While many of them remained as Filipinos to continue to serve the Armed Forces of the Philippines after completing various Command Staff Schooling in the United States Armed Forces.

Class ’44 have produced several Generals and Flag Officers in Command. Some of them became successful professionals, while others became successful politicians. As of this juncture, out of the total class of 72, there are about half of them still around (2002) engaged in business and civilian careers. Some of their sons followed their profession and have also entered the PMA and are serving the armed services.

The Academy Standard

From 1942 to 1945, the Hunters scored heavily against the Japanese, which drove the enemy to counteract the guerrillas. Enemy established (hamletting zoning dragnets) of towns and villages by rounding up all male residents, imprisoned and tortured them to elicit names and rosters of suspected guerrillas caught in the area.. There were a handful of them caught and executed by the enemy to continue fighting.

Guerrilla Casualties

There were many Hunters caught in this "zona" [this author was one of them.] tortured days and nights. At least, dozen other guerrillas were punished by decapitation [beheaded] in Laguna, where the hamletting took place]. One of the casualties was a white priest [Fr. Francis V. Douglas, of New Zealand, suspected of having contacts with guerrillas. [See the book, Martyrdom of Fr. Douglas by Patricia Brooks. New Zealand]

PMAyers in Paete, Laguna; Cavalier Benitez Roque, Daniel Adea and myself (associate) were all Class ‘44, and Cav. Luis Adea, Class 41. The first three above, were savagely beaten during incarceration, after 8 days in hell, were spared and released, but with broken ribs, broken spine. and wounded - were released, after enduring the worst "beast barracks" (excruciation) of savage agony by a brutal enemy guards. Previous hazing experience at the academy paid off - because they all were able to endure the torture. Many died, however, gloriously like a man with their lips sealed they saved their comrades. .

No Where to Go But Fight

After recuperating from the injuries, we all voluntarily went back to guerrilla duty with a vengeance - to fight for God and Country, freedom, justice and to go for broke, so to speak.

The Hunters had a record of the most formidable resistance movement - owing to stern discipline and tactical training learned from the Academy, whose officers were mostly PMAyers who set the standard to all its members. It was the most feared guerrilla unit by the Japanese troops in the provinces of Southern Luzon. They ambushed the enemy many times and took no Japanese for prisoners. [See Terry’ Hunters book, by E. Adevoso ]

There was a classic record by the Hunters who was able to capture a Japanese EM, that was successfuly brainwashed, who turned around and fought alongside the hunters. ( See; story, Japanese Guerrilla in the Philippines).

Contact with MacArthur in Australia

Sorties were organized to make contact with Gen. D. MacArthur in Australia to secure arms and logistics. Col. Frisco San Juan, also of Class ’44 successfully made contact with sea planetary missions of US submarine landings in Negros Island, of the famed Filipino ace, then Air Force Maj. Jesus Villamor, who landed in the Visayas, and Navy Cmdr. Chick Parsons, a former Manilan sent by NacArthr to infiltrate the Philippines the Hunters therefore received arms , amo and supplies from Australia via U.S submarines.

The planetary parties took back with them valuable intelligence reports from the PMA-Hunters to Australia, and in return they- trips carried radio sets and supplies for the Hunters via US submarines.

War Materiel in exchange for Intelligence

Since then, by late 1943, the Hunters received fresh shipments of radio sets, arms and ammo at Infanta, Quezon and Polilio Islands. In return for these logistics - valuable intelligence were sent to Southwest Pacific Area Command of MacArthur. Maj Gen. Charles A. Willoughby was MacArthur’s G-2 relied heavily on the Hunter’s intel reports, which he said "shortened the liberation of the Philippines."[See Willoughby’s book," Guerrilla Resistance Movement in the Philippines, and Return to the Philippine

The Los Banos Daring Raid

The 8th U.S. Army [ XI Corps] commanded by Lt Gen. Robert Eichelberger landed in Nasugbu, Batangas together with the famed US 11th Airborne Division under Maj. Gen. Joseph M. Swing, in January 31, 1945. They were met by the Hunters Guerrilla Regiment of Cavaliers: Col. Juanito Ferrer, Class ’44 and assisted by Col. Eufracio Villanueva, also Class ‘ 44 at the shore of Nasugbu, Batangas with very little resistance from the enemy. Cavalier Adevoso headed the Hunter’s welcoming party – and immediately former a central guerrilla command together with Mja. Gen.Joseph M. Swing, CO of the famed U.S. 11th Airborne Division. They set up headquarters in Nasugbu, Batangas plotted the liberation of Manila from Batangas towards the southern jaw of Manila [ in Pasay, Rizal ]. They named the drive "Pony Express," way - in a mad rush towards Manila to get there ahead of the U.S 6th Army that landed in Lingayen, Pangasinan. There was a quiet contest between the 11th Airborne and the 1st Cavalry - to capture the capital city.

Guerrilla forces were integrated a into the U.S.liberation troops – which formed a massive assault force against the Japanese holed up in the mountains of Laguna, Batangas and Cavite.

Pony Express to Manila

The Hunters was the spearhead guerrilla unit that pushed from Tagaytay City which oushed towards Paranaque, Rizal under heavy artillery fire from the 15,000 naval forces of Admiral Furuse, who defied the order of Gen. Yamashita to abandon Manila. The rest of the enemy retreated towards the mountains of the Sierras in Rizal and Bulacan provinces, to form the Shimbu defense line. To fight to the last Bushido warrior.

Fierce Fighting

Fierce fighting ensured from Paranaque towards Nichol’s Field pinning down the 11th Airbonre and the Hunters. As a matter of fact, the 11th Airborne lost one of its top officers, Col. Himmelfening, in the drive towards Paranaque. Japanese banzai [suicide sorties] charges took tolls on U.S troops.

So the Hunter’s provided the 11th AB Division headquarters staff of Maj. Gen. Swing - a crack company of well-trained Hunters - called "Gen. Swing’s Own Guard" [GSOG] to protect the General’s staff., led by PMAyer Class ’44, Col. Godofredo Carreon. Maj. Gen. J. W. Swing. CG of the US 11th AB had high respects for these Hunters whom he described in his letter to me, to wit: ‘Those were the finest men of yours that safeguarded me and the general staff. Thank them for me."

Lt. Gen. Joseph M. Swing retired as 6th Army Commander at the Presidio of San Francisco, and, in civilian life was appointed by his West Point classmate, President Eisenhower, as Commissioner of Immigrations and Naturalization Service, who was responsible for pushing my U.S. citizenship under the 1950 Act, upon my residence in the U.S. In no time, I was re-activated as a full Colonel, General Staff officer (Deputy Chief of Staff of the State Defense Force, U.S. Army National Guard Headquarters in Sacramento, /California

American POWs Impending Massacre As the liberation forces neared Manila, Cav. Gustavo Ingles, PMA Class ’45 was ordered to penetrate inside enemy line to provide intelligence to the General Staff about the prisoners-of-war in Los Banos. I was also tasked to coordinate the various civilian intel-units in Los Banos, Laguna.

We discovered that the enemy had standing orders to massacre all the 2,146 when the U.S forces reache Los Banos. The local quislings (Makapilis) spies were hotly after Ingles and myself in the foothills of the mystic Mount Makiling, in Los Banos where the 2,146 American and Allied prisoners-of-war were incarcerated. We n ever slept in a place twice to evade those spies who had a price for our heads, under orders from the Kempei Tai.

Ingles was tasked by Adevoso as the overall coordinator of the Los Banos liberation operation representing the unified guerrilla participants. It was a very sensitive assignment because the lives of the 2,146 POWs were at great risk if we were discovered by the enemy.

Precise intelligence was the utmost priority in order for the assault-rescue force to execute a masterful plan of rescue drawn by Gen. Swing’s general staff led by the then Col. H. "Butch" Mueller, G-2 and Col. Douglas Quandt. G-3. The whole plan was a product of the careful verification by POW escapees from Los Banos brought by Col. Ingles to the headquarters. The plan was validated by Hunter Col. Middy" Castillo, USNA, Annapolis Class ’35.

The POWs were being maltreated by the enemy guards, and were in the edge of hell, being starved and maltreated owing to the surging liberation forces towards Los Banos. Col. Ingles and I had to work double-time to clear up all the gaps in the assault plan with the guerrillas and U.S 11th AB Scouts assigned with Col. Ingles – as overall coordinator of the raid.

Time Reconnaissance

The liberation of the 2,146 Americans and allied prisoners-of-warm incarcerated in Los Banos, Laguna, took priority action from Gen. MacArthur owing to the reported enemy order to massacre the POWs who were hoping against hope of emancipation.

Both the 11th AB and the Hunters –PMA General staff urgently acted on our radio request for immediate action, by radio message from the guerrilla base of the PQOG [Pres. Quezon’s Own Guerrilla] led by a certain Col. R. Price, who later turned out to be [Col.. Romeo Espino] who would later be Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines 30 years later under the Marcos regime.

Strategic Assignment

Much earlier, Adevoso plucked me out from the 45th Hunters Regiment Combat Force, to personally penetrate the Los Banos POW camp, inside enemy lines. Ingles and I both confirmed the enemy massacre order of the POWs at will by the Garrison Commander. Ingles urgently dispatched the information by radio to Adevoso and Gen. Swing in the joint general US-Guerrilla headquarters near Manila.

Assault and Rescue Order Finally, the order of Joint General Staff came after elaborate preparations [ by Col. D. Quandt [G-3], USMA; and Col. Henry Muller [G-2], with Hunter Marcelo "Middy" Castillo Class’ 35 of USNA, Annapolis, who validated the operational plan. In turn, Col. Adevoso ordered execution thereof by the PMA-Hunters 45th Regiment to execute the assault rescue of Los Banos POWs initially February 23, l945. It was to be an air-se-an-land joint 11thAB-Hunters assault-rescue operation.

Joint Assault-Rescue Operation The 11th AB contingent was ordered to support the guerrilla operation, along with a couple of American war correspondents[ Frank Smith, etc.] who witnessed the whole daring raid. They saw the finest hour of the PMA-Hunters and the U.S. scouts in action during the surprise assault-rescue operation. On D-Day, [Feb. 23, 1945] the Hunters 45th Regiment under command of Hunter Col. Honorio K. Guerrero was deployed around the POW camp. They were to wait for an airborne para-troop company to jump over the camp, as the signal of the overall assault, then later followed by the intrusion of the amphibian tanks of the 672nd Tank BN, that would evacuate the POWs to Muntinlupa, Rizal in amphibian tanks -and ferried across the Laguna de Bay.

The Surprise Attack

The attack was to be carried out at 07:00 HRS by the 23rd. Hunters’ combat forces were deployed around the POW camp the night of the 22nd, while other guerrilla units were to arrive Los Banos early morning of the 23rd abroad sailboats to join the attack. All entries and exit to Los Banos were sealed from any possible enemy break through. Civilian populations were requested to evacuate Los Banos shortly before the assault of the POW camp.

The Final Hour

The Hunters lay. on the ground motionless but wide awake awaiting for the drone of the C-47 airplane Squadron of Col. Anderson at dawn to disgorge the airborne troopers at the para-drop zone outside the POW camp. The February wind was annoyingly chilly, they hugged the ground for warmth, all of them prayed. There indeed were no atheists in the foxholes. We prayed for the POWs’ safety and for myself – about to see the face of the enemy in combat. However, we believed that God was on our side.

The heavy morning mist lazily crawled through the barbed wire fence, blurred shadows of the enemy guards moved about inside the camp preparing for their daily assembly for the morning "radyo taisho" [callisthenics over the radio from Manila) ]. This was their daily routine which Ingles and I have discovered beforehand. We noted the guards stocked arms before callisthenics every morning when we observed them earlier. This was important cue to the planners (G-2 and G-3) to use such prime information. It was part of the surprise attack which totally caught the enemy guards totally off-guard during the lightning assault

Morning of February 23rd

By 06:40 HRS the sound of the planes drew nearer. The men aroused fully from their catnaps - and firmly positioned themselves near the fence facing the camp. The enemy, nevertheless, nonchalantly continued their routine without any idea what was going to happen to them. This daily routine was sharply noted by Col. Ingles earlier during his observation from the fringes of the POW camp, which he emphasized in the report to GHQ. It proved to be the key to the precise hour - as a surprise attack upon an insouciant enemy. It certainly paid off during the assault.

Unexpected Episode

At this juncture, early in the morning -an enemy guard chased a hedge-hog towards the fence. He fired at the hog narrowly and unwittingly missing the Hunters deployed behind the buses. Hunter Capt. Marcelino Tan mistook this incident as discovery by the enemy of his men, thus - ordered a return fire.

At this juncture, all the Hunters around the camp reacted and hell broke loose. They simultaneously opened fire at their chosen targets. This unexpected incident started a premature assault. Rifles and machineguns barked without let up at the unaware guards that were mowed down without mercy. The Hunters breached the camp and "bolo" squads carrying razor-sharp machetes hacked the enemy. Surprise was our best weapon. It paid off handsomely in routine the guards that were felled by the initial volley of fire.

Makeshift Enemy Defense Some of the guards, however, were able to recover from the first wave of attack, managed to put up a makeshift defense to no avail. There was a hand-to-hand skirmish which resulted to the death of two young Hunters [ Tana Castillo and Momong Soler]. These two young lads were my close friends in the combat force. I have trained them in the mobile combat force, prior to my new assignment as coordinating intelligence officer at Los Banos liberation. I knew them well for they have always been behind me in previous patrols upon taking the lead at all patrols. However, during the Los Banos raid, they were under a different component during the assault

Ingles’s Intrusion of the Camp

At the main entrance of the camp, during the breach, Col. Ingles and the U.S Scouts were met with burst of enemy fire. Ingles returned with heavier fire and lobbed half-dozen grenades which wiped out the enemy guards instantly. They proceeded towards the main camp to join the melee.

Para-drop of the Brown Boots

At the para-drop zone, secured by guerrillas, the airborne troopers finally landed safely, with Hunter Bob Fletcher, and joined the action inside he camp nearby. By the time they reached the camp, the Hunters 45th Regimental banner was proudly waving on the makeshift flagstaff over the internee’s barracks. This banner was later brought by this author to be displayed at the U.S 6th Army Presidio Museum in San Francisco, California. And was returned to the Hunters on its 50th Anniversary in Manila, Philippines.

Hunters Breached the Camp

As sporadic gun-fires faded, there was an ominous silence. Hunters searched the perimeter for remaining enemy, mostly were badly wounded that were beyond help, and were left to die on the spot to join their ancestors. The airborne troopers had their share fire-fight against the remaining scampering Japanese from their stations.

The whole camp was in pandemonium. Both the guerrillas and the airborne troopers had a hay day routine shooting enemy guards who wee caught with their pants down. The element of surprise certainly was on our side that contributed much to the assault.

The POWs - sensing that it was safe to come out of their barracks, rushed out to greet their emancipators, hugging and kissing us, while tears of joy fell unashamedly. The whole camp was an amphi-theatre of ovation and thanksgiving. We cannot also help but also cry unashamedly upon seeing these starved, emaciated tortured souls, for three years and a half suffered under the iron heels of a savage enemy. It was a day of jubilation. Their prayers were finally answered while they went on their knees for three years praying for emancipation. They could not believe it that they were finally free. They were stunned, bewildered and horrendously surprised with glee. Can could not believe that they were free – at last.

Sad Aftermath

But, after the POWs and the raiders were all safely evacuated to Muntinlupa, Rizal, on that day, Japanese Battalion returned to Los Banos after a week - and vengefully massacred 7,000 innocent civilians who remained in - and/or returned to Los Banos who disobeyed the warning of the liberators to leave the place after the raid. A high, price - indeed was paid for by Filipino live in exchange of 2,146 Americans and allied POWs.

But it was part of the wages of war. People of Los Banos could not understand why there were none of us that stayed behind in Los Banos to protect them after the raid. However, the truth was – we had another order to proceed north towards Manila for the liberation of the Capital City..The Los Banos local guerrilla home-guards albeit have warned the people of Los Banos to evacuate, but failed to do so.

Day of Expounding the Truth On the 50th anniversary of the Los Banos liberation of the POWs and the town - Col. Gustavo C. Ingles, together with Cav. [BGen. E. Gidaya], PMA Class ’51, as Undersecretary of Defense, and myself with some American POWs returned for the grand reunion. The townspeople of Los Banos finally understood why no less than 7,000 of them were massacred by the vengeful Japanese who came back after our raid - and killed the civilians who did not heed the advice to leave the place. They were informed beforehand that after the raid, and that we had another assignment to proceed to liberate Pasay and Manila. The Hunters had to move on to liberate Lucena City, Quezon province.

Liberation Campaign

The guerrillas had another assignment to push forward to liberated the provinces of Quezon and Rizal, where the Hunters once more showed the U.S. Army how to flush out the enemy from their caves at Tanay, Rizal and Ipo Dam, in Bulacan province.

At Ipo Dam Campaign, it was Col. Frisco F. San Juan [Cav ‘44] and his PMA-Hunter forces kept the enemy without sleep under continuous assaults. The Hunters, however, paid a heavy toll in that campaign against waves of suicidal enemy "Banzai" charges. San Juan was in the heat of the assault against the huge enemy forces of the Shimbu defense line. It had to take over two months to mop u the Sierra Madre.

The Batangas Debacle

The Hunters also spearheaded the campaign in Batangas [ at Mt.Makulot ] where there was fierce fighting led by Hunter Col. Emmanuel de Ocampo against the enemy holed up in the area - who fought to the last man. The Hunters and other guerrilla units had a grudge fight against a superior enemy defense force. They took months before routing the enemy holed inside caves, determined to die to the last Bushido. In sum, the liberation campaign – gloriously succeeded but not without a high price. One million Filipinos perished in this war of the United States against Japan that involved the Filipinos in a war not inherently their own. It was a war of the U.S. against Japan.

Looking Back

The PMA Hunters - led by Class ’44 cavaliers had written a veritable history in blood and sweat - in World War II in the Philippines witnessed by no less than their comrades [ Lt. Gen. Robert Eicheberger, CO of the US Eight Army, the U.S 11th Airborne Division of Maj. Gen. Joseph M. Swing, the First Cavalry of Gen. William Chase. The 43rd Infantry Division of Maj. Leonard Wing, 103rd Infantry Battalion under Brig. Gen. Stark, the 11th Corps, the 11th Corps led by Gen. Julian Cunningham, and later by the AFWESPAC, etc., during the liberation and pacification campaigns of Southern Luzon .

Before the Turnover of the Commonwealth from U.S. Armed Forces Professional Careers

The PMAyers were all sent to the U.S. after World War II to undergo advance schooling at Command and Staff Schools (Fort Benning, GA; Fort Sill, OK; San Antonio TX, etc., and other schools before assuming respective posts n the Armed Forces of the Philippines. They all reached the apex of their military careers. For my part, I served a few years with the U.S Armed Forces in the West Pacific (AFWESPAC) and later with the Philippine Ryukus Command (PHILRYCOM) - then continued higher studies in Europe [ in Switzerland, Italy and France], completing my thesis " Structures of Governments and Comparative Economic Systems." Earned a gold medal for merit and excellence.

‘ Had a brief stint with the Flying Tigers Transport Command (1949) in China that evacuated Gen. Chiang Kai Shiek and the Chinese Nationalist Army [ Koumintang ] flown to safety from Lunghua, Shanghai, China to Taiwan Island, Republic of China.

‘ Completed studies at the Political War College, then stint with the Trans-Ocean Transport Division collecting by air transport all the Jews [White Russians, Estonians, stateless refugees] Jews and Palestinians all over Asia for repatriation to Lydda, Israel. And then in the Korean War with the U.N. Airlift Operations.

Then, later as psy-war and counter-intelligence observer in Laos during the Vietnam Conflict.

After serving the Philippine Government as psy-war consultant to then Sec. Ramon Magsaysay, who later became President of the Republic of the Philippines was tasked as Senate Committee Secretary of the Veterans and Military Pensions, vice president of Veterans Federation of the Philippines, then as public relations director of the Philippine Veterans Bank.

.It was time move on to participate as a ranking delegate to the International Conference of Human Rights and Social Welfare at Helsinki, Finland. And also as a delegate to the International Inter-Pol Security Conference, and then as member of the Cultural Delegation to the United Soviet Republic of Russia ( Moscow and Leningrad).

No sooner, after returning to the U.S., was called to serve - the U.S Army National Guard Reserves (CSMR) at Sacramento National Guard Headquarters [ first, as G-3 of the State Defense Force], [DCS] and then, Dep. Chief of Staff, of the Defense Force of 4 Brigades - after serving as Logistic Advisor of the 2nd Infantry BDE, a Fort Funston in San Francisco, California.

Tapped by Lt. Gen. Daniel O.Graham as a member of the ad hoc United States Defense Committee( White House) during Pres. Ronald Reagan Administration.

Retired as a full Colonel USA. Served the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals, (Circuit Executive Office) in San Francisco, California. Resided in California with my wife, Lou – as an executive of the School of Nursing, in San Francisco State University. We then relocated to a retirement hone in Las Vegas, Nevada.

+ + +

Those interested in the Internet version of the Los Banos Liberation of the American and allied POWs "Freedom At Dawn". And the other book – "Ordeal In War’s Hell" – browse the internet. And contact Cavalier retired Gen. Fred Filler, at the Armed Forces of the Philippines Museum

Tribute to Members of PMA Class‘44 in Alphabetical Order: (Surname first)

Abendano, Fernando A. Acosta, Galileo C. Adea, Daniel B. Adevoso, Eleuterio L Aguila, Florentino B. Alcasid, Domingo A. Aquino, Joae M. .Artiaga, Jose M .Baquirin, Bienvenido V. Baumann, Eduardo A .Bermejo, Leandro C. Bernal, Felix R. Cabal, Geronimo M .Caceres, Percival R .Caluya, Laureto E. Carreon, Godofredo M. Castillo, Lauro M. Cleofe, Jimeno A .Concepcion, Teodoro J .Corpuz, Marcelno R. Dacanay, Benito R Dacamay, Patrocinio T. David, Nicanor C .Dizon, Rufino C. Domingo, Emilio A.Dumlao, Rafael F. .Erfe-Mejia, Marcelino P. Estrera, Hilarion L .Fawcett, Alfredo Federis, Waldemero E. Fenix, , Jose B.Guzman, Pablo O. Flor, Leonilo A. Ferrer, Juanito N .Flor, Leonilo. Flores, Mauricio S. Francisco, Pablo M. Genguyon, Gil G. Gutierrez Guillermo G. Indiongco, Saturnino S .Irlanda, Cristobal V. Jazmin, Cesar C .Jose, Pacifico V .Lara, Melanio P La Madrid, Bernardo L .Lim. Vicente H Jr., .Macalinao, Bartolome S .Magaro Pablo A Maristela, Vicente E. Molano, Sergio C. Moreno, Guillermo S .Nonato, Godiardo G Paat, Pedro O. Paje, Anselmo Q .Panopio, Juan B. Paredes, Pablo G. Perez, Gregorio R .Perlas, Jose Z. Punzalan, Victor M. Radam, Julio C .Regalado, Ramiro F. .Reyes, Jose L .Rodriguez, Jose Romero, Armando G .Roque, Antenor B .Roque,Benitez C .Ruaro, Severino R. Sabalones, Samson T .Sandiko, Felipito C. San Juan, Frisco F. Santiago, Hermogenes V. Segundo, Fidel V. Jr. Sevilla, Elias G. Signacion, Mario G. Tan, Lorenzo A. Torralba, Damaso Ugalde, Aurelio S. Valdez, Vivencio A .Valencia, Erusto P.Ver, Jesus L.Vera, Vicente A De, Veto William R. Villanueva, Eufracio C.Villasanta, Mariano M.

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Lim, Patricio H (Rev.)Manglapuz, Raul, S., Quesada, Frank B., and Tangco, Paciano S.

Members, Reported to Class’ 44

On April 1, 1944

Bernal, Felix R. (returned from 1941), Briosos (FNU) Escalona, Marcelino, Ignacio, Pablo Lim,.Vicente H.Jr. (left for USMA) Loren (FNU) Molano, Sergio C. (left for USNA) Porat, Vicente O, Rapista (FNU) Reyes, Edmundo Delos, Rordiguez, Jose, Sabalones, Samson, Santos, Dizon, Santos (FNU) Tadeo, Rafael, Veto William R.

Source: Memoires of PMA Class ‘44

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, July 11, 2004
(STAR) By Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Associate, PMA ‘44 - The much-bruited- about recall order of discharged servicemen haunts the nation once more. It was reported that Pentagon is forcing thousands of discharged military servicemen back to fight a war, albeit does not mean that the U.S. does not have to reinstate the controversial draft system, it was learned from the Armed Services Committee of Congress, Bill C. Mann reported.

Comparing with the past administration of Pres. Nixon’ s conscription during the Vietnam Conflict, Sen. John Warner who was Nixon’s Navy Secretary said,

"I can tell you all volunteer forces worked."

Ever since the American citizens have raise most insistency the morality of conscription. The intelligentsia views the ultimate objective any military manpower system is to organize in the U.S. society a force committed to violence. Besides, draft laws produced many gross inequities, which have created inequities, spawning unfairness for the young generation and uncertainty for the lives of many others.

The draft law have operated unevenly, unfairly and unpredictably that was a patchwork of provisions of law and piecemeal amendments.

American citizens as well as alien draftees it has been relied upon a system of compulsion for military producing manpower. That is why citizens should be more scrupulous to guarantee that such system operates as fairly and equitably.

Freedoms had been abridged unnecessarily which run counter to the funding of our principles of democracy.

"Opposition to perceive inequities pf the draft system spawned much on the early opposition to that war, largely because of deferments which have exempted students and eligible draftees with political pull and connections’" said Warner.

It can be recalled that even some top officials have gotten away with murder, so to speak in tbe past. Take the cases of : (a) Vice Pres.R. Cheney, (b) former Vice President D. Quayle, (c) former Pres. J. Clinton as a conscientious objector, and (d) now President G. Bush, who has allegedly been dubbed as one who was "AWOL." These are not considerate qualities and attributes for leaders of a nation. However, they got away cleverly with it.

"We can not bring back the draft now and make some men and women wear the uniform and not bring in a whole lot of others to do different tasks." said Warner in NBC’s Meet the Press.

"The cost of benefits could be prohibitive." he added.

The Pentagon’s questionable order recently was to recall to active duty no less than 5,674 members of the of Individual Ready Reserve servicemen who have served specific tours of duty but who still have years remaining in their enlisted contracts.

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was reported to have made similar complaints about the present administration’s use of Reserve and National Guardsmen and the devise called "stop loss" that prevents servicemen from leaving when their obligation end.

"They (the Pentagon) have used " stop loss " policy as a backdoor draft ." said Kerry previously.

On tbe other side of the coin was Defense Secretary D. Rumsfeld who was an opponent of the draft.

This column have featured this issue in the past even before U.S. troops were sent to invade Iraq. I reported the legislation filed by Rep. C. Rangel (D-NY) to abolish the Selective Service and establish a new system which all Americans and legal permanent residents (age 18 to 26) subject to compulsory military or alternative civilian service.

Rangel was a Vietnam veteran who saw the ills in the system.

"There is no need for that at all," said Rumsfeld. "Draftees were of no value, no advantage to the military because they serve for a short time." he added But later apologize to the veterans and to Rangel and Democrats who criticized such Rumsfeld’s negative characterization.

It is on record that millions of Americans have served under compulsory military service . Under the selective service laws, men must have to register within a month of their 18th birthday.

"If the draft system is reinstated ,it would quickly become one of the most enormously expensive programs, where we’re giving the GI Bill to military persons and those who were brought to perform other tasks." said Warner.

"So expanding benefits of the GI Bill that helped with housing, medical and educational expenses to civilians forced into that service would only be fair." Warner said.

While this nation reels under horrible crisis of uncontrolled spending for war and foreign debt servicing, present administration still perpetuate a perpetual war economy the citizens can ill afford.

The more young men the administration are involuntary inducted into the military service, may of these men in participation in war not fully explained to them violates their deepest moral conviction.

No wonder many turn in their deferments, rejecting and challenging their draft status on the grounds of conscience Congress has extended the right to claim conscientious objection status to all men , who by religious training and belief.

On the otherhand, conscription of (for example) of 200,000 Filipino-American World War-II veterans by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight American’s misadventure in the Philippines in WW-II have spawned so much trouble for this country and its ally, the Philippines. Up until this time, the U.S have not fully settled it huge obligation of the remaining $3.2 billion dollars by way of outstanding unpaid compensation and wartime-earned benefits,

It is the black mark in U.S history that have recklessly denied and then retarded payment of U.S. debt to the intrepid Fil-Am WW-II veterans who have been barefacedly maltreated under racial and economic discrimination.

This author is a living witness to such cruel hoax heaped upon the indentured Fil-Am heroes of Bataan and Corregidor and the Philippine Campaign for the last over 60 years of indifference and truculence.

Hundreds of them died sans settlement of their rightful wartime battled-earned compensation and benefits. Of the 200,00 conscripted by Pres. Roosevelt in 1941, there are only 29,400 of them (this author included) have not been paid.This author included.

So there - citizens ask – "Who will do the fighting for Uncle Sam who turned Uncle Scrooge? There is a raging court suit dubbed as "The Greatest Swindle" filed by the veterans and retirees who have not been fully paid their benefits while only received unsatisfactory retirement under the government’s notorious limitation such as ":double dipping" which is great cruel hoax against America’s war veterans.

Congress have been hoarding the money already owned and earned by veterans – as their illegal congressional pork.

Where is American justice and fairness ?




MANILA, July 18, 2004
(By Col \(Ret.)Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary- Veterans and Military Pensions , Associate, PMA ‘44 ) I received the following text of a letter from Rev. Fr. Prisco . Entines, a very knowledgeable law researcher, a son of a World War II veteran, who requested his letter to both senators: Feinstein and Boxer be featured in this column.

Fr. Entines was among the plaintiffs who filed for declaratory relief for veterans and compulsory heirs, not too long ago. I hereby, quote said letter, to wit:

"Dear Senators Feinstein and Boxer:

"I thank you for this very important and long overdue legislation .I hope it will once and for all cure the rabid despotism in the military which borders on blind obedience and loyalty to the loss of basic constitutional fundamental rights of a Hero.

"Since laws are too complex for an ordinary war veteran, indeed his rights to a legal defense on his wartime-earned rights and properties in terms of salaries, allowances and benefits (medical, housing, retirement care and other fringe privileges) are all protected by the 5th, 9th and 14th Amendments, and must be seen to it that they are enforced and safeguarded..

"In my opinion, any law for that matter must be closely scrutinized to see to it that vested rights and property interests are not trampled upon, suppressed – much less deprived or divested. An honest lawyer needs to stand for the average veteran, whose common sense of justice is all that he is to know, whether the veteran is being treated fairly or decently by government that have placed him in harm’s way.

"The veteran’s active and honorable military service is the highest tax, and contribution a citizen can offer his nation. His/her greatest sign of loyalty and obeisance to his country is that great sacrifice for democracy. and freedom.

"Anything short of the corresponding reward by the government for his undiluted act of loyalty and offer of his life, for the good of others and government – should not represent swindle and fraud against their highest self-sacrifice. Also constitute crime against humanity, if not also treachery and revilement against the men of extraordinary courage who face the enemy without reservations.

"As an appeal, I ask both of you to let those bills pending in congress pass into laws restoring their retirement and disability benefits end the injustice. As a chaplain, I have seen these men suffer wounds, were disabled and die for us so we can enjoy the illusive peace in times of war and during the generosities of peacetime.

"Let those bills pass into law that would finally give him the benefits with-held by government- that rightfully belongs to him. He has earned that honestly in the leveling battlefields of yesteryears, and during their long military service. "Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar!" End their agony of feeling cheated. That money for benefits are available but are secretly being stored for pork. Citizens know that with visible resentment and discontent..

Heroes of our country should never be allowed to die in vain depraved.

"When they moved into battle , they held their feet of the whole nation for God and country. to the fire.!" Someone said.

So it is only fitting for all members of congress to keep in mind that since the beginning of the 20th Century, these minute-men grabbed the muskets from the wall in the middle of the night rushing to the county’s gates to defense our families and our homes from homeland intruders. And today they kept this nation safe for our freedom and democracy – free from the hanging sword of Damocles of terrorism over America.Let there no mistakes about this!

Continued denial of their hard-earned benefits operates unevenly, produces gross inequities, creating unfairness and uncertainty in our lives .A law must never be a patchwork of piece-meal arrangement to suit those who have power in our society.

Anyone of us who seriously dedicated in equality and confronting the problems of inequity, should find time to read our Constitution and the many Amendments that make this country work.

Pres. G.W. Bush have pushed our men into a war unclear to the man in the street. And citizens trying to make ends meet were thrown into battle in many parts of the globe, spread out dangerously thin. Many of these young men regretfully learn from the frontlines that their older comrades are being denied their due compensation and benefits, by the very government that sent them into harm’s way - have violated their deepest moral conviction.

Members of our congress know that our democracy involves obligations as well as privileges of men and women in uniform. In our area of human endevaoris - the principle of equality more vital in war and in peacetime – especially now when the nation is facing threat of terrorism and the menacing threat of economic survival.

When this nation begins to conscript citizens into war - and perform heir obligation is the initial step in government’s honest and binding promise and a contract with the servicemen - to pay them for honorable and active military service. Even the lowly street sweeper are paid minimum slave wages.

No American can be a great patriot with an empty stomach ! And no American or immigrant in uniform can be said to have a piece of this country when he has no right to fair compensation and benefits he has earned in battle.

"Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" (It is only sweet and glorious to die for God and country without being sort-changed and abused.

Government is the last bastion of patriotism that should not make it as a refuge of scoundrels !

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Fr. Prisco H. Intines

419 N.Mountain View Ave.# 207

Los Angeles Ca- 90026




July 23, 2004
(By Col.(Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary-Veterans and Military Pensions, Associate, PMA ‘44) A lot of issues has been raised both in arguments before the U.S. Courts and in the U.S Congress pertinent to the long-drawn battle for full equity payment of Filipino-American World War II veterans benefits to no avail.

One significant issue which has not yet been raised as part of the valid argument of veterans is economic discrimination. And we are guided what was said in the scripture to wit:, "The first man born on this world believed strongly in justice and fairness, .but the second man was an avid racist."

A lot of other issues such as political, social and racial discrimination – but the valid and strong issue of economic discrimination has yet to be brought out to make the U.S. government aware of its oversight, if not outright truculence perpetrated to evade payment of due compensation, and grant of wartime earned veterans benefits – for the past 50 years of truculence.

This unfortunate oversight, if not a subterfuge appears as an artifice to retard payment of U.S. obligation to the Filipino-American World War II veterans, or simply to ignore the obligation – was a result of the passage of the infamous Rescission Act of 1946 by the 79th Congress.

Meantime, out of the 200,000 original Fil-Am veterans recruited by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941, only approx. 30,000 survivors are wallowing in poverty, wrestling against the scourge of disease in the Philippines, while their comrade in the U.S mainland enjoy their benefits like any member of the U.S. Army. This is discrimination.

Eight thousand miles across the Pacific, those heroes of Bataan. Corregidor and the Philippine Campaign (1941 t0 1946) are dying by the hundreds each day sans relief and felt cheated by the their peaceful quest for justice and fairness?

Upon seeing and realizing that the U.S owed no less than $3.2 Billion dollars worth of benefits and compensation to the Fil-Am, war veterans, the U.S. congress had ruthlessly precluded veterans under the notorious Rescission Act of 1946.

Up until now, since 1946, the U.S. government have failed to settle all said huge constitutional obligation. Over sixty years now under this outstanding obligation stares squarely on every face of U.S. presidents and members of a recreant Congress that were parties to the cruel hoax of retarding and/or avoiding full settlement of the $3.2 billion constitutional debt ( their wartime compensation and benefits) owed to the Filipino-American World War II veterans for their active and honorable military service.

These indentured veterans were victims of deceit and double talk which is abhorred by the American citizen-taxpayer. The government became an expert in weaving a tangled web since time it first defrauded and took advantage of the credulity of veterans. The government has ran out of excuses, alibis and its credibility for the last over 60 years of dodging payment of its huge outstanding debt.

It is clearly an act of escape innovation by the government, viewed by veterans worldover upon seeing that the US. government have fully compensated some 66,000 veteran nations of 16 allied nations that also fought for the U.S. flag, but in contrast has denied full payment to Filipino WW-II veterans. What has Fil-Am veterans done to deserve such shabby and truculent treatment?

In his radio chat in May 1940, I noted the statement of Pres. F. Roosevelt, and I quote:

"The American people will not relish the idea of any American citizen growing rich and fat in the emergency of blood and slaughter and human suffering."

No sooner after his demise –and now, it is the opposite under the experience of failures and trial, while powerful elites as public servants took hold and retained arrogance of power, then appointed themselves as masters of people in nation of sheep.

This issue of economic discrimination flies on the face of the U.S government (both in Congress and Administrative departments) which could not be taken lightly or ignored because of the serious complication caused by avoidance to human rights and due process with impunity. It is no less a crime against humanity.

Fil-Am veterans have pointed to the Court and quoted the decision of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy in the case of Steele versus N.R Company, 323 U.S. 192 (1944), to wit:

"Economic discrimination practiced under the color of congressional authority raises a grave constitutional issue that should be squarely faced. Utter disregard for the dignity and well-being of colored citizens shown by the record is so pronounced as to the demand invocation of constitutional condemnation.

"The cloak of racism surrounding the actions… refusing and entering into an enforcement is discriminating against them, under all the disguise of congressional authority still remains. No statutory interpretation can erase the ugly sample of economic cruelty, the accident of birth has been used as the basis to abuse individual rights by an organization purporting to act in conformity with the congressional mandate. Any attempt to interpret an Act must take into account and must realize that the constitutionality of the statute in this respect depends upon the answer given.

"The constitution voices its disapproval whether economic discrimination is applied under authority of the law against race, creed or color. A sound democracy cannot allow such discrimination to go unchallenged. Racism is far too virulent today to permit the slightest refusal, in the light of the constitution that abhors it, to expose and condemn it wherever it appears in the course of a statutory interpretation."

The U.S. can not just insolvently abdicate its constitutional responsibility and merely allow these intrepid Fil-Am members of the U.S. Armed Forces who were sent to harm’s way, and die bereft of their rightful compensation and benefits earned in battles of World War II in the Philippines. Pres. F. Roosevelt’s military order of July 26, 1941 conscripting Filipinos into the U.S. Army is a valid contract between The U.S. and the Filipino servicemen. Let there be no mistake about that !

For if the government continues to deny and evade settlement, the Filipino U.S servicemen therefore, were made to fight America’s war under "involuntary servitude" – no less as slaves strictly prohibited and abhorred by the U.S Constitution.

These intrepid heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and Philippine Campaign (1941 to 1946) were legally involved by the U.S, no less than President F. Roosevelt, as the Commander-in-Chief, who conscripted them and incorporated all organized Commonwealth military forces into the United States Army in the Far East (USAFFE) in 1941.It is an official act by a Head of State which can not be ignored by Congress acting as a separate republic.

As a matter of fact, the U.S.. Supreme Court handed the following decision in Insular cases, to wit:

"The Philippines was not a foreign territory within the meaning of the U.S Constitution, and the Commonwealth of the Philippines was under the sovereignty of the United States. The United States legally involved the Philippines in a war of the United States against Japan, likewise dictated the political and military strategy of the conflict."

Why and how can the U.S administrations and Congresses sweep this issue under rug, and ignore its constitutional responsibility and obligation to the Fil-Am U.S servicemen who shed blood and died for the U.S. becomes a deliberate act of evasion. If this is not discrimination and a criminal act against humanity – what is?

The U.S. full. payment of the 66,000 nationals of 16 foreign allies who also fought for the U.S. flag – while denying full payment to the Filipino U.S members of the U.S Army is no less - anti-veteran, un-American and plain absurd and tomfoolery. The money that already belonged to these veterans is available, but has been withheld and/or hoarded as "pork,." for their own use.

More than once to the nation comes the moment to decide under contention of either the truth, justice or deceit – has been over-ridden by immorality and cupidity.

Filipino-American servicemen, if the truth must be told - did not set foot in the shores of the U.S as slaves, and did not arrive in chains in slave ships. They came under promise of government of citizenship to claim their rightful compensation and benefits like any member of the U.S Armed Forces. They were free men with honor and dignity entitled to equality not under difference in treatment as a social class.

I am hereby quoting another prime decisionof the U.s Supreme Court which can not also be ignored or taken for granted, by the President and Congress , to wit:

"Equity is rooted in conscience and equal protection of laws not achieved through indiscriminate imposition of inequalities. Historical text of the U.S 14th Constitutional Amendment became partmof the U..S. constitution should not be forgotten

"It is clear that the matter of primacy concern was establishment of equality in the enjoyment of basic civil and political rights and the preservation of those rights from discriminatory action on the part of the State based on the consideration of race and color." (see: US S/Ct. 442 and Fr. P.Entines versus U.S.)

Slavery has ceased since it was declared inhuman and a bane to U.S. society but its ugly head today perpetuated by camouflaged slaveholders that have acquired borrowed power from the citizens-taxpayers and have turned this nation into a disguised autocracy of revilement."

Let these treatise be part of the lessons we learn from the reality of Philippine-American relations. Filipinos can no longer linger as a docile and misled, its leaders led through the nose by imperial manipulators which held the tiger by the tail.

My fellow (kabayans) cavaliers –thus have to wake up and never miss the clues or drop the ball. No nation or race can prosper until it has learned to shed indolence, and that - there is as much honor and dignity in being poor but upright - than being rich from ill-gotten fat.

There is nothing wrong in what the precious Academy taught through the guiding maxim: Courage, Integrity and Loyalty.

We can never find any justification in any language of any constitution for a change as a long as the citizen’s demand is not met. And as long as we permit ourselves to be a peon of contemporary foreigners of posterity.

Allow me to paraphrase and modify our alumni association saying: "From the grassy plains of Polo Fields to the hilly terrain of Camp Allen, in the valley of Teacher’s Camp, then to the virgin land of Loakan," now the hallowed ground currently as Fort Del Pilar – in the blood-soaked battlefields of Bataan and in the humid laterals of Corregidor, in the mountain vastness of the Sierras, among freedom-loving Filipinos: cavaliers refused to accept defeat held out as guerrillas, brought back freedom and democracy that was taught and wrought in the furnace of the Academy - that stands as a beacon of hope for the youths of the Fatherland.

Let the Kayumanging Pilipino stand erect before God and country, never frightened, never beaten and tortured, never enslaved by any intruder, or who intervene in the affairs of State. Defend the nation in her intercourse with foreigners in always being right, not forgetting the Most High who values a human life. The nation’s homeland security is never compromised with caprices or wishes by another impertinent country that has no God, who cries for blood of our countrymen, like Angelo dela Cruz - or those who try to corrupt our Leaders. Isang Bansa –Isang Diwa. (One nation –One Spirit).

Let our own stout-hearted men marching along, fifty score strong – great gentlemen officers singing the Academy song… leading men to victory. To them, there’s nothing except a battle lost, that could be as melancholy as a battle won. Vae victis (woe to the vanquished). Adopted and modified from dispatch, 1815,

Let it be with us always the somber thought that war is not all glory. For us veterans - it’s all hell. The down-trodden and destitute rode towards the jaws of death, and into the mouth of hell. For the cheated, death was man’s best friend

Albeit, the slaveholder and corrupt tax collector live forever in hell and cannot die. It is the kingdom of Satan, where he would rather reign in Hell - than serve in Heaven..

Always remember – that Christ died on the Cross between the slaveholder and the tax collector. Neither one were able to bribe St. Peter for a pass to Paradise. #




MANILA, September 21, 2004
(BALITANG BETERANO By Col. Frank B. Quesada, Ret. Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pension Associate, PMA ‘44 ) In reply to the Fil-Am veterans who are opting to return to the Philippines, under [.P.L. 106-160] I have requested the then Philippine Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigrations, the implementing guidelines that supplement Rep. Act. No. 7837, which provides for permanent residents. status and privileges to Fil-Am veterans of WW-II.

This is particularly for Fil-Am veterans and their families, and should not be confused with other laws granting Fil-Ams immigration privileges It should be noted that as our WW-II veterans get older and sickly, and have gone too tired waiting for their rightful benefits denied by the US government. They have opted to die in peace in the Philippines. They want to tell the whole world that their sons and daughters as well as the Filipino people, should never believe mealy-mouthed promises of the U.S government officials ever.

And the perfidious kabayans self-appointed pretenders that have misled and injured veterans’ cause.. Many of them were lured to return home under the controversial SSI Law reportedly by the ACFV (through as certain Lachica, an alias, (his real surname is Furbeyre) that misled veterans under his personal agenda.

Veterans who believed ACFV lost 25 % of their social security. Lost their wive’s SSI, Medicare - and many died hapless in the Philippines. Rep; B. Filner have exposed Lachica and said," He is toxic to the veteran’s lobby." Filner recommend to the Fil-Am official lobbyists along with him - to keep Lachica out of the veteran’s equity campaign.

To confirm this, call Jerry F. Adevoso, Assistant Secretary to Pres. Arroyo on Veterans Affairs, Malacanang, Manila. Those who want to confirm Filner’ statement, call Rep. Filner. Caveat. "Lachica does not have any tacit authority from the preponderant veterans (under the banner of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP)) to speak for or represent the veterans, so he or his press releases should not be taken seriously. He is non-grata to Rep. Gilman and Filner" said Col F. San Miguel,.Secretary General of the VFP. "Lachia is in big trouble for illegally printing his solicitation for money on the back (copy) Pres. Arroyo’s letter to Pres. Bush asking money from the veterans and the public," said San Miguel..

For conformation of this call Col. F. San Miguel, Secretary General, Veterans Federation of the Philippines, A. Villegas St. Ermita, Manila. Philippines., chartered under Rep. Act 2640, as the single voice and umbrella organization duly mandated as the voice and sole representative of Fil-Am WW-II veterans.

Title of Rep Act # 7837 The title of RA#7837 is "An Act Granting Permanent Resident Status, Other Rights and Privileges to Filipino Veterans of world War II Who Acquired American Citizenship Under the United States Immigration Act of 1990, and for other Purposes."


This is pertinent to all Fil-Am WW-II veterans, their spouses, legitimate, natural, recognized illegitimate, and unmarried children who acquired U.S citizenship after the veteran such citizenship. Definition of Terms These are to be used, unless otherwise requires - A] "Act" shall refer to the U.S. Immigration Act of 1990. B] "Veteran" shall refer to Filipino veteran of World War II who becomes an American citizens pursuant to the Act. C] "Application" shall refer to an application for the issuance of permanent residence visa under these guidelines. D] "Applicant" shall refer to the veteran and his spouse, legitimate, natural, recognized illegitimate unmarried children who acquired American citizenship under the Act who files an application, and E] "Commissioner" shall refer to the Commissioner of Immigration [RP].


The application shall be in the prescribed form [See last page of this column] and is accomplished under oath, and filed in four (4) copies. Where and When to File An application shall be filed by the applicant with the Office of the Commissioner at any time after admission in the Philippines under any immigration category.

Supporting Documents

The application shall be accompanied by three (3) passport size photographs of the applicant and certified true copies of the following: 1] In the case of the veteran - a] valid American passport. b] Birth certificate or Baptismal certificate or other document to establish his former Philippine citizenship. c] Certificate of American citizenship. 2] in case of the spouse of the veteran who became an American citizen after the veteran acquired American citizenship under the Act - a] American passport b] Marriage contract of the veteran and the applicant spouse. c] Certificate of American citizenship. 3] In the case of the veteran’s legitimate, natural, recognized illegitimate and unmarried child who became an/American citizen after the veteran acquired American citizenship under the Act - a] American passport b] Certificate of American citizenship c] Birth certificate, passport or other document showing the relationship of the child-applicant to the veteran.

Approval of Application

Upon approval of the application by the Commissioner, the Executive Officer of the Bureau of Immigration shall implement the permanent residency status of the applicant by stamping the following entry on the latter’s passport: (See below) Bureau of Immigration Department of Justice, Manila.

Permanent Resident Visa No. _________ Status of Admission is hereby changed from ____________ to permanent resident visa under Rep. Act. 7387 as approved by the Commissioner on _____________.The holder is entitled to Multiple Exit and Re-entry Permit valid for a period of two (2) years, and exempt from all immigration fees.

Exemption From Fees

The qualified applicant shall be exempt from the payment of registration and all other immigration fees . Multiple exits and Re-entry Permit 1. Filipino veteran, their spouses, legitimate, natural, recognized illegitimate and unmarried children who acquired permanent residency status under these guidelines shall be issued a multiple exit and re-entry permit valid for two (2) years without further documentary requirements, other than their valid American passports with the stamp of the permanent resident visa. 2. A Filipino veteran who, after becoming an American citizen under the Act and other prior acts but before the issuance of these guidelines, acquires permanent residency status in the Philippines under Section 13(g) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, as amended, are also entitled to the issuance of the aforementioned multiple exit and re-entry permit valid for two (2) years which shall be stamped in the passport of the applicant upon presentation of documents enumerated in pharagraph 1 above.


The Executive Officer and the Chief, Alien Registration Division shall keep a log book of all veterans who obtained a permanent residence visa under Republic Act No. 7387.


These guidelines shall take effect immediately .

Date: January 1995. By: Ramon J. Liwag, Officer-in-Charge.

Nota Bene: I have furnished all the chapter and affiliate veteran leaders of the National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans, the NNVE, SFVEC, IllinoisVEC and accedited affiliates of the above, all over the country, in all the strategic cities and counties, also Guam, Alaska, and Toronto, Canada and Victoria , Australia] for their reference in assisting veterans and families who are returning to reside in the Philippines for good. Do not deal with fixers or anyone else claiming as self-appointed advocates of co-called coalitions, etc. Report them immediately to the fraud section of your local police departments. And to Rep. Filner or Rep. Cunningham.



MANILA, October 4 , 2004 (By Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and MiIitary Pension; Associate PMA ‘44) The ink have not fully dried during the signing the surrender of Japan to the Allied forces in October 1945 – to Gen. D. McArthur aboard the US battleship Missouri – when architects of the infamous crime against humanity, anti-war veteran and un-American document ( the infamous "rider" in the Appropriations bill - was planned and executed in Washington D.C. by a handful of vicious solons against the heroes of Bataan, Corregidor and the Philippine Campaign (circa 1941-45).

On May 18, 1946 – gave birth to a "hellish crime" called as the "Rescission Act of 1946" that rescinded all compensation and wartime earned benefits (except for disability and burial benefits) of Filipino-American U.S. Army servicemen who shed blood and died for the U.S. flag and U.S. imperial interests in the Philippines in WW-II. In the face of a brewing controversy over the huge obligation of the U.S. to the Fil-Am WW-II war veterans, General (Ret) Omar Bradley, as the then Director of the U.S. Veterans Administration responded to the information that asked for the status of Filipino-American U.S. Army servicemen, more particularly those who actively and honorably served the U.S. Armed Forces in WW-II, in pursuance with their active military service. under the undated Military Order of Pres. F. Roosevelt in July 26, 1941 that conscripted 200,000 Filipinos to fight American’s war against Japan, and incorporated them into the United States Army in the Far East (USAFFE) under to command of Gen. D. McArthur.

Therefore, made Fil-Am soldiers legally became members of the U.S. Army. Let there be no mistakes abut this! Filipino-American U.S. servicemen acquitted themselves in the battles of Bataan and Corregidor in defense of the U.S. interests and military forces stationed in the Philippines. Despite of having been betrayed by the U.S. by abandoning Bataan and Corregidor defenders as wretched pawns, these intrepid Fil-Am defenders delayed the Japanese timetable of conquest of South-East Asia that brought he terrible lost of face to the Japanese Imperial Forces and to Emperor Hirohito himself. Not to leave out, such suppressed successes of, and by the Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor – provided precious time for the U.S. to recover from the stunning defeat of the U.S. at Pearl Harbor and in the Philippines. And rearm for an counter-offensive. All - these excellences acquired, however, were swept under the rug, and set aside by powerful pygmies in Washington D.C. who inwardly hated Filipinos. Terrified by the VA estimated huge U.S. obligation of not less than US$3.2 billon dollars to all the Fil-Am WW-II war veterans, the then Senate Sub-Committee on Appropriations then chaired by Sen. McKellar, with members:

Sen. Russell of Georgia and Sen. Brooks of Illinois – have conspired a fiendish and spiteful wickedness under a dastardly "rider’ in the infamous "Rescission Act of 1946" by attempting to totally wiping out the huge U.S. obligation to Fil-Am war veterans of US$3.2 billion. The solons named above are the culprits who crafted the "rider" in the Rescission Act of 1946.Remember those names, and tell your kins about their treachery and betrayal of your fathers who suffered from their heartless perfidy and unworthiness. Out of the 200,000 original conscripts I 1941, today there are only less than 21,000 of them who were subjected to a holocaust that paralleled the one in Europe.

Instead of paying out the huge obligation, the government offered and proposed the veterans the sum of US$200,000,000 to build up the then fledging Philippine Army and for the Filipino-American WW-II ex-U.S. servicemen to agree to a quit claim for the whole US$3.2 billion dollars which was plain swindle. This was strongly and angrily rejected by the Fil-Am WW-II veterans and by the Filipino people. As a matter of fact, BGen. (Ret) Carlos P. Romulo, took to the floor of the House of Representatives in 1946 to denounce such diabolic scheme of the government to defraud the Fil-Am WW-II veterans. Romulo announced in his speech in the House that the Fil-Am veterans and the Philippine government fully and strongly refused to accept such sinister offer, and to discard such faithless and untrue to a trust scheme denying benefits entitled to any member of the U.S. Army.

Since then, the Filipino people, and veterans all over the ( more particularly the World Veterans Federation (WVF) abhorred the cupidity of a few powerful ravenous solons with sedate regard for war-veterans who loyally put their lives and property at risk for the U.S.A. It was an act of this country that had no respect, but intense detestation of war veterans that could be trashed after they have loyally served in the military. Up until now, the U.S. military retirees who served the armed forces for over 20 years had to take the government to court for "fraud and swindle" of denial of their benefits. (See: the "Great Swindle" at the internet at , Ct. case #99-1402. )

In nut shell, this gross fraud since 1946 was a dastard "rider" in a law that deprived Fil-Am WW-II veterans their rightful rights and privileges entitled them like any member of the US Armed Forces. In other words, it took a Filipino-American war-veteran to die, or be maimed and disabled before his service could be recognized, and be entitled to rightful compensations and benefits under the GI, Bill of Rights a well as other beneficent laws. Such cruelty to man is so disgraceful to those who instigated it than those who suffer it.

Years passed and the fight for justice and fairness of these hapless veterans have lingered on to no avail for 60 years .Presently, approximately almost over 40,000 of them successfully secured their rightful citizenship mainly as residents) after years of court battles decided in their favor. But they still could not be admitted the veterans clinics and hospitals in times of their illness under a cockeyed policy that they are not U.S. veterans. Veterans were made live under a lie.

Albeit, during my stint in the Circuit Executive Office of the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals (9th Circuit), one veteran ventured to file a complaint in the Los Angeles Federal Court (California) declaring unconstitutionality of the "rider" in the Rescission Act pf 1946. He claimed that it was the very "parent law" that spawned the gravest injustice to the Fil-Am WW-II veterans, which has remained un-rectified until this day. Congress had been playing them as fools, and slaves abhorred by then U.S. Constitution and by the decent American taxpayers.

This case reached our court where I was still working (the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit) which afforded me to have access to the proceedings. As per records, despite of the dismissal of the cases with prejudice due to alleged coverage by res judicata under the 1974 decision of Northern California alleged "class action" FAVADA case (the Filipino American Veterans and Dependent Association versus USA.], the case reached the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals where it was finally disposed off ( in January3, 1991) that the case was improperly certified class action by Northern California court. The dismissed decision appealed was reversed, the case was remanded to the lower court where it originated for further proceedings and hearing on its merits.

In sum, the case pended and the veteran complainant died The chance for righting a wrong faded in the U.S. Congress where budgetary constraints reigned supreme. Equity bills sponsored by Sen. D. Inouye , Rep. Dymally and Rep. B. Gilman suffered under said budgetary constraints and the notorious "pork" hoarded by solons.

Renewed efforts today by Reps: B. Filner, Rep. R. Cunningham and Sen. Inouye to push HR-677 seeks full equity in Congress dominated by Republicans, – and against a misguided impostor denounced by Filner as "toxic" misrepresentation by an impostor named E. Lachica, (using an alias, his real surname is Furbeyre) who stand to face illegal charges in the Philippines for allegedly using Pres. Arroyo’s official letter to Pres. Bush for his (Furbeyre’s) personal fund raising adventure. The prospective suit will definitely discover the top official in the Embassy who gave access to Furbeyre to illegally use Pres. Arroyo’s letter to Pres. Bush. Likewise, the said suit would uncover the credit standing, the financial records of Furbeyre and the ACFV, and its officers. As well as its expenditures (whether declared and reported to Congress by him as an alleged lobbyist in Congress, such financial report is required by law.

Caveat: The pubic is cautioned not to deal with impostors and fixers. Rep. B. Filner have asked the cooperation of the Fil-Am legitimate advocates for HR-677 to keep Furbyere out of the veteran’s full equity campaign, who was found out having is own agenda contrary to the effort of pushing HR-677 into law. (For more in-depth information, feel free to call Rep. B. Filner.) # #



MANILA, October 8, 2004  (BALITANG BETERANO Culled by Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pension Associate, PMA’44)  Gen. D. McArthur’s proposal to attack Leyte Islands in the Philippines, was a hot issue and was not settled until the US Joint Chiefs-of-Staff met in September and was finally agreed on December.

Gen. McArthur felt an obligation to the Filipino people and to himself to redeem his solemn promise to return and liberate the Philippines. He deeply knew he failed in Bataan and Corregidor under the US betrayal of the United States Army in the Far East (USAFFE) when the US abandoned the Philippines as a wretched pawn in World War II.

McArthur was preoccupied in his leap-frogging campaign in Morortai when Admiral Halsey’s planes had already attacked Mindanao and the Visayas. On the other hand, Admiral Nimitz had his own agenda that Mindanao should be by-passed and that Leyte should be attacked immediately. Bum information saying that there were no Japanese forces in Leyte was incorrect, and was refute by McArthur’s headquarters and instead informed Gen. Marshall to the contrary.

Filipino guerrillas have furnished McArthur precise intelligence about the exact estimated of 20,000 Japanese forces in Leyte. Joint US Chiefs-of-Staff decided to lend McArthur escort carriers and other vessels from Nimitz’s command in Palau for the assault of Leyte. McArthur was back on top of the situation – thus, was in command of Halsey’s Third Fleet with Gen. Kenney’s air force plus the Australian RAAF Command. He was also provided with 174,000 troops . With such support, Minister W. Churchill had taken interest in McArthur and the Pacific War. McArthur then formed the US Eight Army under Maj. Gen. Eichelberger who was to relieve Maj. Gen. Krueger of the US 6th Army. In mid-October Gen. Kenny’s air force raided Formosa with Admiral Halsey’s forces. McArthur was confident that Leyte would be a decisive battle of the Pacific War. At this point and time there was already a convergence of 700 ships heading for Leyte.

The attack came at dawn and after the first wave landed, McArthur embarked ashore on a landing craft, waded into the water along with the then Philippine President Sergio Osmena. Under a heavy monsoon, McArthur over Leyte, spoke over the microphone and broadcast his personal message to the Filipino people. He said, and I quote, to wit:

“People of the Philippines: I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God. our forces stand again on Philippine soil. – soil so consecrated by the blood of our two peoples.”

McArthur added to say that Pres. Osmena was by his side, and that the government of the Philippines was now “firmly re-established on Philippine soil,” He urged all Filipinos to rally to him. “Let the indomitable spirit of Bataan and Corregidor head on in the name of your sacred dead. Let no heart faint, let every arm be steeled. The guidance of Divine God points the way. Follow in His name to the Holy Grail of righteous victory.”

McArthur’s resounding voice and prose gave an impact on every Filipino who believed in McArthurs promise to come back under his incredible word, “I Shall Return.” And he did - a bit late.

McArthur sent a scribbled note to his Commander-in-Chief, Pres. F. Roosevelt urging the latter to grant the Philippines an early independence. And asked Roosevelt to attend the ceremony in person. McArthur told Roosevelt, “Such a step will electrify the whole world and redound immeasurably to the credit and honor of the U.S.. for thousand years.”

On the other side of the coin, the Japanese were not impressed of the McArthur’s words and/or by his accomplishments. On October Japanese intelligence picked up the information that the US forces were to land in Leyte, Admiral Kurita’s ship had sunk four ships of Admiral Kincaid’s Seventh Fleet. McArthur opined that there was lack of definitive coordination between the US Navy and the Army. Every day McArthur went ashore to supervise the operations.

In fact, McArthur was correct in agreeing to by-pass Mindanao in favor of Leyte to save GI lives. His strategy paid off then who had ample supplies for his operations. By early December, his troops landed in the West coast of Leyte went off with out loss of life, albeit Gen. Yamashita was prepaid to give up the island without fight.

Airfield in Dulag and Tacloban were attacked. The Japanese were faced with eight divisions in the Pacific War. Filipino guerillas were hot on the trail of every Japanese all over the archipelago upon learning that McArthur was back and with plentiful of war supplies. The tide of war has reversed and the Japanese were on the run.

McArthur finally won his internal internecine squabble over the rest of his protagonists in Washington D.C. and in the Pacific. He was now in full command. Gen. Marshall have even given him the rank of General of the Army, which was accepted. Leyte was won like a piece of cake, so to speak, and mopping up of Leyte was with the tremendous help of blood-thirsty Filipino guerrillas all out for revenge. It was recorded that the liberation of the Philippines – Filipino guerillas saved thousands of American GI lives and billions of dollars for the U.S. that shortened the war.

Let it be known that One (1) million Filipinos perished in America’s war against Japan, which was not inherently not their own. No matter how the U.S. tried to elude or dodge its great obligation of $3.2 billion incurred in WW-II to Filipinos – God’s truth can not be distracted or swept under the rug - or craftily turning this subject aside, facts can not slipped away with less contrivance. There were 200,000 Filipino troops involved by the US in its imperial war under the U.S. flag.

McArthur’s determination to liberate Luzon on December was a cinch after the victory in Leyte. He fielded the US Sixth Army and the US Eight Army that  landed in Luzon. The Sixth Army landed in Lingayen, Pangasinan while the Eight Army landed in Nasugbu, Batangas. Both forces were on a race to liberate Manila, and the US Sixth Army and the 37th Division rescued the POWs in the University Sto Tomas in Manila.

For our part , the Hunters-PMA, ROTC Guerrilla met the US Eight Army in the beach of Nasugbu – and mounted a joint- liberation of Southern Luzon with other guerrilla units. Yamamshita escaped to the Cordilleras in Northern Luzon. Then Hunters-PMA-ROTC Guerrilla together with elements of the US 11th Airborne Division rescued all 2,000 Americans and allied POWS in Los Banos, Laguna in Feb. 23, 1945 a fact so little-known to the whole world.

The US Sixth Army beat us one day earlier in entering Manila. We were stymied by the suicidal forces of Admiral Iwabuchi in the Southern jaw of Manila. The Japanese defense force lost approximately 49,000 of their number, while the allies lost 35,000 in Leyte. They would suffer more in Luzon.

In Luzon, Yamashita knew, just as McArthur knew a little more than three years before that loss of superiority was a fact. The Philippines was lost, and the Filipino guerrillas continued the fight from 1942 to 1945. This article was culled from the suggested reading: (Return to the Philippines, Ballantine History Illustrated and the book 'Mc Arthur'.)




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, October 12, 2004
(BALITANG BETERANO Culled by Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Associate, PMA Class ‘ 44) Fil-Am veterans, who fought for democracy and peace in WW-II and who have as much stake in the future of the Philippines, are just as concerned as any other of our kababayans back home about the prevailing poverty, violence, corruption, etc., and the basic elements of the nation’s malaise.

Of course, such malaise are the direct residue of over 400 hundred years of mal-colonialism that have developed into today’s society and institutions, as well as ingrained attitudes which have adversely obstructed the real road towards national security and progress that must withstand 'changes in government' - an obstacle among the main obstacles. Foremost in achieving peace, self-sufficiency and orderly government is reorganizing the government that can deliver the basic needs sufficient enough to meet the basic needs of the growing population. Ins-so-doing, the social structure presently marked by extreme disparity of distribution of income and wealth - it is government that has the clout and authority to lead and make the change capable of responding to the present, much less the future.

Economic Freedom

Current obstacles can be reversed by the government and NGO - to be able to persuade the elites to share in bridging the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, the needy and the greedy. Politics of poverty and eternal foreign borrowing making the nation forever in debt should be the primary objective of change.

Political Buck Passing

The past debilitating tradition of each administration passing the buck [ the huge national deficit ] to the next incoming administration is down-right reckless and truculent. For it is the people that suffers the most. Presidents come and go - but the malaise does not have to be a bequest of political vengeance, or recklessness. A practical term under viable economic program should not be altered by any incoming administration that only suits the elected head and party at the expense of the masses.

There is no longer a conspicuous debate about the surging population, unemployment, disparity in income distribution, wealth concentrated in the hands of a handful of rapacious elites, graft perpetrated by glutinous political proteges and cronies, lack of meaningful growth of per capita real income, etc. Everyone acting as if there is a prosperous era when if fact, poverty is ever present which the elites pretend not to see.

Neglected Areas of Development

Veterans are very much aware that only by planned industrialization, and by improvement of agriculture can the nation utilize indigenous raw materials, assist unemployment, and improve today’s marginal income that secures the lives of the Filipinos. It is not true that only industrial nations are primarily self-sufficient. The developing nation like the Philippines - still has to make agriculture a source of food for the people. The Philippine does not necessarily have to be successful in industry development at the expense of agriculture. And should not be a slave to the global concept by advanced nations dumping excesses to third world nations.

Both Industry and Agriculture Are Needed

Both sectors above must play a major role in terms of productivity and self-sufficiency. It is a selfish colonialist propaganda saying that "Even if the Philippines were to increase its production of its farms, it would never hope to absorb the unemployed." That is debatable. Industrialization alone can not systematically raise the malaise of the nation, and feed the hungry. Usurious foreign lenders, of course, favor lending to industries than to agriculture. The Philippines is inherently blessed as an agricultural country, which can not abandon agricultural development.

The Nation’s Rich Resources

The Philippines has vast natural resources with which to afford development of both industries and agriculture. However, the country has to produce a graft-free, sound and viable economic policy and determination to pursue such policy of self-sufficiency, regardless of what the greedy foreign lenders say. Less political grandstanding of each administration can result to concrete success towards national security and self-sufficiency. What is basically needed is dispersal of industries in the regions - to provide provincial employment and income to the people - in order to de-congest the cities and Metro-Manila. So that citizens could return to reside to the provinces to engage in local jobs.

Planned National Economy

We have yet to have a viable national economic development authority with powers to judiciously plan and coordinate overall national economic activities, free from loquacious political decamp that derails the planned socio-eco-program. It is in order to have political elections where different parties can pursue just one definite workable economic plan, which should not deviate from the direction of the nationally ill-conceived program. Destructive political party alterations, illegal legislative budget insertions, pork barrel abuse and official’s cash advances, etc., have derailed the planned economic program - therefore have been retrogressive. With an array of many errant deviation from the planned economic program - the sum total is undue huge loss spelled WASTE AND LOSS of national wealth.

Economic Democracy

Foremost, is the lack of economic equitableness which has hindered progress. Undue concentration of wealth in the hands of a mindless few - have compounded that among these - are aliens with undue influence, or even control of the economy. ( i. e., financing, oil and foreign debt)] Such situation results in a brutal monopoly of economic and social opportunities for tax-burdened citizens. This is the biggest challenge to any aspiring head of State, and to the different political parties that has the obligation rectifying today’s poverty and unequal distribution of pubic services for Filipinos. Elected officials and the NGOs do not have the monopoly of power and wealth. It is divisive at this stage - for any party or aspiring president to retard growth which has to be achieved, however, it is the time to compel adoption of a policy, which would in appropriate for instance, place a limit. For if not restrained - financial and economic cartel and pool, pose a serious threat to national security, if not real democracy. Politics of poverty and wastes have ruined the nation. The damaged done by past administrations produced a seething volcano ready to epode when the masses n longer can afford to survive under marginal subsistence.

Durable Constitution

A durable Constitution simply must provide and promote social justice, law and order to insure peace, economic tranquility, and opportunities for citizens.. Law enforcement is the key and not too many laws which could not be enforced which has been a burden. If a new Constitution should be necessary - the top most consideration should be for social equitableness. It must be with humanization of laws and equalization of both social and economic forces by the State. There should be rational objectivity. It must promote overall welfare of the citizens, a government adopted to insure economic stability of all segments of society, albeit must promote safeguard of human rights of elements of society, constitutionally - legally justifiable or even extra-constitutionally measures. The exercise of powers under a just and compassionate government.

Direct Attack Against Poverty

While there seems to be artificial progress in the construction industry, tall buildings and structures - does not mean anything to the ordinary man in the street that does not know where the next meal would come from. A hungry man knows no law thus, is susceptible to crime and to mindless wasteful demonstrations – against peaceful society. Foreign ideologies have corrupted bona-fide struggle for socio-economic stability. The heavy burden of whom they have to lean on is the government for immediate assistance - while jobless. It is the main responsibility of the State to provide relief. As shown in today’s people’s public demonstrations owing to the States inability to attack poverty. The truth must be told. Education of the citizens on national security has been absent It is a nation in almost complete backsliding process unarrested.

State’s Clear Line of Communication

The Administration’s immediate job is to patiently educate the people about the State’s difficulty to distribute public resources to segments of society. Government is broke and must be stabilized under disciplined measures. To further tax the masses this stage is criminal. People must know how to help alleviate the crisis instead of being left in the dark. Citizens will understand better if propitious public relations is employed to show how the State is carefully allocating the meager fund resources to everyone, without sparing favorites. It is no excuse - that any administration that has unfairly inherited the huge government deficit from ex-Presidents who have passed on the deficits to the next administration at the expense of the citizens must be allowed to prevail. Everyone must simply have to reckon and obey the great law of change – which is the most powerful law of nature. Politicians fear most such change for they stand to lose the bounties of status quo. Government lawlessness has to go or created mass disorder. At this point and time, the societal situation is a boiling cauldron ready to burst violently. The center must hold over the left and right for there is nothing permanent. All things must change to something new and to something strange to something practical and realistic. Procrastination of the leadership has been the notorious thief of our time, as the minister of ruin. Indolence of the people has never been subject of change. "So long as all increased wealth that modern progress bring to increase luxury for only the elites, and build up great fortunes – must go or suffer the awaited violent upheaval. Lastly, the surging over- population problem must be clearly addressed making the religious sector understand the threat of hunger and bloody upheaval owing to their stubborn dogmatism. God helps those who help themselves, so to speak. The religious sector is complacent on this respect. They will have to share the burden of population control through effective means. All these problems are heading toward a boiling point – like a seething volcano. There’s no where to turn when that time comes. # # #

About the author: He completed doctoral studies of " Comparative Structures of World Governments and Complex National Security of Socio-Economic Systems." A grantee at the Swenska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden,on Socialist Societies, and in Torino at the U.N. Executive and Professional Center (ILO), Geneve, Switzerland; won Gold Medal for Excellence, conferred by U.N. Director Gen. Robert Lonati. Holds a U.S.; Congressional Citation presented by Rep. Donald. Clausen.(R-CA); completed studies at the Defense and Political War College (ROC); a decorated officer who reached the apex of this career, after participating in noted exploits: such as: (a) the rescue of 2000 Americans and allied POWs in Los Banos (Luzon) in 1945, (b) the emergency evacuation of Gen. Chiang Kai Shek and his Koumintang Army from Lunghua, China to safety in Taiwan in 1949; (c) "Operations Airlift" re-supplying U.N. troops during the Korean War; (d) the "reverse exodus" repatriation of the Jews and Palestinians from different parts of the globe to Lydda and Jerusalem; (e) the relocation of stateless international refugees (Estonians, White Russians, Europeans, etc.,) from different parts of Asia to Guiuan Islands and then to the U.S and Europe; (f) as counter-intel and psy-war observer in Laos during the Vietnam War that helped produced thepsy-war film "The Bamboo Cross."; a retired. Colonel in the U.S. Armed Services served as (G-3 and then Division Deputy Chief of Staff, California State Defense Force, ( of four BDEs) U.S. Army National Guard Reserves in Sacramento, California, and Logistics Advisor, at Fort Funston (2nd Inf. BDE). Later was a member of the ad hoc U.S. Defense Committee, chaired by Lt. Gen. Daniel.O. Graham, at the White House, during the R. Reagan Administration; a ranking delegate to the XIVth International Conference on Human Rights and Social Welfare in Helsinki, Finland and member of the Social Welfare delegation to the USSR (Moscow and Leningrad). East Berlin, Germany; was senior consultant to U.S. Senator D.K. Inouye on the "U.S Senate Inquiry on the Unsettled Claims of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans." He retired from the U.S. Armed Services, and later from the Circuit Executive Office of the U.S Federal Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Settled down in the U.S. with his wife, Lou, a retired executive of the San Francisco State University, School of Nursing. He now devotes time in writing columns for popular Fil-Am newspapers and advices Fil-Am World War II veterans’ organizations on the full equity settlement campaign of the huge U.S. accumulated (unpaid compensation and benefits) obligation of (US$3.2 Billion) to former Fil-Am World War –II U.S. servicemen. He authored books and Internet versions: Mechanics and Economics of Tourism, Freedom At Dawn, Ordeal In War’s Hell, Classic Escape from Captivity, and many other stories. Assisted in the book, " The Los Banos Raid," by Lt. Gen. Fly Flannagan, USA Ret., assisted Ryan Hurst in the production of the video by Greystone Holywood Pictures, " entitled "Rescue At Dawn." Contributed to the publication of the book, "With No Regrets" (The martyrdom of Fr. Francis Douglas Vernon in WW-II) and the supporting video by Patricia Brooks of New Zealand. # #




MANILA, October 18, 2004
(BALITANG BETERANO By Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veteran and Military Pension Associate, PMA ‘44) This subject matter has been a contentious and disputable ever since it was adopted by the United Nations – likewise was being compelled by the U.S. as its cornerstone of worldwide imperialism.

It was even an instrument of American foreign policy, albeit unevenly, as an ethical tradition. Since former Pres. J. Carter had used it as an ethic and political power. Domination of policy thru power tradition did not eliminate ethical concerns.

"Human rights include not just basic rights of due process, together wit political freedoms, but also the rights of each human being to a just share of the fruit of one’s country’ production." I can not help but reproduce excerpts of our toil in the XIVth International Conference on Social Welfare and Human Rights in Helsinki, Finland in 1969 – when and where I was a delegate to this challenging world conference. This subject again came to light as we, World War II war veterans had been deprived of human rights right here in the U.S.A. after we have shed blood and others have died for freedom. democracy and human rights in a war not inherently our own, but of the U.S. imperialism.

The subject of human rights needs to provide new synthesis of what this nation know about it and how to practice it evenly sans deviation. As it was, we (veterans) have been victims of the very rights we upheld in the battlefield under irrational implementation. Deprivation of human rights and economic rights – have led Vladimir Bukovsky, a well-known Soviet dissident thinking that what use it is to introduce and make people practice human rights. He said, "What sense was there in expounding our laws. It was like expounding humanitarianism to a cannibal."

I can not find any plausible excuse for the U.S. to mistreat the Fil-Am WW-II veterans under the despicable Rescission Act of 1946 passed in the 79th Congress that unjustly took away all wartime-earned compensation and benefits (except for disability and burial entitlements). If peace is to be secured in this world, we must admit that then worst enemy of man is man himself. And as long as we have never overcome the crisis spirit, lusts of men for power, wealth, fame – peace will be as illusive as ever. Not to leave out thirst for black gold (oil) as the instrument of political and economic domination.

Government and men can not adequately respond to the passing and current global dilemma. For simple veterans like us who luckily survived the iron heels of the enemy as POWs, and those who have seen the face of the enemy in combat – the price of peace is more costly than life itself . It has always been said that we human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. We believed that we have been endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in he spirit of brotherhood. Albeit - has been absent between man and government in this country. Especially if one’s color and creed is not white. Under the whiteman’s burden – the power of making distinction leads to difference in unfair treatment and/or favor. Nothing could be more distinct and separate than how public servants who are supposed to be the servants, and the citizen taxpayer as the master – has been reversed.

What we have taken up in the Helsinki XIVth International Conference in 1969 – was crystal clear for the layman and government. We have enumerated the civil and political rights of man, as follows: 1) Right to life, liberty and security of a person, including freedom from slavery an servitude, Freedom from torture or cruelty. Inhuman and degrading treatment of punishment. 2) Right to recognition as a person before the laws. 3) Right to an effective judicial remedy, freedom from arbitrary arrest, detention and exile. 4) The right to a fair trial and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal. 5) The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, freedom from arbitrary interference of privacy, family home or correspondence an freedom of movement . 6) Right to an asylum. 7) Right to nationality. 8) Right to marry and found a family. 9) Right to property. 10) Freedom of thought , conscience, and religion. Freedom of of opinion and expression. 11) The right of association and of assembly. 12) The right o take part in government and the right to equal access to public service.

Social, Economic and Cultural Rights: 1) Right to Social Security 2) Right to work. 3) Right to rest and leisure 4) Right to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being. 5) Right to education. 6) Right to participate in the cultural life of the community. Disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted to barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind. Based on the findings of the international conference, that based on the series of agreements over that in principle recognized the primacy of these rights over the prerogatives of national sovereignty. As in the case of the Fil-Am WW-II veterans, the soldier is entitled to the respect (regardless of his color, origin and creed) for his essence as a person, and to a degree of humanitarian ism – in war and in peacetime. Especially after having served loyally and honorably for the State. It was articulated in the conference that there is a limit in to national objectives even when the nation saw its goals as important to use violence or force, there are limits beyond which the individual could be legally ordered to kill and be killed for his State.

The law for human rights remain in favor of the war veterans – and their rewards are preserved for their sacrifices of life and property for the State. The concrete example is the case of the Fil-am W-II veterans defrauded by government of their battle-earned rights and privileges (compensation and benefits) defrauded by government for avidity. As far back in 1926, the Convention then, outlawed slavery. It was supplemented in 1950. The present running truculent act of government in the mistreatment of the Fil-Am WW-veterans for non-full settlement of the war veteran’s battle-earned compensation and benefits which lasted over 60 years, is clear example of slavery. Without full equity payment of their rightful benefits is plain and simple act of having made the Fil-Am WW-II fight American’s imperial war against Japan under "involuntary servitude" by the Fil-Am veterans (an act of slavery in any language and deed) abhorred by the U.S. Constitution, and by the decent American citizen-taxpayers.

Humanizing human rights here in the U.S. is the greatest challenge for the nation that takes pride in propagating human rights world-over. But in reality – is very much existing in the form of racial an economic discrimination. Rhetoric and reality are so far apart, that atrocities exists and a blatant violation of the United Nations Charter. What is so troubling is for over 60 years, the government perpetuated a sloven policy prevented individual rights with impunity. There was no shame nor sensitivity.

Secretary of State, George Marhsall have explicitly said, and I quote: " Governments which systematically disregards the rights of their own people (the U.S. included) are not likely to respect the rights of other nations and other people, and are likely to seek their objectives by coercion and by force ." The prevailing question is – "How can the U.S. honestly speak abut human tights here at home. Without first respecting the individual rights of its own military service men it denies their benefits bare facedly with painful consequences upon its own citizens and allies? In conclusion, culmination of American effort to fight terrorism within and abroad can not be denied that it fully depends on its military might – its contentious domestic and foreign policy.

However, it will always encounter difficulties precisely because of its difficulties of its treatment of different agrupation of citizens of color and origins. Legitimacy of its implementation of human rights within depend increasingly on protection of human rights for every citizen regardless of color, origin and creed. This nation that have denied citizen’s human rights calls to question its own national security and homeland defense.




Las Vegas, Nevada, October 22 , 2004 (By Col.(Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pension Associate, PMA ‘44 ) Firstly, I want to correct the false claim of some unauthorized, self-appointed bogus advocates that they have been working with Senator D. K. Inouye on this proposed act.

They do not have such access. They are non-grata. These notorious scams headed by a fake colonel, and by an amateur photographer claimed that they had a hand in drafting the bill, which is false and a brazen lie. There is only one duly appointed official by Pres. G. M. Arroyo based in Washington D.C. that deals directly with legislators in behalf of the preponderant majority of Fil-Am, WW-II veterans. This official lobby is the Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) headed by Mr. Jerry Adevoso, now Assistant Secretary to the President on Veterans Affairs. He is son of the famous Hunters-PMA-ROTC Guerrilla Brig .Gen. Eleuterio "Terry" Adevoso, .MA class’44, my military and wartime associate.

I have known Jerry since his birth, and watched him grow. He has attended and graduated in schools here in the U.S. while his family was stationed here. When I was Senate Committee Secretary, he was an avid observer of the legislative process, when heading the Sons and Daughters of Veterans Federation of the Philippines.

I am quite familiar with Sen. Inouye’s method, having been his assisting staff in the "U.S. Senate Inquiry on the Unsettled Claims and benefits of Fil-Am veterans" in the past. Beware of announcements by impostors using some Fil-Am gullible media as supposed (fake) conduits designed to perpetrate a misrepresentation victimizing the poor and indigent veterans, waiting for relief from government for the past many years. The Inouye bill was the result of his trip to the Philippines to find out for himself their actual needs especially veterans who reside in the Philippines and those who were not able to acquire U.S. citizenship. He was very much aware of those veterans who had been precluded from benefits by past laws which he deplored.

The bill or otherwise known as Senate No. 68, seeks to amend title 38 of the U.S. Code, entitled as "Filipino Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2003," filed by Sen. Inouye in January 7, 2003. This bill may appear technical to the layman (and the impostors) however, as a former Senate Committee Secretary, I am herewith reproducing it in its simplest language for those self-proclaimed bogus advocates merely issuing press releases claiming expertise in legislative processes, when in fact are hopelessly destitute of know-how on law-making. I hereby quote the bill S-68 for the information of veterans and those who want to comprehend legislative process and how amendments are made by us, to wit: 108th Congress, 1st Session S - 68 A BILL "To amend title 38, United States Code to improve benefits for Filipino veterans of World War II, and for other purposes.

In the Senate of the United States January 7, 2003 "Mr. Inouye introduced the following bill, which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Section 1. Short Title. "This Act may be cited as " The Filipino Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2003" "Section 2. Rate of Payment of certain benefits for the New Philippine Scouts residing in the United States. "(a) Rate of Payment – Section 7 of title 38USC, is amended- "(1) in the second sentence of sub-section (b), by striking "Payments" and inserting "Except a provided in sub-section (c), payments "; and "(2) in sub-section (c) "(A) by inserting "or (b)" after sub-section (a) the first place it appears; and " place it appears and inserting "the applicable sub-section". "(b) Effective Date- The amendment made by sub-section (a) shall take effect on the date of the enactment of this Act, and shall apply to benefits paid for months beginning on or after that date. "Section 3. Rate of Payment – of dependency and Indemnity Compensation for Surviving Spouses of certain Filipino Veterans. "Rate of Payment- Sub-section ( c) of section 107 of title 38, USC, as amended by section 2 of this Act, is further amended by inserting ", and under chapter 13 of this title". "(b) Effective Date- The amendment made by sub-section (a) shall take effect on the date of the enactment of this Act, and shall apply to benefits paid for months beginning on or after that date. "Section 4. Eligibility of Certain Filipino Veterans for disability Pension "(a) Eligibility-Section 107 of title 38 USC, as amended by this Act , is further amended. "(1) in sub-section (a) "(A) in paragraph 3 of the first sentence. by inserting "15" before "23" and "(B) in the second sentence, by striking "sub-section (c) and (d) and inserting "sub-sections (e), (d) and "(2) in sub-section (b)- "(A) by striking paragraph (2) of the first sentence and inserting he following new paragraph (2): "(2) chapter 11, 13 (except section 1312(a), and 15 of this title; and "(B) in the second sentence, by striking "sub-section (g) and inserting "sub-section(c) ands (e). "(b) In the case of benefits under chapter 15 of this title paid by reason of service described in sub-section (s) or (b), if "(1) the benefits are paid to a individual residing in the United States who is a citizen of, or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent resident in the United States, the second sentence of applicable sub-section shall not apply, and "(2) the benefits paid to the individual residing in the Republic of the Philippines shall be paid (notwithstanding any other provision of law) at the rate of $100 per month." (NOTE: This has now been congealed by Sen, Inouye , and a new bill will be filed instead.) " ( c ) Effective Date- The amendments made by this section shall take effect on the date of the enactment of this Act, and shall apply to the benefits for month beginning on or after that date. "Section 5- Eligibility of Filipino Veterans for Health Care in the United States. "The text of section 1734of title 38 USC, is amended as follows: ( The secretary within the limits of Department difficulties, shall furnish hospital and nursing, home care and medical services to Commonwealth Army veterans and the New Philippine Scouts in the same manner as provided for under section 1710 of this title. "Section 6- Outpatient Health Care for Veterans Residing in the Philippines. "a) In general- sub-section IV of chapter 17 of title 38 USC, is amended- "(1) by re-designating section 1735 as section 1736; and "(2) by inserting after section 1734 the following new section 1735: "Section 1735, Outpatient Care and Services for World War II Veterans residing in the Philippines. "(a) Outpatient health care – the Secretary shall furnish health care and services to veterans of World War II Commonwealth Army veterans, and the New Philippine Scouts for the treatment of service-connected disabilities and non-service connected disabilities of such veterans and Scouts residing in the Philippines on an outpatient basis in the Manila Outpatient Clinic. "(b) Limitations- The amount expended by the Secretary to furnish care and services under sub-section(a) is effective in any fiscal year may not exceed $500,000. "(2) The authority of the Secretary too furnish care and health services under sub-section (a) is effective in any fiscal year only to the extent that appropriations are available for that purpose. "(b) Clerical :amendment- The title of sections at the beginning of chapter 17 of such title is amended by striking the items relating to section 1734 the following items: "1735 Outpatient care and services for World War II veterans residing in the Philippines. "1736 Definitions. © Effective Date- The amendment made by this section shall take effect on the date of enactment of this Act," - end of text –

NOTE: This bill S-68 is a popular bill for World Wart II veterans who had been previously precluded from compensation and benefits under infamous Rescission Act of 1946. It is a correction to the injury and harm caused by indifference and neglect by Congress. However, its author, Sen. D. Inouye have congealed (frozen) this bill because he saw that HR-677 is not being properly funded, and with tepid support from Pres. Bush.

Sen. Inouye stated that he will file another bill in lieu of S-68 improving the benefits and pensions for veterans based in the Philippines. Veterans (especially members of the National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans USA, and the Fil-Am community are urged to write to their respective congressmen and senators in their respective districts to help pass HR-677, the much-needed relief for veterans, as amended. They are urged to refrain from dealing with known usurpers of legitimate and bona-fide veterans claimants or listening to false information concocted by those unqualified (bum) advocates using the gullible local media to further their misrepresentation. They injure the official lobby.

Beware of a reported fake colonel, and a forger assisted by a non-veteran novice photographer using an alias ( not his father’s surname, posing as an advocate asking money from the poor and innocent veterans under misrepresentation for his unreported and un-audited fees and allowance and meal ticket. He was reported facing charges in Manila (with a possibility of being extradited to the Philippines to face said charges there. The unlawful act stemmed from for illegally using Pres. Arroyo’s letter to Pres. Bush by surreptitiously using said letter for his alleged personal fund-raining gimmick. He is non-grata to Rep. B. Filner and Rep. R. Cunningham and the preponderant majority of veterans who have ostracized and driven him out of veterans gatherings.

Also beware of reported "federations, coalitions or associations" supposedly headed by a disgraced newsman acting without proper tacit authority of the preponderant veterans majority (the Veterans Federations of th Philippines.) He was reported taken to court by over a dozen creditors for non-payment of accounts, thus have filed for bankruptcy and dropped out from publicity.The said federation’s books of accounts in now under close scrutiny. Then, there is also another impostor (a columnist) who advertise himself as a legal eagle, but was censured by the U.S. Court for negligence, thus, have also filed for bankruptcy.

They use the gullible media to further their cover-ups.. They belonged to the bunch who took money from veterans during the citizenship proceedings of veterans in the past, but failed to return the money taken from vets under misrepresentation. Legislators have been warned about these pretenders – thus, solons have been distancing themselves from these wrong-doers who pose for photos and released to the media to deceive the public that they are the official advocates, when in fact untrue. Veterans are urged to principally deal directly with OVA Head, Jerry Adevoso, Special Presidential Representative and Head of the Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA). he was recently promoted to Presidential Assistant on Veterans Affairs (with a rank of Undersecretary in Malacanang.

It must be understood that the principal job of the OVA Head as mandated by the President, is to protect the interest of Fil-Am WW-II veterans without unnecessary interference from the Embassy that has its own agenda. Adevoso is an independent Head of a government Agency entitled to respect and cooperation from other government agencies, not to leave out the embassy that has unsatisfactorily protected the vested right and property interests of WW-II veterans. There were pending bills in Congress that discriminated Philippine-based veterans who were excluded from rightful benefits, but were not protested against by the ambassador that sits snuggly on his ukuli. Therefore was inutile. "No guts – no glory."

Veterans urged that he be replaced by an accountable and responsive official, and/or his recent resignation be immediately be acted upon by Pres. Arroyo. On the other-hand, Adevoso can not be capriciously, whimsically, or vengefully demoted or removed by any official in the embassy, no other than the President of the Philippines who appointed him. Let this be clear to those who have been undermining him in the media and/or the internet. Adevoso, has the savvy and full grasp of the Fil-Am WW-II problem having been in that work for over 20 years. He has the full backing of Pres. G. M. Arroyo, the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, the Sons and Daughters, Inc., the American Legion, Philippine Department and the National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans (USA) that comprise the preponderant majority of the veterans. Do not waste your money being fooled by scams. One of them had already been convicted in the U.S. Court to serve five years in jail. Albeit, there still are scams by self-appointed advocates (as useless federations, coalitions, etc) that go around using gullible Fil-Am media to pursue their personal agenda. The most effective lobbyists for veterans is no other than Pres. G. M. Arroyo who is in close rapport with Pres. George W. Bush.

Our last vet resolution which I personally handed to her in San Francisco during the ceremony, was officially taken up with Pres. Bush that resulted to grant of more benefits to Fil-Am veterans. (See: photo credit of the Phil. News.) In her last state visit, she again secured a commitment for veterans which she accepted a legislation of $15 million dollars for annual medical care for five years. However, we have yet to see legislation is passed into law that would authorize full equity payment of all unpaid benefits. We have to be aware and vigorously reject at least bills in the U.S. Congress that patently discriminated Fil-Am veterans from receiving their rightful benefits because they are non-US citizens, and by not residing in the US. This cruelly-discriminated veterans are bona-fide U.S. ex-U.S. Army servicemen who honorably serve the U.S. Army in WW-II. Those bad bills if passed by Congress could have inevitably humiliated Pres. G.W. Bush during his visit to the Philippines because the Republicans in control Congress are at war with itself. Pres. Bush would have looked like a miserable wimp bringing with him bad laws loaded with critical differentiation that disavow U.S. Army Fil-Am veterans mistreated like slaves.

Our present thrust now as officially proclaimed by Pres. G. M. Arroyo is to secure FULL EQUITY benefits under HR-677 for the remaining 24,900 surviving veterans who had been precluded in all bills and laws that racially and economically discriminated by the US Congress. It must be equal. Do not believe bum schemes of impostors pushing S-68 over the favored HR-677. HR-677 is first priority of the preponderant veteran s majority, because it seeks full equity settlement of all unpaid WW-II veterans compensation and benefits.

In Rep. B. Filner’s (D-CA) and Rep. R. Cunningham (R-CA) proposed bill, assured Adevoso that he and his colleagues will try to get Congress to ante as much as they can, which appears have been politically black-balled by the despairing Republicans in Congress.

Same fate with Sen. Inouye’s S-68 which has been destined to the back-burner because it is a Democrat-sponored bill. It is a bane in Congress when a bill is sponsored by the minority party. Thus, veterans are played as fools and the goat, a shameful state of the greedy and the needy society of today. This partisan tyranny which is viewed by the American taxpayers as an exercise of irresponsible power under legislative means which is in no less an act of intolerance and greed, if not government lawlessness. Every wanton or causeless restraint of the will of the people’s interest is a degree of intolerable tyranny and disguised hate against fellowmen. Bad laws that are discriminatory against the rights and privilege of the taxpayers is the worst sort of tyranny and outright government lawlessness.

Therefore, any peaceful rebellion or resistance against tyranny is obedience to God. He who has been a coward to the strong, is also a tyrant to the weak (Shelley in Rosalind and Helen). Lastly, be sure our readers identify who are the ignoramuses in the advocacy for veterans who do not have competence in legislative process. They are the "Makapilis" of today that collaborate with the disguised separatists in congress that keep funds for veterans benefits for their pork.# #




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, October 23, 2004
(BALITANG BETERANO By Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pension Associate PMA ‘44) In reply to many queries from both Fil-Am and U.S. veterans and from the Filipino community, I am herewith clarifying the status and mission of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP).

No Such Agent

I, hereby declare that I have no such agent connected what-so-ever with my work in my capacity as the VFP Veteran’s Representative to the USA. As a matter of fact, the VFP has not given any tacit permission or authority to anyone to speak for, or represent the preponderant veterans majority (veterans) both residing in the Philippines and here in the United States.

Don’t Believe Such Yarn

Such yarn is not true and therefore, should not be taken seriously. I don't need such person at all.. There is need for a person like me with actual experience to monitor the official legislative lobby of all Fil-Am World War –II veterans in the U.S. Congress and the Administrative branch. I don’t deal with impostors or pretenders who do not have any savvy in the legislative process.

My Credentials

I was appointed to such position by virtue of my qualification with a wealth of experience as: former Senate Committee Secretary of the Veterans and Military Pensions, and as previous Vice President of the VFP, concurrently then - as Assistant Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Philippine Veterans Bank. (PVB). Then, later as PR Director.

VFP a -Chartered by Law

In May 1960, the Philippine House of Representatives passed a bill No. 1847. creating a Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) as a non-stock corporation. On the same date, the Philippine Senate approved a counter measure that culminated into an approved law such as Republic Act 2640, and was signed into law, envisioned in the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippine, then signed into law by the President on June 18, 1960.

Single Umbrella Organization

The VFP was created as the sole umbrella organization of all Filipino-American World War–II who have been mistreated unfairly and unjustly by the US government since 1942. The VFP was created to uphold and defend the democratic way of life. And to be the single voice of Fil-Am WW-II war veterans, and to solely represent and defend the Fil-Am veteran’s vested right and property interests that the veterans have earned in battle, to coordinate all efforts of war veterans as well as retirees. It was mandated to promote mutual help among their comrades and to foster love of God and country an civic awareness. In general, it shall exist as solely for the purpose of a benevolent character – which does not diminish liability for military service and shall not leave anybody behind.

Basic Qualification of Members

A member must have honorably served in the naval, air, and land armed services of the Philippines, and is duly listed in the roster of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, (and in the roster of the U.S. Armed Forces by virtue of his active military service in Word War-II). It is therefore, clear that any of the present individuals or units posing as instant experts and pretenders as self-appointed advocates claiming as members, and/or usurpers of veteran’s claims for benefits who have not met the basic qualifications, and who have not been duly qualified are therefore impostors and or pretenders not worth a damn.

The Supreme Council

The governing body of the VFP is the Supreme Council that exercises corporate powers. The Executive Board has the power to act in behalf of the Supreme Council – composed of the elective officials of the VFP. Each of the business of the VFP is taken up in the Standing & Special Committees. The VFP receives assistance from the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) for its operation, and from other viable veteran’s entities. It has a Legislative Program for both official lobbies in the Philippine’s legislature, and in the U.S. Congress owing to the huge monetary and service obligation to Filipino-American World War II Veterans by the U.S. government.

Thus, the Philippine government has created an Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) to oversee the legislative claims of Fil-Am veterans for unpaid compensation and benefits by the U.S. government. It is independent agency directly accountable to the President of the Philippines that created it. The total debt unsettled by the U.S. to Fil-Am WW-II veterans was reported by the U.S.V.A. as US$3.2 billion dollars incurred during World War II for active and honorable military service in the U.S. Armed Forces. Sadly, however, the U.S. government have attempted to deny and /or retard payment of this U.S. constitutional debt to Fil-Am veterans, while it continued to pay the Caucasian members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and even the 16,000 allied nationals of 16 nations that also fought for the U.S. flag, but not Filipino veterans. Such blatant invidious racial and economic discrimination against Fil-Am war veterans of the U.S. Army have existed for the last 60 years of escape innovation by the government. As early as 1946, the Philippine government, as the conduit of Fil-Am veterans for the veterans’ claims for unpaid compensation and benefits have lodged several missions to the U.S. to effect settlement from the U.S. government that has been hoarding the money already owned by the Fil-Am veterans for their active and honorable military service – but payment has been hoarded as the pork of politicians.

Joint Commissions

Almost every other year there has been Joint Commissions formed to effect settlement, but powerful barriers had been thrown in its path. It has been glaringly apparent that the U.S. government barefacedly without shame – have devised a cruel way to retard settlement, while the original 200,000 Fil-Am veterans that were conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 continuously die of old age, disease and want without being paid their rightful wartime benefits. They are now less than 30,000 of them suffering from neglect and indifference from U.S. cruel hoax staring at every face of powerful avid government officials.

Fil-Am Spiteful Saboteurs

Regretfully, we have thorns on our side who have spitefully destroyed the good standing of the official veterans lobby through their reckless imprudence. They have taken the liberty without the corresponding responsibility in intruding into the official lobby as impostors and pretenders who has no tacit authority and permission from the preponderant veterans majority (the VFP) to intercalate their offensive agenda into the established legislative program of the VFP.

These baneful individuals and units have caught the ire and wrath of US legislators like Rep. B. Filner, B. Gilman, and supporters of HT-677 - who described them as ignorant of the legislative process, and are toxic to the Fil-Am cause. Up until now, we have a handful of them who have injured the official lobby. Disguised segregationists in Congress have been laughing all the way to the Hill upon seeing Filipino "crabs" dividing the Fil-Am community while seeking cheap fame through press releases at the expense of the Fil-Am WW-II veterans.

At least here are about half a dozen of these Fil-Am saboteurs willfully and maliciously destructive with artifices using the veterans as their "whipping boys" for their scams. And for their solicited contributions and grants from foundations they were able to deceive. These Makapilis (traitors to humanity) for a handful of silver, with blood in their hands, or for false fame never really prosper. Like cowards they die a thousand deaths before their real demise.

Of late, one of them (an intruder (the Naffaa) federation have taken upon itself to raise the question of passage of HR-677 directly before the House veterans Committee Chairman, and was bluntly slammed by Rep. C. Smith stating that there would be no public hearing of HR-677 and that there is no budget authorization by the Congressional Budget Office. (CBO) This undisciplined, discordant and inconsiderate effort of Naffaa against the sponsors of HR-677 (namely Rep. B. Filner and Rep. R.Cunningham) have upstaged the honest effort to secure budget authority from the CBO. It has virtually sabotaged the sponsor’s legislative work. The injury has again been inflicted. And to add insult to the said injury, Naffaa sent its uninteresting low-ranking PRO to Manila to further complicate the problem, by asking he RP Defense Secretary to instead endorse S-68, which was long congealed (frozen) by its author, Sen. D. Inouye.

At this point in time, there are a thousand bayonets pointed at the Naffaa leadership for misrepresenting the legitimate demands of veterans. This undesirable events could not have happened if the ambassador has been competent, and alert. Instead he has been neglectful and inutile - merely sitting on his ukuli. As usual he never protested against a hoard of pending discriminatory legislative measures excluding veterans based in the Philippines from benefits. Veterans are up in arms and demanded replacement of the ambassador who has no guts (no gory) to face-up with legislators, thus - is non-grata to the preponderant veterans majority under the VFP. These untoward events happens under the gross imprudence of such intruders ignorant of the legislative process. # #




Las Vegas, Nevada,
October 24, 2004
(BALITANG BETERANO: from San Francisco (PN)) By popular vote, retired Colonel Frank B. Quesada was awarded the rare American Legion International Amity Award by National Commander Ray G. Smith and by the Veterans Affairs Commission.

"Such award is very prestigious conferred annually to only a very few qualified individuals. It is in grateful recognition for the outstanding public service in the field of veterans affairs, and for contribution made in development of international goodwill between the American Legion and veterans as our wartime allies". Smith said.

Smith offered his congratulations and best wishes to Col. (Ret.) Frank B. Quesada, past American Legion official. "May you cherish this with pride and personal satisfaction for you and your selfless services to your comrades for the last over forty years, using your own personal resources, time and effort on behalf of fellow veterans – that have made lasting impact." Smith said.

Quesada, a retiree of the U.S. Armed Services takes pride in his long career in the U.S. military and from the Federal government. He is a no-nonsense executive who achieved goals accordingly. His last stint in the military was Deputy Chief of Staff, after serving as G-3 (Operations, Plans and Training Officer of 4 Brigades), and then as Logistics Advisor, in Fort Funston. The mother unit was the State Defense Force, which was based in the United States Army National Guard Headquarters in Sacramento, California along with the military reserves (weekend warriors).

An associate member of the Philippine Military Academy class ’44, he was psy-war consultant to the then Defense Secretary, Ramon Magsaysay, who later became President of the Philippines, that brought back dissidents to the folds of the law. He served as Senate Committee Secretary on Veterans and Military Pensions, chaired by Sen. Jose Wright Diokno, and later was a senior staff of U.S. Senator D.K. Inouye’s United States Senate Inquiry on the Unsettled Claims and Benefits of Filipino-American World War II veterans.

Part of his colorful life was being sole Fil-Am officer, as a member of the ad hoc U.S. Defense Committee, chaired by Gen. Daniel O. Graham at the White House, during Pres. Ronald Reagan’s Administration. He was Vice President of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, chartered under Republic Act 2640 as the umbrella organization of all veteran’s organizations, was also Assistant Board of Director’s Secretary concurrently as Director for Public Relations of the Philippine Veterans Bank. He was past Department Adjutant and former Alt. National Executive Committee Representative of the Philippine Department to the American Legion headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana U.S.A.

Among Quesada’s outstanding accomplishments throughout his military career has made him an influential community leader and veteran’s advocate for the indentured WW-II veterans and international refugees were as follows: (a) He was a noted participant in the daring and death-defying joint assault-rescue and liberation of all the 2,146 Americans and allied prisoner-of-war from near-massacre in Los Banos, Laguna in 1945, inside enemy lines, by the little-known Hunters (PMA-ROTC) Guerrillas and by the 11th Airborne Division component; as well, (b) a participant of the narrow escape and emergency air evacuation of the Koumintang government and Gen. Chiang Kai Shek’s Nationalist Army from Lunghua, China to safety in Taiwan by Flying Tigers Transport, Chinese Nationalist Air Carrier (CNAC) and sea carriers. Quesada was granted a scholarship at the Republic of China’s Defense and Political War College, conferred with one of the highest award for exemplary service by ROC Pres. Chiang Ching Kou (son of Gen. Chiang Kai Shek ).

Quesada also actively took part in the (c) United Nation’s "Operations Airlift" of troops and in re-supplying UN forces in he Korean Conflict. No sooner, he was again tasked that (d) participated in: the mercy airlift of stateless White Russians, Estonians, Europeans, etc., in Asia from harm’s way via Guiuan Island, and then to the U.S. as expatriates to the Free West sponsored by the United Nations. (e) he was a participant in the air transportation of mass (reverse exodus) repatriation and settlement of thousands of Jews and amicable Palestinians to Jerusalem via Lydda, Israel. (f) he was once more tapped as counter-intelligence and psy-war observer in Laos, during the Vietnam Conflict, and co-produced a psy-war movie for the Laos government.

HE pursued doctoral studies in European capitals, completing the select study of "Comparative Structures of Governments and Respective Politico-Socio-Economic Systems." While in Europe, he was a ranking delegate in the XIVth International Conference on Human Rights and Social Welfare in Helsinki, Finland and a representative member of the cultural delegation to Moscow, Leningrad, USSR, East Berlin. Germany. He was among those who initially established camaraderie with the Presidium of Soviet Veterans heirarchy of BGen. Victor Boichenko, Admiral Semjion Zhrarof, Lt. Gen. Vasily Petrenko, Col. Alexander Malov who were invited to visit the Philippines. He completed studies of Socialist Societies system at the Svenka Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden and related studies in Nordic countries. He also completed Professional and Executive studies at the United Nation’s Etude Superiore Coirs Pluridisciplinaire Des Organismes Officials, at Torino, Italia and Geneve, Switzerland. (ILO Executive Management Academy).

He was conferred a Gold Medal for excellence by Dr Robert Lonati, United Nations consultant (World Tourism Organization). He completed advanced military and political courses at the Defense and Political War College (ROC), and the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Course on chemical, radiological, biological warfare.

Upon return to reside again in the U.S., he was hired by the Circuit Executive Office of the United States Federal Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit – that assisted thousands of Filipino-American WW-II veterans in their rightful bid for U.S. citizenship then as an ad hoc veteran’s consultant to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, to David Ilchert, Regional Director INS. He was awarded the U.S. Congressional Citation for excellence presented by Rep. Donald Clausen. As a senior consultant of the National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans, he was adviser to Office of Veterans Affairs Office (OVA) in Washington D.C., that represents. the preponderant veterans majority of the surviving, sickly and aging 24,900 veterans out of the original 200,000 conscripted by Pres. D. Roosevelt in 1941 that rendered active and honorable military service to the U.S. flag in World War II. He served as advisor of the San Francisco, California State National Guard Council. He has been active behind the scenes in the official veteran’s lobby for compensation and benefits unpaid by the government since 1947. He was a senior research staff of BGen (Ret.). C. P. Romulo, in the official congressional lobby for complete and full equity settlement of compensation and benefits from the United States to the indentured, aging and sickly Fil-Am WW-II U.S. Army ex-servicemen dying bereft of satisfactory relief for over 50 years of neglect.

He is the Veterans Federation of the Philippines Representative to the United States who monitors the official lobby of Fil-Am WW-II lobby in congress as former Senate Committee Secretary of the Veterans and Military Pensions. He finds time to write newspaper columns and commentaries in the Internet beamed at U.S. key cities where there are war veterans in the U.S., while also assisting the current plight of U.S. Armed Forces retirees in a class action suit against the government for non-payment of their military service pension and disability benefits. (Surf: in the Internet and lawsuit@/

He retired from the U.S. military and the Federal service, at age 81, and have relocated in Las Vegas, Nevada, to devote writing his war-memoirs, treatises and books, (Freedom At Dawn, a true story (of his participation) in the joint rescue-liberation of 2,146 American POWs in 1945 by Filipino guerrillas and the US 11th Airborne Division; Ordeal in War’s Hell, Classic Escape to Freedom after being a POW of the Japanese dreaded (Kempei Tai) And the astounding story, "Japanese Guerrilla in the Philippines," a Japanese captive of the Hunters Guerrillas, who was successfully won over (converted) into a belief of freedom and democracy, then fought with the guerrillas in the liberation of the Philippines. The technical book, Mechanics and Economics of International Tourism Development) having been a technical adviser to the Commission on Tourism. Likewise, writing several syndicated news columns in selected newspapers under the title "Balitang Beterano."

He contributed in the publication of the book, "With No Regrets," by Patricia Brooks of New Zealand,. about the deeply-moving martyrdom of Fr. Francis Vernon Douglas, as a fellow tortured by he brutal Japanese Kempei Tai (Military Police) as a POW with Quesada in WW-II and the video version "The Epitaph." Co-produced a docu-drama video of the plight of the Fil-Am war veterans in World War II, (The Battle of Bataan/Corregidor and the infamous Bataan Death March) in the Philippines, produced by the Pacific Island Production, Inc., USA.

Of late, he was technical consultant of the video "Rescue At Los Banos" based on his story, "Freedom At Dawn.," adopted by producer Ryan Hurst of Hollywood Greystone Pictures, Hollywood, California - being shown in a world release by the TV History Channel. He was consultant to the psy-war film, "The Bamboo Cross," depicting the harsh Communist massacre of Christian POWs in Laos. He was a correspondent of USSR’s Moscow Novosti, a cultural Magazine, the Travel Trade News, Asian tourism publication based in Singapore, and was RP Public Relations representative of Flying Tigers Air (Transport) Line, regionally based in Hongkong.

He writes occasional treatises in the PMA Cavalier Magazine, and attends functions of the Philippine Military Academy cavalier’s association in California and Nevada whenever possible. He presently enjoys a retired lifestyle in a modest custom-built home with his wife, Lourdes Valt-Martinez, a retired Administrator of the School of Nursing, San Francisco State University of California. # # #




October 28, 2004

Until and unless FAVI officials and spokepersons can produce and show to everyone concerned its official written authorization from either or both the Philippine government and the majority of WW2 veterans in the Philippines and in the USA, any and all of its pronouncements and activities cannot be considered to have official sanction and will remain private efforts.

Since the Filipino WW2 veterans are the direct victims of the Rescission Act of the US Government, any action undertaken by anyone that is not in consonance with their express wishes and needs should be interpreted as private and personal, and not official.

By Philippine law, only the President determines official Filipino veterans policy of government, and only the Veterans Federation of the Philippines is authorized to represent and speak for all Filipino war veterans. President GMA herself sets the example because she always confers and consults with the VFP on veterans concerns.

All individuals and veterans organizations in the Philippines and the USA should be cautious when reading and assessing statements such as those being issued by spokepersons of FAVI and other such private organizations. It is hoped that rather than going on their own separate ways, all Filipino and Fil-Am groups working for the 60-year objective of gaining restoration of full equity rights of Filipino WW2 veterans can be united as a team in defining targets and establishing strategies under parameters set by the President of the Philippines and the Veterans Federation of the Philippines. The majority of Filipino WW2 veterans is still in the Philippines, as it always has been. Their decisions are paramount. (Jesus Terry F. Adevoso, Presidential Assistant for Veterans Affairs, Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippines )

Ryan Mulvaney <> wrote:

(Chicago 10-9-04) While we can point out and blame the failures of why the Filipino veterans didn't get their $800 are many. But now the job of FAVI (Filipino American Veterans of ILLinois) has been working on next year, the ole Chicago Cubs motto, BOh well, thereBs always next yearB

This weekend Team FAVI presented two draft proposals to the Filipino WW!! veterans, one was Plan BBB granting US based vets w/$800 and Island vets w/$100 monthly benefits. A good copy similar to S-68 and only costing Congress about $45 million.

Plan BCB was to provide monthly benefits to only US based Filipino WW!! veterans at the same rate of $800. Island based veterans will not be included in this Bill. The cost to pass this Bill is under $30 million a doable passage.

The difference between the two plans is joint cooperation between the two governments and communities. This year the US based veterans had to shoulder the full campaign while cries for help were sent out to Manila. The US based Filipino WW!! were told that with the VFP and SADI had over 1 million votes and voices, nothing came of either. Not even from the RP Government, only continued silence. This silence cost the economy of the Philippines $1,200 x 18,500 veterans x P55.00 exchange rate, or simply put over 1.2 BILLION Pesos per year.

Without the total written support in major papers from the RP Government (GMA, NdC, FD) will result in forging ahead with Plan BCB. As everyone is aware time is of the essence, and this is date sensitive.

Plan BAB is the reintroduction of a copy HR-677, entitling $800 for all, by Reps Cunnhingham/Filner both from California, factoring to be about $235 Million, a number much to large for Congress to consider.

Over the past ten years, the US based Filipino WW!! veterans were left to do without, because of the ties associated to the cost of island veterans that remained silent. In 2005, the 109th US Congress has NO choice but to take Team FAVIBs demands serious.

Prez.GMA, VP NdC, Sen.Prez.FDrilon, the entire Philippine Senate and Congress consider yourself on notice, the whole Filipino community is watching and waiting.

December 1, 2004 is our target deadline, and in 45 days we move forward to empower the Filipino WW!! veterans on a successful final journey to victory by Feb. 18th, 2006.

We are calling on all concerned to form and mobilize now. Communication, criticism, pro-con is helpful and welcome by all, by return e-net.

Ryan (Eulalia) Mulvaney, youth advocate




MANILA, November 11, 2004 (STAR) By Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary - Veterans and Military Pension,  Associate, PMA’44 -  There has been so much confusion over the provision of the infamous Rescission Act of 1946 otherwise known as First Supplemental Surplus Appropriation Rescission Act of 1946. It is also known as Public Law 301-79th Congress, chapter 20-2D Session.

The confusion lies on the many bum interpretations and conjectures on the part of several government hired hacks and researchers who misrepresent the facts to show that the government had paid the Filipino World War II veterans through the Philippine Government the sum of $200-Million in exchange for a quit claim of all other compensation and benefits of Filipino World War II U.S. veterans. Well, there was NO quit claim at all on the part of the Philippine government in behalf of Filipino-American World War II veterans.

I have hard evidence that such yarn is not only untrue, but a barefaced lie. Such inaccuracies had been bandied around for a number of years, until the truth was discovered. Such bogus statement from government hired hacks was culled from proposed bill containing proposed transfer of appropriations, that was not yet approved into law. I am quoting herewith pertinent provisions proposed under the First Supplemental Surplus Appropriation Rescission Act of 1946 which belie such bogus claim.

Hereunder, in that controversial claim by the US government, and I quote: "1.An Act Reducing Certain Appropriation and Contract Authorizing Available for the Fiscal Year 1946 and for Other Purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the U.S.A. in Congress assembled: That the appropriations and contractual authorizations of departments and agencies available in this Fiscal Year 1946, and the prior year un-reverted appropriations, are hereby reduced in the sums hereinafter set forth, such sums to be carried to the surplus fund and covered into the Treasury immediately upon the approval of this Act. 2. Transfer of Appropriations - In addition to the transfer, authorized by Section 3 of the Military appropriation Act, 1946, transfer of not to exceed the amounts hereinafter set forth may be made, with the approval of the Bureau of Budget, for the appropriation “Ordinance Service, Army” to the following appropriation:

x x x x x x.

Army of the Philippines, $200,000,000.00’ Provided. That service in the organized military forces of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. While such forces were in the service of the armed forces of the U.S. pursuant to the Military Order of the President of the U.S. dated July 26, 1941, SHALL NOT be deemed to be or to have been service in the military or naval forces of the U.S., or any components thereof for the purposes of any law of the U.S. conferring rights, privileges, or benefits upon any person by reason of the service of such person or the service of any other person in the military or naval forces of the U.S. or any component thereof, except benefits under - 1) the National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940; and amendment , under contracts theretofore entered into 2) laws administered by the Veterans Administration providing for the payment of pensions or account of service-connected disability or death; Provided, further, That such pensions shall be paid at the rate of one Philippine peso for each dollar authorized to be paid under laws providing for such pensions;

Provided, further, that any payments heretofore made under any such law or with respect to any number the military forces of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines who served in the service of the armed forces of the U.S. shall not be deemed to be invalid by reason of the circumstances that his service was not service I the military or naval forces of the U.S. or any component thereof within them meaning of such law. SECTION 301. This Act may be cited as the First Supplemental Appropriation Rescission Act. 1946” Approved, February 18, 1946.

 # # #

Reproduction of the Rejection by the Philippine Government of the above offered legislation, in a speech in the U.S. House of Representatives in May 22, 1946, by the Resident High Commissioner of the Philippines in the United States, Brig. (Ret.) General Carlos P. Romulo.

I am a quoting hereunder the speech if Brig. General Carlos P. Romulo, as the resident High Commissioner of the Philippines the U.S. rejecting acceptance of the First Supplemental Appropriation, Rescission Act, 1946, to wit:

“Mr. Speaker, there was introduced on the floor of this House yesterday a bill, want to thank you, Rep. Rankin, for sponsoring HR-6508, to restore to veterans of the Armed Forces of the Philippines certain benefits of veteran’s legislation previously passed by Congress in favor of the Armed Forces of the U.S. I should like to express once more to the President of the U.S. the appreciation of the Government of the Philippines for his directive of February 20, 1946 which is basis for the proposed legislation . This is the message of that date, delivered in conjunction with the signing of the First Supplementary Surplus Appropriation Rescission Act of 1946. He directed the Secretary of War, the Administrator of Veterans Affair, and the U.S. High Commissioner to the Philippines to prepare a plan which would overcome the injustice to Filipino veterans which resulted from the passage of that Act. In his message, the President said: The passage and approval of this legislation do not release the U.S. from the moral obligation to provide for the heroic Philippine veterans who sacrificed so much for the common cause during the war. In the name of justice to Filipino veterans, I wish to call your attention to certain features of the Rankin bill introduced yesterday which, although most laudable in its objectives, in its present form, however, fails regrettably short of the goal set by the President. The First Supplemental Surplus Appropriation Rescission Act of 1946, at one stroke of a pen stripped the veterans of the Army of the Philippines of almost all rights in which they have been entitled under the veterans legislation of the U.S.. all but two of the benefits o which Filipino veterans had theretofore been entitled were summarily taken away by that Act. Two remaining were:

First, the National Service Life Insurance under the Act of 1940; and Second, pensions for service connected disability and death, which are to be paid, however, on the basis of pesos instead of dollars, thus cutting in half the benefits to which they were otherwise entitled. This Rescission Act deprives Filipino veterans if veterans benefits with a proviso that $200,000,000 be appropriated to the Army of the Philippines. These $200,000,000 which were purportedly in lien of benefits of which Filipino veterans were thus deprived, are actually, not sufficient to cover the back-pay entitled by these veterans. The Philippine government has chosen NOT to accept the appropriation! ( emphasis supplied ) So patent was the injustice and discrimination against Filipino veterans in the Rescission Act that the President of the U.S. registered a protest. He called upon the Secretary of War, the Administrator of Veterans Affairs, and the US High Commissioner to the Philippines to prepare a program which would rectify the injustice done sand confirm more closely with the spirit of brotherhood and equality in which American and Filipino soldiers fought and died together in the war against Japan. The bill which was introduced yesterday proposes to restore certain of the benefits of which Filipino veterans were deprived by the passage of the Rescission Act.

First, hospitalization and medical care for service connected disability; Second. and funeral allowances Third, pensions for service connected disability and death which are still to be paid, however, on the basis of pesos instead of dollars. The members you will note, Mr. Speaker, that the third benefit provided by the proposed bill, namely, pensions for service-connected disability and death is identical with the provision of the First Supplementary Appropriation Act of 1946, and thus – is not new. Filipino veterans, Mr. Speaker, when they took back upon their experiences as members of the U.S. Armed Forces, although the hardship and misery of war, find it hard indeed to understand the proposal to congress to deprive them of these very benefits which was conferred upon them by congress and which are still enjoyed by American comrades-in-arms at whose side they fought, Let me make it very clear that the Filipino veteran has never requested, and does not request any special benefit or, (just what the US exactly owed the veterans no more, no less) Filipino soldiers flocked to the colors by the thousands, in answer to the proclamation of the President of the U.S. long before veterans legislation had be proposed on the floor of the House. They did not go to war for the sake of advantage they might enjoy as veterans, however, were profoundly disappointed at the suggestion that they should be cut off at this late date from benefits which /congress granted them during the war. This is injustice! This is discrimination. It is anti-American !( emphasis supplied )

The Filipino veterans, their families, and their government cannot believe that this is the treatment which the people of the U.S. will accord to the Filipino veterans who so valiantly withstood the brutal onslaught by the Japanese. They know America too well to think that this is the American attitude Filipino soldiers in the Armed Forces of the Philippines served in the Armed Forces of the U.S. As such, they were entitled to the benefits conferred by legislation upon veterans of the armed forces of this country. I need to remind you, I know that under the Independence Act of 1934, the U.S. government specially reserved the right to call into the service of the Armed Forces of the U.S. recognized by Philippine Government until the Philippines should finally become independent.

Pursuant to that provision the President can call into the forces of the U.S. for the period of the existing emergency, all organized military and naval forces of the Government of the Commonwealth of the U.S., on July 26, 1941 issued am military order in which he called and ordered into the service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines which were laced under the command of the appropriate Army and Navy theatre commanders. From that day forward, he Army of the Philippines was an integral part of the Armed Forces of the U.S. Veterans who served in that Army were forthwith included within the terms of legislation passed by congress providing benefits for nay person who served in the active military or naval service of the U.S. Filipino veterans, therefore, were included within the benefits provided for veterans by numerous acts of Congress. Under the Service Re-Adjustment Act of 1944, the GI Bill of Rights, they were entitled to vocational rehabilitation, to education and training, to loans for the purchase for reconstruction of houses, and for other purposes, and to employment, readjustment allowances. Under Mustering Act of 1944, they were entitled to receive mustering out pay under conditions specified in that Act. Under the National Service Life Insurance Act (NSLI) of 1940, they were entitled to hospital an domiciliary care, artificial limbs and appliance, and other medical attention. Other benefits were provided by various other laws. but those cited above will suffice as examples. The legislation proposed to Congress exclude Filipino veterans would exclude Filipino veterans from health benefits under above legislation in all but four cases. It would exclude them from all benefits of the BI Bill of Rights, which in the Philippines, as in the US... convinced the veterans that his sacrifices was recognized and that civilian life would really hold out something for him upon return from military service. It would exclude him from benefits of the Mustering Out Payment Act of 1944.

Those are benefits to which the Filipino veterans are entitled while he was fighting a common cause. Is he to be told now that he is no longer entitled to them. although the status of his comrades from the American mainland has undergone no change? The wounded Filipino veteran, Mr. Speaker, is as concerned about how he will earn his livelihood for his family as is wounded veteran in this country. He is just as much in need of vocational rehabilitation which modern science is now in a position to give him, as his former comrades who is now recuperating in the continental U.S. The physically able veteran in the Philippines is as eager to continue his un-interrupted education as his American comrade-in-arms. He has no less willing to interrupt his studies to fight the common enemy. The prejudice which he suffered is no less severe. The problem of adjustment from military to civilian life in the Philippines present problems no less troublesome to the Filipino veteran than the veteran in then U.S. mainland. Perhaps it presents even more since it many Filipino veterans returned to find their fields, or former places of employment were in shambles in the wake of war. I have said here on this floor when I spoke for the Filipino veteran on February 28 last, and need not again set out at length , the story and heroism which the Filipino and American soldiers shared in the Pacific, to the credit of both. The bullets they faced, and the shells and bombs, made a distinction between them. The misery of the prison camp felt the same in the Filipino heart as it, did in the American heart. The terror, the determination, the courage of battle drew no time of determination between Filipino and American.

The bill proposed yesterday HR-6508 goes a small way toward correcting the great injustice to Filipino veterans which was done in the /first Supplemental Surplus Appropriation Act of 1946. It nevertheless discriminates against Filipino veterans because it prevents the from enjoying the benefits which have previously been accorded to every veteran who fought under the flag of the U.S.“President H. Truman recognized that the earlier injustice has not yet been cured when he said I his letter of may 18 to the House that enactment of the present bill will not cure en toto the present discrimination against Filipino veterans. The president further states that he has directed the Veterans Administration, the War Department, and the High Commissioner to the Philippines, to give consideration to a practicable method of providing educational opportunities for the Filipino veteran, and to assure so far as possible employment for him.

We are told, Mr. Speaker, that to provide to Filipino veterans certain of the benefits established by Congress will entail practical difficulties. I feel certain Filipino veterans will not insist that they should be entitled to benefits which are impossible of practical administration.. At no time, however, have we been told what difficulties , if any, exists. We know, from working with the past with agencies of the government of the U.S. that there are very few problems which can not be solved in a spirit of harmony and cooperation, We know that the present bill and the legislation which preceded it would withdraw from Filipino veterans the benefits which had previously been vouchsafed to them under veterans legislations passed by congress. We know that such action is discriminatory against Filipino veterans. We believe it is unjust . We can not understand and accept the actuation of the members of congress or of the people of the U.S. in their treatment of the Filipino veterans who fought so valiantly side by side with their own sons. I urge you on behalf of the Filipino people and of the government to correct these inequalities now. I urge you to enlist a legislation which will restore to Filipino veterans the recognition and which have previously been accorded them by the solemn acts of Congress". ( end of speech )

Note: This should end all untruths and falsehoods perpetuated by certain hired hacks attempting to mislead the public. The truth always prevail! A debt owed is debt that must be paid! # # #





LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, December 2, 2004 (By Col .(Ret.) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pension Associate, PMA ‘44) In an effort to gather as much information as to world-wide support for the Filipino Veterans Benefits Equity bill pending in the U.S. Congress – and which is still un-marked up (sans priority), thus column have mounted a campaign to reeve up action. This author has vast experience in legislative work in both legislatures and therefore have an inside view of how pieces of legislative measures are handled by sub-committees, committees, conference committees – albeit, by some powerful clicks – who could be a hurdle to bills which entail funds that would threaten their hold on the slippery pork that they rather keep for themselves.

Future of war veterans may well depend upon what and how such powerful elites in Congress, and we as citizen-taxpayer do to what it right over might of a few of them who have been entrenched up in the Hill. This serious thrust portrays the rust that eats up the steel of our democracy, when we examine and report out to the citizenry on equality and inequality in the United States. Here is a hot piece - coming from the heart of a congressman from Guam – who expressed his what he felt and what he fights for – for the Filipino-American World War II veterans – whom he considers his brothers, to wit: "Ever since Thomas Jefferson first framed these words together, that – "All men are created equal – men and women of all shapes, sizes, and statures shades have repeatedly maintained, declared, claimed and even believed that this nation is truly ‘ dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.’ Unfortunately, even the most rudimentary historical research would reveal a less favorable assessment on this claim and aspiration of ours.

The United States face daily challenges to live up to the Jefferson precept that " all men are indeed crated equal" and as in the past seems we are still not doing what we should. As a second class American citizen, a delegate, not quite a full member of Congress hailing from an un-incorporated territory with an unresolved political status, I am all too familiar with our nation’s failure to live to the true meaning of this declaration and our democratic creed. In the light of this situation, we on Guam, greatly sympathize with others who are in a similar situation. especially, second class veterans. In addition to being the congressional district geographically situated closest to the Republic of the Philippines. Guam and its people, as with Filipinos have, for hundred years, endured occupation, colonialism and second class treatment by others who were not indigenous to their homeland. Having also suffered through three long years of painful and brutal occupation under the Japanese, we, the people of Guam – understand and appreciate the sacrifices and plight of the Filipino World War II veterans. Gen. Douglas McArthur, referring to the defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, claimed that "no army has ever done so much with so little."

Many of us take these word as commendation meant for American Forces defending the Philippines. However, we must not overlook the fact that a substantial portion of this defense force was composed of Filipinos fighting under the American flag. Comprised mainly of Filipinos volunteers and recruits augmented by American soldiers, defenders of Bataan and Corregidor delayed the Japanese effort to conquer the Western Pacific. This enabled the U.S. forces to adequately prepare and launch an campaign to finally secure victory in the Pacific theatre of World War II. Filipino veterans swore allegiance to the American flag, wore the same uniform, fought bled and died in the same battlefields alongside American comrades but were never afforded equal status. Prior to mass discharges, and disbanding of their units in 1949, these veterans were paid only one third (1/3) of what the regular service members received at that time. Underpaid, having been denied benefits they were promised, and lacking proper recognition, Gen. McArthur ’s word truly depict the plight of the remaining Filipino veterans today as they did half a century ago.

The Filipino Veterans Benefits Equity Act, if passed should restore benefits that had been denied by Congress to Filipino veterans who fought for the U.S. flag in World War II. In the past, the country has considered Filipinos as ‘Little Brown Brothers." Let us take an extra step to go a long way towards recognizing them as equals by recognizing their service. Our ‘Little Brown Brothers’ were full partners in the struggle in the war against Japan. Let them be full partners in the distribution of benefits!

# # #

Discussion: Let us analyze and examine indepth the words of this simple man who holds a responsible position in Congress, but is without a vote. He sits there in the hall, bored to death with the duplicity and double-talk, given the privilege to speak, but deprived of the most precious right to vote for legislations. He has even asked not to print his name, but just see that his words were correctly published. He has expressed the plight of Guamenians also under the colonization before and after Guam became a protectorate. He truly believed in Jefferson’s precept of equality. He himself is a victim of inequality and discrimination – so he spoke from the heart.

He said more than any white man can elucidate about inequality and discrimination – all under the heading of prejudice .Law is the necessary equipment, but essential of all, is sincerity of purpose and the support of the citizen tax-payer to remove the segregationists and the racists in society, albeit in power. The international ramification of our struggle for equality, likewise the effect on the leadership of this country (the U.S.) simply must rest on the precepts of Jefferson. The power and prestige of human rights through laws are the ingredients towards world peace. If inequality persists – will always be a threat to democracy. We are facing a global crisis of terrorism – which has been a result of inequality, discrimination and lust for power and turf. Peace can only be successful when there is no caste among us. We are harvesting the present from the seeds we sowed in the past. yet, it is the lust of little men for snobbery, and who admire mean things. # # #




MANILA, December 21, 2004 (STAR) By Col; (Ret.) Frank B. Quesada, Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions Associate, PMA ‘44) The year 2005 commences a new and fresh bid of Fil-Am WW-II veterans bid for full equity settlement of the remaining unpaid wartime compensations and benefits earned by Fil-Am ex-servicemen of the U.S. Army in WW-II.

Tumultuous Past

So much confusion beclouded the real issue of full equity settlement created by ineligible, pretenders and shamans here in the U.S. with shameless temerity of a handful of kababayans - who do not have any legal standing in the official (government-to-government) legislative lobby in Congress.

Tough Decision

Principal sponsors of the bill, HR-677 seeking full equity settlement (Reps: B. Filner (D-CA) and R. Cunningham (R-CA) have distance themselves from the reported self-anointed ineligible pretenders allegedly sheltered by the Naffaa and ACFV. Said solon sponsors have therefore denied access to notorious adversarial individuals and units usurping the vested right and property interests of bona-fide WW-II veterans. The Rationale Veterans have finally demanded full equity settlement of all their battle-earned unpaid compensations and benefits because the US government have played them as fools through fraud for the last 60 years by retardation of settlement of vested rights and property that flagrantly violated the "taking clause".

Victims of Cruel Attrition

Out of the original 200,000 Fil-Am WW-II conscripted by Pres. D. Roosevelt in 1941, to fight for the U.S. flag and its imperial interests in the Philippines, only less than 21,000 of them as survivors are wallowing under old age, poverty and neglect by the U.S. government that have hoarded their money for politician’s pork.

Deliberate Cruelty

For the past over 60 years, both political parties took turns in conveniently turning blind, deaf and dumb in denying these intrepid veterans of Bataan. Corregidor and the Philippine Campaign by abandoning them as filthy trash in the white society. Who ever heard of human rights right here in America? Preponderant veterans majority who reside in the Philippines have been intentionally precluded from their rightful compensation and benefits by a powerful bunch of avaricious segregationist solons under racial and economic discrimination. Remedial Measure Thanks to well-meaning and compassionate solons whose conscience is God’s presence in them. Principal sponsors of HR-677 along with their bi-partisan co-sponsors have worked hard to secure the much-needed budget authority for HR-677 from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Make no mistake about that ! It was an internal permanent legislative process contrary to the claims of callous shamans and impostors who beguiled the public through press releases to captive local media, and in the internet claiming bogus credit.

A Legislative Internal Process

It is to the honest credit and tenacity of the principal authors of HR-677, Reps: Filner and Cunningham along their bi-partisan co-sponsors that secured the budgetary estimate from the CBO at the cost of $115 million dollars, allotted for the first year of implementation which was computed at a little over $1.2 billion dollars that would maintain HR-677 if passed into law for the ensuing 10 years. Guidance to the Public Above data, for the enlightenment of the public is the procedure of how such budgetary allocation is estimated for support for any legislative measure. This is a legislative process that the ignorant shamans and pretenders issuing press releases must comprehend,, otherwise be strangers from the truth Thus, are abhorred by decent citizens.

Fair Distribution of Benefits

This budget authority estimate by CBO was based from the inclusion of $800 monthly pension for both Philippine-based and US-based WW-II veterans. It removed the past notorious racial and economic discrimination between preponderant veterans majority residing in the Philippines and the small number of US–based veterans. In-so-doing, such equal grant of benefits made clear and removed the lies peddled by he different ineligible pretenders and impostors who were milking veterans under false intentions. Reps: Filner and Cuningham exposed those scams coming from the ranks of our kababayans.

Procedural Public Hearing

It is only after such budgetary authority that has been secured by the principal sponsors of the bill, when a public hearing of any bill like HR-677 could be done in the House Veterans Committee headed currently headed by Committee Chairman Rep. C.. Smith (R-NJ). Filner and Cunningham are well prepared to secure a public hearing of HR-677 by January or February as the case may be.. Eligible veterans and units may be invited to testify, or submit their testimonials in writing. It would also distinguish separately who are the legitimate advocates from the bums and impostors.

More Work Needed

Proponents of HR-677, albeit, has still a lot of work to do. Politics of compromise must be able to overcome the requirements of a mandatory spending provision. In the next national budget, there is a great need to provide a line item that would include provisions for the Fil-Am WW-II veterans benefits. Otherwise, these veterans would be left out again in the cold to die bald and naked of their rightful benefits. They will all die in the next remaining 5 to 7 years without enjoying what they shed blood for, and died for in WW-II.

Denial Trough Fraud

And their hard-earned money in WW-II would accrue to US politician’s pork under a perpetuated false pretences. This would be the greatest swindle against veterans the world would ever see and abhor. An eminent conspicuous parallel of the European holocaust of the Jews through criminal extinction of Fil-Am veterans through 60 years of truculent denial.and rejection. Top-Level Negotiation It is when Pres. G.M Arroyo, in behalf of he veterans could again persuade Pres. Bush to once and for all settle the remaining balances of what the US owed the Fil-Am WW-II veterans by securing final settlement of the U.S. retarded obligation to the Fil-am veterans.

Prudence of, and by Pretenders

This time,, those ineligible shamans and pretenders that have injured the veteran’s official lobby must shut up and leave alone the official lobby process. Veterans no longer have the luxury of time to waste who are on their twilight years of their oppressed existence that deserved respect.

Acting Together

It is time for the Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) and the recreant Embassy in Washington D.C. to worked hand-in-hand with the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) and the Sons and Daughters, Inc (VFP’s S&D’s Inc.) to set aside petty wrangles. Benefits Claimed only belong to Veterans Let it not be forgotten that the RP government is only a conduit of the veterans in their demand for justice and fairness from the US government. It cannot dictate its caprices over what veterans legitimately demand. Leave Veterans Alone!

And finally, it is opportune time for the shamans and pretenders in the ranks of our kababayans who betray veterans to observe strict discipline by leaving the veterans lobby alone . Democracy should be a kingless regime short of infested impostors who are disruptive individuals and units seeking fame and fortune at the expense of its military servicemen’s sacrifices. # # #

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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