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The new Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation (FVEC)fund authorized through the newly enacted American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009:

Link to the On-Line Form 21-4138 (CF) Statement in Support of Claim (FVEC)


From: <>
Subject: FW: Filipino WWII Information
Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 10:01 AM

Dear Friends,
Kindly forward to those in your e-mail list or if you are able to do media advisories, so much the better or in whatever manner we could spread this communication from Gen Tony Taguba addressed to our beloved WW11 Filvets & their families  Re: Compensation Claims.
I am also pasting here an e-mail w/ useful info from Mr Sonny Sampayan.
Thanks to all parties for the love &  care you are giving  the Filvets, our national treasure.
Maraming Salamat po,
Maria Elizabeth Embry
xxxx Hamlin Court
Antioch Ca 94509
tel xxxx

FW: Filipino WWII Information

Thursday, September 3, 2009 8:46 AM



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"'Sagudan, Ronald M.'McClenney, Lucretia (SES)'" "Furrer, Steven, VBAVACO" jon.skellyxxx'Newsome, Earl S., III'more

Message contains attachments


All, for your info and widest dissemination to the Fil-Am WWII veterans and Fil-Am communities at large


 Request you provide to print and broadcast media elements for public awareness and outreach.  The intent is to keep the Veterans and families informed, dispel any rumors, myth or misunderstanding on eligibility and processing, and provide assistance when necessary. Please forward to veterans support groups and community contacts as needed.

Progress is being made in the claims processing at the Manila VA regional office given the increased amount of applications to date based on the two meeting we’ve had with VA officials.  Applicant verification and compliance to the law are important to ensure claims are approved and checks are sent out promptly.  Mr Jon Skelley and his staff are giving their best efforts in the execution of this program.

This information is posted on the VA Center for Minority Veterans (Ron Sagudan is the point of contact in coordination with Steve Furrer at VBA and Jon Skelly at the Manila VA Regional Office) and on the VA central websites.  This will also be updated on monthly basis to keep informed all concerned.   

Please acknowledge receipt.  Thanks kindly, Tony Taguba


3 Attachments to Gen Taguba's e-mail:

#1 Link to  Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

#2 Link to Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) - Tagalog Version

#3 Points of Interests


1.  The Manila Regional Office (RO) is working to process each application accurately and timely.  Within two months after the law as passed, VA established an adjudication process, payment system, accounting system, and payment delivery system to successfully issue the first FVEC payment on April 8, 2009.  The claims process is provided below:

     A.    Each application is submitted to the Manila RO via a VA Form 21-4138, and is examined for eligibility based on the criteria established in ‘‘American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009’’ HR 1, Sec. 1002, the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation (FVEC) Fund.

    B. If you have questions concerning FVEC benefits, or would like more information about VA benefit programs and how to apply, various options are available. 

Contact VA on the Internet at and submit an on-line inquiry

  • United States residents may call VA at 1-800-827-1000
  • Philippine residents within Metro Manila may call 632-528-2500
  • Philippine residents outside Manila may call 1-800-1888-5252
  • If you use a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), the number is 1-800-829-4833 (United States residents only). 

    C.   Once all of the evidence and service verification is received and reviewed, a decision is made.  Concurrently, a notification letter is sent to the claimant, to explain the reasons and basis used to determine the decision.

2)  As of September 1, 2009, 31,876 claims have been received.  The initial benchmark for the number of eligible applicants was estimated at 18,000 Filipino WWII Veterans.  In addition to these claims, the Manila Regional Office (RO) has received more than 4,400 duplicate or incomplete applications.

3)  As of September 1, 2009, 8,990 applications have been processed through the first four and a half months since processing began: 3,414 approved for non-United States citizens, 3,138 approved for Filipino Veterans with U.S. Citizenship, and 2,438 applications disapproved. There are 22,886 pending claims.

4)  VA continues to conduct numerous successful outreach programs to inform veterans and their families about this benefit.  This aggressive outreach will continue as FVEC claims may be submitted until February 16, 2010 .  VA is unable to predict the volume of additional claims and is unable to predict a future processing completion date.  The Manila RO has established a dedicated team of employees who solely process FVEC claims. To date, over $77 million has been awarded to eligible Filipino veterans. 

The Philippines is home to the only VA Regional Office located outside the United States or its territories. This is evidence of the strong commitment VA has to Filipino veterans and their dependents.


5)     Two options are available to claimants who do not agree with a VA decision.  The first option is to provide VA with evidence that may lead VA to change the decision. The notification letter will clearly identify any potential missing evidence the claimant should provide in order to substantiate their claim. 


The second option is to file a notice of disagreement (NOD), in writing, explaining the reasons for disagreement.  The time frame to file a notice of disagreement is one year from the date of the notification letter explaining the reasons and basis VA used to make their decision.   VA encloses a VA Form 4107, "Your Rights to Appeal Our Decision," with FVEC notification letters to help explain appeal rights to claimants.

Once an appeal is received, the claimant will be provided hearing options to include a video hearing or a face-to face hearing at the nearest regional office.

6)  Due to Privacy Act provisions the list of applicants and claimants are not subject to public disclosure.

7)  As a reminder, applications must be submitted no later than February 16, 2010.


As 09/01/2009




Claims Received


       100 %

Claims Granted ($9,000)


       10.7 %

Claims Granted ($15,000)


       9.8 %

Claims Denied


       7.6 %

Claims Completed


       28.2 %

Claims Pending


       71.7 %


Notes by M.E. I had applied color highlights on these letters

U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs Stats for Filipino WWII Veterans as of 1 Sep 09

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 11:29 PM




Dear Friends


The U.S. Dept of Veterans Affair's Center for Minority Veterans (CMV) is now providing updates on the claims status of WWII Filipino Veterans.  This data can be found at and will be updated periodically by the Minority Veterans Programs Coordinator (MVPC) which can be found at


Furthermore, the CMV has also published a lists which identifies the local representative that can help Veterans.  This lists is called Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA).  The VBAs are available in major cities across America to help Veterans file their claims as well as help with other VA related matters.  This lists can be found at  Please disseminate this information.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


R Sonny Sampayan-Sampayan (USAF, Ret)

(tel xxx)


P.S.  On a personal note, I'd like to thank Mr. Ronald Sagudan, the Program Analysts at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Minority Veterans, General Tony Taguba (USA, Ret), Chair of the Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans at the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs and Mr. Lyn Johnson, our New York City MVPC who has reached out to the Filipino Community to help find every Veteran who maybe qualified for VA benefits files before the February 2010 deadline.

BCC in effect


Stimulus Bill Provides $198 Million for Filipino Veterans

February 20, 2009

Congress Recognizes World War II Service 

WASHINGTON – Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki announced a new benefit for Filipino Veterans who aided American troops in World War II -- a cash payment authorized through the newly enacted American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Claims are now being accepted from Filipino Veterans eligible for one-time payments of $9,000 for non-U.S. citizens and $15,000 for Filipino Veterans with U.S. citizenship.  The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is working to begin making payments as soon as possible.

VA and the Embassy of the United States in Manila have announced locations in the Philippines where Veterans can apply immediately.  The list has been posted at  

To receive information by mail, United States residents may call 1-800-827-1000.  Philippine residents may call 632-528-2500 (within Metro Manila) or from outside Manila at 1-800-1888-5252.  In addition, Filipino Veterans may request information via email at  

The VA Regional Office in Manila will process all claims for this benefit.  Therefore, U.S. residents should mail the application to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Office, PSC 501, FPO AP 96515-100.  

Extensive outreach is planned to alert World War II Veterans throughout the Philippines.  Claims must be submitted by Feb. 16, 2010, a year after the bill’s signing.

The payments do not affect other benefits Veterans may be receiving.  The VA regional office in Manila currently provides approximately $15 million monthly in monetary benefits to Veterans residing in the Philippines.  About $8 million of this goes to Filipino World War II Veterans or their survivors each month.

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